Casino Event Act 2 is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to the wee early morning hours…at least here on the East Coast.  It’s just after 3am and the Casino Event Act 2 is now live!  (hey if this were Vegas you’d be up all night too…)

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Things should auto-start for you with a task for Mr. Burns.  (if you don’t see it start up it’s most likely because you haven’t placed the Dice Den.  You’ll need to place the Dice Den to start Act 2, which also means you’ll need to finish The Old Man and the ‘Sino questline)

Just what does Act 2 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

2016-02-23 16.30.44

New Prize Currency for Act 2..

ico_casino_greenchip_lg Green Chips! (Original right? 😉 )

So the ability to earn Red Chips is now gone.  Your counter prize track for Act 2 has reset to 0..because you have 0 Green Chips.  So forget about the red ones and now it’s time to start over with green.

You’ll earn Green Chips the same way you earned Red Chips in Act 1…


-Tapping Gamblers, each tap yields 10 ico_casino_greenchip_lg (remember Gamblers spawn every 5 minutes, with a max of 60 allowed at once)
-Playing games at Moe’s and Cletus’ (yes, they both still require the gold tokens, just like they did for Act 1.)
-Visiting neighbors and tapping Gamblers in their towns.  Each tap yields 10ico_casino_greenchip_lg..remember only 90 actions/day.
-Courtesy chips ico_casino_courtesychip_lg.  Each time you lose at Moe’s or Cletus’ you’ll earn a courtesy chip. You can cash 10 of those in for 100 ico_casino_greenchip_lg.  (via crafting menu)
-Sending characters to the Casino.  That will yield ico_casino_greenchip_lg for each task there.  (more on this for Act 2 below..)
-And via the Players Club.  Certain levels will earn you more ico_casino_greenchip_lg.

Gold Tokens


Yup, they’re still around…and still the currency you’ll need to play games at Moe’s and Cletus’.

Act 2 Personal Prizes

Before we go into the prizes…first remember you’ll get two different counters for your chip counts.  Please read this post if you’re confused. 

Tapped_Out_Newark_Newark_Sign Newark Newark Sign- 6,800 ico_casino_greenchip_lg

Tapped_Out_Lucky_Casino Lucky Casino- 18.150ico_casino_greenchip_lg (or +11,350ico_casino_greenchip_lg from prize 1)
Loch_Ness_Monster  Casino Nessie- 32,950ico_casino_greenchip_lg (or +14,800ico_casino_greenchip_lg from prize 2)
Tapped_Out_Woodstock_Casino Woodstock Casino- 48,850 ico_casino_greenchip_lg (or +15,900ico_casino_greenchip_lg from prize 3)
Cregg_Demon Cregg Demon- 71,600 ico_casino_greenchip_lg (or +22,750ico_casino_greenchip_lg from prize 4)

Act 1 Prizes…

F you didn’t collect them all… you can still access them by tapping on the “ACT ONE PRIZES” tab in the Personal Prizes area. As you can no longer collect items for them, your only option now is to pay donuts to outright by each one left at the point you left off at. (just like every other event)


Same crafting rules apply…check out the crafting post if you’re confused.

Crafting post..

One exception…you can now upgrade levels with martini glasses as well as key chains and coasters.   25 martinis=1 upgrade block.

And I can confirm martinis are falling from gamblers….in addition to coasters and key chains.

New Items in the Store..

A couple of new premium items have dropped…a few you guys have been asking for..

treehouse_bartscasino_menu charactersets_bart_casinobossBart’s Casino- 90 Donuts, comes with Casino Boss Bart skin

Tuxedo Krusty Mini Ha Ha Pants Clown 1Tuxedo Krusty- 60 Donuts Returning from the Season 26 episode tie-in back in 2014…

Tapped_Out_Water_Show_FountainWater Show Fountain- 55 Donuts

Characters that Have Casino Tasks..

Same as act 1…

Apu, Flanders, Skinner, Rev Lovejoy, Lisa,  Rich Texan,  Paris Texan, Princess Kashmir, Johnny Tightlips, & Tuxedo Krusty

Players Club


Same deal as Act 1…check out the Player’s Club post for more info

And before you ask…

Here’s a list of posts we’re working on that should be up soon…

-Act 2 Calendar
-Act 2 walkthrough
-SIB Casino Bart/Krusty/Fountain
-SIB Miss Springfield and Chippy (this will take priority since they leave soon)
-Crafting items breakdown
-And more!

And that my friends concludes the quick rundown of the Casino Event Act 2!

Thoughts on Act 2?  Just like Act 1?  Excited about these prizes?  How’d you do with your Act 1 prizes?  Will you be buying any of the new premium items?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

393 responses to “Casino Event Act 2 is Live!

  1. Was just wigging out thinking I missed the updated crafting post then realized I was just being impatient as usual. Need to go back to Ralph mode.
    My new mantra:

    Keep calm and tap out.

    Long live Ralphie.
    Well until he licks a light socket one too many times. 😛⚡️💥

  2. William hayslett

    Great prizes. Things u can actually see in my springfield. Im bout tostart act 3 and i have a ?. I didnt have gold coins to atart my act 2 so i didnt see if they carry over. I want to save the last couple days of coins to get a head start on 3. Will they carry over if i gave a few hundred? Thanks for the breahdowns. I read them every update. Keep em comin.

  3. Can I just say that Casino Nessie is hands down the coolest character in my town now! I love the sound when you tap it.

  4. Anyone else have crashing issues when they try to craft prizes in level 2?

  5. Has anyone gotten Casino Boss Bart yet? Does he help you get more chips or can you play a casino game in the treehouse? Don’t want to waste those precious donuts 😉

  6. I just bought the cycling spotlight but it appears to be a multi colored spotlight. Not sure what was meant by cycling other Han the colors cycle? What eilk the multi colored Spotify do different?

    • The cycling spotlight switches color continuously, you tap the multi color spotlight to the color you want and it stays that color. 🙂

  7. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this but Ned can also be sent to the casino to earn coins and chips. I’ve noticed it’s not mentioned in any of the articles. This is vanilla Ned so no skin. I can upload a screenshot if no one else is able to send him (once I figure how to upload an image)

    • Ummm..the very post you’re commenting on says: “Characters that Have Casino Tasks..

      Same as act 1…

      Apu, Flanders, Skinner, Rev Lovejoy, Lisa, Rich Texan, Paris Texan, Princess Kashmir, Johnny Tightlips, & Tuxedo Krusty”

      Now I know I didn’t call him Ned, but Flanders=Ned 😉

  8. I’ve hoarded so many tokens and courtesy chips from act 1 (plus a daily challenge from 3 days ago which awarded chips that I was holding off on) that by the end of act 1 I’ve already unlocked the first 3 prizes and am halfway through the upgrade to crafting level 3. At this rate, maybe I can hoard enough over to act 3 to win all 5 prizes as soon as it hits 😛

    • As a fairly assiduous player, I only have 171 which will convert into 1700 chips. I intend to test how far your theory can create a game ending rash of bonuts but I suspect it will not amount to much more than one set of three(I always pay to get 3 if I have to) – maybe 2. Having finished the act prizes giving me 4 days of bonuts was a big boost. Between that and Maggie, I’ve bonutted up nicely.

      • Sorry, I meant I got the first 3 prizes on day 1 of act 2. I hoarded the stuff over from act 1 because I wanted a headstart when the new act hit. But if you want to use your tokens and courtesy chips to get bonuts at the end of act 2, you can use them all as you get them, as there won’t be any real benefit in holding on to them.

        • Very true. I think the plan satisfies a need to have a personal goal that pushes me to the end of the quest. Happy hunting!

  9. Day 1 Act 2 and I call ready have the second prize for it. So glad I decided to save up my coins. And O my god O my god Nessie, I claim her as the best prize in the event. I know her will just end up being something that walks around but here is hopping that her gets at lease a task or 2.

  10. I hoarded my casino coins & courtesy things on both my games once all prizes were won in Act 1. Got bonuts on both accounts (15 in B & 21 in A). Level 2 crafting on both (this was the hardest bit of the event for me to grasp) Finally worked it out!

    Both towns have Nessie now!

    My only dislike is the dice game. I went with the maths but still lucked out on 9 & 8. All I seem to be able to roll just 11 or snakeyes! Not going there again.

    Also – An anomaly- I left gamblers wandering in my B town for most of the day (8 hrs) to accumulate tappability prior to changeover time (7pm AESDST – East Coast Australia) Only to find all the wanderers had disappeared! I was going for bonuts in my A town. So tapped to the close time. Yet gambler numbers remained the same or very similar in both towns. B town had no larger an accumulation than A town!

    My thoughts were early AM I got bonuts in B town. No hope of extras there. But A town could get another round of donuts with diligent tapping.

    • 15 friends? La-di-da.

      Oh, the sign. Does it flash? Looks a little dark.

      • The leg kicks but that’s it. And I feel bad about all the people I have in my queue but all my friends are active right now so I have no one to delete, and I don’t recognize any of the 15 people waiting. So if you’re a regular here speak up and I’ll make some room for ya 😉

        • Wow, I’ve just joined the club. Apparently I had accrued 100 neighbors. Thankfully, when my next request came in (the reason I knew, because it rejected the add) I found one neighbor who’s been absent for 3 weeks (perfect). If any more requests come in I have another neighbor out for a week (during an event is risky) that I can lose. After that we’ll compete for most requests, k, Ciara? 😉

    • Yes,
      also if the sign was placed where the centre of the tanker is………
      it would appear to be on top of the existing sign, maybe
      🏆 🃏 🙂

    • My thoughts exactly, that the two cowgirl signs go well together, but how to blend them color-wise will be the challenge.

    • What about the ad in the character locator? Or the pill at Pharm-er’s. Are you back to the grind that is SH? Better hurry if you want Paris Texan to help in this event. 😉

  11. So thought I would get to spend the whole day tapping and getting way ahead today so I could getvall the prizes this time.
    HA!! HA!!
    Turns out it was ex-hubbys birthday today, everybody was working, so I was left to do all the shopping. Get the ice cream,chips, pop, and koolaid. Then find out that new girlfriend doesn’t know how to bake a cake, so I get the pleasure of do that.
    Now I’m half a day behind. The pleasures of family huh? Lol!!!!!

    • That doesn’t sound like your own family. You should only be showing up not throwing the party. /buttinsky

    • Maybe you’re very nice, and charitable………..
      but my first thought is…….ex-hubby, ex-birthday, ex-shopping,…..
      is the new girlfriend the hostess who looks good because of your hard work? are they both expecting a bit much from you?
      nothing wrong with remaining civil to one another but you’re going beyond that, I always thought it was best to cut the ties of relationships that are over.

      Not putting you down, just don’t like to think people are being used,
      and just my opinion
      🃏 🙂

      • I don’t agree that it’s always best to cut ties with someone after the relationship is over — I think it depends on the individual relationship, the reason for the breakup, the history before the breakup, the personalities involved, and, of course, whether there are kids involved (and probably some other things I’m not thinking of right now.)

        My four parents are best friends with one another (my mom and step mother jokingly refer to each other as “wives in law”). My “original” mom and dad were childhood sweethearts – friends from when they were in elementary school. They got married too young (21) and got divorced about 3 years later. Besides having me in the picture to keep them connected, they also had a firmly established friendship, which a few years of a non-ideal marriage couldn’t erase. My stepfather and his girlfriend were the witnesses at my mom and dad’s wedding (my mom met my stepfather through my dad, who met each other and became friends while working on a college newspaper together). While my four parents didn’t do much (any?) real socializing together while I was growing up (things were very friendly though, except for a few tense moments over money), in later years they started doing that more and more and, in recent times, when my stepmother, and then my dad, were in the hospital, it was my mom and stepfather (whom I also call “dad”) who took care of them.

        I also have remained friends with the boyfriend I lived with all through college. For a while (until my husband came on the scene), we were actively still friends (and even occasionally “friends with benefits”). That active friendship stopped for many years (for various reasons), but, after he moved to my town, we did reconnect. We don’t do much socializing or anything these days (we did get together for lunch several years ago to catch up), but we are “active” Facebook friends and have had occasional conversations when we’ve happened to be in the same place.

        I would have liked to have stayed friends with my high-school boyfriend, but he moved to California and isn’t active on Facebook or anything.

        With both of those former boyfriends, our break-up was mutual and amicable. If that hadn’t been the case, perhaps I would feel quite differently. And I definitely think that there are some relationships that should be severed completely and utterly. But I don’t think one can make a blanket statement about that…different relationships and different people make different “best” outcomes possible.

        • Ooh Sandra, friend with benefits? You’re really trying for that bad-girl image, 🙂

          but seriously, I realise there’s a whole lot more we don’t know about but just that tiny snapshot of Fmurdog’s day mentioned in the post made me think she was being taken advantage of or put upon
          I agree it’s good if everybody can get along


    • Okay I’m sorry this Post wasn’t clear I will explain
      My ex-hubby is my best friend, so much so he lives across the street from me. I forgot when I posted this that not every1 gets along with their ex. I was happy to do what I did yesterday, I even cook for them a lot. Also his new girlfriend is older then me.

      • So long as you’re happy,
        but your first post did sound like you were moaning that you couldn’t play because you were being treated like a servant,

        I can’t help myself from standing up for people who aren’t being treated properly 🙂

  12. Hi, every time I try to play the dice game (starting from the first time we were prompted to do it) my game kicks me out. Originally I was ignoring it thinking it was a bonus task, but now I can’t move forward in Act 2 without clearing that. Any suggestions? Is anyone else having this problem? I’ve logged out and back in and it made no difference. Thanks!

    • Try basics for Crashing. Limit memory use. Make sure no other app but that one is running. Make sure your memory on your device isn’t almost maxed. Give the game at least 2GB or more of space when ever possible. Play on so if Signal like WiFi. Town too full? Store items in your game, especially ones that are animated and not in use.

      Is your game saved to an EA/Origin account? If so, take it a step further… Uninstall/reinstall

      • don’t have 3 Monorail trains running
        🚝 🚝 🚝 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip. I disconnected my monorail tracks so it wouldn’t be running. Uninstalled and reinstalled and removed everything I can from my device. I now can’t get back in and haven’t been able to for the past 24 hours+. I do have a strong wifi signal (everything else is working). Any tips? Is it possible that there’s not enough memory to reinstall even though I was able to run the game with everything except Cletus’s dice before? Thanks again!

      • Also I’ve been playing for almost 4 years and reading this blog for quite a while. Thanks so much for all of the hard work you guys put into this. It’s my first time commenting and you guys make this game so much cooler!

        • Glad you decided to de-lurk…welcome to the posting side of the fun! Now that you see how un-scary it is to post, hope you’ll do more of it. 🙂

  13. Hi y’all, Firstly my sincere thanks go out to Alissa, Bunny and Wookie for their dedication in producing such a wonderful site. As for act 2 of the current event it went live for me at 12.00 today and I have no complaints about it. I am already working on Casino Nessie – Something I really want.

  14. How in the heck have people gotten numerous act 2 prizes already? This event is a pain. I was still 10,000 red chips away from getting Lucious in Act 1 and have followed all of the suggestions. I have 30 neighbors, and been logging in every 4 hours to send springfielders to the casino, playing the slot machine at moes, tapping wandering gamblers…..still can’t keep up. Are people paying real money to finish the prize sets?

    • No they saved tokens from Act 1. Personally I had 200 tokens from act 1 so i used those today and between that, character tasks and gambler tapping I’m working on the fourth prize…

    • I only have two prizes from Act 2 so far–but I did that as Alissa said: by saving tokens from Act 1. That said, I did exactly what you did (although I logged on more often than every four hours whenever possible), and I was able to finish all the Act 1 prizes without buying anything that helped with the event and without any premium characters in the casino. There is a slight “luck” element involved in playing the slots and the dice, though, so perhaps that’s the difference. I hope you’ll keep trying, although I do understand the frustration element. 🙂

  15. jordan0123450

    Hit some big jackpots on Golden Scratch-Rs (20 and 50 donuts!). Well, those are big for me anyway. I had enough to buy Casino Bart and the Rich Texan (thanks Alissa)!

  16. Anyone else buy the Water Show Fountain and have it disappear? The donuts were spent and it is now up for buy again. Had it placed in town before it happened. Just curious if this is a common bug effecting others.

  17. Does anyone have a view yet on upgrading using martinis or saving them for the larger crafting items?

    • I think if you’re way ahead of the curve, then upgrade to level 3 with whatever you can. If you’re behind the curve , then maybe save them. It’s personal preference in the end, but I think you can get most of what you want whichever route you choose- so long as you tap often.

    • I used my Martinis to upgrade. Getting to level 3 is my primary goal, then saving for purchase. martinis seem to come easy enough from gamblers and the games.

    • I’m lukewarm on the level 3 crafting so I already crafted the Spruce Moose and a sequence 3 fountain plus another cycling spotlight and another 2 walk of fame stars to get me to the gold club players tower. I’m sure I’ll start saving to upgrade soon but most of what I want to craft is in the first 2 levels. So do what makes you happy 😃

    • Since your not gonna be able to craft more than two level 3 craftables until act 3 starts and tickets start dropping (unless you happen to get a bunch from the daily challenge) I’d say upgrade with whatever you have. You should still be able to save up some currency by the start of act 3.

  18. Thankfully I’ve saved nearly 150 tokens and I am now only 1/3 away from getting casino Nessie. I’m a busy college student, so this has given me a bit of relief.

  19. Here’s your SIB for Mrs Springfield:

    Special costume for existing character (if you already bought her)
    Short questline that sends here to a “gala” multiple times
    No bonus over her existing jobs for her if you have bought her.

    Buy if you like a catsuit costume for Mrs Springfield


    • I love the costume, but otherwise totally not worth the cost.

    • Uhh definitely worth it if you didn’t already have her.

    • I was waiting to see if the outdoor tasks would tip the scales for me but the acting like a cat kind of grosses me out and although I’ve had some great character interactions with Jamshed (Jay) snapping pics I don’t believe it’s worth the donuts to see Miss Springfield doing it too.

      However, one look at Bart promoting his casino in style plus players club points was enough to send me to the store. Love it! Trying to get a screenshot of him face to face with Lucius wearing the crown.

  20. Just wanted to comment on an error in this article/post. You do not have to place the dice den to start act 2 as I have not received the den, and act 2 started on its own anyway. Not sure if this is true for everyone else, but I am only at level 13 so maybe that has something to do with it. I have completed old man at the casino, but still have not been offered the dice den. Thanks!

    • To start Act 2 no, to start the act 2 questline, yes. You need to be Level 15 and have the Dice Den to start Have a Vice Day:

      <Quest id="138016" name="HaveAViceDay_1"

      As far as Act 2 goes, that starts automatically (the switch over). But the questline has requirements. And the Dice Den you didn’t unlock yet because that requires you to be at Level 15.

  21. I really like this event, it’s easy 🙂 got all prizes in act 1 and 4 bonus rounds. And since I’ve been saving tokens 4-5 days, close to 500 saved up and used them today …2000 chips to get the 5th prize in act 2 now …maybe I should take your word and relax a bit …or just start saving up tokens for act 3 now seems more likely if I know myself. I really really enjoy this 🙂 happy tapping guys!

  22. Had over 200 coins saved from act I. Already have the first two prizes.

  23. Hold on, what is this about the Player’s Club level affecting chips counts?
    I don’t think that was mentioned in the Players Club post.
    What changes occur and at what PC levels?

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