Episode Recap: Love Is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4

Special thanks goes out to Robobot for helping us out with this Re-Cap!  We’re trying to get caught up on all of the episodes for you guys…hope you enjoy! 🙂

Hey Tappers! In the Midst of Patting  Snakes and a lot more duels than usual, I will regale you with a Episode Recap! Usually Wookiee handles these but since our favorite Fuzball is super busy with school I will be writing a few episode recaps and this is one of them! Today’s Episode is Season 27, Episode 13: Love is In The N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4 (Air). This was a pretty fun episode and the Valentines Day Update acted as a Episode tie-in for it. It was pretty cool to see the Coconut Babaloo In the Valentines Day Update and then it was in the episode! I love to sit down at 8:00 Pm and watch a new episode of the Best. Show. Ever. So now I get tell you guys what I thought of it! Drumroll Please! Actually never mind we don’t need a Drumroll let’s just get right to the recap!


Also for those of you with Super Busy schedules or who clicked on the Post by accident, here’s The Episode Synopsis from IMDB:

“Professor Frink’s new invention turns him into a ladies’ man, while a new pill at the Springfield Retirement Castle causes Grandpa to hallucinate back to his happiest memories”.

One Observation I have is that this episode was about Professor Frink and was written by John Frink! I can see the slogan now “By a Frink for a Frink!”

So Before the Episode it’s the Beloved Couch Gag! Today’s Couch Gag involves the Simpsons finding a letter from the couch saying he’s left so the Simpsons give chase and rescue from a French Prison Camp. Then you find out it was all a dream from Homer and then he finds a letter saying that Marge left him because he spends too much time on the couch! 😀 😀 😀

The actual episode starts at the nuclear plant with Mr. Burns and Smithers talking about Valentine’s Day, or as Mr. Burns calls it, “The Great Chicago Massacre”. (Which happened in 1929. Burns was probably 50 then! ;)) Mr. Smithers has a idea for a Valentine’s Sweethearts Dance for Employees. Mr. Burns thinks that People will actually bring him human hearts and baby hearts instead of candy. Then we see a blink-and-you-miss-it shot of the Valentine’s Cooling Towers after we see Cletus shoot down a cherub. The Valentine’s Cooling Towers was also In our games as a premium building skin but the Valentine’s Cooling Towers looks a bit different from the Valentine’s Cooling Towers in this Episode.


Then it’s the dance on Valentine’s day and Homer takes Marge.

Love is in the air_promo_3

They end up smooching in Mr. Burns’ office when he walks in thinking that it’s his rambunctious hounds. Homer then sets off the trap door on him. Later at the Dance a plant worker sees Professor Frink and finds out that He is a consultant for the Nuclear Plant. Frink says that he doesn’t have a date yet and tries “The Old Frink Charm” on a woman at the dance and it turns out she would rather get Radiation Sickness from the Reactor core than dance with him.

Tough Break!

So Homer and Marge are at the Top of the reactor core looking at the stars when Homer gets a call from Grandpa telling him about a Cat that can tell if a person is dying and asking for a visit and some diapers. Homer says no so Grandpa had to settle for Butt Ointment. When Homer and Marge get there Marge sees the gloomy seniors and tries to liven the mood, to no avail. A Nurse walks in with a New brand of pills and the Elders take it and they suddenly feel a lot better and see Hallucinations of Things past like Grandpa seeing Mona and Jasper seeing his deceased pet dog.

So The Elders have their own Hallucination Sweetheart dance and Homer and Marge Leave.

The Next day Homer gives each of his coworkers a cheap Valentine’s Day Heart box when he sees Professor Frink and talks to him about Valentine’s day and How Professor Frink struggles with it and how Professor Frink is jealous that Stephen Hawking has a girlfriend. Homer tells him that his relationship with Marge is trial and error and Professor Frink realizes that Trial and Error is the scientific method, so he tries to use science to solve the problem!

So Frink and Homer go back to Frink’s lab where Frink listens to recordings of Women saying what they like in a man.  Frink then gets rid of the glasses for contacts, makes himself taller and gets a new voice.  Homer recommends Yoga class for meeting Women.

Meanwhile, Marge, Lisa and Bart go to visit the seniors and they see that they are still under the influence of their medication. Bart gets a idea to take advantage of it by taking seniors to his room and tricking them into thinking that it’s a Atlantic city Casino and wins some money from them. Bart also has Maggie, I mean, Dolly Parton, as the headliner for his casino! (Why wasn’t there a Dolly Parton skin for Maggie in the Casino event?) Marge sees this and goes to the Retirement Castle to complain and the Nurse doesn’t care Until Marge takes the pencil out of her hair.

Later, Homer takes Frink to a Yoga studio, and with Frink’s smooth moves combined with his makeover he gets the number of every girl there!

love is in the air promo1

The next day Homer calls Frink and he finds out that Frink is swamped with dates from just about every woman from Springfield. Homer then sees Frink hiding in Moe’s from the Women of Springfield. Frink sees that there are single men who want to meet women so he devises a plan to pair up all the men and women of Springfield.

Meanwhile, Marge goes back to the Retirement Castle to see that all the seniors are depressed without their medication. Grandpa finds out where the Nurse hid the meds and he takes some because he wants to be with Mona. Grandpa then runs out and he has a hallucination of the old days and driving to the Coconut Babaloo and dancing with Mona.

love is in the air promo 2

Marge, Lisa and Bart go after him and they convince him not to live in the past and be with his family, who loves him.

Later, Homer and Marge drive to the Springfield Planetarium where Frink is going to decide the woman that he wants to be with. There all the women are gathered and Frink says that he’s not the only one who’s lonely, so he brings in every man and pairs them with every Woman. Marge sees that Frink wasn’t paired up with anyone and Frink realizes that his love his intellectual conquest. So he stays at the Planetarium looking at the stars alone. At least he has a Robot!

The Episode ends with the Simpsons back in Grandpa’s hallucination at the Coconut Babaloo. It turns out that Grandpa flushed the pills down the toilet and they got in the Water supply. Homer’s cool with it though, he gets to eat Shrimp with Dean Martin!

Overall I liked this episode. Both the A and B plot had some good jokes and I liked the Filter that they used for Grandpa’s Hallucination at the Coconut Babaloo and his desire to be with Mona.

What did you think of the episode? Like the items from this episode in our games? Thoughts on Season 27? Sound off in the comments below you know we love hearing from you!

Thanks again to Robobot for helping out with this episode re-cap!  And sorry it’s only a couple of months late!   It’s been a little crazy around here trying to work around everyone’s schedules…plus all of the updates!  😉  


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  1. They forgot H2O: Very important!

  2. Not a good episode.

  3. Great rundown! Thanks Robobot and Alissa! I must have missed this episode as don’t remember it! Now we know where Snowball went! Lol 😉

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