Wild West 101: Town Plaza Level Up (Act 2)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time to hitch up the wagons and head out west, because the Wild West has hit our Springfields! With bandits to tie up, guns to sling, gold to pan & gold ole’ Homer getting everyone all riled up!

With so many layers to this event, it’s easy to get confused with what’s going on.  But, that’s where we come it!  To guide you through the ins and outs and break it all down in a manageable way, that anyone can quickly understand.

In this post we’re going to break down of leveling up the Town Plaza, for Act 2.  By the time we’re done you’ll have the ins, the outs & and the know how to fully understand just how upgrading works for Act 2.

So let’s get to it shall we?


So as we covered in the Act 1 Leveling Up post, leveling up for the Wild West Event is the simplest leveling up we’ve ever seen!  So easy even Ralph can do it!

Just tap those bandits…that’s it!

bandit02 bandit01

Leveling up doesn’t require turning in resources.  It doesn’t even require thinking about it…it just happens, as long as you’re playing the game as you should be.

So here’s a quick break down of each level for the Town Plaza and what it does…

For Act 2 you’ll be able to upgrade from levels 6-10.  It will stop you at Level 10.

So here’s where we left off with Act 1, and level 5…

If you remember…Level 5 unlocked the Krusty Burger turning into a bandit hideout…

To Upgade to level 6 it will require you to tap 100 Bandits

2016-05-03 11.41.44

Doing so will unlock a task for Moe at the Town Plaza (you can read which ones here)



2016-05-03 11.41.52

To Upgrade to Level 7 it will require tapping 250 Bandits (after you’ve upgraded to Level 6)

2016-05-03 11.41.57

And doing so will unlock 1 more Bandit to Spawn from the hideouts.  So instead of 5/4hrs you’ll earn 6/4hrs.

2016-04-25 11.05.40

To Upgrade to Level 8 it will require tapping 500 Bandits (after you’ve reached Level 7)

2016-05-03 11.42.09

And doing so will unlock the ability to have Krusty do tasks at the Town Plaza…(you can read which ones here)

2016-05-03 11.42.17

To Upgrade to Level 9 it will require tapping 500 Bandits (after you’ve reached Level 8)

2016-05-03 11.42.21

And doing so will now unlock the ability for Bandits to Spawn from Android’s Dungeon, so you’ll get 6/4hrs from Android’s Dungeon

2016-05-03 11.42.30

To Upgrade to Level 10 it will require tapping 500 Bandits (after you’ve reached Level 9)

2016-05-03 11.42.34

And doing so will unlock the ability to have Wiggum do tasks at the Town Plaza…(you can read which ones here)

2016-05-03 11.42.42

Once you’ve reached Level 10, during Act 2, you will not be able to upgrade any more….you’ll see this in your Town Plaza:

2016-05-03 11.42.47

So EA has capped us at 5 Levels for Act 2.  For a total of 10 Levels through Act 2.  Once Act 3 hits you’ll unlock an additional 5 levels, for a total of 15 levels..

The best part of all of this?  As long as you’re playing as you should be, simply clearing bandits when you can…you’ll upgrade without even thinking about it!  And add new benefits to your town with each upgrade.

So don’t stress about upgrading, it’ll happen naturally and on it’s own (litterally there is nothing to turn in or click.  Once you reach the required number of bandits your Town Plaza will automatically upgrade.  It’s about as autopilot as you can get!).  So simply play the Wild West Event, tap those bandits, earn that currency and you’ll be fully upgraded in no time!

And that my friends, I believe, covers the full rundown of Leveling Up/Upgrading the Town Plaza for Act 2!

What are your thoughts on upgrading?  Have you played other events where upgrading was more of a chore?  Are you enjoying this new format?  What level is your Town Plaza?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “Wild West 101: Town Plaza Level Up (Act 2)

  1. When visiting my sister’s town, I noticed that the church in her town plaza is complete but mine is still a bunch of white bricks. I’m farther ahead of her having completed act two already (and act one). I’ve completed all tasks, as well, but my church remains a pile of rubble. She doesn’t know what she did to get this. Does anybody know?

  2. I’ve on level 8 of the town center but I still cannot get bandits from the Krusty Burger. Are there quest lines that need to be completed first? Because I have been ignoring all of them that take away my ability to collect stuff from the town center.

    • Keep in mind some Characters can only do tasks for SPECIFIC items.

      For instance, if Krusty only Earns guns but you’re currently on earning Hats or pickaxes… you won’t see his task.

      Once you start Snake to earn Guns from there… THEN you’ll see his. Make sense?

  3. spiny_norm886

    I got the Krusty job when I reached level 8.

    When I reached level 9, I came across a bizarre glitch; Matt Groening was just finishing a 4 hour task in the Android’s Dungeon and the game wouldn’t let me tap on him to collect; however, shutting down and restarting the game fixed the issue and I was then able to tap on him.

  4. I just unlocked Town Plaza level 8 but Krusty never got his task to collect supplies … anyone experiencing this? :S

    • The_Monotreme

      Same problem. Have tried all the usual ways to resolve it and so far nada…

    • I had the same problem but figured it out this morning. Krusty only has a job for Abuse Lawlessness (the one that rewards guns). If you are on either of the other two things he doesn’t have a job. It appears others also have this same limitation with the other jobs so to get the most badges, we might have to juggle the job types. (ie, start everybody that can abuse lawlessness other than Homer or Apu and then start their craze and there should be more ppl with more jobs…kinda a pain)

    • Has anyone solved the Krusty issue? It’s not working for me.

    • Me to, looks like a common bug, not a big deal tough

    • Same problem here – I got Moe, but not Krusty. Closed and rebooted device, but still nothing. Is this a “contact EA” kind of issue?

      • Keep in mind some Characters can only do tasks for SPECIFIC items.

        For instance, if Krusty only Earns guns but you’re currently on earning Hats or pickaxes… you won’t see his task.

        Once you start Snake to earn Guns from there… THEN you’ll see his. Make sense?

  5. Maudlin Monarch.

    Anyone else this it’s funny that Wiggum is among the characters that can Promote Lawlessness?

  6. I did the daily challenge for the covered wagon and completed it but I did not get the wagon did anybody else have this problem

  7. I don’t know if my neighbors were hoarding prospectors or… I don’t know, but in act 1 I felt like I was able to reciprocate most of the time when people sent them to me, but since act 2 started it seems like I am getting way less to send out and way more sent to me. I feel bad! And I’ve been playing on the go, so without having enough to immediately reciprocate at this point I’ve just lost track of who has sent some. Is anyone else experiencing similar? I used to do my morning tapping and end up with 20-something, but today I ended up woth… Seven. What?

    • I have never had even remotely enough prospectors to reciprocate all that I’ve received.

      I try to make sure that I’ve given back at *least* half as many as I’ve received from each person, and, yes, I feel guilty, too. I’m just lucky that I have so many wonderful, active, generous neighbors and I figure that at least I’m helping them out by playing frequently, which means that I think I’m tapping most of the prospectors that get sent to me, which earns the sender more event currency.

  8. Sorry, not too sure where to file this comment, but has anyone else noticed the Unemployment Office registering a significantly less number of characters as available? I thought maybe it was an update glitch. I still have in excess of 100 characters even with the ones doing tasks at the Town Plaza, yet my office is only registering 20 no matter what I do. Anyone else have this problem?? (so tedious going back to doing it one by one! They spoiled us!)

  9. Hi all!

    I’m having a really strange problem & I’m not sure where to post it. TL;DR : I lost all of my progress on Act 1 and Springfield Heights and I’m not sure how to get it back. :/

    So I play my game on 2 “devices” (emulator and my tablet). Whenever I switch between devices I get the error message to save on the other device to prevent data loss. On Friday, I did not get this message and I found that all of my progress on Act 1 was lost (General Store, Prizes, Prospectors and “Once Upon a Time in Springfield”). But, all of the prizes that I earned & traded in were still present (I ended up missing out on Wes Doobner and the 400 Hats prizes). I also can’t finish the Once Upon a Time task beyond level 3 (can’t Make Springfielders Buy Overpriced Supplies). So I’m stuck.

    SH – My highest progress In the Heights was the Ziff Mansion. Now I only have 2000 real estate points (sent Cookie out 2x) and all of my materials are reset to 0. I can’t make anymore (I’m guessing because the quest line doesn’t pop up since it was previously completed).

    I’ve already contacted EA: suggestions – Uninstall/reinstall game & allow it to sync with the servers (did this several times on both devices and didn’t work). When I called EA, they couldn’t find anything wrong with my game…the only advice that the guy had was to reset my device….

    Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do or a way to better explain my predicament to EA??

    Please and Thank You!

    (ps sorry to my gaming friends for not visiting in the past few days.)

    • Have you rebooted your device and cleared your cache? If you have, call EA back and tell them to roll back your game to the day before this glitch started. You’ll lose progress on the event, but get your SH stuff back. Good luck. 🙂

    • I’m sorry for not visiting! I can’t open any neighbors, after multiple reinstalls.. I don’t want to get EA help because I’d guess they’ll roll back my game. . . I have never seen this many glitches!!

      I’ll stick by you, I’m hoping to not lose too many neighbors. I hope they can fix your game

  10. I’m on level 7. I maxed out on Act 1 levels way before the end of that act, so I’m not worried. Anybody know what the update this afternoon was for?

  11. dhaman122014

    Is it just me or does it take forever to move between towns for everyone?

  12. undeadtree55

    the game just updated again AGAIN….

  13. Gil has appeared in my town saying that it’s Cyber Monday and that Apu sell the Big Central Twikemart, after the dialogue between Apu and Gil, Gil desappears and a Gil text says that Gil has won one time, and he is lucky…..


  14. I’ve just unlocked outlaw snake do I need to complete his questline to progress with the event or can I leave it and do it at a later date?

  15. Query, not regarding this, but what I have seen in a Friend’s Town.

    A Rock “wall”, similar in size to the Mine (with the log ride) which can be purchased for ~180 donuts.
    Based on my inadequate description, is that an ‘old’ item, or something ‘yet to come’?

  16. We should get more bandits every 4 hours.

  17. I’m only on level 6 it seem like a long time for leveling up.

    • There are five levels and 14 days in this act. To be on track you should level up your Town Plaza about once every three days. As this is day three you’re right where you should be.

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