From the Mouths of Addicts: wEAther or not?

The following post was submitted by one of our Addicts Regulars..Totbox.  Perhaps you’ve seen Tot in the comments a time or two ;)…Yes Totbox is back with some insightful TSTO musings for us all! 

Hello Weathereenos,

Now that it is April, the first full month of Spring, I thought I should stop and smell the roses (which was stupid because they aren’t in bloom here yet). Since April also contains Earth Day (and without trashing Earth Day), I thought I’d celebrate it with one of it’s greatest gifts “Rain”. Yes, Rain, after all April showers brings May flowers. So join me in a little rain dance (unless you’re in the UK or someplace that rains all the time, for you folks just read along anyway) :p even if you Hate Rain or may feel under the weather.


With the mini-(firefighter) event behind us/nearing it’s end, I can get Alissa to post this (which I’ve written the day prior to the start of the mini-event, during all our speculations about a desert update). So here it goes –>

What started as an attempt to discuss all weather patterns, with the giant “L”s and “H”s just ended up trickling into a single drop of rain. I’m not going to talk about flooding or whatever horrible  (displacing and life ruining) natural disasters that are probably taking place somewhere on this giant marble of a planet. Just keeping things simple and Simpsons (without the stuff I just mentioned). Here is a brief look at Winter and Summer heat…


A couple of my neighbors know that I use the Best Snowman Ever facades as a way to share what my weather is like on my end. Smallest form (means it’s warm), Full B.S.E. form means it’s very very cold or snowing but the carrot nose dangling means it is Rainy (fun fact… when I remember to change it).  Anyway, the snow is gone from Springfield for now, so lets Make it Rain. Songs and kid poems, come to my head (as rain drops keep falling on it). I was thinking back at the good old days when I can jump in a big muddy puddle and not having to say “oh man, I got to go to work like this because I  have nothing to chance into”  and thus the Springfielders also enjoy and dislike the rain.


I’m not sure if this is event worthy but I thought of some requested characters that may fit in with such a dreary Theme.  So here comes the Lightning Round.


Edit from Alissa….I thought it would be fun to see if you guys could name all this “one hit wonders”…so let us know in the comments below 🙂

And for People whom never got Sherry Bobbins, they could get another chance, after all she has her own Umbrella-ella-ella-ella (another song stuck in my head, sorry)

So I thought this might wet your whistle before we get this mysterious Desert Update. Who would like a Weather Event? :p


Like most awkward conversation starters “what’s the weather like where you are?” Is it raining where you are? Anything Special you like to do on rainy days? Do you use your “Best Snowman Ever” to tell your neighbor how you weather is? Do you have a favorite rain themed song or poem? Did this talk of rain make you sleepy or have you running to the restroom?  Any of these one hit wonder characters you’d like? It’s ok to get a little wet and wild, sound off in the comments with your thoughts.  Just don’t be too wild… Or to wet… Leave a comment, we’ll put some towels down 🙂


87 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: wEAther or not?

  1. I think I love you Totbox. You’re nuts! In the nicest possible way, of course 😁


    • Hmmm…maybe we’ll have our first TSTO Addicts marriage? I figure that some folks here have spent more time talking together about stuff (and sometimes stuff of more substance) than they do on The Bachelor! 😉 😉

      And, yes – I think we all love Totbox’s delightful stream-of-consciousness nuttiness! 💛👘💛 (I threw in the kimono there for a touch of extra nuttiness, lol!)

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  2. Bangles Dupree

    Thanks for a great post, Totbox. 🙂 I will definitely keep an eye out for your snowman! We are full on into spring here in sunny Alabama. I just need more flowering trees in my Springfield to show it. I love all the seasons in Springfield!


  3. Who’s the last guy in the clouds? Is that Henry Kissinger?


    • Elfmice, I hope you’re joking. if not, I’ll give you a hint: He sounds just like Mufassa, Darth Vador, and says “This is CNN” ….


      • That doesn’t look anything like James Earl Jones… show that drawing to a hundred people and ask whether it looks more like JEJ or HK and I’ll bet 90 say Kissinger. Of course I probably should’ve been able to figure it out by context (even though I didn’t know he voiced Mustafa and am pretty sure he didn’t voice Bleeding Gums)… Also, I probably should’ve remembered the episode, so, yeah, fair point.


  4. Great post neighboreeno! It’s always nice to hear a fresh or different perspective. Now I’ll be checking out your snowman for the weather report. Where are you from? It’s raining today in my neck of the woods in CA. Of course, was hoping to do some gardening today, but a good excuse to stay indoors.
    How about for next year a one day pi day event? The addicts have their contest every year. Krusty could throw pies. We could “pie” our neighbors. Homer could eat pies. It could rain pies. Are there any pie related episodes? Who doesn’t like pie? Yum!


    • Lol, I did a quick search, and of course there is Pie Man (Homer skin) we got for the Superhero event, there really isn’t much else to work with other than Marge having Pies that peeked the interest of the Southern Gentelman that Homer glove-slapped in the Tomacco episode. 🙂


  5. Photo_2016-04-07_11-35-15_AM

    Why distract me with the ribwich guy, …… I want a Krusty burger event, with fries 🍟 for currency, they could re-launch the Laffy meal…..with better prizes, we could collect ingredients, then make orders, send characters to Krustyburger for different orders, visit neighbours and instead of a handshake, they would get cheese slices or pickles or onion rings. Shoot beanbags at Jesse when he’s protesting on the roof.
    Anybody like the sound of it ?
    🍔 🍟 😃

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    • Stop talking about food! 🍔🍟🌭🍕🍝🍗🍖🍤🧀🌽🍠🍍🍉🍎🍏🍌🍦🍪🍮🍩😃

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    • Interesting concept, but it needs a little meat (characters, buildings), so figured The Krusty Burglar (little Hungarian actor), Kentucky Fried Panda (and other fast food pun restaurants), but two other things crossed my mind… Krusty Sponsored the Olympics (could tie it with an Olympic event) but the Rib-wich seemed to have some Hippie-like followers maybe Seth and Munchy help Krusty, offering Special Burgers with Special sauce and get more people get the munchies from those burgers and Homer calls them sellouts as he Freaks out some squares with his Jester Hat and Poncho. 🙂


  6. I watched on news that US central West is having drought problem and grasslands and farms are catching fire. I thought it was not long ago that many were commenting about very thick snow. Quite amazing weather changes.


  7. Billy Connolly once said (and I paraphrase here): “There’s no such thing as bad weather; just the wrong clothes.”

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  8. 1) As always, I will happily go along with any of Totbox’s ideas

    2) It is not always raining here

    3) seeing the rib-wich guy makes me think of a Krusty burger/fast food/limited availability type event. In the episode, didn’t Homer travel around to visit different Krustyburger stores where the rib-wich was available for a limited time? we all like food right? and it would give the developers the opportunity to make fun of McDonald’s and Burger King
    🍔 🍟 🍴 😃

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  9. I hate tornado weather


  10. I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d say hello tappers.

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