Addicts Question Corner: Your Burning Fire Questions Answered

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As with every event we’re starting to see the same questions asked over and over again in the comments.  So, like usual, I figured one big Addicts Question Corner is a lot easier than me trying to answer every question individually in the comments.  Plus this post should help answer some of the most common questions..even if you’re not asking them. 😉

So without further ado I bring you the Addicts Question Corner…Fire Edition!

fire_active homer_fireman_put_out_fire

I Don’t See The Update, Why Don’t I See It?!

To see this update you MUST at least be on Level 15 and have Moe unlocked.  Both Level 15 and Moe are a requirement to start this event.  So if you’re Level 15 and don’t have Moe you won’t see it.  You must have both requirements met.

If you are above level 15 and have Moe unlocked, try hard closing and restarting your device.  If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling TSTO (as long as you have an EA/Origin account)


Is Tapping Matches in my Neighbor’s Town Vandalism? 

2016-03-31 14.26.07

From what I’ve observed, no.  There is no indication in the files that setting neighbor’s buildings on fire will cause damage to your Righteousness rating on the Conform-O-Meter.  So don’t freak out about it.  I’ve been out of my town for several hours, came back to nearly every building that could be on fire, on fire…and no impact.

Will Fires Set to my Neighbor’s Buildings Cause Damage to their Town? (or my town)

No.  It’s just a visual thing for the game.  Once you tap the Fire Hat the fire is put out and there’s no damage.


What Buildings Can I Set On Fire?

2016-03-31 14.26.10

This is, from what I can tell, the list:
Burns Manor
First Church of Springfield
Cletus’ Farm
Android’s Dungeon
Flanders’ House
Brown House
White House
Blue House
Orange House
Java Server
Krusty Burger
Springfield Elementary
Simpson House
Skinner’s House
Springfield Downs
Springfield Library
Van Houten House
Wiggum House

How Come I’m Not Earning Medals For Tapping Matches In my Neighbor’s Town?

From what I’m seeing, it looks like neighbor actions for this event max out at 16/day.  So you can only earn medals for the first 16 actions/day.  However, you should still tap matches because it does help your friends.  And in return your friends will help you 🙂

Why Is There Nothing to Tap in my Friend’s Town?

Probably because every building that can be on fire is already on fire, and they haven’t gone in to clear them out yet.  So try again in a few hours 🙂

What’s the Spawn Rate for Fires In My Town?


The Spawn Rate for Fires in your town…not building fires, just the random fires that popup….is every 15 minutes.  With a max of 15 in your town at once.  There is no bank for this.  So what this means is, if you leave your town for 3.75 hours you’ll have the max amount of fires in your town.

Why do Some Fires Earn 10 Medals and others Earn 20?


Honestly, no idea.  The files say the payout is 10 medals for tapping fires.  My only explanation is it’s two fires right on top of each other.
And no it’s not just you, it’s happening to everyone…myself included 🙂 

Can Fires Be Anywhere?  Or Just a Set Location?

Fires can appear anywhere in your Springfield, so you’ll have to look around for them.  I suggest if you’ve found all you can and still think there might be some hiding go into your move menu:
Directional Arrows Movement Menu

And “ghost out” buildings and decorations to find more…yes I know this is an old graphic, but the images still look the same and it’s what I had in the media folder 😉 

Movement Icons

Is that a new Skin for Ralph that unlocks when you earn the Fire Station?

2016-03-31 16.39.54

Not a skin for Ralph, just a task you can have him do at the Fire Station.

Is it a Permanent Task?

So far, yes.  After you finish the Fire Event questline you can still have Ralph do the task.  It’s called “Do Tricks” and takes 8hrs (earns $275,70xp).  It’s preformed outside the Fire Station.

Note: it’s still available now.  I don’t know for sure if it’ll still be around when the event ends.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Do I Need to Buy Fireman Homer and Fireman Apu to Complete the Event?

unlock_homer_fireman Unlock Apu Fireman

No, you can complete the event without spending the donuts for these two.  However, buying them will make the event go faster for you, as they earn at a higher rate for medals.  Check out the Should I Buy post for more details.

I HIGHLY recommend, waiting until you’ve earned all of the event prizes to do the questlines for both of these guys.  Questline won’t earn you medals, well some tasks will but in general it won’t earn you medals.  In fact, I’m not even going to post the premium Turbo Tappin’ until next week.  So just let their questlines sit in your task book for now and earn medals with them. 🙂

There’s a Problem with Where’s Maggie, Is it Just Me?

No, it’s going around.  There’s a bug with it right now.  My best suggestion is contact EA and then wait for the patch.

And I think that just about covers the most commonly asked questions we’re seeing in the comments right now. Hope that helps answer some of your burning inquiries!

What are your thoughts on the Crook and Ladder Event?  Anything we missed?  Enjoying it so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

288 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: Your Burning Fire Questions Answered

  1. How can I make mayor quimby award a medal if I don’t have him and I don’t know how to get him cause I’ve searched everywhere!!!!!!

  2. Why can I not add neighbors who want to be in my Springfield?? We r allowed total 101, and I have 99 ! I have arnd 20 now that have “answered” my call, but when I click on”add”, then the black box comes up and says,” Either you or your friend have enough or all that is needed in your town,(basically those words), and don’t know what to do! I have always had the 101 max allowed, and cannot add the last two I need!! Everyone that wants in I can’t put in!! Is there a GLITCH?? MAHALO for any help!!

  3. Update on Find Maggie game play for iPhone.
    I mentioned before that if it looks like it’s freezing up on startup you can close TSTO immediately and it will give you a 5 minute wait and then it will work as normal.
    Been messing around and discovered that if I wait a little longer through the lag that the countdown will eventually start and then it will freeze at that point. I close down TSTO as before at that point. After a minute I start the game up and the countdown commences as normal with no time lost.
    NOTE: I didn’t hard close the game. (swipe it out of the iPhone task list). I just hit the home button to close it then hit the game icon after a minute.

    I’m going to try and remember to try doing a hard close when it freezes to see if there’s any difference. Would be nice to find the wait time rot play again educed from 16 hours to 5 minutes like an android user reported. 🍩🍩🍩👍
    Happy taps😎👇🏼

  4. I did a hard restart and uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Firefighter Moe still won’t show up. 😔 Any suggestions?

  5. Why is my firestation not showing up when I completed all task to earn this prize?

  6. Note that fires can also hide behind some permanently opaque (aka none of the options toggle transparency) objects like wailing walls.

  7. Really enjoyed this short event. Used donuts to get the two extra firefighters so the can continue to put out fires in my game.
    Wish more of the characters who fought fires on The Simpson’s (ex: Krusty) were available as firefighters.

  8. If you are having trouble seeing fires, even using the method suggested by graying out everything you can, try this. Go into the edit mode and use the drag to select and drag the largest area you can. When you let go all of the stuff in that area will be selected. Shift it off to another area of the map and you can see all fires in that area. Make a note of where the fire(s) are. Press the red “X” to return everything back to its original position, exit edit. Click your fires. I found 9 I could not see even with the graying method. Rinse and repeat across your map. It takes time – but you won’t miss any.

  9. When I go do the neighbors task I do about 9 tasks then no more medals after that. Am I the only one?

  10. Any word on how the ocean keeps catching fire? I mean I know Springfield is polluted and all, but that seems excessive 😉

  11. Just a friendly reminder
    Beware the public buildings that normally are vandalism buildings.

    You might wanna be careful if your still on the fire quest when you tap matches on vandalism buildings it may appear as graffiti on the other persons end..

    If your still on the lighting matches quest part of the event and the other player has finished that quest and gotten the fire station then it will appear as graffiti on their end vs if they had been on the lighting matches quest still it would only appear as fire with a fire hat…

    Hope that helps others out. Happy Tappin! ✌️❤️🍀

    • thanks for pointing that out! my moes and school have been vandalized excessively since I got the fire station. I’m trying not to be upset because I know it’s not on purpose. I put stop signs all around them as a hint. I hope people will get it.

      • Oooh you can just hide a bunch of training walls or Nero walls around your town and not worry about it…

  12. Did they nerf the random fire spawns? Since yesterday I’m seeing a spawn rate no greater than 1 every 2 hours.

  13. I’m having the same issue. It’s been 24 hours and I think I had 3 random fires, if that.

  14. With this update, if you are on a android device, try play the find maggie, if it stuck, just wait for about 5 mins ,and game eventually will start, and you can play about 50 time like this, waiting time is not 16hrs, its 5mins or less, this glitch will be fixed soon, but if you saw this , try it, you can get 100+ donuts in a day!!!

  15. I have not had a random fire in three days. Is there a reason for this? Can I use up all the fires? Is there a way they can be restarted?

    • Did you finish the event?

    • Same Problem. Im so confused by this event. Right now, I’m on part 5 of the questline where I have to get 800 gold medals. I’m a freemium player, and the only task I have is to send Moe to fight the police station fire, which is a 3 hour task. 800/50 = 16. So I’d have to send Moe 16 times(probably less because I can go to neigbours, but I never really do that, and I only get one medal for each fire i start somewhere else; not worth it imo). Is this a bug? If I send Moe 4 times a day, it will take me at around to 4 days to finish one part.

      • If you really aren’t getting any random fires in your town (and they’re not just hidden somewhere), then you have a problem with your game and should call EA. (Call, don’t chat or email. And only call during the week. And make sure to talk to someone in their Texas center.)

      • That’s your choice to play freemium, and not visit neighbours,…… you’re choosing the slowest way to play.
        Some U.S. players had their fire station by Friday night and the whole event is just a memory to them now.
        🔥 🚒 😃

  16. I don’t have fires spawning in my town. Sometimes I’ll get one, but nowhere near the amount I should be getting, even after 8 hours!

  17. I’ve got the firestation, my youngest son hasn’t yet. When I play his game for him and visit my town, he can still light fires. However, when I play my game the building he has set fire to shows as being vandalised to me. Bummer!

  18. Anyone else having trouble putting out the fire at the fire station? It tells me Skinner and Moe are needed, but when they’re available it shows a lock and other fire tasks need to be completed first. I have completed all tasks, so guessing it’s a glitch?

  19. Help! I’m being vandalized on buildings that could be set on fire by neighbors, like the elementary school, Moe’s, the library, etc. Six time since yesterday! the neighbors in question have never vandalized before. What’s going on? Anyone else see this happening? An EA programming lapse?

    • If you’re still active in the fire event, it shouldn’t impact your rating. If you’re not, it may. Unfortunately until the event ends it may continue to happen. Setting fires isn’t considered vandalism, unless you’re done with the fire event.

  20. It seems that EA has a time lapse in programming this story. Now that I have the fire house, matches should be gone from my neighbors views of my buildings. It seems they are still seeing matches, because the results is my buildings are showing up vandalized. I’ve had 3 instances today of my elementary school being vandalized by my neighbors who have never vandalized before. Is anyone else seeing a rise in vandalism? Any thoughts, addicts?

  21. ellieoftheflump

    Hi need some advice. Did the fire task, got the fire engine and now my
    fire station is on fire and keeps saying put out fire but cannot work out how to do it- I have done most of the tasks for the firemen but still no ralph, so what does one have to do to get ralph please as all I can find is I need the wiggum house and older posts suggest I need to go through Burns manor quests to get the house and therefore ralph but am confused as I thought that doing the fire task was a quick way to get ralph??? Am i mistaken?
    Any advice appreciated. Loving the game and all my neighbours. Happy tapping x .


    Hi Alissa,
    I’ve re-read your posts, but can’t see an answer,

    I’ve completed the whole quest, now when I tap on the fire station, it gives the option to fight a fire but when you tap that, (you get what I’ve shown in the above screenshot) ……it only shows the firefighters who are busy on other tasks,
    As you can see top left in the pic, Homer is available but not listed, and previous to this I had Apu and Moe available too, but the list only showed Skinner. So do the question is…..

    Do you need ALL your firefighters free in order to tap the fire-station and fight a fire?

    I have done the fight a fire thing previously (before the end of the questline) with just one firefighter available and the menu gave 1 hour, 4 hour, 8 hour tasks etc. depending on which building you chose to go to, with the fire station itself being the 24 hour task… now I’m a bit confused. I wonder if you, (or anyone else) know?

    It’s confusing because it looks like the same sort of menu you would get for the recycling yards or heights resource buildings but on those lists, it shows everybody that can do the task, and let’s you send those who are available (and tells you where the unavailable ones are)

    Hope I explained this OK

    🚒 🔥 😃


      Sorry to make you read all that, Alissa,
      I think I sussed it by myself.
      I think you need your two freemium firefighters free to bring up the “fight a fire” menu, and it’s both of them that fight the fire, (well Moe appears to do it indoors at the fire station and Skinner goes to the fire), also if Homer and/or Apu are available, they get included, so here’s the important bit……If you don’t want Apu and Homer tied up with fighting the fire, send them on another task BEFORE going to the “fight a fire” menu.
      Hopefully, that may be of use to other players.

      [Obviously, references to premium firefighters Homer & Apu only apply to players who purchased those premium skins]

      I also noticed that if you send them to fight a fire at the kwik-e-mart, they could all go to different kwik-e-marts (if you have multiples) which may lead to some players thinking they’ve lost a firefighter.
      At the moment, I’ve got Apu in a kwik-e-mart doing part of his premium questline, while Homer is trying to extinguish the fire with his “spit bucket” and Skinner is fighting a fire at a different kwik-e-mart, and Moe is back at the fire station (but all three on the same task) and four other kwik-e-marts left to burn so maybe Mr. Teeny is getting his fur singed while getting his cigarettes. 🐒 🐵

      Sorry if this was all a bit long-winded, but it may help others when they get to that part of the quest.

      🔥 🚒 😃

      • Thanks for the premium info. Dumb that both freemium characters have to be free (and dumb that Moe doesn’t even get an animated spot).

  23. I’m not seeing fires spawn at anything close to every 15 minutes. Came back to my game after about 8 hours and there were like 2 or three fires. Contacted EA. They didn’t seem to be of much help. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    • Hi i thnk there is limited no of fires per session but found loads hidden so expand view n look for orange flame, also visit neighbours as u can find them there too 🙂 ellieoftheflump x

      • Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, I have indeed scoured my Springfield for fires, and even did the “ghost out” everything approach to look for fires. After leaving overnight, I would have expected (by the formula stated in the OP) that there would be 15 fires. I had exactly NONE. This is frustrating, and I’m stuck, not progressing with the event as quickly as I’d want. EA seemed to indicate this was a known issue, but the rep I chatted with didn’t seem like he completely understood the issue. Oh well, maybe I just won’t get the fire station. But thanks for taking the time to try to help out, ellieoftheflump — I appreciate it, anyway!

        • You should hide everything except the people category (Bart, Homer, and Santa’s Helper on the icon) to help find the fires. For some reason they are under the people category and are also made semi-invisible when hiding those items.

  24. I too am unable to help friends just like GodlessSquash mentioned. I’m at the same point in the game – doing the Ralph questline & Homer & Apu’s premium quests that I put on the backburner. Sorry friends! I just don’t see any matches in your towns, but do try to tap on buildings that I recall were inflammable! I’m Dex 1 & 2 in usernames.

  25. Is there a glitch going on? Ever since i completed the firetruck my neighbors, who have pledge not to vandalize, are vandalizing my buildings. I think they are seeing matchsticks because they are still collecting medals. But instead of lighting me on fire they are actually vandalizing me and i dont think they know it.

    • It’s not a glitch. It’s just the event itself. When you’re done you can’t earn medals so it negatively impacts your rating. If they don’t know you’re done they’ll still set fires…you may just have to wait it out.

  26. Somehow the postoffice building in my town is on fire. I can move it. I can store it. I can’t however make the fire go away. I don’t know why it’s animated on fire if I can’t click on it. It does look interesting being perpetually on fire but it would be nice to be able to get a medal from it. Has anyone else had a glitch like this?

    • I have this same glitch, and none of my friends have set any fires in my town. What are the odds none of them are visiting my town when they have done so in past evevnts, I have max friends : ( I think there is something wrong with my game…

  27. I now have the fire station and when I try to get Ralph to be a 911 Operator, it goes to Homer. It doesn’t seem to offer this task for Ralph. Any suggestions?

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