Burns Casino and the Conform-O-Meter

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Casino Event released a TON of new items into our Springfields.  Everything from Casinos and fountains to theaters and planes!  So let’s take a look at how these new and returning items impact our Conform-O-Meter…

The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provides you with a bonus boost in your cash and  XP from everything you collect in the game.  When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it’s max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town.  If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basics and here for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars.

While the Casino event brought no changes to the Conform-O-Meter requirements, it did bring a bunch of buildings and decorations.  So let’s take a look at how all of the new “goodies” impact our rating:



Item Category Points
Burns’ Casino Vanity 400
Gaming Moe’s Consumerism 10
Cletus’ Dice Den Consumerism 10
Homer’s House of Cards Consumerism 10
Casino Concierge Kiosk Vanity 50


Item Category Points
Player’s Club Tower Vanity 400
Burns’ Fountain Vanity 300
Impulse Wedding Chapel Vanity 50
Britannia Casino Consumerism 10
Newark Newark Sign Vanity 100
Lucky Casino Consumerism 10
Woodstock Casino Consumerism 10
Nero’s Palace Arch Vanity 100
Nero’s Palace Consumerism 10
Chinese Acrobatic Theatre Vanity 50


Item Category Points
Walk of Fame Star Vanity 10
Constant Fountain Vanity 50
Sequence Fountain 1 Vanity 50
Sequence Fountain 2 Vanity 50
Sequence Fountain 3 Vanity 50
Sequence Fountain 4 Vanity 50
Cycling Spotlight Vanity 80
Multi-colored Spotlight Vanity 70
Ficus Plant Tree-hugging 200
Exotic Tree Tree-hugging 300
Cowgirl Sign Vanity 150
Dupes Sign Vanity 150
Nero’s Fountain Vanity 100
Spruce Moose Vanity 300
Safari Casino Consumerism 10


Item Category Points
White Spotlight Vanity 25
Nero’s Wall Righteousness 10


Item Category Points
Gold Diggers Sign Vanity 100
La Belle Frottage Vanity 50
Welcome to Springfield Sign Vanity 400
Water Show Fountain Vanity 550
Peacock Lounge Vanity 100
Limo Vanity 400
Springfield Falls Vanity 100
Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino Consumerism 10
Caesar Pow-Wow Sign Vanity 400

What were your thoughts on the Casino Event?  Which buildings/items did you win/earn?  How’s your conform-o-meter doing?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

130 responses to “Burns Casino and the Conform-O-Meter

  1. I missed this entire event due to a tragedy. Will it be repeated in the future?

  2. Is there a level above 59? I have been at that level for a long time & does not seem to change. Also about the accelerator I put mine in inventory because it does not seem to benefit any more for the donuts it takes. I am new to the game based on others comments.

  3. The Nero’s walls were fantastic. I was able to get rid of a Los of those annoying training walls thanks the the righteousness bonus!

  4. What happened to the aspirational items. I saw they were not available during the event and now that things are back to normal, they are still missing.

  5. The update has broken my game. When it loads, it seems to fire up the Cards game, but just displays a red screen instead of the game itself. When you tap it, the game crashes 🙁

    Anybody else having this problem or know how to solve it? I’ve tried on Android and iOS, and the same problem happens each time.

  6. Did any of the items add bonus %? I went up 2% recently and I’m not sure what caused it.

  7. I enjoyed the casino event. Glad it’s over though. Waiting for something new. Decided not to waste anymore money on doughnuts however. Just breaks the bank.

  8. They need more items that bring up indolence. That’s the only one I currently don’t have five stars for. I’m missing half a star. I could easily get it by buying duplicate houses but I don’t put duplicates of anything in my neighbored except for shrubbery and trees or anything that would actually make sense like fences. I like each item and building to be unique.

    • Drive down any real street or rural development, most are modular built homes and nearly look the same with an odd window, roof, or awning that may be a tad different. You can add enough fences, shrubs and trees to make them look different enough and space out the colours…full indolence solved, just saying.

      • Yep, I bought brown houses, cheap and quick build so I could build one and see if I hit five stars. I also leave them untapped so neighbors always have something to tap without me feeling like I’m losing a lot of money and xp.

  9. APerson (Ninja329989)

    Just out of curiosity, did anyone else lose their Bart Treehouse Christmas Loghts? Mine disappeared :S

  10. Some objects with % bonus have changed in the last two weeks. Because I had a 43% and now have 37%. And no, it is not the Comfort-o-meter because I have it full.

  11. In looking over the list of various items that popped up with the casino event, it appears that far too many simply boosted your vanity. Vanity is absolutely the easiest thing to max out. (Followed by tree hugging.) But when it comes to things like consumerism, which is much harder to max out, the casino event didn’t really offer many items to help us there. At least we got one new item to help towards righteousness.

  12. So my phone hates the EA forums for some reason. Won’t load and freezes if it does. Does anybody post there and want to help get something fixed? I love the bench jobs, I have 16 of them lined up along my obstacle course for the 17 characters with bench jobs, Grandpa & Mona sharing a bench to feed the birds. Was very happy that Gabbo & Arthur had a bench job except there is a glitch and they don’t go to an empty bench, they’ll sit on a bench another character is already on which obviously makes for a visual mess. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for EA to fix.

    • A very ok glitch when sen Moe to spy on Midge near a burning bush. Moe will happily hide himself in that bush

    • Not sure if it will work, but you could send Gabbo & Arthur to do their bench task BEFORE sending the other characters for their bench tasks, That way they will choose an empty bench and the others will too…
      Hope it helps. 🙂

      • That works when everybody is starting at the same time but as the bench jobs range from 60 minutes to 24 hours I’m often sending them back on it while others are still on the job, and if they move even a little but towards another bench they’ll go to the closest one. They just need to change a small part of the coding to match all the other bench jobs I’d think. Thank you though.

  13. It’s funny…I never cared about the conform-o-meter, but it turns out I have 5 stars anyways. I suppose now that I have them, I’ll want to keep them, but it was a part of the game I barely paid attention to.

  14. Hey Alissa I noticed they finally added you app to the ply store.

  15. This morning all my celebs got an (I think) 8 hour task time “Sign Autographies”. Highlighted in yellow. Any idea what this is about? I sent them all to do it……. They’re in the Androids Dungeon for another couple hours.

  16. Great event. Now time for a nice lull of just normal daily activities. Time to refocus on train pieces and Springfield Heights. Loved all the free donuts over the course of the event. Got to the point where I didn’t want to spend any extra money trying for three. Two was good enough and still ended up with well over 100 free donuts.

  17. Does the 5% bonus for a 5 star town get added to the total shown? I’ve noticed when I level up and one of the ratings drops below 5 that value doesn’t drop by 5%.

    • 5% is a total. 1% per star. So if you go down a star,you go down a %

      That’s where extra bonus % help. So if you lose 1%, you have so much back up it won’t matter.

  18. I dunno about everyone else but I was hoping the gamblers would be in the store after the update. I really wanted the blonde lady as an NPC!

    Also Bunny or Alissa, do you know if anyone animates Burns casino? I saw the task list on the takedown post but it doesn’t have anyone who animates the Burns Casino.

  19. Those ficus and exotic trees came in handy: Bumped my Tree Hugging from 2.5 to a solid 5!

  20. This probably isn’t the right place to ask this but when I looked in the store today for the aspirational items to purchase, they’re no longer there (the really expensive items). Did anyone else notice that, is that just in my game? thanks

  21. alex - aabcampos2

    Nero’s Wall´s Righteousness is SUPER !!!

  22. It’s only me or we can’t achieve no more bonuts when max FP? because tapping 100 neighbours city = 0 bonuts, it was a waste of time…

    • You can still get them. It’s random and you won’t always get them. You’ll have days when you’ll get 2 or 3 and days when you won’t get any.

      • I’ve had days where is get 5 or 6 going through friends! (Not often…but, as Forest Gump would say “it happens!’)

        I’ve also had rare occasions when I’d get two bonus from the same friend… Both on screen at the same time! (I have at least one screen shot of that special occurrence!)

        And remember… “he who wants friends, must himself be friendly”.


  23. I’m super excited! I’ve been a free player for about 2.5 years, and I just made it to 5 stars!!!

  24. I’m glad they finally added something that bumps righteousness besides the training wall.

    • Exactly right – I have training walls hidden all over the place… maybe I can finally get rid of them!

    • I still don’t get why so many people struggle with this; I have 1 wall, and never have trouble keeping my Righteousness at 5 stars.

      • Because neighbors keep vandalizing towns…i had one just today even.

        • Still never a problem for me. I mean never. In fact, the opposite. I still don’t understand why my experience has been so different from what I’m hearing.

          • Its not all the time, but if say, someone doesn’t want to search my town, or they can’t find a building to tap, instead of coming back later they tap the vandalizing buildings. Mostly happens after an event, almost like they forget the “rules” of tapping buildings. Like X building is fine, but Y gets spraypainted.

          • That’s just it: I get vandalzied all the time, and it doesn’t bother me or reduce my Righteousness one bit. Cleaning it up always helps me in that regard.

          • Not sure how often you had the experience compared to me, but I remember dropping two stars because of being vandalized, until I got walls hidden around my town to bring it back up to 5 stars. After a while it does start to effect the rating if its done enough.

          • In my experience it randomly drops and then goes back up one or two days later. I don’t really see any direct connection with vandalism.

          • Aaaand again I come home today to find my Moe’s Tavern vandalized, guess I’m unlucky.

          • @Marc There is a connection. I’ve had vandalism so that I’d drop a star in rating, and as soon as I removed said vandalizer from my friend list, I got my star back again.

      • I didn’t have any problem for a long time and then randomly mine dropped to 1 star after a graffiti tag and nothing would bump it back up other than buying a bunch of training walls. I still think there’s some kind of glitch with the graffiti system, but it appears it’s not very consistent as to who it affects if it does exist.

        • Same here. Then I was able to store them all a month later with no affect to my righteousness.

        • The only thing that’s ever reduced mine is events: THOH, Winter, etc. Once the event hits, Righteousness drops to 1/2 star and stays there. Once the event’s over, it climbs back up over a few days, probably built up by cleaning grafitti and sending crooks to prison (still not sure about the second one.)

  25. My biggest regrets from the event…? Just one.
    It seems like every often held clues or hints within the “splash screen”…things upcoming within the event. So, I’d been hoping we’d get a card dealing skin for Homer outtake this! 😢

    • We also didn’t get the Suicycle ramp or anither mystery object partially visible between the Golddiggers sign and the casino, which looked like it had the letters “EER” on it.

      Although TBH I don’t mind not getting yet another costume for Homer…

  26. LE Belle Frott age was only 50 for vanity while the Springfield sign was 400? That seems weird.

  27. I’m quote pleased with thuis event. I got everybody with many days to spare. I got about 100 bonuts. My only question is “Where are the desert thing EA hinted about?”

    • could be a week or two before that’s introduced. Remember that last time they hinted during Valentine’s Day? Superheros was teased and it was still about a week or so after before it hit the games.

      • A week? But I want it now!!

        • lol it’s a wait and see game…patience my friend, patience.

          • Since Wednesday is The Day of the week that we usually get updates, do you think that we’ll get a update today? Like maybe a April Fools Themed Gil Deal/Mini Event?

            • I think we’ll see something today. What exactly, I don’t know. But honestly, I’m ok if there’s a little lull. I like the redesign process.

              • karenskuality

                Maybe the annual…and ever-anticipated “Sesame Street” event? LOL

                Sent from my iPad Air 2 >

              • Deane
                Sesame Street? Do tell.

              • Um, no Deane. *sigh*

              • karenskuality

                Sorry…was meant as a joke. 😖


              • Jokes are better when they’re explained. Do. 😉

              • karenskuality

                I did put “LOL’…? Not enough? 😱


              • I thought you wrote “Sesame Street”, no? I just wondered how it was related. I know…”joke”…you say, but there was literally no reason? Even like, hands up the back ends (of muppets)?

              • karenskuality

                It was a play on many people came to expect the same events year after year… And recently they’ve been changing it up and not so predictable.

                Not sure why my “random event” was Sesame Street… I guess it’s the first random thought that came to mind at the time?


              • Okay. I think that makes sense, i.e. doesn’t, as intended. 😉 So, like, they could have a “cars” event…but we’d just get more cars that can’t be placed on the roads. lol. Back to yours, there was that muppet style xmas episode. It also featured a real-life Katy Perry. So, like, let’s do that. Would it be weird to have a scanned in Katy Perry in this game? hahaha! 🙂

                Thanks for explaining that!!

        • …and I want it all!

  28. Question,
    How do yall get the exact info for how much one adds to the comfort meter? I mean, i wisi i could be like, ok with all this stuff, i have exactly this, and before i level , i need to add 6x trees to make sure, i dont drop below 5 stars, um loving my 110% bonus, lol…

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