Episode Reminder: The Marge-ian Chronicles

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s almost Sunday and you know what that means…almost time for an all new episode of The Simpsons!  And this week’s episode is highlighted by the episode tie-in we received…

So here’s your official TSTO Addicts reminder…all new episode this Sunday, March 13th, on FOX….“The Marge-ian Chronicles”

So what do The Simpsons have in store for us this week?

Here’s the episode information released from FOX:

Not feeling unique, Lisa signs up for the Mars One Space Colony – to Marge’s dismay. Then, Marge hires Bart to go through the tryout process with Lisa to make her want to quit.


And here’s the sneak peek for this week’s episode from FOX:

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to see all the fun!

As always after the episode airs we’ll have a full episode recap!

Are you excited for the new Episode?  What do you think will happen in the new episode?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

19 responses to “Episode Reminder: The Marge-ian Chronicles

  1. They really should have given us a nod-bot in the game!!!

  2. Great episode! As a man, I loved Homer’s advice, and the touching father son moment that he and Bart had together.

  3. I actually liked this episode. The Nod a Tron or whatever was pretty funny. I’m into urban farming so I liked that. The part with Marge saying “Moms spend their whole life worrying about unlikely worst case scenarios” or something like that. Not bad.

  4. Quick question guys…finshed getting all the prizes for act 2 but do we still need gold coins for act 3 or is it too early to tell…?

  5. Theoriginalsteve

    A bit off topic – has anyone else unlocked homers house of cards?? I really REALLY want a physical copy of that deck of cards!! They are fantastic!
    Anyone think they might get, or have been, released?

  6. Can’t wait for the episode. Yesterday I binge watched all of season 27 so far, because I haven’t had the time to catch up!

  7. sounds a bit like the Military School episode.

  8. Sorry to use this as a Pre-open thread. Hope people (that are effected) Spring Forward their clocks (unless the clocks automatically do it themselves).

    With that being said, will Alissa post it at the usual time and will Lee be able to be “First” now that many folks downloaded the TSTO Addicts app?

    Seeing a couple Spruce Mooses in neighbors towns (can it be placed in water?)

    I’m going to miss the episode

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