Addicts Want to Know: Whacking Day

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Weekend!  Hopefully y’all are enjoying your weekend so far!

So I wanted to take  some time this morning to start a conversation about Whacking Day and see what y’all thought about it.

Whacking Day came back to our Pocket-Sized Springfields this past week for a brief time..and it was the first time it has returned since 2013.  Way back when Whacking Day first hit, in 2013, it was a source of contention for a lot of players.  Many players were locked out of their games because of a massive Android glitch, others just couldn’t hit the prize goals no matter how hard they tried and others just couldn’t stand the hunt for those little tiny snakes running around town.

While this year’s “event” was nothing like the original, in that it was more about buying items than Whacking Snakes…I wanted to get your opinion on the event this time around vs last time around.  Did you like the way it was this time?  Did you miss Whacking Snakes?  Were your thrilled you didn’t have to go searching for those Snakes this time around?  Take the poll below and then please discuss your thoughts in the comments below:


29 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: Whacking Day

  1. I started playing TSTO when it first came out back in 2012, but I was still completely useless at getting the prizes. I only got Fort Sensible and Gymnastic Lisa! To be fair, I don’t think I had any idea what I was doing.

  2. I was a new player back in 2013, and was yet to realise that a)i didnt need to KNOW my neighbours, and b) how important it was to have LOTS of neighbours for these events. So I had about 10 neighbours at the start of the event (each of whom I knew personally) but by the end of that event i had maybe 30 neighbours after getting frustrated at my lack of progress and jumping on google to figure it out. I remember spelling out 0jmm0 in eggs in the empty spaces in my neighbours towns so they would know I visited hahaha
    So i got barely any of the prizes but have the tents and the snake rock as a kind of participation award. I would have loved a second chance to ‘earn’ the prizes i missed as i am mostly a freemium player (i will occasionally buy a google play gift card during these big events to get ‘souvenir’ premium items/purchase long-time wants).

  3. The good news was that it didn’t interfere with the main event.
    The bad news is that it was just a garage sale.
    I took advantage of buying items with cash, but not the premium items. The bundle I thought was a good deal and had some nice things in it, but I took a pass on all of my towns.

  4. I missed earning Miss Springfield by just a few hours of whacking. It was a major disappointment. The first and only time I didn’t complete an event. I even started my B town during the event to try and get enough snakes but to no avail. I still haven’t bought her as a form of protest. Original Whacking Day was drudgery with no reward for me.

  5. How wacking day isn’t a yearly event I’ll never know. I know they can’t come up with new items to sell each time, but I’d rather them do repetitive mini events like that between the main ones than stretch out the big events to help fill gaps between content (the wild west is sooo not a 40 day event, for example).

  6. I can’t believe my vote is currently in the lowest group…hated the first, loved the second. Mainly because it finished so quickly – I was actually horrified for a moment.

    Seriously, people are surely remembering the first Whacking day with rose tinted spectacles. In order to get all the prizes without spending money, you pretty much had to tap constantly, looking for those f-ing snakes. You also had to visit every one of your neighbours – which for the new or forgetful player meant going to the friends screen, tapping on their town, finding the bloody things, waiting for everything to register, then going back to the friends screen. (I think that’s right – did they bring in the click left or right during?) Anyway, it took about an hour. The event was horrible, and nearly made me stop playing.

    Glad I didn’t, though!

  7. I wish they would reprise some of the very early events and let us earn the original prizes and let those who have them already earn donuts.

    Many of my friends started in 2013 (and tried to get me to play) so they all have Springfield Falls, Fort Springfield, King Homer, etc., and it stings a little to be spending donuts on things I could’ve earned if I’d started a few months earlier.
    So maybe give us a chance to make up for lost time and reward those who were here at the start with extra donuts?

  8. Haha, I remember the first time I’d watched Whacking Day after I’d gotten older; I about fell over at when Homer showed Marge his new whacking stick!

  9. sabrtriviachamp

    Wasn’t here yet for the first go-around; this time- meh. I wish they had the big snake as a separate prize; I would’ve dropped some donuts on just that instead of the package.

    Now….slither on, little snakes!

  10. I’m sure I would have enjoyed the original event, if I had been playing then. This mini event was mega meh. I wanna whack some snakes!

  11. Since Tapped Out was not available on the Amazon store until late June 2013, I never got to play the Whacking Day event. I wish I could have played it, but I’m super glad to finally have some of those decorations in my town.

  12. I always kinda hoped they would do an anniversary edition of the Whacking Day Event. I like earning the prizes vs buying them. It’s a different feeling…

    • Yeah, the fun of the event is playing it, not just buying things from it. That’s how I feel, anyway.

  13. Someone stole my burrito™

    Wish there was one more option for voting: Loved the first Whacking day, wished this Whacking day had been more like the first one.

  14. I missed out on Whacking Day 2013 (and a lot more). I heard about some of the issues, such as finding the snakes. That sure sounds similar to how we all have to go into build mode to find other event NPCs (Tappables). So, all I’m saying is that I would have gladly “patted” snakes for those three days in 2016. 🙁 If only EA understood our need to “pet” snakes. I didn’t even care about a longer questline or other mini-event stuff…just the snakes. They were cute. 🙂 The way they explode with stars instead of dust…hah! The way the casino gamblers all ran off to the casino when tapped, it would have been neat if they changed the snakes to run off to the Simpson’s Home when tapped.

    • I agree… I would have liked to be able to tap more snakes and maybe had some Whacking Day activities for older characters who aren’t busy with Wild West stuff, like Carl and Lenny. (I picked them because they aren’t needed for rail yard tasks, either.)

  15. The online community for TSTO was pretty new at the time of the original Whacking Day. The only way to achieve all the prizes was to find “egg buddies” online somewhere and set up a system for dropping eggs in each others’ towns that hatched snakes. I got all the prizes but it was literally a full-time job!

  16. I wasn’t playing yet during Whacking Day, but i have long lusted after those windsocks (windsnakes?), so I was really happy to finally add them to my town. I also picked up some souvenir tents. I woudve liked Lumpy, but because i didn’t care about the other things in the bundle I had to pass. And I wish the Western snake would slither on over to my Wild West City tourist trap; I barely ever see him! Honestly, from everything I’ve read, original Whacking Day sounded really stressful! 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  17. I don’t understand how you could love the original but hate the reprise. I enjoyed the first, and this second round was a nice reminder without feeling like the game was giving us a clip show of past content. It was so easy this time that I only could remember the happy thoughts. Perfection.

  18. barleecreations (canid88)

    I missed the original Whacking Day but was VERY happy to have had a chance to pick up some of the items. I would have bought more if I only had the donuts. I do think it was a bit of a shame that it wasn’t a true event.

  19. “Don’t hurt the snakes…”

  20. Technically I was around for it. Literally the last day. I wasn’t even aware of the game, a friend of mine was telling me how great it was. So I played long enough to tap some snakes and drop off some eggs in his town then poof it was gone.

  21. I started playing halfway through the original whackingday. I only had one friend to visit (who I personally knew) and didn’t understand the importance of having them or how to find them (until I found this site and others). I probably got half the prizes as I did have time to play several times a day and really enjoyed it. At the time it was only a new game to play amongst many others as I was new ish to smart phones etc being an old dinosaur of 43 at the time. I found i enjoyed the grind of doing it even though it took a lot of Time and got addicted. I carried on playing for about a year as a freeium player then turned to totally premium ( it’s the only game I do it) . Anyway back to the question. The original whackingday was brilliant ( rose tinted glasses maybe) the new one mehh. ( anythings better than the wheel) . Sorry about any spelling /punctuation mistakes using the phone and using stuff where I think it should be.. Happy tapping all.

  22. Well, I reall loved the first Whacking Day and enjoyed the fact that they brought it back after all this time. Unfortunately, I found the execution of the mini-event considerably lackluster. Instead of making it such a pico-event within another one, EA should have brought it back as a full-blown Part II.

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