And The Winners Are….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So recently we ran a couple of contests for our favorite Addicted Tappers…ok well one of them was recently the other was a few months ago 😉  And the winners have all been notified, prizes have been shipped…so now it’s time to let you all know the results of the T-Shirt off Our Backs Contest and the Tiny Addicts Baby Pool!

Stonecutters secret bonus donut prize box Stonecutters secret bonus donut prize box 1 So let’s start with the T-shirt off our Backs contest winners…since that’s freshest in all of our minds…

So last week we held a contest sponsored by to celebrate their new line of exclusive Simpsons gear.  They generously offered to give four of their exclusive Simpsons t-shirts to four lucky Addicts readers!


Well we put all the entries into the randomizer and out popped four lucky winners…

In no particular order

Brewdudeabider, who selected the Simpsons Arcade shirt

Alan, who selected the Squishee Shirt

Labchick, who selected the Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse shirt


Davidbo33, who selected the Homer Thoughts shirt

Congratulations to the winners!  And look for your shirts to arrive from very soon!  (they shipped this past week)

And now onto the winners of the Tiny Addict Baby Pool….

2016-03-06 14.36.49

One of these days we’ll get a Riley cartoon done lol

As you guys know Riley was born on November 12th at 6:02pm.  She weighed in at 8lbs, 2oz and was 20 inches long.

As far as her other stats….
Her eyes are Blue
Her hair is a dirty blonde (so I awarded points to those who guessed brown or blonde)

As you guys know the pool was points based, with a series of points awarded for correct answers, and in some cases close to correct answers.  So we tallied up the points and here’s a look at who won…

In 5th place sholm13

In 4th place Jenn K 

In 3rd place Joe P

In 2nd place Bevjoy

And in 1st place…Andy H

All of the winners received grab bag Addicts gifts ranging from an Addicts t-shirt, to Simpsons LEGOS to other fun items!  And Andy, as our 1st place winner, received $10 in donuts (via Gift Card).

And there you have it my friends…the winners of the two most recent Addicts contests!

Keep your eyes peeled to TSTO Addicts…you never know when the next contest will drop!  (Pie day is coming up… 😉 )

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  1. Thank you guys so very much! I really appreciate the prizes; I wear my addicts shirt proudly and made good use of the $10 (got me the donuts I needed for the Barney I’d been coveting.)

    And Riley is absolutely adorable. 🙂 should thank her too!

  2. Wow I didn’t know the baby contest winners reveal has not taken place. Congratulations to all winners.

  3. Congratulations to the winners!!

    Thanks, Addicts, for the contests!

    Alissa, Riley just keeps getting more and more adorable!! 🙂

  4. Maudlin Monarch

    The “PIE DAY” contest has also only been open for US residents only.

    CANADIAN MAPLE Pecan pie would be so good too!!!

  5. I was absolutely expecting Lee to win one. Now the whole universe seems off-kilter.

  6. My daughter was born on 11-12-13. So they share a birthday!!

  7. Mmm, pie …. I best keep an eye out, totally missed on this little contest. D’oh!

  8. love the riley pic, that would make for a great tshirt too! and i couldn’t help but notice vulli sophie… both my sons chewed the crap outta theirs, awesome teething toy! did you get it from amazon too? 🚼

  9. Thank you so much! My wife got me into the game while home with our first born, she started during the whacking day event. I started just after and am SOOOOO envious of some of those Whacking Day prizes. Mostly freemium player, as I’ve bought the occasional scratch r with Amazon coins and I LOVE Events with bonuts!

    This site is amazing! And I am ever so thankful for the info about the game and the wonderful community that is tstoaddicts.

    The homer thoughts T was a strong consideration but I’m a video game nerd so in the end the choice was easy plus I like that most of the fam is on there.

    I’m also really excited for the app to go Android.

    Huge thanks again to Alissa, Bunny and the Kashyyykian. Long live tsto and tstoaddicts!

  10. BraveElfgirl1994

    Guessing that your baby will have been born with blue eyes was the easy part. The fun part is watching to see if her eyes or even hair color change… Mom of an 11 month old daughter 🙂

    “But Caucasian babies are usually born with dark blue or even slate-gray eyes that may change several times before a baby’s first birthday. Which means you’ll have plenty of time to place your bets in the baby eye-color pool.”

  11. Congratz to the winners!! Gosh, it’s been so long I don’t even recall my guesses! Which means the contest could have been so long ago as… yesterday! Lol

    Awww! The pic is the best consolation prize ever! She is precious! Remember, I have twin BOYS 😉 tho a bit older… blonde, blue eyed, tall…in-process but very promising kinder education. Avid gamers with 2+ yrs exp. on multiple gaming platforms, however, indefinitely grounded from Tapped Out for making Moms donuts disappear! Perhaps a future play date in ABC Mouse 😉

  12. Congrats to the winners!
    I totally missed the t-shirt contest and wasn’t even vaguely close on the baby pool.

  13. That was fast! Check out my new avatar! (Hoping it’ll show up when I post, gravatar is acting a bit wonky.)

  14. There was a typo. The baby contest should have read: “Congratulations to the winner!  And look for your baby to arrive very soon!” 😛

    It was so nice of you to wait long enough for Riley to be able to announce the winners herself. That was so cute!! 🙂


    Interesting on the shirts. Was it possible for any of them to pick the same shirt? None did. Hmm.

    Congrats to all the winners. I think one of my neighbors won last time, and another won this time. Maybe I’m next. :O

  15. Well done winners,

  16. I’ve got a question, I know in the last act with the final prize of you didn’t place him right away you didn’t get to collect the player cards. Is that the same with this act? I only ask because I’m 300 cards away from the next level which is 2500 chips and I want to wait till the next act to get the chips?

  17. Kim (kimberlyah794)

    Two more awesome contests down. Congrats to everyone who won!!! It really is coming up Milhouse for you! 😀

  18. Thanks and Big Thanks to the Addicts!!! 😀😀😀

    “At last, I finally have a garment fine enough to be married in.”

  19. Congrats to the winners!
    Riley looks very happy for them! Yes you need to get her a cartoon so you can add her to header, (In all your spare time of course).
    Why are you working today, so much for taking weekends off?

  20. blackgypsyrose13

    Congrats to all the winners!

  21. Congrats to all the winners!!

    (It was interesting to see which t-shirts got picked…none of them were either of the two I was trying to decide between, although David picked what would have been my third choice.)

    And cute Riley pic, too! When she grows up, you’ll have to tell her what a famous baby she was…how many people eagerly anticipated her birth. 🙂

  22. barleecreations (canid88)

    Congratulations to all the winners! The rest of us are all jealous. 😉

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