What’s a fancy Vegas dinner without desert? (Potential Spoilers)

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So we’ve all been gambling our digital tails off lately and IMHO, all the new additions and questline have been fun, but all good things eventually come to an end.  For those of us who have finished the Act III questline, you probably noticed a little teaser right at the end.

TSTO desert-themed scenery

This got me to thinking (despite what the “experts” say about thinking too much).  I said to my self, “Self… what could they possibly mean with this little bit of teasery.”  Well… the truth is, I don’t truly know but I had some thoughts and figured there’s no place better to share than here.  If that sounds like your cup of tea, click for more.

Desert The Simpsons

So… a Springfield desert has been something that tappers have been wanting for a while.  We’ve gotten items along these lines previously but always wanted more.

Satan's AnvilMount Carlmore

cactus patchhealthspa_menu

Just a glance at some images from the WDTCFs from these items (click each image above if you’d like to read those posts) present some fun desert scenery.

Springfield Desert State ParkSatan's AnvilMount Carlmore 2Mount Carlmore 3Mount Carlmore 4Cactus Patch Simpsons TSTOStagnant Springs Health Spa SimpsonsStagnant Springs Health Spa Simpsons 4

Wowza… lots of cacti.  I thought it might be fun to take a look at a Springfield Map I had to see the West Springfield desert area we might be seeing in the near future.  You can click on it for a better view but the tan desert area is pretty easy to recognize.  (Also might be fun to set up your own town similar to this but I digress.)

Springfield Map

Maps are fun but what about other new stuff?  Surely there’s other ideas.  For a change of pace… I headed over to the Frinkiac with some key words and pulled some memes for my favorite tappers.

Photo Mar 23, 4 06 52 PM

While I’m not sure we’ll be getting a flashback of Krusty’s USO tour that resulted in his daughter Sophie, this IS the desert.  I spent a bunch of my life in similar circumstances so that’s probably why I wouldn’t mind seeing our favorite clown in DCUs.  Some think Arizona or the Gobi when they hear ‘desert’… my mind goes to other places.

Photo Mar 23, 4 07 51 PM

This next one probably gets my biggest vote just because I want to see Space Coyote from “El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)” (S8:E9).  There could be a whole fun questline with the merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango.  Who doesn’t love a good chili cook-off?  I’d also love the chance to get more stuff to build golf courses.

Space Coyote

Photo Mar 23, 4 05 43 PM

“Marge on the Lam” (S5:E6) – We already got some of the goodness with the introduction of Ruth Powers and The Seething Sisters in Level 54 but the Badlands figured prominently in Marge and Ruth’s high speed chase with the Springfield Police.

Photo Mar 23, 4 08 48 PM

Speaking of the Badlands, Alkali Flats is part of this area.  Where else could an out of work Krusty go to broadcast himself when Sideshow Bob manages to shut down television transmitters everywhere in “Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming” (S7:E9).  I think this emergency broadcast station could be fun or maybe we could even get the Wright Brothers aircraft and a task for Bart and Bob?

Desert Episodes The Simpsons

This image shows a few other ideas I had tucked away in my files.  The top two images from “Marge on the Lam” (S5:E6) and “Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming” (S7:E9) were already mentioned but there’s fun in the other two images.  I like the idea of Bloodbath Gulch from “Homer Simpson in: ‘Kidney Trouble'” (S10:E8) or The Outlands from the 500th episode aka “At Long Last Leave” (S23:E14).

The Outlands Simpsons

So those are just some of my thoughts.  Give the episodes a watch and see if there’s anything specific you’d like to see from them?  Got any other ideas I didn’t mention?  Hoping to see cactus patches make a return?  Sound off in the comments and happy classy tapping friends.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

98 responses to “What’s a fancy Vegas dinner without desert? (Potential Spoilers)

  1. Just got to say I think the episode with homer glove slapping everyone will be involved with this update hope homer is glove slapping everyone

  2. I remeber an episode where Homer, Carl and Lenney went to work at a dangereuses oilfield.

  3. I’ve been poking around Frinkiac and came across Bart Sphynx (one of the Simpons House variations while Homer was mucking up time) from THOH V – Time and Punishment. Might be funny for a facade during the Desert update.

    I’ve been searching like a crazy person trying to get screen shots of all the alternative Simpsons’ house(s) during Homers Time traveling but I don’t have FoxNow (nor the app) to find it (all other searches obviously ended up empty handed except for the Sphynx 🙁

    • I dunno if it’s what you’re looking for but this is where I watch all the episodes:


      • I’m not posting this for a couple of reasons… 1. It’s not authorized by FOX. 2. FOX reads this site and I don’t want them to take it down on you and 3. I Don’t want to flood that site and have it screwed up for you.

        If you want you can email me (tstoaddictsblog@gmail.com) the site again and I’ll forwarded the email to tot for you. Otherwise I’m going to recommend the FXNow App…

  4. Didnt know where to post this, but. Since the vegas event started, when i click on mayor Quimby , the first task is make budget cuts that last an hour, and the second is something that last only 10min. Now my question is, why is that task first (its not yellow meaning i have to do it to complete some quest)? The event finished but the task is still first. Its kinda anoying. Also Marge and the teacher have first task to do the aerobic or whatever at the space station. That part is over so why are those tasks first? Thanks

    • Many times remnants from Events or levels may remain until EA reconfigures all the coding. They may also be in prep for things to come to take place.

  5. Has anyone actually managed to convincingly emulate that map of Springfield? I can’t imagine… if so please send me a friend invite, I would love to see it.

  6. Dirt roads!!! We need dirt roads. Although the desert scene seems cool. (no pun intended) I did like the cactus plots we got with the Monsanto Event last year. More of the same, please… 🙂

  7. Space Coyote would be the best; I’d love a “trippy” mini-event.

    It’s funny, this morning I came up with a perfect event for the summer (not desert-related, though) — Kamp Krusty! All the kids could go, the teens could be counselors, the parents could celebrate their freedom, Mr. Black and Martin’s parents could be new characters, and so on. Ooh, we could get a Krusty skin for Barney, too.

    (I realize others have probably come up with this idea.

  8. Excellent write-up, Wookie!

    I’ve reserved a part of my town for the Springfield Badlands/West Springfield and I was really hoping for a desert update.

    Honestly, this is one where I don’t feel like they need to have a cohesive plan, rather just offer a bunch of side quests to get the relevant items from all manner of episodes.

    Looking forward to whatever happens next!

  9. When I first read in the Turbo Tapping:

    “Make Marge Knit a Sofa Throw– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

    There is a popup that appears after you complete this task about the next event..however, because I know many of you like to be surprised I’m not posting it here. ”

    (Not knowing what the pop up was) I thought it had to do with Marge’s Sofa Throw —- Are we Getting the Couch in the game? … Nope, some pop up about a desert :/

  10. Thinking of unique Landscapes and Video Game Worlds, a Desert Land/Level is a staple (growing up with Super Mario 3 and others)

    I’m just hoping this means we will get a Water World (not the Movie)… A what would life be like Under the Sea (Homer Fantasy) with Sea Monkey Simpsons, Underwater Simpson house, underwater Mapple HQ, fish ambiance, Troy McClure (because he likes fish).

    (Can’t you tell, I’m not excited about the desert theme?) :p

  11. When I saw the teaser pop up, I was so excited I just went and did a search for “Simpsons Desert” and it led me to an actual desert in Australia thus an Australia event came to mind.

    Later I really wanted to cheat and searched “TSTO desert” which led me to some Spanish TSTO spoiler site which was almost all in Spanish so I don’t know what it said but the images were bizarrely similar to the ones Wookie posted (now I’m not implying one group copied off the other, it was just odd. plus the obvious that there are just few Simpson desert images.) the weirdest part was the big Map. It was the first I’ve ever seen it.
    [if this last paragraph is a conflict / regarding competitive TSTO sites, I’ll understand]

  12. Bangles Dupree

    Great post! Thanks, Wookie!
    And bring on the Space Coyote!

  13. After crafting all those tree’s and sequence fountains it is almost logical Springfeild will turn into a desert.

    But since I did a “Putting a little Faith in EA” Post I have to say I do hope this “update” is an Event for Egyptian/Passover. Moses-Milhouse, etc., and with a Egyptian/Jewish theme Release the Rabbi (Krustofski).

    Yet I do feel that the Space Coyote is inevitable 🙂

  14. Update is in App store. As far as I can tell everything is back to normal. No messages or level 60, etc.

  15. My first thought was something Egyptian.. My husband thought something Mars related since that last EP and the Exploration building in Springfield. I don’t think i’ve seen that desert episode pictured. I can’t wait until the next update to find out!

  16. This post was a real downer… I was so sure I read “dessert”!

    I was already making plans (and space in my town) for a candy land 🙁

  17. I don’t really care what the desert brings, I just want it to come with the Casino Takedowm and not a couple weeks down the road. Patiently (that’s a lie, impatiently) waiting for that update.

  18. Maybe we’ll get Candy Eating Mountain it looks like it’s in the desert or would that better fit with next THOH event ?

  19. This puts me in mind of the burning man episode…. I’m not good with the names of the episodes….OK…I looked it up “Blazed & Confused” now it seems to me that would be a fun lil theme…or too much controversy concerning let’s just say an alternative lifestyle…anyways, that’s my favorite desert episode.

  20. Great speculation!
    Love the zoom in map as well.
    Tons of buildings and bits we’ve yet to receive!
    I guess watch this space, gonna be hard to top this Casino update though!

  21. I’m so, so with everyone on the Soace Coyote. And a Homer skin with crazy tasks while he’s all tripped out on the peppers.

    But also… As a characters-obsessed gal (decos are nice, but I won’t go premium on them almost ever), I’m chomping at the bit to see if another character deal will come out with the free skin and the rebate. I have been stockpiling donuts, but I just know that as soon as I buy someone, they will be the next rebate deal. So bring on the desert! And then please let the rebate deal be Luann. 🙂

  22. Wouldn’t it be something, if the whole thing was a typo on EA’s behalf, and they really meant to type dessert instead of desert 😀 Would change the whole outlook on the possible event.

  23. What are the chances EA will not just release a lvl 60, but instead lvls 60-69? its gotta be, why else the long wait?

  24. As long as it’s nothing like Krustyland, bring it on!

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