Spring Cleaning Wave 2 is Here…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that Gil’s Spring Cleaning Rebate offer Wave 2 has hit our games this morning.  Here’s a reminder at what’s being offered in Wave 2…

Wave 2…Starts April 15th 0800 GMT, Ends April 17th 0800 GMT.

streetcleanerStreet Cleaner- This is a new item. 90 Donuts, with a 35 Donut rebate.  So a net cost of 55 Donuts.  I think this is going to be treated like a character.  So no bonus % awarded with it.  There are files that indicate it’ll have animation when tapped..and it’ll move around your town, “walk”, like NPC do.  Should be interesting… (yes, a Should I Buy will be posted hopefully later today on this)

tsto flower planterFlower Planter- 10 Donuts, with a 3 donut rebate. So a net cost of 7 donuts.  Offers a .25% bonus on all cash and XP.

nightmarepile_menuNightmare Pile- 100 Donuts, with a 35 Donut debate.  So a net cost of 65 Donuts.  Character tasks associated with this, questline as well.  Offers a 3% bonus on all cash and XP  Should I Buy (Personal note, I have this for sentimental reasons.  I honestly NEVER use it. )

museumofswordfish_menuMuseum of Swordfish- 70 Donuts, with a 25 donut rebate.  So a net cost of 45 Donuts.  Earns $350, 35xp/16hrs.  Should I Buy; WDTCF (Personal note, I will be buying this one this time around)

Note: Moe’s House and the Nature Bundle are both still around as well

Anything you like in Wave 2?  Will you be buying anything or taking a pass?  Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

113 responses to “Spring Cleaning Wave 2 is Here…

  1. Did the spring cleaning rebate offer disappear? I no longer see any of them except for Moe’s house.

  2. Bought the Swordfish Museum 🙂 🐟 I didn’t know the fish silhouettes in the windows bob around!! Nice touch.

  3. Is the flower planter a new item? There’s always been a pink planter in the shop but not with flowers… Just curious if this has been offered before.

    • Not a new item, I remember seeing it in the store in the premium section. And I think maybe you could win it from the mystery box? Well at least I have one in my town and I know I didn’t buy it 😀

  4. Hmm.. an added bonus to the Nightmare Pile may be the use of Shepard Rod/Tod durring the Desert Update (if it is ancient Egypt desert). 😐

  5. All these impending waves reminded me of The 5th Wave. The worst movie experience for me in the year 2015. The actress is cute though.

  6. I kind of want the Nightmare Pile. It’s the only thing that’s remotely interesting to me. I have all of the eligible kids except for Sherri and Terri. I have about 250 donuts right now, so that will drop me below my buffer of 200, but only by a little.
    I was about to give the whole sale a pass since there aren’t any characters in the sale.

    • Well, I bought it. I couldn’t resist the costumes. Bart and Lisa are now on their second round of digging through the pile. Hopefully, I don’t miss out on any good items in the next update due to lack of donuts. I’m sure it’s coming soon (like early next week). I’m at 199 donuts right now. The daily challenge has kind of been screwing me lately. Today I cancelled a money prize only to get a pharmaceutical prize. Ugh. I need donuts!

  7. Regarding the nightmare pile,…………
    It may not be available again before Halloween, 🎃
    (which is a way off yet)
    but didn’t it help with the event last year or do something?

    That may be something to think about
    🎃 💀 🎃 👻 🎃 😃

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