The Art of TSTO: Wild West Edition

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Weekend!  I wanted to deviate from our regular game related posts tonight and take a look at another way of looking at TSTO.  The Artsy way.

Our good friend Toxicshark is a regular over at and has been posting some images of some fun “old timey” photoshop work with his Wild West area.  I thought it looked awesome and was really a fun way to look at TSTO. Gives you another perspective…an artistic one.

So I asked Toxic to send me some of his favorites and I’d feature them here at Addicts.  And here’s a collection of what he sent…


Screenshot_2016-05-10-17-36-51_20160511142548302  Screenshot_2016-05-11-13-39-53 Screenshot_2016-05-11-12-49-18 Screenshot_2016-05-10-19-03-36 Screenshot_2016-05-11-12-48-24

I really love how the “old timey” look of the screenshots really make you feel like you’re on the Old West…and then everything is enhanced by little pops of color.  Really makes you look at the items in another light!

Great work Toxic!

How about you?  What are your thoughts on the artistic shots?  Which one is your favorite?  Do you do anything like this for your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

17 responses to “The Art of TSTO: Wild West Edition

  1. blackgypsyrose13

    Love these!

  2. Keith1Roon991


  3. Der dum der dum … (watch out for sharks) ♡

  4. Toxicshark, thanks for sharing these images. I really enjoyed looking at them & how you have skilfully incorporated them into your Springfield. I’m full of inspiration but just waiting for land to be made available where I’d like to place mine😊….💜X

  5. Great images Sharky!!!

  6. Really enjoyed the pics!! I love how the food tables fit in behind the rib hut. I just may imitate that. It is the sincerest form of flattery,they say!

  7. Love this! The coloring giving it that “old time” feeling & the occasional bright color popping out… but especially the designs themselves! Particularly the placement of various non-event decorations & buildings to expand upon the Wild West themed part of Springfield. I really feel like I’ve been lacking in the Wild West decorating department. Some good ole inspiration here. I think I’m feeling burnt out from all the casino designing I did. I’ve been trying to find a suitable place for “your picture on a Rembrandt” since I got it. How did I not think of this! Lol

  8. Looks really nice. On a side note… Capital City Goofball seems to like hanging around my old west town. It’s a little annoying. He doesn’t belong there, and he looks like- well…….a FRIGGIN’ GOOFBALL! I’ve even tried storing him, and rereleasing him, but he keeps showing up around my old west town. Sheesh!

  9. I enjoy the black and white mini movies (which play during Act 1 and Act 2) once you obtain everything necessary …. 🙂

  10. Love it all! Only thing that would add another level to the old west would be to make the images a bit grainy.

  11. All we need is some Western Music!

  12. Love the look

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