Should I Spend Donuts On Superheroes Issue 2 Returning Items?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Because all Superheroes need a sequel…Superheroes 2 has found its way into our pocket sized Springfields!  This super event hit our devices…and with it arrived a whole new Event to make us scratch our heads, and drive us slightly insane. So it’s time to break out those donuts for their super hideouts because there’s a whole store full of superhero inspired premium items!

Naturally, as with every event, there’s returning content in our stores that you can spend your donuts on.  Some returning items were once available for donuts and some were once free prizes that have come back as premium items.  Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything because it’ll be gone soon (especially if it’s making it’s second return to our stores).  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Crap Silo & Plopper or Burns State Prison to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these sequel returns to your town.

montgomeryburnsstateprison_menu plopperspiderwsilo

So this is more or less going to be a rundown of each item, since they’re returning and we’ve previously written info about each.  I’ll give you my quick opinion on them and then link to their older posts….


Item: Burns State Prison
Donut Price: 90 Donuts
Previous Price: Was free for Superheroes 1, it was a prize
Earns: $300,30xp/12hrs
Size: 11×11
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience +10
Highlights: It’s basically another building for Springfield.  It does come with a short questline (at least it did last year)…
Is it Worth the Donuts: Personally, I wouldn’t spend 90 donuts for it.  I earned it for free last year and it’s been sitting in my inventory ever since.  Not worth the Real Estate in Springfield…
Previous Posts: Prison Rundown Post (includes questline and dialogue) 
Where Did That Come From Post

The Bank Will Leave the Store for Purchase on July 4th…so make your decision quick before it’s gone again! 


plopper attack crapsilo_menu

Character/Building: Plopper and the Crap Silo
Donut Price: 100 Donuts
Previous Price: 100 Donuts Superheroes 1
Size: 4×4
Earns: At a premium rate, so 50% more on cash and XP, Silo Earns $200,22xp/8hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Indolence +10
Highlights:  He does come with a questline, and you can use him in battles. (Brain)  He also has some fun tasks…
Is it Worth the Donuts: Yes. I’d get him all over again, all day every day and twice on Sundays.  Hands down…a great buy.
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Plopper Will Leave the Store for Purchase on July 4th…so make your decision quick before he’s gone again! 


And that’s it my friends…the quick breakdown on the two returning Issue 2 Superhero items!   As the event goes on there will be more returning items re-released…so be patient as we see what each day/week/issue brings us 🙂

What are your thoughts on the returning items?  Have you picked them up?  Have them from last year?  Any items you passed on last year but picked up this year?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

85 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Superheroes Issue 2 Returning Items?

  1. I would of bought him but I really wanted coolsvile. Maybe in a superheroes prequel??????

  2. I was under the impression that Plopper was going away at the end of the day today. I will be hitting 100 donuts today and don’t see him in the list to buy anymore. I know for a fact that the countdown on him had another day left. What’s going on here?

    • When they leave the store on a date they leave (typically) at 0800 GMT (4am EDT). So it was out of the store bright and early this morning

  3. Fine. I pulled the trigger on Plopper based upon basically everyone here saying he’s the one to get. And my kid wanting Plopper in the game. Also got George Washington because I’m into the Revolutionary War history. Still have 160 donuts left. Probably save up for the Duff Brewery now.

  4. Why haven’t I seen the rainbow trees for Gay Pride return this year? 🙁 I missed them last year since I wasn’t playing then. I was hoping due to the Orlando event, in addition to Gay Pride Parades that I would get them but nothing. 🙁

  5. Plopper/Spider pig marks the third time I’ve spent money as a freemium player….first was frinks deal…which was amazing! Second was donut day bonuses and Space Coyote….and third…Spiderpig! Though I am still debating if I should spend my 60 donuts I have left….

  6. I’m a freemium player and Plopper and the crap silo was my first major purchase ever during the first event. Never once regretted spending those donuts. I can’t help but start singing “Spiderpig, Spiderpig. Does whatever a Spiderpig does.” every time I see him. Plus the silo has the goofy pig face painted on it just like in the movie. Cracks me up whenever I see it. Btw you can use Plopper for part 4 of the act 2 quest line in place of one of your currency generating superheroes. Added bonus there.

    • spiny_norm886

      Same here, I’m so happy to finally get Plopper. Last time, I didn’t have enough donuts to make the purchase.

      • I wasn’t actually here last time! XD I started Halloween and have always been jealous seeing him in friends towns…

  7. Anyone else want to get involved with what was meant to be between me and the moderators? I got more. I hope I made you laugh Wookie. I have always liked your posts and sense of humor btw. Your cool. You don’t take shit too serious. I bet it benefits you greatly at universal.

    • I don’t work for Universal but happy you appreciate my sense of humor. Let’s just call this whole conversation off and let bygones be bygones.

  8. Poor Plopper has the most serious knock out animation when he loses during a felon battle. He rolled over and lost consciousness. It is heartbreaking for me…

  9. I got Plopper due to the donut day bonuses. Very glad we had another chance to get this fella.

    If you’re on the fence about the prison, skip it. I work at a prison and even I wouldn’t waste donuts on this (got it free last time).

  10. Also, we now know that Plopper’s “attack felon” animation did not disappear, it turned into the 10-hour task “train for future conflict” (although the felons did disappear)… but that requires the Radioactive Man Statue, which they’re apparently not bringing back for this event…

  11. I love the prison! I’m not sure it’s worth 90 donuts (I got it last year as well), but I love it. By the way, do Fat Tony’s, Louie’s and Legs’ tasks there pay premium now?

  12. Just bought Plopper! I’m a freemium player so I dont buy everything, but this time I did and I love him! Ps: my silo says it earns $200 and 22 XP every 8 hours….

  13. I havent been playing nearly as much as I used to with this superhero event. It just isnt doing it for me. However, when I saw plopper was a character for the event I was sold. Missed him the first time around, but picked him up immediately. 100 donuts for a character (as awesome as plopper) and a building is a REALLY good deal Imo.

    Happy tapping

  14. I’ve had Plopper from when he was originally offered and he makes me very happy. The sound effect from tapping on the silo is great. I’ve made people laugh by playing it through a blue tooth speaker. He’s got two good visual tasks at the silo and he can also join in with other heroes in battling your Radioactive Man monument. If you have affection for him from the movie and show, he is a no brainer.

  15. I want to save my donuts for Bartman. Will he be back in Issue 3?

    • While there are other sites that’ll mention spoilers, we don’t confirm anything until it actually appears. Up to you but since I know this game is about money, I would not be surprised to see him return at some point since he’s such a popular character.

    • All we can do is wait and see. EA can change anything on a drop of a dime.

  16. Just bought Plopper and I’m super excited. Love him!!

  17. I agree with the post. I won the Burns Prison last year and also bought Plopper. I’m a freemium-ish player so spending my precious pastries is a big deal. I am really glad that I bought Plopper and would buy him again. He’s come in handy on some events and the silo is a welcome addition to my farming area. I haven’t stored the prison, but I personally wouldn’t spend donuts on it – especially since I already have one prison in town (Springfield Penitentiary).

  18. I just love the Burns State prison. One of the nicest buildings in my town. I’m glad I got it last year. Legs, Louis and Fat Tony have a 16 hour task there.

  19. I gave into the impulse and bought him..@100 donuts seems like a good deal!! Perfect addition to my Cletus farm!!

  20. I was exclusively freemium last time around Superheroes came by. But since then have started earning a lot more donuts and as a result spending donuts on premium characters on sale or limited time premium characters I really want.

    Spider Pig? Yeah, I really really wanted. Picked him up instantly.

  21. Josephine Kick@$$

    Most definitely a 👍👍👍 on Plopper!!! I got him last time, one of my favorites 😎😎

  22. ThirtyseconddegreeMasterMason

    You guys blocked my IP address. Why bc I called you out for not warning about spoilers. Funny how you are careful to warn but don’t let me comment anymore so obviously I was right. You aren’t the only site for Tsto news but you are the only site with morons for visitors who ask questions for captain obvious and you moderators obviously need to stop taking this so serious. The Internet is open to everyone and everyone’s opinion. Just bc you only want positive comments is fine but you aren’t perfect and neither is your site. There is a lot of room for improvement. Obviously bc you took my advice before you blocked me. FU

    • Not sure about you being blocked but with such fun comments like this, I wonder why we would want you posting comments on our site. We definitely aren’t perfect but we’ll be closer to it without listening to asshats like you. Have fun on all the other sites. There’s plenty of room on the interwebs there for negativity.

      • EyeLoveCyclops

        I wasn’t posting it. I wanted whoever stopped my comments to read it. My comments weren’t posted for the last 6 months. Ironic also that it came thru this time. No hard feelings.
        I can be quite funny. I appreciate this site. We are all human and prone to ego and judgments at times, so I am offering an apology if I offended anyone. Thank you for allowing me back into the addict community. If you didn’t then im glad I can comment again anyway. I was under the impression that I had been unfairly acted upon hence my previous comment.

        • The only time people are deleted or their comments don’t go through is when they are extremely negative or offensive. For example, your response to redsoxnationmt was delted by me because it was awful. Fair warning, you could be blocked for stuff like that. Consider this a welcome back with a warning to try and play nice. I really can only think of two people who have actually been outright blocked but I won’t stand for bulying of anyone on this site. There are plenty of other places on the interwebs for mean and hateful content. Like I said before, we aren’t perfect but we try to stand for something. In the future, if you think you’ve been treated unfairly, e-mail the site. SOmetimes comments take a little to be moderated and that’s just the price to be paid for us to make sure comments follow our content guidelines. My apologies for calling you an asshat.

    • I personally don’t want to see you on here ever again.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Wow, won’t you be my neighbor?
      As a long time fan of this site, I will say you have no clue. I’m sure I speak for some of the many “morons” here in welcoming you to not let the door… oh, and have a nice day 😬

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