3/9 In-Game Update: The Marge-ian Chronicles Episode-Tie In

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve got ourselves a little episode tie-in on our hands…

2016-03-09 20.30.53

This is based off of this Sunday’s episode The Marge-ian Chronicles.  Back with more details in a bit…

Just a heads up I’m having a lot of issues with my computer at work right now.
(which is a big reason why it’s taking me so long to moderate comments today) So I’m going to try and get you the basic info and I’ll update with more specifics and photos when I get home and can pull the files. 

The tie-in will kick off with some dialogue from Paul and Barry, the two characters to be featured on Sunday’s show.

Space is Hot Right Now Pt. 1

-Just look at Springfield. A few years ago, there was nothing here but acres of healthy green grass.  It was just your typical post-nuclear-catastrophe wasteland.  Lush greenery as far as the eye could see.  And now, it’s a bustling town once again.
-Honestly, I’m unimpressed.
-Seriously?  Look at all the houses, and decorations, and people…
-I don’t see too many premium items…
-Well, no.  The owner of this town really SHOULD sink more cash into the project.  It’s money so well spent.
-If you let two entrepreneurial guys like us loose in here, it’d be RIDICULOUS how much we’d get done.
-What are you proposing?
-I don’t know.  We need a project.  What are kids excited about today?
-I read somewhere that they like soccer, and the color green.  And positivity.  They dislike rudeness and shades of green they feel are too light or too dark.
-Hmm.  Not much to go on.  We need to do a little market research.  Let’s hire some kids to be our ears.
Make Lisa Research What Kids Are Into- 2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp
Make Database Do an Online Opinion Poll- 2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp

You’ll immediately have 2 new items in the store for purchase…

2016-03-09 21.09.19

The Mars Colony comes with a questline and is upgradable…we’ll cover more about it in the Should I buy post…

The Yellow Submersible Retrieves Waterfront Tiles.  You do this by sending it to “Dive for Booty”.  Takes 24hrs.  When it’s “diving” it’ll disappear from the screen and go under the water.  It’ll give you free Pier tiles and/or Boardwalk Tiles if you haven’t maxed them out yet. Like the Rocket it won’t always return with a prize.  We’ll cover more in the Should I Buy post…

Exploration Inc. is a free building you’ll unlock once you’ve finished part 2 of the Space is Hot Right Now questline…

it takes 24hrs to build (don’t mind my incredibly messy B game..)

2016-03-09 16.20.16

And those are the basics.  I’ll update more on this post when I get home…including the walkthrough…

Thoughts on the episode tie-in?  Any premium items you’ll be picking up?  Thoughts on exploring Mars?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


216 responses to “3/9 In-Game Update: The Marge-ian Chronicles Episode-Tie In

  1. I’ve noticed the shuttle from the last space related quest, the one purchased with donuts, has gone from an item you can collect rent/xp from to just an animated decoration. What the heck, EA?

  2. I don’t know if this is an old issue or just from this tie-in update so apologies.

    I was redecorating Springfield Heights (I had to make room there for this tie-in building) and was using that new hold and drag feature to move stuff. I stored a parking structure while moving some stuff and then when I went to put it back it was listed as “Level 0” and upon placement is a level 1 and not maxed out like it was when I stored it. Anyone else having/had this issue? I’m not finding any solutions or similar issues online.

  3. i just got a giggle at the “my computer at work is interfering with my blog life” comment.

  4. Hey Alissa, when is the Casino themed Springfield Showoff again? Also, can I submit my Casino Design by posting it on the addicts Flickr?

    • I’d rather you either link it in the comments of the reminder post or email it to us. It’s getting to hard to pull off Flickr.

      But the showoff won’t be for at least another couple of weeks. I’m waiting until Act 3…you’ll see an announcement post on it. 🙂 (odds are there will be another showoff before the Casino one…)

      • I also commented this same question on the SIB for the Yellow Sub. Can you delete it? 😊

      • Thanks Alissa, I love coming to this site and seeing new posts and and other Tappers Springfield designs. You guys are the best! You help tappers connect and share in the fun and you guys make this community! Thanks to Bunny, Alissa and the Wookie for all of your hard work. 😊

  5. I reached the maximum tiles that i can build. This mean submarine is useless for me?

    • Not necessarily. I ran a test last night on it and I got 1 boardwalk tile and mine are maxed out. But in 15 tries I got 1 boardwalk tile and 3 pier tiles. Everything else came back empty.

  6. this is cool, although i can’t buy the mars thing.

  7. theoriginalsteve

    I had to pick up the Yellow Submersible, being a Beatles fan 😀 I haven’t maxed out my boardwalk or SH Pier, so it will hopefully be useful to me, not just an expensive decoration! Thought the mars diorama thing looked a bit too expensive for what it was…
    Also had to grab Stonecutter 51 that was re-added to the store… the Stonecutter event was one of the very first events I experienced when I downloaded TO, and have always felt the bizarre need to finish the stonecutter collections, and last time they were all in the store I didn’t have the donuts… Hope the rest are re-releseased in the coming months…

  8. Level 51 looks pretty cool. I may need to Premium up for him.

  9. I made it to $1b last night. I’m very happy that Paris Texan is still earning currency, though I could use Lisa and Ned back for recycling. Between the even, this episode and the recycling, Lisa has never been more popular (even popular Lisa!).

  10. I predict the SIB will say don’t bother unless you REALLY want any of it,
    🍩 🍩 🍩 🙂

  11. Man I really want the sub but spent all my donuts on my he Vegas pair of hookers. 😢

  12. I am all about having quests and storyline to run through, but seriously can they spread this out? I am not about to jeopardize my casino questline to try to accomplish yet another. I only have so much time and so many characters to do so. Ugh!

    • I currently have at least five questlines I am waiting to finish after the event or if I get bored. There is no rush. 🙂

  13. So, what bloody good is the Yellow Submersible once you’ve maxed out your boardwalks?

  14. Had the update. Started the questline. Now its gone. Going to bed. Will see how many other people are freaking out tomorrow morning.

  15. As Beatlemaniac I’m inclined to buy it. As a TSTO player it’s a BIG noM I have the resources to by twenty Ornate Pier tiles, but I lack the space to put it anywhere. The same applies to Springport.
    George Martin rest in piece. The Beatles wouldn’t have very successful without you😭

    • Unfortunately, this “yellow submersible” looks nothing like the Beatles’ “yellow submarine” (other than that it’s yellow and generally kind of submarine-shaped). If it did, I’d be more tempted to get it. As it stands, though, or doesn’t really compel me…

  16. Anyone else find it suspicious that there are bushes and/or trees on the Mars colony? The moon landing deniers are gonna have a field day with that.

  17. Am I the only one who wishes EA would just let you buy what you need on Springfield Heights with donuts for the last couple of upgrades? With all these new quests, I don’t have time to keep SH upgrades (lattes, etc.).

  18. Off topic for the post, but I thought I’d put it here because it’s the newest one…

    Just discovered that Nessie actually has three different sounds he/she makes. Keep tapping him/her and you’ll see! 🙂

    • sorry sandra, i debated replying, but i gotta admit this is an online pet peeve of mine. purposely posting off topic in hopes of getting the most views possible is simply bad form, especially in a thread that has nothing to do with the prize or the event it’s from, and unintentionally encourages others to follow suit.

      i know you’re not the only one guilty of such a heinous crime, and i apologize for taking you to task for it, but being the omnipresent “role model” that you are on here, i expect better of you (whatever my expectations are worth)! 😛

      • Bad-girl Sandra made me do it!
        I’m easily led by the “wrong crowd”

      • I like people posting about whatever they want, wherever they want (except friend requests!!!) and those who get annoyed by it, moving on with their lives. I believe the majority of readers on this site don’t have WordPress and therefore can’t follow a specific thread, so most would never see any kind of update or new post on an older topic. Don’t talk to me about the subscribe thing – it isn’t that useful. For this blog, this is probably the most helpful way to get new info out there.

        • “For this blog, this is probably the most helpful way to get new info out there.”

          so posting an off topic comment, which likely gets lost (to all but the most avid readers) a day or two later among the flood of other pertinent comments, is the most helpful way to get new info out? we’ll have to agree to disagree on that.

      • But here was my dilemma… I went back through the posts and saw that the first one this would be relevant to was way down the list. For folks who subscribe to get the comments via email, that would be fine, but it’s doubtful that anyone else would ever have seen it if I had posted it down there, and it was something that I thought folks might actually want to know about. (As opposed to, say, something that was just personal to me.) So, it appeared that the only way to effectively share that info was to do what I did. (Plus, most posts’ comments sections are replete with a variety of comments, both on topic and off, so I hardly felt like it was a serious breach of form.)

        Wanted you to know that it wasn’t something that I did entirely cavalierly – I did make an effort to review the whole situation first – but I do stand by my decision, although I’m sorry that it annoyed you.

        Now, if everyone would agree to subscribe to the comment threads, like usually do, I would definitely make a different decision next time!

        • but if you’re concerned for folks that don’t subscribe and want to know about it, wouldn’t it make more sense to post the comment in a thread relevant to what you’re talking about? unless you’re specifically targeting those who read the comments here hourly/daily (and thus probably DO subscribe), it’s quickly gonna get lost in the sea of comments that ARE related to this thread. when i want to know more about a prize or an event, i’m not gonna scour the comments of a thread that has nothing to do with it, hoping to stumble upon some random tidbit. it seems much more likely that people who are seeking information about nessie, or any other act 2 prize, would head to something like the “act 2 is live” thread… which, by the way, was only posted 3 days ago.

          i get that you were excited about discovering something interesting, and just wanted to immediately share it in the latest, topmost thread for people to see right away. ultimately though, less people will probably end up seeing and knowing about it overall, because it’s not in a place where days or weeks later someone could go back and easily find.

          and for the record, i appreciate your reply, and wasn’t truly annoyed by your particular comment. i’ve just noticed an upward trend of comments that ARE self-serving of late, which start off with “i know this isn’t the right place for it, but…” and if people see that a frequent contributor to the site can get away with consciously posting off topic just because it’s the latest thread on the blog, others may continue to have no qualms about it either. now, whether you agree that sort of etiquette matters or not, is another discussion altogether.

          • I agree with you, but only partially.

            I don’t think that the tidbit I was sharing was something that anyone was likely to go looking for later, which is why I didn’t think it was imperative to store that info within its topic post. (BTW, I don’t think there’s been a post on that NPC yet, anyway, so, at best, I would have had to go back to one of the first event posts, where all of the prizes were listed/mentioned.) I think that a lot of people DO read the latest article and, since I was posting my comment in the first “wave” (I don’t think any comments had been pushed out yet), it probably was the place that would get the most readers (at least for now).

            But I generally agree that folks should try to stay on topic, although I think exceptions should be made…for example, if someone just found a cool new glitch that allows us to “game the game” for a bit (like the recent one that let folks duplicate items), I sure would want someone to post that right away, in whichever post was most recent, topic be damned! I also think that a natural conversational flow should be allowed. For example, let’s say this post was about the new wombat NPC and you posted how excited you were to get him today because he’s fun to play with and you’re stuck in bed with the flu. If someone were to post a reply to let you know about a great chicken soup recipe that she has, which she swears helps cure the flu (and is really tasty), while that reply wouldn’t relate to the wombat, it certainly should be allowed.

            I also think we have to allow for some spontaneous enthusiasm. If someone just reached billionaire status in Springfield Heights after months and months of grinding, I think that person should be able to crow about it in whatever the current post is. Making them wait until the Sunday Open Thread would be just cruel!

            But, yeah – if someone does a math post about the best way to maximize one’s return from the Wombat Lair (see, this is a whole wombat-oriented event! 😉 ), then it’s best if they post it in the post about the Wombat Lair, even if that post isn’t super current. (Or, if it’s really good info, maybe they should post it in both places – the older post and the most recent one….hmmm….)

            So, while I agree to a certain extent, I think there are lots of valid reasons to make exceptions. Ultimately, all I ask of people is that they give that kind of thing some thought and not just post at the top because they don’t feel like bothering to do anything else. In my case, I certainly did give it some thought and, for the reasons I mentioned in my previous reply, concluded that my decision was the better choice between two imperfect ones.

    • 👂 🔊 🎧 To preview the in game sounds Sandra, at “tstotopix.me” on the home page, right hand side, they have a list of all the sounds and you can play them, ….if we’re lucky enough to unlock Cregg Demon at the end of this act (I won’t be)……he has 4 different phrases, and *spoiler* the final prize in act 3 has 5 different sounds,
      Hope this is useful to you,
      🔊 🔉 🔈 🎧 🙂

    • I like how Nessie giggles when you poke her. So cute. I think she is vegetarian. I like pets that are vegetarians. They are very docile. Like my two land tortoise. Very good natured and doesn’t bite. Unlike my red ear slider, who has bitten me twice so far.

  19. Off topic. I just wanted to say that I just earned Cregg Demon. I’m going to be amassing a huge stockpile of tokens for act 3. Now it’s bonut time. 😋

  20. All I have to say is curse you EA for bringing back stonecutter items when I am obsessed with them

    • Where are they?? I’m not seeing them… (But you’re the second person, at least, to mention them, so I’m sure they’re there, which makes it even more frustrating that I don’t see them…)

  21. I give up. They fixed the Redwood quest, and now Artie Ziff is bugged for the new “Space is hot right now?”. Every time I try and send Artie on his quest it’s locked, saying I need the Java Server which I have?? I am able to see his questsin the upper left corner, but the whole screen goes green? Anyone else having problems?

    • No problems for me, try storing and replacing the Java server?

      This has made me think….Ciara will have to get creepy Artie Ziff out of storage to complete the task ….. Ha-haaaa

      • Thank you I did try that with Java Server with no luck, and all his quests are locked with the exception of the 12 & 24 hour quests. I still get a locked green screen when I tap Artie Ziff sigh………?

  22. I was checking out my available app updates and see that I have one for TSTO. I’ve been playing the casino update since day 1, and had a few patches download and now the episode tie-in. I don’t want to download the update if it’s going to mess up my game…has anyone had this happen before? (i certainly haven’t) should I download it?

  23. It’s very poignant that the yellow submersible is released when George Martin has just died. For those who don’t know or remember, he was an extraordinary, visionary music producer who helped to launch so many landmark artists: The Goons, precursors to Monty Python and so much more, including Peter Sellars (Lee and Loobs help me out for the non-UK tappers,) The Beatles, and some truly exquisite classical music recordings, among a lifetime of so much more. He was the reason these talents had their say – his intuitive and technical recognition birthed so much music and British comedy that formed a culture we benefit from today. Thank you George Martin.
    RIP George Martin

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