Should I Spend Donuts on Hostess Miss Springfield?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Viva Las Springfield!  Bring on the Casinos, as it’s Vegas time in Springfield!  So bust open that change purse and stock up on donuts because there are loads of Vegas inspired items in our stores!

Now with all this new content I know you may be trying to if any of it is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Hostess Miss Springfield to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this beauty queen centerfold to your Springfield!


Character/Costume: Hostess Miss Springfield
Decoration: Gold Diggers Casino Sign
Donut Price: 110 donuts


Note: If you don’t have Miss Springfield you can purchase her for a donut rebate price.  This includes the Hostess Miss Springfield costume but it does NOT include the sign.  In order to get the sign you must already have Miss Springfield.  If you’ve been wanting Miss Springfield now is the time to get her…i do recommend the rebate bundle if you’ve been wanting Miss Springfield in your town.  You can find the Miss Springfield SIB here.  This post is only about the Hostess Miss Springfield costume…
REALLY important…if you purchase the Miss Springfield rebate bundle it

Awards 775 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel…the ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel are for Cat Hostess Miss.Springfield NOT Miss. Springfield.  So just unlocking Miss. Springfield will not earn you the ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel.  You need to go into your inventory after you purchase her and use the Cat Hostess Costume.  

2016-03-01 14.24.20

After you see that character unlock message you will THEN be awarded the 775ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel

2016-03-01 14.24.24

Leave Our Games March 12th

-Comes with a quest line
-Earns 775 Club Card Points when Purchased
-Cool unique sign, Gold Diggers, only available to those who already own Miss Springfield

-Serves no benefit to the Event.  Doesn’t earn currency (other than the Club Card Points from purchasing)
-Gold Diggers Sign offers no bonus %
-Miss Springfield is already a premium character so there’s no added benefit to having her in this skin, for earning potential.

Final Thought:
This is another one of those if you like it, grab it items.  The costume really doesn’t do much for me.  Sure it’s got some funny animations, but there’s really no benefit to it (Aside from the club cards awarded..which you can easily get from crafting instead).  it’s purely I like this costume so I’m going to grab it.  However, the sign she comes with is pretty cool…that’s one of the big reasons I purchased this myself.

Stay away, stay far, far away.  If you already have Miss Springfield and you’re a freemium player DO NOT get this costume.  It’s a total waste of donuts, in my opinion, for freemium players.  Pass on it.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you I’ve already picked her up (again mostly for the sign).  However, they are limited-time.  So if you’re thinking about getting them make sure you make your final decision before they leave our games on March 12th

Hostess Miss Springfield’s Permanent Tasks:

missspringfield_hostess_takeselfies missspringfield_hostess_victory_pose_image_6 missspringfield_hostess_act_like_a_cat_image_5

Task Length Earns Location
Pose for Magazine “Articles” 1hr $105, 26xp White House
Act Like a Cat 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside
Be Arm Candy 8hrs $420, 105xp White House
Shop for New Ears 12hrs $600, 150xp Costington’s
Take Selfies for Instaspring 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Outside

What are your thoughts on Hostess Miss Springfield?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring her to your Springfield (or did you already)? Thoughts on the Casino update in general? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you! 

96 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Hostess Miss Springfield?

  1. What’s new Pussycat Whoa-o-o-o-O!? (It’s not unusual -to have a Tom Jones reference in a Vegas Event). Is she a member of the Pussycat Dolls or a parody of the Playboy Bunny(Kitty)? Howard Hues and Hue Heffner (or better yet Crazy Burns [which is coming] and Bart with bathrobe and bubble pipe [which is not something they are releasing but came to mind])

    The coughing up a hairball is pretty disturbing.

    I’m tired of calling her Miss Springfield so I figure just call her Miss Kitty or Missy or Catie Purry …etc.

  2. I’m glad you suggested I that picking up the rebate bundle was a good option. I’ve managed to stay a freemium player (the price hike for a couple of years ago was the deciding factor). I was, however, kinda intrigued by the sexy kitty outfit, though, and eventually spent my Monorail & Maggie sprinkles on the hotel bundle.

    Truth be told, however, I would have tapped faster if it was a ‘BUNNY’ outfit!

  3. I am freemium and bought the bundle without the sign. Been wanting the Motel and Miss Springfield for a long time but the price was just to high. With 115 Donuts back and a costume on top this deal was too good to pass and though it would have been nice to have I don’t mind about not getting the sign.

    • Same with me – I wanted Miss Springfield, but not for 225 donuts. I’m happy to pass on the sign and get Miss Springfield at half price. The bunny suit and Club Card points are nice, but the price is why I bought her now.

  4. I bought her, now Snowball has a friend :p

  5. This doesn’t happen often, but I completely disagree with this post, the act like a cat task is worth the rebate offer, and/or the one with the golddigger sign. The percentage bonus is a bummer, but I didn’t get the sign anyway.

  6. I look at it that I bought the sign and the costume came with it. She’s been a very expensive purchase for me because originally I bought the motel and she came with it. My husband and I were on a motorcycle vacation, with no plans anywhere to stay the night we rode until we got tired and then started looking for cheap places to stay. Ft. Lauderdale, Castle by the Sea was the only place that had a room and none were non-smoking. Even the shower reeked to this avid non-smoker. Needless to say my poor husband heard about it A LOT. “I treat you like a queen and put you up in a castle and all you can do it b***h,” he finally blurted out. It has become the benchmark that we never ride so long we need to stay in a castle.
    It was a must-buy from the moment I saw it in my game.

  7. Are there any details about whether the sign will become available separately later

  8. Holy carp… 110 donuts for this skin?! Why, a person could get Vegas Wives (two separate characters) for only five donuts more!

  9. Slight con her whole questline is the same task repeated 5 times and it’s indoors at the outdoor opera house.

  10. I hated the quest line (seriously, like 5 galas in the same place???) but love her outdoor tasks, and love the sign.

    I bought Miss Springfield about 9 months ago, really hemmed and hawed, she was so expensive but I love the character….I was afraid I’d regret her but I didn’t, and don’t regret not waiting either. That’s 9 extra months I got to have her in my town 🙂

  11. Didn’t have her yet so I couldn’t pass up on the deal. Wish it would have come with the Golddiggers sign though. Do y’all know if it will be offered later as a stand alone item?

  12. The act like a cat job is worth it alone

  13. I had never really had an interest in getting her, but with 500 donuts burning a hole in my pocket, the deal was too good to pass up.

    I’m strictly freemium and never buy things that aren’t “on sale” – I always wait for a rebate offer. Which can be frustrating but I’ve been able to get the top 3 on my list (Otto, Barney and Sherri & Terri) all at pretty deep discounts.

  14. Hey Alissa I tried to contact ea because my spotlight won’t turn on, and it’s not giving me the option to chat, it only has answers HQ.

  15. I purchased miss Springfield with the donut rebate last week. I had her new skin in my inventory, but no sign. Should that have come with the purchase of her and the Sleep Eazy Hotel? I can’t even see where I can buy that sign with donuts! Please help 🙂

  16. The rebate deal and costume was too good to pass up. Just like the astronaut Barney deal from a few weeks ago. The number of premium characters in my Springfield will certainly continue to increase with deals like these.

  17. For those of us who just got her or will shortly, is there a way to get the sign and how many donuts does that cost? Thanks for your time.

    • The only way to do it us buy miss Springfield from the premium menu without the donut rebate and then buy the costume bundle. It’s well over 300 donuts to do it and I DO NOT recommend doing it.

  18. For me, i didn’t have her and with the rebate made this a must buy, i got 200 doughnuts on the silver scratcher, already have barney, and there are few premium characters left that i feel are nessacerry to my game

    for example. Jimbo is a definite for my town one day, but lugash i can live without. i like my town to be like a real town so scorpio isn’t right for me.

  19. I didn’t have miss Springfield (freemium player), but with the donut rebate it was a bargain. The main quest line with Quimby is hilarious. Will take my time with the other quest line as it doesn’t really help with the event much.

  20. I never had her before this as I’ve never been tempted to pay full price but the rebate bundle made this character & building a good deal and the skin was a bonus, that seems to have been put to good use to give everyone a giggle and laughter is the best medicine so donuts well spent 🙂

  21. Been aching since I missed her during the snake event ages ago. Well, patience sure pays 🙂

  22. Got her for the bundle + rebate…that was a pretty easy decision.
    The questline for her skin was maybe the worst ever?
    Still, no regrets!

  23. Funny animations you say?

    I’ll be sure to look out for that and maybe, if I’m lucky I can catch a screenshot 💡 and share it

  24. At first I thought I did not want this one, but bought it for my “A” town.
    What guy can turn down a girl in a cat suit????

  25. Crusty Krusty

    Bought it just for the sign, the quest line is awful. Kinda expensive purchase for a sign. But it’s soopa kewl!! Viva Las Vegas!

  26. I bought it, and I love it! It’s a guy thing!

  27. I wish the sign was separate…I don’t care about the costume, and I feel bad for my mom, who wants the sign but doesn’t have Miss Springfield. They should’ve sold the sign for 50, costume for 60…instead of an expensive bundle for 110. So because of the price, I’ll have to pass. Already bought the Vegas Wives (love new characters), and I want the Riverboat Casino.

    • The sign is a consolidation prize for those players who paid full price for miss Springfield. They should have given the costume for free to those who had her and then charged for the sign. That would have been the best way

  28. Is the donut discount deal worth it?

  29. As a cat lover, I love cat suits, so I bought it.
    The funniest task from Miss Springfield when she spends the whole night with Mayor Quimby at Sleazy Hotel which takes 3 minutes (poor Miss Springfield, she doesn’t get her jollies)

  30. I started playing during whatever the event was that Miss Springfield was originally a prize in (Whacking Day?) and didn’t manage to get her. I was therefore excited with the offer for players that don’t have her, but don’t quite have enough donuts yet. I’m a strictly freemium player and will see where I am towards the end of the vent. Hopefully I’ll be able to get enough bonuts in time.

    • Cellosubmarine

      Does anyone who got her with the donut rebate know if you get to play her original quest line and the cat suit questline? I’d hate to miss out on whatever the original one is, but it does seem like a great deal on a character I would be reluctant to buy for twice the donuts. Thank you!

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