Turbo Tappin’ Springfield Casino: Act 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Casino Event Act 3 is now live in our games, are you feeling lucky?!

With the launch of Act 3 a new questline has arrived to help move us through the Casino storyline, and earn more chips!  Act 3 runs until March 29th, when the entire Casino Event comes to an end.

Remember, the questline is there to guide you.  So when you get stuck on something, or haven’t unlocked something, just follow along with the questline and it’ll take you through everything you need to do.  Just look for the Gold Token Icon ico_casino_gametoken_lg in your task bar.  Any tasks you see associated with that icon are related to the event.  So, if you’re stuck…keep going until you no longer see that token.

So let’s take a look at the questline to see just what you need to do to build your own mini Vegas in your pocket-sized Springfield…

turbotappin casino

You have to haveHomer’s House of Cards in order to see the Act 3 questline


The Wages of Sin Pt. 1
Auto start

Make Burns Hose an Awards Ceremony at Casino– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Springfielders Attend-x 5, 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp freemium and $600, 150xp premium

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin Pt. 2
Bart starts

Make Lisa Hold a Candlelight Vigil-8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin Pt. 3
Ned starts

Make Marge Search for a Meeting Space– 12hrs, Earns $420, 10xp

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin Pt. 4
Marge starts

Make Skinner Gamble Without End– 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Krusty Perform Until He Bleeds– 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Willie Wear a Suit Made of Dollars– 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin Pt. 5
Milhouse starts

Make Adults Enjoy an Exotic Dance– x3, 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp Freemium and $420, 105xp Premium

The Sound of Silence will start here as well, at the same time Pt. 5 starts, we’ll cover that below.  But it only starts if you have Johnny Tightlips.

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin Pt. 6
Lisa starts

Make Marge Cook Gravy– 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Bart Read Libertarian Websites– 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin Pt. 7
Mr. Burns Starts

Make Homer do a Shift at the Plant– 16hrs, Earns $500, 125xp
Make Burns do a Shift at the Plant– 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Smithers do a Shift at the Plant– 16hrs, Earns $500, 125xp

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin Pt. 8
Mr. Burns starts

Make Burns Almost Cause a Meltdown– 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Homer Replace Bulbs– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin Pt. 9
Mr. Burns starts

Make Homer Eat Burns’ Lunch- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Burns Go Hungry– 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin Pt. 10
Mr. Burns starts

Make Burns Enjoy Bathing Beauties– 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Homer Push Random Buttons– 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Smithers Panic– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin Pt. 11
Comic Book Guy Starts

Make Degenerates Go to War– x3, 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp (Skinner, Homer, Krusty)
Make Straight Arrows Go to War– x3, 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp (Ned, Marge, Willie)

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin Pt. 12
Mr. Burns starts

Make Homer Work a Plant Shift– 16hrs, Earns $500, 125xp
Make Burns Enjoy Bathing Beauties– 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg , 10xp

The Wages of Sin: Epilogue
Marge starts

Make Marge Knit a Sofa Throw– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

There is a popup that appears after you complete this task about the next event..however, because I know many of you like to be surprised I’m not posting it here.  However, we will do an entire post on what this likely means and what we may see before this event ends.  

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg, 10xp

The Sound of Silence Pt. 1
Fat Tony starts

Make Johnny Tightlips Deliver a Threat– 4hrs, Earns 110ico_casino_bluechip_lg, 1ico_casino_gametoken_lg

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg, 10xp

The Sound of Silence Pt. 2
Fat Tony starts

Make Johnny Tightlips Remain Silent– 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Completed Task Earns 100 ico_casino_bluechip_lg, 10xp

And that my friends completes the main Act 3 questline of the Casino Event!

What are your thoughts on this event?  Excited about the prizes?  Enjoying the questline?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

83 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Springfield Casino: Act 3

  1. Does anyone know how the Chinese acrobatic theater is used? Which character can play?

  2. First round of bonuts achieved!

    Yay for hoarding!!

  3. Hey, everyone.
    Is there a character that animates the peacock lounge? Thanx and have fun.

  4. It really bothers me when I need 3 adults to watch an exotic dance, but it highlights every adult, so now I can’t use the unemployment office to set jobs because it doesn’t set jobs when things are highlighted, and it takes me 15 minutes just to go through all my character’s tasks.

    • First World Problem. At least the UO is available 90% of the time, ya know? I do feel ya, though. The other way to look at it is to just send them all to the dance. It’s part of the fun.

      Here’s my First World Problem: Send “degenerates” and “straight arrows”, 3 of each (sounds like your problem), but it’s literally just 3 specific characters (I can’t choose) and they’re the casino goers. 🙁

      • I only send the non-casino ones to that task. There is plenty of time, so I can “waste” a day to send Homer three times to war. He’ doesn’t even properly help with the monorail.

        I have a similar complain – St. Easter quest required Ned for a long time, another casino goer…

  5. I hope at some point (either in Act 3 or after the Vegas event) there is a brand new mini game. The current title screen shows a wheel with money amounts.
    Possibly a sign of what’s to come. (I do not know for sure so please do not accuse me of posting a spoiler)

  6. Also…Brockman has a 10 hr task at the Safari casino. To SBGIBBS….

  7. Wasn’t sure where exactly to post this…but it’s taken me all day to find out that Lou has a 3 hr task at Nero’s Palace that makes it light up in a nice mellow-yellow glow.

  8. Does a character task animate the rollercoaster on the Safari casino? If so, which character? Thanks as always addicts.

  9. Has anyone else noticed a lack of club points dropping aft you craft one or two of the multiple item crafts?

    • Most of them had a limit. If you look strings the crafting items, if you can still get points you’ll see it say something like “first X created will award Y club points”.

      Tended to be either 2 or 4 IIRC.

  10. I hate it when I forget to subscribe

  11. Yes, thank you for deleting the spoiler. The reason I don’t hoard tokens. I’m 55 chips from the second prize, I want to relish this. Savour your food don’t just wolf it down

  12. has anyone yet gotten enough vegas points to go past the black diamond club player’s tower? is that the end of the vegas club prizes or does it continue to cycle through the various crafting currencies, chips, and tokens like similar tracks in previous events?

  13. In case anyone was wondering Lou has a task at the Nero Casino, Mrs. Muntz has one at the Peacock Lounge, Brockman has one at the Safari Casino and Wolfcastle has one at the Chinese Acrobat Theatre. The animations for the first two are pretty lackluster, the third is great, the fourth is pretty good.

  14. I’ve just noticed that there seems to be no club points for the safari casino is there hidden ones once you buy or no lLUCK on that?

  15. Fiendish Thingy

    How do I get Johnny tightlips?

  16. Do you think the “spoiler” will be a full event or an expansion (say Springfield Heights part 3).

  17. I will admit that I was one of those who hoarded golden tokens for the start of Act 3. And I am reading lots of comments about how far some are already, with some already having gotten the new Burns skin.

    I have no problem with this at all, but I wonder if EA might. For some players to be so far ahead so early, it might make them think that they need to make the next event harder to get it all.

    Or maybe EA did this intentionally so people can actually get what they wanted to get.

    Or maybe EA is doing this to get us used to having to win more donuts since more items cost donuts.

    Or maybe I’m just thinking about this too much.

    • If anything I think it will just make them not use a currency that you can hoard up to get the actual prize currency for when the next act starts up. If they do it again they will probably make said currency act specific rather than good for all the acts in the event.

    • If anything they just won’t make the same mistake of having another token-like currency available accross all 3 acts again. It was a valient effort (and much appreciated by us players) but I don’t think they really saw the big picture when they came up with that one LOL

      • I’m not sure they will change their system.

        While there were some players at one end of the scale who were able to collect loads of tokens and get a jump start at the beginning of Acts 2 & 3, it sounds like there were plenty at the other end of the scale who didn’t even manage to get all the prizes etc.

        They have to find a balance that makes it exciting yet achievable for most players even if it means it’s too easy for some and too hard for others…

    • I don’t think EA will see it as a negative. I cashed in over 600 tokens last night and am 10,000 chips into earning Gabbo. I could have used those 60,000 chips to earn 21 bonuts but wanted the jump starting Act 3 instead. Now I can spend the rest of the event reorganizing my Springfield. I appreciate the flexibility EA added to this event.
      I hope they add Level 60 before the next event. I need 5 million XP for my next bonuts.

  18. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Nero’s walls, purchased for $$$, add to,our Righteousness.
    Don’t know how they compare to training walls vis-a-vis $ to impact….
    BUT, I prefer the aesthetics of Nero’s to Training
    And I am certain the has already been posted, so Mea Culpa!

  19. Wow, this questline seems a lot longer than the first two acts.

  20. Well, I’ve crafted everything and got enough Player Cards so I’m happy!

    I really enjoyed this event; most fun I’ve had in ages! Probably because it involves gambling…

  21. I hope this doesn’t count as a spoiler but I am SOOOO excited for the next event. I’ve been wanting this particular event for MONTHS and I can’t believe they’re actually doing it!!!

  22. I’ve saved up 533 tokens to earn Act 3 chips. Can’t wait to get home and hit the slot machine. Trying to keep track of my bonut cycles. Yesterday had an XP, Maggie and 8500 green chips bonut rewards and spent a lot of $$ to get 3 donuts on all three. Yes, that is the biggest problem in my life.

    Thank you TSO Addicts!

  23. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU, Alissa for blocking spoiler!! Times like this i love you, Bunny and Wookiee moderating comments!! I do not want to know till i get to that point! I dont mind the rest at all! I love knowing who needs to be free!

    • Think that’s the whole reason they even do the turbo tapping version of the questlines, so we know what characters to keep free, but we don’t know the questline unless we go through it. Even the quest dialogue can be considered a spoiler.

  24. My C account jammed in the second stage after the Dice game never activated. I’m actually curious what will happen, but it hasn’t had a single gold coin task since Act 1. So the card house never unlocked, and the dice game sits their redundant. My C account (known as ChiliMallow in my head) is a unregistered and effectively worthless town used only for experimenting and mucking around with – so I have no inclination to fix it. I suspect I am just not high level enough to trigger the next quest.

  25. Halfway thru act 3!!! What a fun questline

  26. I have spent three hours binge gambling.

    And I still have 102 tokens left…

    Someone…please…help me.

  27. Does anyone knowif there’s a way to animate the safari casino?

  28. I’m surprised that they didn’t keep with the theme of suggested casinos from the episode. We got the Woodstock casino and Britania, the third act should have had the Captain’s suggestion! “I’ll need three ships and fifty stout men. We’ll sail ’round the Horn and return with spices and silk, the likes of which ye have never seen!”

  29. I was hoping that with the start of each act,more characters would be able to earn currency at Burns casino..but I see that’s not happening. Which since they keep giving us other questlines that require the few that can earn event currency..would make sense. BUT since common sense isn’t so common & I suppose everyone has their own definition…oops..a bit of a ramble there!! Anyways…it’s funny to me that I don’t particularly like gambling,, but totally lovin’ this whole event! Usually I’m kinda burnt out by the last part of prior events…not this 1,tho!

  30. SPOILER alert for the next event
    So I completed the questline along with the Johnny Tightlips mini questline (which I was surprised about having only 2 party, BTW I love when he says suck a lemon 🙂 )

    • Ok seriously? I purposely put that note in there to indicate that we will be talking about it, but not right now to keep those who don’t want to know until they see it from seeing it in the comments or the post. Especially since the walkthrough posts are helpful to all readers, and one of the most read posts (which is why we don’t do the dialogue initially as well)

      You may have rushed through with donuts, but those who are playing without using donuts will have just had their timers expire from the first task in the Act 3 questline. Give it some time before we discuss it here, please.

    • It’s not like it’s hard to find the info if you want to know (which I did so I did), but why not leave a place like this for people who don’t want to know and would rather be surprised? Anybody else thinking about Homer walking out of Empire Strikes Back?

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