Act 1 Wrap Up: Your Questions on What to Do, What To Spend & What to Save (Including a Quick SIB on the Quicksand)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So, Act 1 is coming to an end.  As in…Today is the last full day of tapping before it ends.  Act 1 Ends May 3rd at 0800 GMT.  So time is ticking down quick.

We’re seeing a TON of comments from people about what to do, what you should save, what you should spend & a million other questions.  Now we’ve covered just about every single question we’re seeing in the comments in one post or another (except for a breakdown of the Quick Sand Pros and Cos)…but I dunno if you guys just aren’t seeing them…if you’re having trouble realizing that the info is in the posts…or if you just don’t care about what we write and you’re still going to ask a million times in the comments anyway.  😉

So…this is your FULL breakdown for the End of Act 1 and various other things.  Included in this post (so there are no excuses about why the info was missed):

Bonuts from Clues (and why you’re not getting them)
-Changing the Task at the Town Plaza from Earning Hats to Earning Pickaxes (and vice versa)
Should You Turn in Your Pickaxes and Hats or Save them
-Should You Send your Prospectors or Save them
-Will Currency Change with Act 2
-Can You Still Get Act 1 Prizes During Act 2
-Break down (Should I Buy) of the Quicksand
-As well as other changes that will happen when Act 1 ends….
including what items will leave the store

So if you have a question about one of those items, check out this post.

Remember…Act 1 Ends May 3rd at 0800 GMT, 4am EDT.  


Ok let’s start with the number 1 question/comment we’re seeing…

I’ve Unlocked The Rib Hut and It Says Keep Earning Clues for Donuts…WHERE ARE MY DONUTS?!!!!!!!!!  

Ok.  As we’ve covered, over and over and OVER again….there are no bonut rounds with this update.  Yes, you may get the task to earn 1500 Clues after you’ve earned all the prizes…I promise you.  It’s not a task for donuts.

Is this misleading?  A little.  But there are donuts awarded via the General Store today.  One of your General Store Prizes…the last one for Act 1:

2016-05-02 14.41.28 2016-05-02 14.41.44

So…you collect pickaxes and hats to trade in at the general store.  Pickaxes and hats = clues.  Clues=donuts (today).  Therefore collecting more clues awarded you donuts…so not a lie.  Just a little misleading.

We covered this completely in this post here

Why Am I Not Earning All of the Prizes?  I Can’t Get Enough Pickaxes and hats!  What Am I Doing Wrong?!

This is something we covered in the rundown post way back when Act 1 hit, this is also something that was broken out for you in the Act 1 questline.  I did not do a full blown how to post on this, because I honestly didn’t think I needed to.  However, we’ll do one now…since I’m seeing a lot of people confused on this.  Because you’re going to need to know how to do this, if you don’t already, for Act 2.

So here’s the deal…you control your own destiny with Pickaxes and Hats.  You can assign characters to do tasks at the Town Plaza to earn you Pickaxes or Hats every 4hrs.

The town plaza looks like this:


Tap on it to bring up the task lists.  Where you see it says start a craze, tap on that:


This is going to give you 2 options.  1 for Homer 1 for Apu:

2016-05-02 14.40.24

Select one to determine which currency you want to earn.  If you select Apu you’ll be able to send characters to earn pickaxes.  If you select Homer you’ll be able to send characters to earn hats.  So decided which you want and hit start.

In this scenario let’s assume we selected Sell Overprice Supplies…

Now go BACK into the Town Plaza (tap on it) and select the start button next to Buy Overpriced Supplies:

2016-05-02 14.40.39

This will bring up the list of characters you can send to the Town Plaza to earn you Pickaxes by buying overpriced supplies:

2016-05-02 14.40.43

Now another list will appear if you selected Get Riled up:

2016-05-02 14.40.19 2016-05-02 14.40.33

You can only select one or the other…and it takes 4hrs to clear the tasks.

The Pickaxes earn at DOUBLE the rate of Cowboy hats.  Which is why some of you seem to always bottleneck with hats.

Here’s my strategy, and I never have an issue:  For Act 1 for every 1 time I’d send characters for pickaxes I’d send them twice for Hats.  So my day would be: Pickaxes (4hrs), Hats (4hrs), Hats (4hrs)..and repeat.  I also make sure I go in every 4hrs to clear the tasks.

Now this is going to change for Act 2, but I will make sure I break it all down in it’s own post for Act 2 with the new changes for those that are confused….

From there you just hand in at the General Store to earn Clues…

Should You Turn in Your Pickaxes and Hats or Save them?

If you’ve finished Act 1 and the prizes..and earned all of your General Store prizes.  SAVE YOUR PICKAXES AND HATS.  There is no point in turning them in for Clues, since Clues are worthless now that you’ve earned all of the prizes.  SO SAVE THEM!!!!

We covered this in several posts but in particular on the rundown of the last prize the Rib Hut here. 

Should You Send your Prospectors or Save them?

Prospectors will remain for Act 2.  So it’s up to you if you want to save them for the start of Act 2.  At this point I don’t think it matters too much since we’re hours away from Act 2 starting.
Personally, I’d just take a look and see if it looks like any of your neighbors are struggling and send them their way.  Otherwise hold onto them for the start of Act 2.

Will Currency Change with Act 2?

Yes, Clues ico_wildwest_clue_md will be completely useless once Act 2 starts.  And there will be a new currency that arrives for us to earn prizes with.

HOWEVER…Pickaxes ico_wildwest_pickaxe_md and Hats ico_wildwest_cowboyhat_md will remain.  And a new “crafting/trade-in” currency will be introduced.

So forget about Clues…save Pickaxes and Hats.  And be prepared for a new set of prizes once Act 2 hits..and a whole new way to get them.

Can You Still Get Act 1 Prizes During Act 2?

Not via Clues.  Clues will disappear once Act 2 starts and be replaced by a new currency.  So if you’re still able to get Act 1 prizes you missed it will be via donuts, as we’ve seen from recent events.  So earn everything you can for free now before time runs down.

Break down (Should I Buy) of the Quicksand…


45 Donuts.

I always tell you guys decorations are a personal decision.  If it’s something you like and want then get it.  Otherwise it’s just not worth it…

The Quicksand is..meh in my opinion.  It has some animation when tapped…the hat blows away and you see the guys face (and the bird is animated):

2016-04-25 11.29.10 2016-04-25 11.29.06

It is supposed to award a 2% bonus, however there are reports of the bonus not hitting towns.  So if that happens, contact EA.

My personal opinion?  I’m avoiding it.  Just not worth the donuts to me. 

So What Else Happens When Act 1 Ends?

Act 1 changing into Act 2 is an AUTOMATIC change.  There is nothing you can do to stop it…there’s also nothing to download.  It’s just programmed in our games to start at 0800 GMT on May 3rd.  Which means if you haven’t finished Act 1 by the time Act 2 starts, you cannot go back to Act 1.

The following premium items leave the store:

quicksand_menuQuicksand- 45 Donuts, adds 2% bonus on all cash and XP

frinksmechanospider_menuFrink’s Mechano Spider- 130 Donuts.  Adds a new job for Frink

wiltedrose_menuWilted Rose- 60 Donuts.  Earns $200, 22xp/8hrs

ico_wildwest_clue_md Clues.  Again, a new currency for prizes will be introduced once Act 2 starts.

Staying in the game:


ico_wildwest_pickaxe_md ico_wildwest_cowboyhat_mdPickaxes and Hats However a new currency will be introduced as well, so this won’t have the same value they did in Act 1.  

And that’s it my friends!  Hopefully everything you need to know about Act 1 ending to get you ready and prepped for Act 2.  And hopefully early enough in the day that I won’t have some readers yelling at me for not saying anything sooner…

Again Act 1 ends MAY 3rd at 0800 GMT…4am EDT 

What were your thoughts on Act 1?  Ready for Act 2 to start up?  Which Act 1 prize was your favorite?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


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  1. Did anybody else feel they had a slowdown in clues collection toward the end? I was busy with Real Life issues and so didn’t pursue it, but I was checking the game frequently and it seemed as though the number for the last prize in Act 1 wasn’t budging or was crawling the last couple of days. This happened in another event, there was a slowdown of poofables in that case (and maybe in this one?) for a couple of days then it got back to normal. In both cases, I ended up missing the final prize of the Act when really I shouldn’t have, considering how often I was clearing out poofables (bandits in this case) and making trades. I had no trouble getting the daily prizes from the General Store just for making trades, though, so I got my donuts…

    The slowdown for me in the earlier case definitely occurred just after an update pushed to my game. The same might have happened this time. So it seemed as though something was broken by the update and then patched.

  2. Luisthebeast17

    My general store doesnt let me turn things in and just says “completed” so i cant turn in the pickaxes hats or guns what do i do to fix it? 🙁

  3. What was “Up next” after the 3 bonuts on day 14?

  4. is there a general store prize after the donuts? the up next one after day 14?

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