App Update Alert: Casino Event Removal is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Check your App Stores because the Casino Event Removal Update is live!  So if you want those gamblers gone update now.  (as of this post going live I see the update on both iOS and Android)

Note: Some of you may still be playing and that’s fine.  You can no longer earn Bonuts, so if you’ve earned everything, crafted everything there’s no point in not upgrading.  So unless you’re hell bent on getting those last few items, upgrade now.  Otherwise you can continue to play until you’re forced to upgrade, and we don’t know when that will be. 

A couple of things have changed…as far as payouts are concerned, so let’s take a look!

Cash Register Icon

First, you can now store casino buildings you couldn’t store during the event…so Moe’s, Cletus’, Homer’s and Burns’ Casino.  They can all get tucked away into your inventory, if that’s where you want them.

Now onto the other changes…

burnscasino_menu Burns Casino now pays $150, 13xp/8hrs

Tapped_Out_Gaming_Moe'sGaming Moe’s now pays $90,10xp/ 4hrs

cletusdiceden_menuCletus’ Dice Den now pays $90,10xp/4hrs

Tapped_Out_Homer's_House_of_CardsHomer’s House of Cards now pays $90, 10xp/4hrs

labellefrottage_menuLa Belle Frottage now pays $90, 10xp/4hrs

Characters that had tasks at Casinos/event prizes still have those tasks.  (with the exception of those that earned chips & tokens at Burns’ Casino)  So you can still animate those buildings.

Master Task List for Casino Event Building Animations:

Character Building Animated Task Length
Selma Impulse Wedding Chapel Update Her Frequent Buyer Card 2hrs
Freddy Quimby Britannia Casino Pretend to be James Bont 3hrs
Dr. Hibbert Lucky Casino Bet it all on Black 6hrs
Mrs. Krabappel Woodstock Casino Relive Old Memories 6hrs
Lou Nero’s Palace Security Work 3hrs
Wolfcastle Chinese Acrobatic Theatre Prepare for an Action Role 16hrs
Brockman Safari Casino Research Fluff News 10hrs
Sea Captain La Belle Frottage Try to Sail Away 16hrs
Mrs. Muntz Peacock Lounge Sweep Out the Aisles 10hrs
Moe Gaming Moe’s Work at Gaming Moe’s 16hrs
Cletus Cletus’ Dice Den Work at the Dice Den 2hrs
Homer Homer’s House of Cards Deal Cards 1hr

For those wondering, Reclusive Burns animates Burns’ Casino.  All of his indoor tasks are located at the Casino.  You can find his task list here.

Tapped_Out_Springfield_FallsSpringfield Falls now pays out a bonus % of 1.5% on all cash and XP

And that about covers everything!  So stay tuned for the next update for something new..until then have fun designing!

Thoughts on the Casino Event now that it’s over?  How about the changes?  Ready for what’s next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

240 responses to “App Update Alert: Casino Event Removal is Live!

  1. My taped out app won’t let me update. What is going on???

  2. I have a small problem. My Marge and ms. Hoover still have the do narobics task (3h), from the astronaut event, and it is the first option in their task bar. It’s really annoying. What can I do?

  3. Ok. Casino tasks are over and have updated. But now when I go to the store option, the section where you can buy things for a couple of a million $$ is gone. Was hoping to buy the Kristy oil rig. Anyone else missing this section of the store???

  4. I’m torn between greed for cash payouts and my love of playing Moe’s slot machines. Guess I’ll wait until I’m forced to update as usual. Am still buying up fountains and trees and plants for the key chains, coasters, etc. generated by the gamblers, who seem more plentiful and more generous with tokens than before. I’ve reassigned my casino token collecting crew to recycling, though. Getting my weekly five donuts from the Rail Yard was too close for comfort without them on duty.

  5. I just did my update on mine & now when it comes on a box pops up telling me that I don’t have any tokens & asks if i want to buy more when I tap the no box it comes back on every time I tap it anyone else have this issue?

  6. Did anybody notice Chippy also gives cash.

  7. Did anyone also notice Chippy gives cash too.

  8. Woke up this morning to find my devices updated. (Iso). And as soon as the game starts up it exits to my main phone screen

    • as long as you have an EA/origin account…uninstall, restart your device and reinstall

      • Derrick Harrelson

        I did do this on both my iphone and ipad (mini) with no help. I am currently speaking with someone by chat feature. There is hope it seems

        Qazi Arsalan
        Mate I like to inform you that it will be very quick as I hope so new patch will be coming
        Qazi Arsalan
        within few hours.
        Qazi Arsalan
        Which will updated automatically to fix the bug of new updated , it just need your I phone data connection.

        The only thing I haven’t done is update my phone to the new ISO released last week.
        They also recommended this for the short term.
        Qazi Arsalan

        Otherwise wait patiently.

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