Turbo Tappin Crook and Ladder: Woman on Fire & Hot in Here (Fireman Homer & Apu)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The firemen have arrived in Springfield…and just in time too!  A fun little mini event has hit our pocket sized Springfield’s, where we will FINALLY be able to unlock the Fire Station and all those hunky Volunteer Firemen!

Of course, as with all events, there are some premium additions to the fun.  This time around it’s fireman Homer and Apu..both with their own unique questlines.  I do highly recommend waiting until you’ve completed the fire event to start this questlines, as you’ll need both Homer and Apu to earn medals…

So let’s take a look at this questline now, and just what you’ll need to do to ensure your Springfield is protected from those burning fires!


First let’s start with Fireman Homer’s questline…

Hot in Here Pt. 1
Homer starts

Make Homer Restudy the Firefighter’s Guide- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Hot in Here Pt. 2
Homer starts

Make Homer Season the Prop Steak with Prop Steak Sauce- 3hrs, Earns $200, 55xp

Hot in Here Pt. 3
Homer starts

Make Homer Keep Studying- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

Hot in Here Pt. 4
Homer starts

Make Homer Do Online Sexual Harassment Training with an Answer Key- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

Hot in Here Pt. 5
Homer starts

Make Wiggum Adjust the Curve Down So Homer Can Pass- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp

And here’s Fireman Apu’s


Woman on Fire Pt. 1
Apu starts

Make Apu Order Bottles with Paypal So it Takes Longer to Process- 24hrs, Earns $1,000, 225xp

Woman on Fire Pt. 2
Apu starts 

Make Apu Sit Through Hamilton Without His Phone to Play Freemium Games On- 6hrs, Earns $35o, 90xp

Woman on Fire Pt. 3
Apu starts

Make Apu Go Through Receipts to Figure Out Where Manjula Shops- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp
Make Apu “Visit” All the Indian Groceries Just to be Safe- 24hrs, Earns $1,000, 225xp

Woman on Fire Pt. 4
Apu starts

Make Apu Kick Himself for Forgetting Kama Sutra- 6s, Earns $50, 2xp



And that concludes all of the Premium questlines for Crook and Ladder!  A fun way to keep the fires burning even after you’ve finished the event!

What are your thoughts on Crook and Ladder?  Did you purchase Homer and Apu?  Enjoying their questlines? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

62 responses to “Turbo Tappin Crook and Ladder: Woman on Fire & Hot in Here (Fireman Homer & Apu)

  1. I can’t believe I finished this evening and received the firehouse! Been in Punta Cana for a week and when I logged into my game there was an event, my town was also vandalized by new neighbours that might have been a tad impatient with me clearing. I bought Homer and Apu so I could fly through and catch up. Feels good to be back in Canada where we have reliable WiFi and great food! Life is good….😊

  2. I still have five days with no quests :-/

  3. The quest for its hot in here will not start. Even had Ralph do tricks. Any suggestions??
    Homer was open n nothing happened…

  4. Has anyone noticed their money draining lately? It seems to have started for me with this update. I thought I was going crazy but this morning I witnessed it when I tapped on some completed jobs. My money was cut in half. Already submitted to EA but surely I’m not the only one??

    • Are you currently working on the Redwood Tree or Money Mountain?

      • Yeah I am working on Redwood Tree which is pretty dang expensive, but I literally watched it shrink when I tapped on some Heights jobs.

        • Usually when you see that it’s related to the Redwood Tree or Money Mountain and nothing else. But if you’re concerned I’d let EA know have them take a look in your game and see what’s going on

  5. Hey, I’ve just earned fire station and wanted to put in inventory to make some space first.. And it’s not there! My station isn’t anywhere, do you know how to return it or something?

    • Did you check your WHOLE inventory? Not the individual icons, I mean when you first open your inventory that list that appears. Check that first. If you don’t see it, contact EA

  6. I laughed out loud at Apu’s “kick himself” task; first thing I thought was “Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy”: “Hey Marge, this guy looks like Apu!”

  7. They’re kinda okay as a gag, but I really wish the writers hadn’t created the Octuplets. I feel bad enough for Apu, but Manjula really gets the worst deal.

  8. Crusty Krusty

    This story line had me cracking up! Ralphie usually has that effect on me. Can you make him act as the fire dept. dalmatian after the quest is over??

  9. TOTALLY SORRY if I have vandalized anyone!!! I am still doing the fire event, I couldn’t play for a few days, I didn’t realize if you are done with the event that it would vandalize, instead of setting a fire. I will be super cautious now. Again, sorry!

    • I have had neighbours visit me,and they have clicked a spray can
      thinking it was a match stick. (however I don’t mind being spray painted- but I don’t spray paint)
      Anyway, my righteousness rating hasn’t changed from 5 stars.
      So… I’m thinking because I’ve finished the “fire event” it just shows spray paint rather than fire for me- because I can no longer see the fires.
      Maybe it won’t damage righteousness ratings during this event?
      *That’s just my guess tho,I might be wrong, because I do have quite a few training walls hidden (and not hidden) in my town,so that too may be the reason for my rating not being effected.
      Unless anyone has noticed that it has made their star rating lower?

  10. So I acquired the firehouse a couple days ago, but I had been using that XP generator, so I am at a high level, but haven’t had the in game money to complete the quest lines leading up to having wiggums house so I can’t currently put out the fire department fire. Will this quest line disappear and my firehouse continue burning if the event ends before I get wiggums house? I cant do anything right now but watch it burn…

  11. Still not sure if I should buy the firefighters, I don’t have a premium apu yet, but it would leave me with about 70 donuts so… Confused tapper is confused *big shrug*

  12. I can’t set fires in neighbor’s cities and I am no longer getting fires in mine. Anyone else?

    • If you have the firehouse the event ends for you

    • cloverdalegal

      I am having the same issues. I don’t even have the fire hydrant or firehouse. When I visit neighbours, I can only get medals for about 4-5 neighbours, the rest I see the match sticks, but I don’t get any medals. Just the money/XP. I also notice that when people tap on my houses/matchsticks it is showing a handshake and no medals. I am only getting 4-5 a day.

  13. Where is the fire station? I finished the quest line but did not have the room for the fire station. Normally when I click the X it goes to my inventory but not this time. Any ideas?

  14. Did anyone’s last prize disappear?….I selected to store it so I could move something around first and it’s gone ;(

  15. Stop hitting Moe’s and the school for your match sticks. Stop being lazy and actually look for houses. I do it, so should you.

    • Many of my new neighbors who supposedly are from the no vandelizing post are doing the same two buildings in my town! Do you think it might be a glitch? I was going to wait for the next update before I start terminating them. Is everybody having similar issues?!

    • Hide a bunch of training walls in your town and it won’t matter to your Conform-o-Meter where they tap. People who are still at the point of needing to tap matches shouldn’t have to worry about which ones they’re tapping! Easier to just fix the problem at your own end, rather than scolding others for doing what the event tells them to do.

    • agreed, I know its no fault of the player since they are still collecting matchsticks, but some of us are done the event. At least look around for the fire department. It’s not like its all that small. If you see the fire department the perrson is DONE the event! I’m tired of being vandalized.

    • Sorry, I am confused. So if we click on the matches for Moes or the school, does this negatively affect our neighbor’s? I certainly don’t want to cause anyone to lose stars.

      • It’s not supposed to. But if your neighbors have ended their fire event (ie have the fire house) it will impact their rating as it shows as vandalism

  16. Is it just me, or does this event feel like it’s dragging? I’ve completed it about a day or two ago with Ralph finishing up the last task, and there are still 7 days left to buy any related premium items, which I’m assuming means no new updates for the time being. Guess this gives me time to catch up on my dvr shows!

    • What bugs me more is that since I completed the event two days ago, my supposedly non vandal neighbors have been spray painting my school non stop. I’ve deleted 6 so far. Leave it to EA…

    • I finished on Sunday. Can’t believe it goes until the 14th 😳 Aren’t the mini events usually only 1 week?

      • They built in time for re-designing while you wait for slower players to catch up, 😃
        you need to re-design so your fire station is next to your zoo, because Ralph in his dalmation onesie is like one of those odd zoo animals

  17. Did you get my email!? Love this event and got the skins yesterday

  18. JohnTappedOut

    Hello Tappers. Great little event however there seems to be a problem with vandalism/tagging. I have been getting tagged like crazy lately and the only thing I can come up with is that my neighbors think they are hitting a match instead of a spray can. Anybody else seeing this? I think EA didn’t code properly for those who are finished and those who are still collecting medals. A lot of us like to play with the No Tagging option and this is throwing a wrench in it. Although it seems hard for me to think anybody would still be collecting medals as I was finished this event days ago with minimal play. I think they made this event way to long, 7 days left? This event could have been cut by like 10 days or so. Just my thoughts. Happy hump day all! 😀

    • Yes, that’s what’s happening. Just buy and hide a bunch of training walls around your town (or place Nero walls, if you bought and stored them during the casino event) and you can stop worrying about tagging, as it won’t affect your Conform-o-Meter anymore (if you place enough of them).

    • I’m seeing the same… I don’t think those tags are counting against us, though, just as the fires didn’t because I’m still at 5 stars.

  19. Simpsons rules

    Lucky I finish the event cos I accidently blew up my Springfield lol. Oh I get homer and apu if you got the donuts by the way

  20. What’s the deal with the fire station after you finish the questline? When I click on “fight a fire” I only see the characters that are busy, not the ones that are free. Do I need to have them all free?

    • Did you finish the questline? Or are you still working on it?

      • Finished the questline myself, have Moe on a task at the dump, but Skinner is free doing nothing. Tap on the firehouse, only one that shows is Moe.

      • I did finish all the questlines (except for Apu’s and Ralph’s). I have all four firefighters, but when I tap on “put out a fire”, the only characters that ever show are the ones that are busy. Do I have to finish Ralph’s questline as well?

      • This was the problem I thought I had on Monday?, you need Skinner & Moe both free (don’t think it matters what you do with Homer and Apu)

        I put two comments together, (with screenshots) on the “Burning questions answered” thread

        🚒 😃

    • Perhaps you have to have them actually wearing the Firefighter skin for them to show up on the list?

    • Yeah, you need all of your firefighters free. Once they are, you’ll get a list of fires you can go fight (school, fire station, etc.) with their respective times-to-completion and payouts.

  21. Finished all the quests and Homer & Apu are back in their respective buildings in the heights

    🔥 🚒 😃

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