Should I Spend Donuts On the Street Cleaner?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Gil’s back in Springfield!  This time he’s peddling premium items with a rebate.  Some old and some are new, but all are offered at a discount!  So bust open those piggy banks because Gil’s tempting us all with this deal.

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Street Cleaner to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding things street legal Roomba to your town.


Bundle: Street Cleaner
Donut Cost:
90 Donuts with a 35 Donut Rebate, so a Net Donut cost of 55 Donuts
Bonus %: None
Earns: None
Conform-O-Meter Impact: None
What Does It Do:  Like an NPC.  It will ride around the streets of Springfield…”cleaning” them
2016-04-15 15.51.04

Leaves stores on Sunday April 17th, Tuesday April 19th, at 0800 GMT. Sorry guys my mistake.  I didn’t check the timer before I purchased it…thankfully I have C & D games I can double check 😉

-Drives automatically on the street

-Does not earn any additional cash
-Does not offer any additional bonuses
-Small in size.  (height wise, can be hard to see)
-It’s basically as useless as a Mutant Vegetable from Terwilligers

Final Thought:
Premium or Freemium:
Look, this is one of those stupid items that many of us will blow donuts on for no reason other than it’s cool.  Seriously this sweeper offers absolutely no value to Springfield other than it’s the first “vehicle” (or anything really) that can go on the roads.  And it actually drives around.  It’s seriously one of the coolest things this game has ever offered.
So if you’re premium or freemium…I recommend getting it strictly because it’s cool.  Otherwise, both parties should pass because it offers absolutely no value to your town.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do.  And I can tell you I grabbed this one, immediately.  I seriously think it’s just really cool. Whatever you decide just make sure you do it before the house leaves our games on April 17th…or you might miss out on this one.

What are your thoughts on the Street Sweeper?  Will you be picking it up?  Or did you already?   Thoughts on Gil’s rebate deal?  Anything you’re looking forward to unlocking so you can buy?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Some of you have mentioned you purchased the sweeper and you can’t find it.  Check around your Springfield because it is fairly small and moves around the streets.  If you don’t see it, contact EA

123 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Street Cleaner?

  1. Guess my prediction was wrong about Stevie The Street Sweeper ©

    And unfortunately it doesn’t shoot rainbows either, so no buy for me!

  2. Just to be clear, yes, I bought the little guy. Mostly an FYI to neighbors.

    • I found it! I was wondering if this was going to be a joke. See who spends the most time in your town looking for something that isn’t there. Didn’t take much longer than the time to find/tap 3 buildings. 😀

      • I looked forever in towns that first night. But the next morning at Lee’s wasn’t that hard, no. Glad you found mine without much trouble.

  3. I want it desperately!!! I have more than 55 donuts, but not the 90…. 🙁

  4. Buffalo of Lies

    Damn, i am torn between this and the nature bundle. Street Sweeper is so cool, but that greenhouse is pretty sweet too. Just short of the donuts for both as well, guess i am spending all weekend picking up garbage for the railyard. Marge will be thrilled.

    • I feel your pain. I am at 77 donuts right now, after buying FIVE hydrants because I just couldn’t stop. Good bonus for the cost AND they spew water WHAT?!? I MIGHT be able to get to 90, but not 100 without purchasing donuts. Conundrum.

      I also think the greenhouse is awesome. Does it earn cash money? I didn’t see that anywhere. The thing is, I wish I could just get the greenhouse without all the other stuff. I don’t care about any more topiary additions after getting three from my rocket and fruit trees, well…I mean they are fruit trees. I’d get them for their 15 donuts if I really wanted them. So for me, it’s just like I’m buying the greenhouse for 100 and I’m not sure that is a good buy. Does anyone have any tasks at the greenhouse does anyone know?

      The stress is killing me!

  5. I bought it, the Nightmare pile, Moe’s house and the Greenhouse. Love all of them…just wish the Street Cleaner was larger in scale. I also wish EA would let us spring cleanout items in our inventory. I would love the opportunity to just delete without anything in return.

    • It gets harder and harder to find what you want in the inventory.

    • I agree, there’s items in my inventory that I don’t need/want. Some upgraded SH buildings as an e ample, rather than “no deal, you can’t sell this” I would love to be able to give it away for free or delete it..

      • I have a plethora things I could donate!!!!

        • Talk about a way to enjoy having neighboreenos: allow Tappers the ability to interact wuth the homeless shelter or a charity dropbox somewhere in town. Drop off excess items and have those items available to friends list, including your B game alts.

          Or simply add a storage center building in town or Archive menu item for deep storage.

        • I have so many unwanted items too. I will just have a secret ” ‘Everything’ must go” day in my Springfield. For all unwanted items in my inventory box.

    • Hah, yes. The perfect opportunity to announce an inventory system overhaul. So many things they could do with it. Maybe next Halloween. (I hope that reference is understandable.)

  6. I have to say that I will pass on this one. Yes it’s cool that it drives on the streets, but I’m waiting for the desert update. Thanks for the info on it Alissa 🙂

  7. Just a note, the Street Sweeper cannot be stored in inventory.

  8. Ok it’s cool but I don’t have the extra doughnuts to spend on stuff that adds no value to the game. It’s a pass for me.

  9. It’s a vehicle that drives around your town. That’s it, but how Cool is that?
    I like seeing a vehicle on the roads, gives balance to the hundred citizens wandering around. For 55 donuts, it’s a cheap character and certainly a better value than the Funzo characters.

  10. I bought it and I do sort of like it I just wish it paid cash like the Spuckler kids do. It should really.
    I have all my NPCs in storage so it kind of bugs me that I paid donuts for one.

  11. The Problem Child

    Oddly, it’s the only “character” that belongs to no collection. There are skins that have no collection or are in collections, but poor little Street Cleaner is the only character that has none.

    As far As I can tell.

  12. Cool for the reason Alissa said, this is the first thing to drive around the streets, a few more like this and your town will look alive
    🚒 🚓 🚕 🚗 🚙 🚚 🚐 🚑 😃

  13. I’m glad I I bought it, I like it, it looks cute driving around. Now my town will be extra clean, and I bought a mr sparkle town,so now my town will also sparkle :-P.

  14. I shall control myself and invest my donuts that could bring me returns! I think once these waves are over and EA satisfied that we have depleted our donuts, the main event will begin.

  15. blackgypsyrose13

    I wasn’t planning on getting this but got it anyway because it is awesome to finally get a vehicle that actually moves around town. Even though it does seem like the driver is driving drunk half the time. It is small though and hard to find at times.

  16. All pics courtesy of Lee (when I visited his town).

    This is a composite of the cleaner going in both directions:
    Note that it’s half on the sidewalk.

    This shows that it can also “hug” the sidewalk:
    So, this probably means that it is not specially coded, but exactly like Stampy. I would have loved it if it only hugged the side.

    This shows how it basically ignores the rails:

    This shows the cleaner traveling elsewhere other than road:
    It didn’t even have another road to get to (there’s a river on the other side), so I guess it can be aimless at times.

    That’s all I have until I actually buy it myself, which I’m thinking that I will.

    • Hey, don’t call my sweeper aimless……..
      It was doing the car park in front of the bowlarama because someone made a pavement-pizza the previous night
      🍕 😃

    • It’s like the Bart to Lisa’s car. I was disappointed it was so disproportionately small but I’d buy it again cuz it’s sooo cool seeing it cruise around on the actual roads. Not as cool as my mutant vegetable from the Terwilliger event- but pretty close.

  17. I just watched it in a friends town… Very unimpressed lol. Maybe it’s because of all the moving vehicles on Family Guy that are way better than a silly street sweeper (Cars, monster trucks, floats, etc.)

    Hopefully this is a sign of bigger and better things to come that will drive on the road.

    • Now we should be envious of FG? 😛 (Those sound cool…..)

      • It’s probably the ONLY thing in that game worth being envious of lol. But be honest, any of these would be better than a little street sweeper… So I really hope they add more things like it.

        • Precursor means precursor, I say.

          While I got you here, were you my neighbor? It wasn’t the exact same name — started with a 1. Because I can’t see you in my list. Any chance you could unfriend me and then send a request again and maybe we can fix that issue? (If it’s you…)

        • I’ve never played that game but I love the bulldog!! And the Cinderella carriage and of course the DESERT SCENERY. Nice screenshot!

          • Desert is the event going on right now, so it’s only temporary. Remember the Y2K episode? It’s based on that. And yes, they beat TSTO to the badlands update lol. (They both kind of go back and forth on who came out with what first, and who copied what off of who)

            • Is that the episode where Peter pushes Lois down the stairs? LOL I don’t really like FG but some of the old episodes were pretty funny, before they started relying on flashbacks and repetitiveness

        • Oh wow…I had quit playing “that other game” shortly after the star wars event. Town was so cluttered & for some reason,it was always hard to move things…but from that screenshot it looks like there is some pretty cool stuff over there.

          • If you stopped playing after the Star Trek event, that was a good time to stop. Me and Alissa both agree it was pretty much all downhill from there.

            • That’s good to know…it was getting kinda out there…imo…the Smith’s who I like but that’s a whole other show….multiple Stewie’s running around…was thinking about starting back up but maybe not so much now….thanks for letting me know!

          • Same for me, but I do drop in and update occasionally so I have the “desert themed scenery “

        • Weird roads. Or is it ro-ad?

          So, do the cars respect each other? [Cue FG vignette showing two cars in bed.]

  18. I totally agree! Maybe if it swept up a donut or cash lol It’s kind of like the submersible… except that has the potential to bring back tiles. I was totally on the fence about that item but so far it has brought me back a tile every other day, so I’m glad I bought it. This Sweeper however doesn’t seem to be worth it at all 🙁

  19. Welp, that verifies my thoughts, I’mma pass. Got enough “cool” things in my town that don’t add value, Mars colony comes to mind.

    • No offense, but I think this is better than the Mars colony. I mean, shouldn’t that be on Mars?

      • None taken, but its an artifical land to “practice” being on Mars technically…and, I already have it, so too late lol

        • Oh. I didn’t know. We don’t get to know much about the items we purchase beforehand unless Alissa makes sure we know. 😉 I guess that part gets explained in the questline.

          • Think you may have misunderstood me. There’s no actual task there, as it does just sit in town, animation when tapped. But what I was saying was, it makes sense it being on earth as it is supposed to simulate being on Mars (although its SO tiny for such a big decoration lol)

            • I think I understood that. I didn’t understand, at the time it was offered, that this wasn’t a slice of Mars. lol. I mean, we have buildings from London….so why not Mars? 😉 *runs off*

        • Who practices?

          The borrowers!

          😃 🙊

  20. its available till 19th 😉
    oh and you wrote Bouns %: None :p
    thanks for the rundown

  21. Yes yes yes!! Indiddly Di i got it Neighboreenos! Picked up the Nightmare too! I guess Agnes and the snow monster don’t have to worry about sweeping anymore!

  22. Doesn’t crack my top 50 coolest things in the game. I’m honestly surprised how many people like it.

    • Please list. At least do your top 10.

      • Simpson’s house, Flander’s house, Moe’s, Kwik-E-Mart, Krusty Burger, Cletus’ farm, Barney’s Bowlarama, Duff Brewery and everything that says Duff on it, Otto’s bus, Springfield Sign, Springfield Falls, Snow Globe with everybody in it, Radioactive Man statue with everybody training for future conflict on it, Outdoor Opera Stage with all the Terwilligers performing on it, the Sepulcher of Evil with Burns reading from the Necronomicon, the Hot Tub when Fat Tony is smoking a cigar, Springfield Elementary especially with the ants, everybody who rides a skateboard or motorcycle, Jessica Lovejoy standing on a cobblestone wall to TP the statue, the Monorail depots, the old ship, my entire Vegas style strip, at least 100 characters… I’m completely unimpressed with the thing and don’t find it cool at all.

  23. I’d like to buy it but NONE of Gil’s stuff, or this show up in my store!

  24. I thought, “That would be cool.” So, I traded in 55 precious sprinkles for the street cleaner. However, it is also a grass cleaner and sidewalk cleaner. It doesn’t stay on the street.

  25. How is it cool?….I’m sorry but useless items are not “cool”….they’re useless. And its ugly…..

    • Because it literally drives around Springfield on the streets. That’s one of the things players who have been playing forever have been wanting. That makes it cool. Not everyone’s going to find the coolness in it. But cool and useful usually aren’t the same anyway..

    • LOL why so hostile?? She’s not forcing you to buy it..

    • Well, it probably depends on definitions…but everything in the game is essentially useless…because it’s just a game. But think of something in the game that is useful, like say another character…out of like 100 or 180…how much coolness are you going to get out of them once they’re part of a sea of people? I think, at least, this item stands out amongst the people and animals where this “cleans” my streets, which I don’t find useless (just a game, remember, so I’m pretending). 🙂

    • It is not useless if it brings some pleasure and joy to my life. And it does. 🙂 If everything had to be practical, I wouldn’t even be playing this game. To each his own. 🙂

  26. With ~105 neighbors, I’m sure I’ll get to see it eventually in at least one of their towns… but not likely in my own town, unless it’s offered again a few years from now. (I figure that’s how long it’ll take me to earn enough donuts to buy up all of the premium characters. 😀 )

  27. I accidentally clicked on it and purchased it while scrolling thru the deals. Contacted ea they refunded 50 donuts but couldn’t remove the item from my game. In the end I got an 85 donut rebate and the item only cost 5 donuts 😀 donuts well spent.

    Next to that I got the clown bed pure for the Halloween skin tasks.

  28. Hi, All the special deals have dissapeared from store how do I get them? I was going to purchase the road sweeper 😔Please help

  29. I know I am getting it. I got 2 Mr. Sparkle Billboards.

  30. Ugh…I’m torn. It would be pretty cool to have it roam around town. But I also sorta made a promise to myself that I’d stop buying donuts and stick with earning them (haven’t bought any since the Christmas event). So I’m wondering if I get it for the cool factor, or hold on and see what the desert update brings. I’d kick myself if the space coyote is introduced and I’m just short of donuts to get him…decisions are tough!

    • How short could you be? Remember, if an event hits, the items on offer will probably be on offer for at least 2 weeks. Maybe you can earn some donuts from our mini-games and daily challenges.

      • That’s the thing – at the moment, I have 171 donuts. I’ll end up getting the street sweeper…only to find out the coyote and a building are 120 donuts.

        Plus…thinking now just to pass on it. It’s cool, but I’d rather have a character that earns something or a building that can be used for tasks.

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