Act 2 is Coming to an End

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder Act 2 is coming to an end tonight….so finish up the last of those Act 2 prizes because come tomorrow morning Act 3 will be live!


And for those wondering….

-Yes, you should hoard resources (Hats, Pickaxes & Guns).
ico_wildwest_pickaxe_md ico_wildwest_cowboyhat_md ico_wildwest_sixshooter

-No, there are NO bonuts awarded for collecting more Badges after you get all of the prizes.  Even though the task box pops up telling you to collect more badges…it does not lead to donuts.  I promise.

-Still “hand in” items at the General Store to earn your donuts today.  You only have today to finish collecting the prizes at the General Store for Act 2.  So if you don’t get the donuts today, you’ll miss out on them.  Tip: Only trade in the smallest amount if you’ve already earned all of the prizes. So you’ll save the most resources for Act 3.

-Today’s the last day to get Luke Stetson and the Barn, so if you’re thinking about it make your final decision before it’s gone.  You can read the should i buy here.

So my friends…Act 2 ends today so finish up and gear up for Act 3! 🙂

What are your thoughts on Act 2?  Did you earn all of the prizes? Get your bonuts this morning? (from the General Store) Ready for Act 3?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

98 responses to “Act 2 is Coming to an End

  1. I tried to drop prospectors into towns that were near 33000 badges but alas they were all full. Sorry. I’ll try my best to be more neighbourly this act.

  2. Shoot! Really thought I was gonna be able to win Princess and the Corrall but it looks like maybe not. I’m at 32,000 and only 3 hours to go! If anyone is still up (well, it’s late here on the east coast) could really use some prospectors! Old or new friends welcome, I’ve got around 10 slots available. Thanks so much!

    • did what I could, but my ol ipad just aint what she used to be 🙂
      it logged me out and is SLOWLY logging back in.
      No need to send any prospectors back. This one’s my B acct.

    • Yaaay! Thanks to all my new friends I made it! I got the price down to 5 donuts and happily bought it at the very last moment! Thank you all so much and look for some prospectors coming your way very soon! You totally just made my day, er, morning. Tomorrow is gonna suck sleep-wise, but it was totally worth it! Thanks again everyone, and thanks as always to the mods for such an awesome site. You guys rock!

  3. Hi! I need more friends, please add me, stephbum17. Thanks! 🙂

    Also, I can’t get the last prize, the princess pony. I’m short about 3000 badges. 🙁 Wonder if I’m doing something wrong. When crafting, are you supposed to always go with the smallest trade in? I always went with the largest to get more badges. Now I’m stuck.
    Thanks for any help!

  4. Adrienne oneill

    Why are the day 14 3 donuts locked in the general store? I’ve earned all the preceding items. It says “hand in trades to unlock items” but all preceding items (days1-13 have a check mark and have been earned) So confused.

    • Contact EA, we’re seeing reports of this from various players

      • I just contacted EA, after 1 hour wait… they can’t unlock the day 14 donuts but have rewarded me the 3 bonuts. Worth contacting them, they are aware many people have this problem. Also worth posting on there are three threads about this day 14 donut lockdown

  5. Donuts still locked at the General Store. Been on for 20 minutes so far with support.

    Can you guys settle an argument for me. Do donuts EVER show up in your inventory?

  6. Going through my list of neighbors now. Anyone who’s close (above 30,000 but below 33,000) I’m dropping off some prospectors. If I’m your neighbor I’ll be live until 10pm est to clear your prospectors. Hopefully this will get a few of you over the top.

    • Great idea! I was checking for the stables in towns to see who was done, but this is a much easier way to determine who needs help.

      Thanks for the idea!

  7. Heads up gang… There are a lot of tappers out there desperate to make the last prize. Help your neighbors and FEED them to reach the finish line! Every tap counts for them and bet they are there all day today waiting for just one more tap to make it to the Corral. Every inch counts at the moment for them. Reach out and pick up your neighbors that are so close. A real person on the other side will be saying, “Thank You”…

  8. I’m probably not gonna make it without throwing some donuts at it. Usually I make it just in time, sometimes even a little early, but this time I just fell behind more and more each day. I’m tapping hard to at least get the cost down as much as I can though….

  9. I barely got any resources during act 2. Not sure how I am gonna be able to do act 3.

  10. Questline for Furious D? Didn’t see that one coming.

  11. I’m ready for Act 3 – I’ve already got about 5000 of each resource ready (despite sending the characters on their questlines). The last thing I need to so is send the characters that can to the saloon before I go to work tomorrow so I can get a head start on whatever we need to collect in Act 3.

  12. I have just under 40,000 pickaxes, over 25,000 hats, and over 12,000 guns ready to go for Act 3. Not too mention I’ve been holding on to prospectors this Act and only sent to those who were behind the calendar, so I have over 700 prospectors to start dishing out at 4am. I’m really hoping they bring back bonuts in Act 3!

    • I don’t understand you did this, 40,000 ?.? I have about 200 of each in stock for the next act (just got C&P today). I tap 4 – 5 times a day, always clearing bandits within a reasonable timeframe, sending and clearing prospectors, tapping neighbours bandits… Is there some special trick ?

      • 15 hours to go and I’ve just unlocked Princess and the Corral. I also only have a couple hundred of each resource…

      • No I don’t think it’s a special trick…. I got all of the prizes a few days early but once I got them I stopped sending my characters to the saloon to produce more resources. I have close to 5,000 pick axes, 2,500 hats and a little over a 1,000 guns. I’m sure if I kept sending my characters I would have close to those numbers. As for prospectors I don’t keep them, I send them to whoever needs them or returning the favor to whoever sends me prospectors.

        I play pretty frequently during the day, one premium item that produces bandits and some pretty generous neighbor’s. That’s about it though.

        • I’ve got over 5k of each and I’ve barely been playing the last few days…

        • Yes, but you don’t have *40,000* pickaxes, which I think is what LL was reacting to.

          And, for the record, I’m somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,000, 6,000, 3,000, give or take a hundred or two. (I tried to keep myself to the optimal 4:2:1 ratio of pickaxes to hats to guns.)

          • I’m aware of what LL was saying… But if you tap at every opportunity those numbers are totally achievable.

      • No trick, just a hardcore addict. While you tap 4-5 times daily, I tap at least ten times daily. I have all the premium characters who help with this event, but I didn’t buy any premium decors or the licence or anything like that. From day 1 of Act 1, I played smart and was always well ahead of the calendar. I visited neighbours every day. Always made sure every character was building resources and would do so by sending half to do one resource and half to do a different resource (so Belle, Texan, Lurleen, Bart, Marge, Snake, Krusty, Homer, etc were all always working simultaneously). If you only make one resource at a time, not everyone is involved (no guns means no Snake, only guns means no Lurleen Bart or Marge, only hats means no Snake or Belle, only pickaxes means no Texan, etc). As soon as I reached the last item, which was with six days to go in both Act 1 and Act 2, I started conserving resources and only handing in the bare minimum of the small lots. And I always prepped ahead for the next Act. Even tonight, I’ll set it so my last set of resources are ready right at 4am. I have three sets of daily tasks all ready to be claimed for 320 badges, 160 badges, and 160 badges. But I, waiting until 4am and will claim them as gold coins instead of badges. I’m also saving tapping on Mongo until 4am, even though he’ll be appearing this evening. I’ll also wait until 4am to do my daily taps of today. I always start with the General Store each morning so it reaches a limit before I start with tapping bandits or completing tasks, so as to exceed the daily limit as much as possible. When Act 2 started, I was just under 18,000 pickaxes and over 8,000 hats ahead. That lead just grew by following the same strategy this time around.

        • You know……there’s this thing called “sleep”. It’s not the same thing as playing the game. It’s a time of the day (roughly 7-9 hours, usually at night) that people don’t play the game. “Sleep” is good for you. It gives your mind and body a chance to recharge. When I say “recharge” I don’t mean plugging in your iPad or iPhone. I mean closing your eyes and letting your mind wander. Soon you will be sleeping. Sleep is a good thing for most people, but in your case, you would probably dream about the game. So maybe sleep wouldn’t do you any good. But you might want to give it try. That is, when you’re not playing the game. Just saying…..

          • I remember when I could sleep for more than 3hrs at a time…I think it was the Terwilliger event that ended that for me, no I’m sure it was…what was I talking about? I don’t have as much of an attention span anymore since I got a tablet and was introduced to this game…life ruiningly fun I think they call it…can’t really remember, should be asleep…

        • I thought I was an addict! 😛

        • Safi, Impressive!

    • You are not playing the same clean game we are…

      • That’s not a fair accusation. You don’t know how he’s playing…especially since there is no way to purchase the resources at this time. So you really can’t abuse the system. It could be a typo. It could be that he’s been grinding resources non-stop every 4 hours since Act 1 started.

      • See my response at 2:19pm EST to LL. It’s completely doable if you play smart and addicted. I’d have even some more resources had I not gone to see Captain America Civil War or to a couple family outings.

      • It’s very possible. Just by playing every four hours, sending everyone to earn currency, tapping bandits, etc. and not trading over what was necessary to earn the final prize(s). I’m close to those numbers (I don’t have that many prospectors) and I don’t even have one premium character or building to help.

    • I find it really hard to believe that you have as many resources as claim. The math just doesn’t add up. I play more than 10 times a day, and I have nowhere near the resources you have. I have 9000+ pick axes, 7000+ hats, and 6000+ guns. Either you have a happy glitch that no one else has, or……….?

      • I also have a few premium characters collecting resources. So I doubt your claim.

        • The amount of resources:

          The number of prospectors (note, I’m down to 600+ as I dished out 120 or so to neighbours who were short of the last prize):

          And here’s who I have sent collecting resources right now:






          • I still don’t understand how you’re doing this. I’m sending virtually all of the same characters to make resources as you (minus Lurleen). I’m sending everyone to make resources every four hours, except at night when I sleep. There have been a few days where I sent characters to create resources once less than other days, but this couldn’t explain the deficit. My numbers are about 1/4 of your numbers. I’m not concerned as far as the event is concerened. I’m way ahead of most people. I just don’t understand how you can be so far ahead of most everyone else. I’m wondering if your game has some sort of happy glitch that gives you twice as much per task as anyone else.

            I don’t doubt that your screen shots are real. I’m not calling you a liar. I just don’t understand the math.

          • You shouldn’t feel the need to prove yourself… It’s totally doable when you’re addicted 😉

      • It is possible. A few others have mentioned similar numbers…

      • It’s totally possible. I have about 35,000 pickaxes, 16,000 hats, and 4,000 guns. I have only Lurleen for premium items, and while some days I can tap often (4-5 rounds at the town plaza), other days I’ve only managed to log on twice. Also, I’ve prioritized the monorail doughnuts and re-supply, I’ve skipped neighbour visits more often than not, and I usually don’t bother setting two different crazes (I’ve only been producing guns for the entirety of Act 2). But I’ve kept my trade-ins conserative deliberately to keep myself 2-3 days behind the calendar until the last day of Act 1 and 2 (today). Means all of my trade-ins have counted towards both the prize track and the daily prize (even the 10 trade-ins for the doughnuts) and I finish the act pretty close to the deadline. The resources build up quite quickly.

  13. This is the first event that I have done in years of playing where I seem to be behind the entire time. I’m short 3000 badges, using the next 16 hours the best I can. Between power outages and life events, I’ve gotten behind quite a bit. I hope Act 3 won’t be so dependent on time.

    • Are you kidding me EA? Just how homesick do you want to make an old NM ex-pat this act anyway? The only way you could top water towers, hot springs and ‘Carl’s Dad’ Caverns is if you gave out ‘Frontier Restaurant’ with SVT giving away breakfast burritos out front, sunrises and sunsets with floating hot air balloons and a scratch and sniff computer screen with fresh roasting Hatch green Chile. I Hate You! *sniff, sniff Ihatechoo *sniff All is forgiven if you bring me one Frontier breakfast burrito. *sniff Also any influence you have to leverage shorter down times between seasons of Better Call Saul would greatly ease the pain.

  14. Do you need to unlock all of the act 2 badges prizes to get the general store bonuts? I’ve unlocked all the daily prizes in the general store but the donuts are still locked and say I need to get previous days prizes to unlock them.

  15. Ten big trades this morning put me only about 300 badges away from getting the stables. I guess my pacing was pretty good, even though it felt comparatively lazy to me. My secondary town, though, just isn’t going to have much from this act because I didn’t care enough to play two games.

  16. I hope act 3 will give us more characters to win as prizes…….

  17. Keith1Roon991

    Can’t wait for act 3, have thousand’s of resources saved, been finished act 2 for a few days now and collecting like mad

  18. Hi, I didn’t get prizes 8 and 9 from act 1. It costs 10 donuts to get to prize 9, but I have no ideia of how much it would cost to get the building and character, I don’t have so many donuts, but I really wanted that one.. Does anyone know?

  19. I just finished this morning. Got the bonuts and managed to not waste a single resource beyond what I needed for the final prize. Going into Act 3 with a minimum of 736 pickaxes, 576 hats, and 522 guns (plus whatever I accumulate today), and 239 prospectors. Can’t wait for Act 3!

  20. alex - aabcampos2

    I really wish that act3 Maggie new skin (not a spoiler, she is at character
    collection groups) has a 24hrs not placed in Simpson house…..
    I always send all my characters to 24hrs and forget about her…..
    And can’t cancel the task.

    Better yet! she must have a 16hrs task to match the Playdough Factory

  21. All I know is that I will be disappointed if space coyote doesn’t make an appearance in act 3…

  22. Not mentioned in the above blog but just like to add the windmill is leaving the shop today as well.

  23. Moviebuff3000

    I am ready for Act 3. Although I wish Homer and Snake wore their Western alts when on a task at the Saloon.

  24. I seem to have lost my badges! At 2 am I had 30080 and now that I am up for the day I cleared all the outlaws and such, did all my trades(normally about 1500 badges worth) and find myself with just over 29000. What can I do? It will cost me donuts to get the last prize at this rate.

  25. I know it’s late in the game, but any chance of ‘spoiling’ the premium items that *maybe will* come out tomorrow to help see if we want to spend donuts on this barn or the next thing?
    Of course, with the natural disclaimer ‘EA may change their minds at any time.’ But seems like you’ve done this before, and I appreciated it then.

    Thanks much for all your work!!

    • We don’t discuss things that aren’t in the game yet. It’s just not something we do. All I can tell you is all of the premium characters that would arrive with this event have arrived. There will be a premium skin for an existing character (one that uses a balloon) in Act 3, as well as a couple of new buildings and returning decos. The skin should cost between 60-70 donuts….

      Beyond that, I still think Luke is the better buy as it’s a full character. Although the skin will turn the one character into a premium character…

      • Thanks, yo! I know you have discussed ‘pre-releases’ before on a similar event, but I forget which one. Not a big deal. Not sure I need either one of these, so may just hang onto the donuts and finally get Duffman…..soonish.

  26. I have been hoarding supplies and prospectors for Act III.
    I finished Acts I and II on the last day and expect to finish Act III well ahead of that.

  27. Im pretty disappointed we haven’t gotten any new free characters yet. I mean I bought Roy and the bandit fort… Kind of think Luke should have been a freebee considering he’s so one off. Though, I would have bought him too if the barn wasn’t so *****. I mean it doesn’t even make hootenanny style sounds when you click on it or have a fun quest line with all the characters go to a hoedown.

    • There was Gummy Joe.

      Alissa, are my eyes working (it’s early)? I see a bad word. Ow, my freakin’ eyes.

      • lol i read that like 6 times before i saw it. I think my eyes have lost it..

      • Hmm. I can’t assume the asterisks only cover up the dirty word…but that’s all I see, is one word missing at the end of the sentence. I think it’s two words. What “clean” word was at the end, Davidbo?

        Anyways, good point about Gummy Joe. Interestingly GJ was even more free than being the first prize. If you didn’t win him in Act 1 then you got him at the start of Act 2, just like that. 🙂

  28. I don’t know if anyone has posted this suggestion, but for those that don’t need the shields anymore, if you X out the daily challenge you will probably get to earn donuts instead of the shields that you don’t need. I have done it the last four days and each day earned donuts instead of event currency. Hope that helps someone!

    • You can also keep the challenges and wait to collect the rewards in new currency tomorrow when act 3 hits. I did it for the last 3 challenges from act 1 and it does work.

    • You are lucky…I’ve gotten 2 donuts in 4 days doing this. I x’ed out of the one from 2 days ago twice and went from badges to cash to badges (which became unavoidable since it was for dropping prospectors with neighbors). And mine today went from shield to lattes. Sigh…

    • I feel stupid for not realizing this. D’oh!

    • I’ve done this for pretty much all of act 2 and all but two times I was awarded donuts 😮🍩 it’ll probably never happen again though, I’m typically not very lucky.

  29. 33-25-20. Alas, not my vital statistics but the crafting items I have amassed in preparation for Act 3. I am enjoying the pace of this event and how the story in unfolding. I’m chuffed to have the free skin for Snake & have him doing something other than robbing the Kwik-E. As for Lisa, I’m afraid she is going to be saddle sore for quite some time. Whilst I do have Premium skins for her, I just adore her 6hr ‘Ride Princess’ task. It’s a shame that so many of my neighbours have not taken to this event (I have over 20 who are not bothering but are still clearly active in the game) & I wish there was a way I could ask them directly. I suppose there will always be some events more popular than others. Me? I give every event a go & just store what I am not enamoured with. Best of luck to all Addicts still trying to get the goodies…..💜X

    • I do the same thing, except I have a fenced in area behind krustloo studios that acts as a “lot” for weird items… it has the castles, some of the halloween crap, and just general whatever piled into it.

    • I’ve never understood how people can just opt completely out of an event. Even if they don’t want to grind all the way to the end, they’re missing out on lots of free stuff!

      • Generallylost

        Probably because it’s “run run run, scramble scramble scramble”, and people burn out? I play games for fun; setting an alarm clock or paying cash to keep up with ‘required’ ‘achievement’ levels ain’t it. I’ve ignored events; I’ve even ‘walked away’ for several months when the grind was too heavy.

        Didn’t complete Act 1, won’t complete Act 2, probably won’t complete Act 3. And if the next event is this grindy, may walk away from TSTO for a couple months.

        • I think this is the easiest full-sized event we’ve had so far! If this one felt “grindy” to you, I don’t think this is the game for you…

      • See Easter 2014. That wasn’t very fun. This one is shaping up to be the cousin of it. I play every 4 hours, 4 times during the waking day, and I’m still 1000 from the final prize. I don’t have a problem with working for something; I’m not from the entitled generation — but this is ridiculous.

        • I think you must be doing something wrong (unless you’re a pretty low-level player). If you’re playing that often, you should have already made it to the final prize, IF you’re playing the way you should (like doing visits and prospectors with your neighbors, only trading in for the right-hand box until you get the final prize-track prize, and other stuff like that…things that have been mentioned numerous times in other threads, so I won’t go through them all again).

  30. Is the wagon not part of act 2 ending?

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