Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E13 Some Enchanted Evening

 Enjoy this installment of Throwback Thursday with Totbox!- Alissa 

Hello again time travelers (and babies that don’t need sitting),

May 13th 1990, the season Finale of Season 1 of The Simpsons. The Simpson children are left home alone (with a thief/babysitter) which may have been the inspiration to “Home Alone” which premiered later that year on November 16th 1990. 😫

If you haven’t rewatched any of the Season 1 episodes I suggest you do. If you need to keep the kids busy while you binge-watch I suggest you get a babysitter or find their favorite video and keep replaying it for them. If you follow these instructions you too might have a memorable night like Homer and Marge in this episode.

“Some Enchanted Evening”

Homer needs to makeup to Marge for all the neglect he has done, solution: neglect the kids.

image (53)

“Some Enchanted Evening” (Not the song from South Pacific) the Season 1 Finale, the 13th episode of The Simpsons. May 13th 1990.


The Babysitter Bandit and the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper Babysitting Service. Howard’s Flowers (interior). KBBL (interior). Also though it is not really in our game I want to mention the first episode of the iconic Pickled Egg Jar from Moe’s Tavern 😛

There are also things that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe. OH THE POSSIBILITIES:

Possible NPCs: The Larry Davis Experience Band (which would probably be more like an animated decoration) and the Happy Little Elves’ characters (those that I didn’t mention before since this is some of their first appearances) Curious Bear Cub, Cheery (the girl), Doofy, Yendor, and Captain Kook.

Possible Events: Angry Marge mini-event (with radio and telephone demons as event-tappable-critters), Babysitting mini-event (for those who didn’t get the B.Bandit the first time as well as various toddler skins for Bart/Lisa/Milhouse/Bullies and others), Happy Little Elves event (mini perhaps) as long as we can collect some of the characters. Also Captain Kook Pirate event?

image (54)

Possible Skins: Special Evening Marge (orange outfit), (and since guys will yell at me if I didn’t say it) Blue Nightgown Marge (which might also be called Special Evening Marge 😉 or Enchanted Evening Marge).

Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game Don’t Mention It: Other babysitter service women, the florist “Howard”, America’s Most Armed and Dangerous folks, restaurant staff and people, power plant workers, reporters, and KBBL call-taker kid.

some Highlights:

image (55)

Some other things to think about:

Arnie Pye’s voice is heard working for KBBL’s traffic-copter but his name was Bill Pie/Pye, so I left his voice introduction out of the First Time listing. America’s Most Armed and Dangerous is obviously a spoof of America’s Most Wanted, which premiered years earlier on Fox (1988). This episode confirms that Marge was 23 years old when she married Homer (I personally can’t imagine getting married at that age). Homer shaves and his scruff grows back as soon as he puts the cap on the shaving cream. And finally when Homer pointed his finger at Bart, Bart snaps his teeth as if attempting to bite Homers’ finger off (why do I mention that?), I have a habit of doing exactly that when people point at me (I just wanted to Point that out) 😉

Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite moment?  Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like? Do you remember any babysitters (outside of family)? Are you trapped in a loveless marriage and think a fancy dinner is the cure? Ever call into a radio show? Do you have an over watched kid video (from your childhood/or maybe your kid’s favorite)? Can you imagine a world without babysitters? Sound off in the comments and have a safe journey back to your current space/time 🙂 (but I’m not going to watch the kids while you go)


41 responses to “Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S1 E13 Some Enchanted Evening

  1. Are you going to do the same for Season 2? PLEASE do Totbox! Love this series so much. Maybe we could combine our gifts and there could be a side section of the posts where I write out the episode as an event – like I did for Bastille Day on your previous post
    LOL 😊
    Please do the same for Season 2! Where do the comments go? Why don’t these get more comments? 😐

  2. Yay for Tot… your post finally gets the amount of comments it deserves. Woo hoo!

    • You commented, Alissa commented, BUNNY Commented!!! (even the equally rare Lee comment) I think I can yell “BINGO!”

      I could have gotten a Sandra comment but used the free space instead :p

  3. I wanted to wait and see if anyone would bring something up (that I didn’t mention, not even the Don’t Mention It section).

    Lobsters. Homer originally wanted the floating dead lobster, but then picked a more lively one (the restaurant lobster tank could be an animated decoration, even better if Homer has a visual task with it). “I’ll see You later”, and later when he was eating, he had a bib with a cartoon lobster on it (the bib), That Cartoon Lobster later was in The Simpsons Arcade Game for the exterior of The Rusty Barnacle (the restaurant from “Homer’s Night Out”) though it’s not an exact copy, the pose was the same… – fun fact?? Now you may understand why I left it out of the actual post. :p

    But EA can recycle the lobster items from Super Hero Sequel Event and add the stuff I just mentioned here plus and hopefully an actual Pinchy for the game (not just the Clobster Monster).

  4. I DO remember the episode, …..and the funniest moment is when Homer pays her
    😃 🇬🇧

    • Yeah, you commented in my post 😀

      I’m so happy, I want to scratch your belly and give you some bacon snacks hoping you’ll do this more often (not being afraid to comment) 🙂

    • He unties her, pays her, and lets her leave before the police get there. Classic Homer!

  5. After watching the Simpsons in the updated animation method, it’s real interesting to watch the older episodes in the older version of animation of the show. I think the voices have slightly changed as time goes on. I recently saw a fairly recent episode and Mrs. Krabapple’s voice sounded really off…not like her at all, but I knew it was because I know Marcia Wallace finished all her voice work for the show before she passed.

  6. Josephine Kick@$$

    I’m hoping they bring back the BB, my grandson & I were just looking at her in a neighboreenos town & I told him I wish I’d gotten her 😊

  7. I totally remember this one! I started watching The Simpsons from the very first episode when I was in college, and my boyfriend and I never missed one. I absolutely had to spend donuts on the Babysitter Bandit when she showed up!

  8. I came here to say that this was actually the first episode, by production order. For example this couch gag isn’t a gag at all. They all come in and simply sit down, creator credits on TV, start show.

    Watching the seasons by production order is actually pretty fun. Every once in a while there’s a reference made to something introduced in an earlier episode that by broadcast order seems odd. I recommend it to anyone who can watch them in this order.

    The only time it’s a bad idea to watch in this way is for “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” Watch them together. It’s not worth it to split it. Nothing is gained.

    • 🙂 that is a great web site, I do use it sometimes when I need reference help. Most frequently to find a quote so I can then type the quote into Frinkiac 🙂 plus of course watching the episode and freeze-framing when I need to write something down on my note pad (actual pen and paper) before I go in to type it all up.

  9. For those that haven’t seen the original cut:

  10. This is probably none of my business whatsoever but I’m a bit curious why you (“you” in this case meaning the three main addicts of the site) don’t give Toolbox and Safi author privileges on the site so they can post their articles themselves. Maybe you’ve already mentioned this somewhere else but if you did I must’ve missed it.

    • None of your business indeed, but thank you for being a butt in sky. Makes my job easier. 😀

      All I have to say is that I find it odd since apparently some contributors get that privilege over at FG Addicts. Btw, there’s different levels of authorship on WordPress. The lowest one gets their name on the article but they can’t publish the article themselves. The next level they can. But neither of those levels can they view or publish any of the admins’ drafts. (One of the levels they do get to see stats and stuff.)

      Yes, that’s all I have to say.

      • Things are different on family guy because i have absolutely ZERO desire to do anything over there and Bunny has been ill and needed help. Shouldn’t find it odd that two different sites are run two different ways….

        But thanks for a how-to guide for Word Press. It’s not like I’ve been using it for several years or anything… 😉

        • The BTW was for Lavette…. sorry, didn’t mean to offend you. Just musing about it with them. It’s not odd that they’re run different. I read the “sick and needed help” post there, so it does make sense. Just if it’s possible then it’s “odd” to not know the difference. I assumed it’s like temporary help and yet they were granted accounts. Wasn’t sure. Musing…. Definitely not “amusing”, apparently. *me,ball,corner*

    • Can’t speak for Totbox, but I can say I’ve never asked Alissa to give me author privilege, which may be a factor towards why.

      My posts come down to two categories: Bracket Battles and recently helping out with the Superheroes event.

      As for the Bracket Battle, I’ve been working on four brackets for the past two years and am really thankful to A/B/W (particularly Alissa) for running it. While it takes me a decent amount of time to prepare the images for the Brackets, the photo recaps, and the Tales of the Tapes, I’m sure it takes Alissa a lot of time to transfer and convert all the crude files I send her, to add the Poll Daddy poll to each match-up, to make it into the wonderful polished post you guys see every week, and then to send me the results each week.

      As for the event posts, technically I asked Alissa not to credit me on those, as I literally just copied her amazing pre-existing templates for the Prize Guides; but of course Alissa is not the type to not give credit to others. All I did was take one of her old posts and update the relevant data and added some screen shots I took. Alissa provided several images as well (and DavidBo also provided an image I missed for the Epic Pie Man Statue, thanks Dave).

      “Maybe you’ve already mentioned this somewhere else but if you did I must’ve missed it.” I haven’t missed a post since Oct 2013, and am 99% sure they haven’t mentioned it anywhere. I don’t really think it’s something A/B/W needs to address, especially not in the comments. If anyone is interested in gaining author privileges, or curious as to why or how the process works, probably better to email them at But before you email them asking to gain author privileges, just think long and hard about how much time commitment the three of them give to this site. This is practically a second full-time job (third full-time job if you have a newborn baby).

      • I should just clarify with a disclaimer, the last paragraph in my comment doesn’t mean the Addicts are requesting applications for potential author privilege candidates. I was just trying to point out that comments like the one I replied to might be better suited for a more private forum like email versus such a public forum as a comment. I don’t want A/B/W to start getting tons of additional emails requesting author privileges because people misconstrue my comment.

      • Looks like Totbox was writing a comment the same time I was (beat him by 4 minutes, [Nelson voice] “ha ha”). Now I can speak for Totbox and say he feels the same way I generally do, and vice versa, I echo his comment and sentiments within.

      • I’m not interested in being an author myself but in my opinion both you and Totbox deserve it (and I am perfectly aware that my opinion is not important in this case but you can consider it a compliment if you like) 🙂 Thank you for your reply.

        • Look here’s the deal with giving someone an authorship here. Once you give it to them, you can NEVER take their access away. EVER. If you do they’ll lose the authorship title in their post. And while I love Tot’s writings and Safi’s help with various things..what happens if they stop playing the game in 3 weeks? Or if they decide, ‘you know what? It’s been fun, but I’m tired of writing here. So I’m done with that.’ Or what happens when the Bracket challenge is over? I still have to continue to give them access to the back end of this site so their previous posts have their name at the top? Doesn’t seem fair for the 3 of us who have killed ourselves for the last 3 years to build this site to what it is today.
          Bunny, Wookiee and I have built this site from the bottom up…literally from 1,000 hits a day to hundreds of thousands of hits a day. We have a commitment and dedication to this site, not to mention trust in each other…that no matter what we’ll continue to do what we do until we all decide we’re done.
          We always give FULL credit to anyone who writes a post that isn’t us (for crying out loud tot’s name is in the title of the posts lol). But we’re not going to just start giving out back end access to this site unless we 1) all agree on it 2) that person is a sane, competent writer and 3) that person is willing to make the same commitment Bunny, Wookiee and I make.

          • Perfectly reasonable requirements and I don’t think I match any :p

            1) “We all agree on it” (assuming you mean Alissa, Bunny, and Wookiee) but if you include “me”(Totbox) in that mix, I don’t feel ready for such responsibility.

            2) “sane, competent writer” that disqualifies me on three accounts right there -lol

            3) “same commitment” I know the admins created this and it’s their baby but I don’t think I would want to ever babysit it (I just tickle it, make funny faces, spoil it just a little and leave while someone else changes the diaper :p )

            Will any of that stuff change in the future? Maybe, but in this current/space time it’s not something I’m seeking.

            Now I hope the elephant can leave the room, but you’re welcome to stay Lavett. 🙂

          • I see, I didn’t know WordPress worked that way. I thought you could give different levels of privileges such as moderator, author, administrator and so on and that it was possible to remove those privileges at a later date without it affecting older posts. Thanks for the explanation.

            • If you pull them from the back-end of the site, it pulls their name off of the posts as well. (and changes the author to TSTO Addicts)

          • Josephine Kick@$$

            Well 2) ruled me out 😜

    • Lavett or should I call you “Level” since you called me “Toolbox” :p
      (To be clear, I’m being playful; all is well) 🙂

      Alissa, Bunny, and Wookiee have been in the Blog business for years and I’m sure they had enough experience to know when it is right or safe to offer such privileges. (Or how WordPress operates)

      I don’t need those privileges, (though I would like quicker access to fix my mistakes 😛 ) the arrangement we have works for me, I can’t speak for Safi or Kim or anyone else but what it probably boils down to is timing/communication (not posting something when something more important needs to go up, not posting something troublesome/controversial).

      Lavett you had the right to be curious, and you had the right to ask the question, wether you have the right to the answer… Well, I suspect it’s complicated and if anyone deserves the full story behind it, they will get it in a private message. But for the record, I don’t need the full story myself 🙂

      It’s been an honor (for me) to just post a comment on this site, so I feel it’s a high honor to write posts 🙂 so anything more doesn’t really matter. As long as people keep showing up to the site and keep commenting and encourages me to make more post, I shall.
      So thanks for the comment and I’ll take the suggestion as encouragement 😉

      • I have more control issues than you, box of tater tots. Like you said, fixing a mistake like that is hard (even at the lowliest authorship level)…and leaving a typo or missing image as is is nearly painful. Well, last time I had that issue (not here, obviously), I asked if it could be fixed, then waited, then did a few “ohms” then yeah… The typos in my comments are one thing (I tend to not even address them now; if anything they’re comic fodder for someone else, if they notice) but in a post meant for higher purposes…I’d feel bad. (And we can all see how easily I can feel bad. Just ask Alissa. 😉 )

      • Thank you for answering. Sorry about your name, I blame autocorrect (I certainly have no responsibility at all to check that there are no mistakes before posting 😉 )

    • Russian Tigger

      Whoa this seemed to stir up a hornets nest, but I think if someone isn’t familiar with the mechanics of WordPress and blogging it’s a valid question, especially as we’ve been seeing a lot from Safi & Totbox lately.

      So I thought it might be nice to give an opinion as someone who has had their own blog, (not game or app related), is a contributor over at FamilyGuy Addicts and an avid reader and occasional commentator here.

      I’ve contributed quite a few posts to FamilyGuy Addicts but I rely on Bunny to put them on the site under her name, a situation that previously worked fine as although it may go under Bunny’s name she ALWAYS gives me credit for the work. And it’s the same here, there is always credit given to Safi, Totbox, Kim etc. So it’s very clear whose work it is. I think from Safi & Totbox replies they are just chuffed their work is considered good enough to be used, getting your work up on a successful blog like this is great for them.

      Now a bit about WordPress, in the past multi author/ contributor accounts were common, too common in fact and in the past this caused issues when trying remove a contributor as this removed their blog posts unless you moved them onto another user. But there is a workaround for this now via a plug in which simply allows you to disable a user, this stops them being able login but leaves their original posts on the blog under their username. Perfect, an easy fix you cry, well it should be but isn’t, if you’ve ever used WordPress you will know nothing is ever easy, plug-ins can be a nightmare, as can the whole dashboard at times. So many successful blogs are reluctant to use these and instead limit the authors they allow like on here.

      Now there’s a BIG difference between this and the FamilyGuy site in terms of traffic and comments. Alissa, Bunny & Wookiee have created a monster blog here compared to most game sites. I can’t think of another app game blog that has kept the personal touch whilst having this amount traffic, commentators and a community feel. I feel they are able to keep this due to the limited authors and strict moderation they make. This becomes more difficult if you make everyone who creates a few posts an author, you lose a little control over these things. Also with three of them at the helm they seem to manage to keep on top of things, how they manage this I will never know but Bunny was on her own over at FamilyGuy Addicts, trying keep the site going whilst very ill. And it’s not as friendly and easy going over there at times due to the many frustrations with the game itself. In fact the FamilyGuy site is essential to many players getting through events, we didn’t want to lose it. So it was a case of adding authors or watch the site slowly die, as traffic deserts you quickly if nothing new is going on in your blog. So it was about keeping the site going.

      WordPress is a messy pup to use at times, the constant improvements usually cause issues and you really need to know your way around it or blogs can start to look a mess, so again keeping the amount of authors down can help, as not everyone who can write a great post knows how to use WordPress, or wants to. And this for me is too busy a site to earn your wordpress L Plates on.

      I’m not sure if I’ve said anything others haven’t already said here, but I thought Lavett’s question was something a few readers may have wondered so good to get some replies. I also thought it would be nice for Alissa to know others understand her protective nature towards her baby, that’s her blog baby not Riley. I don’t think we’d want see her protective nature when it comes to Riley. Be a bit of a force of nature😅

      Finally a note to Totbox whose post comments have been a little hijacked by all this, although if you’re sparking discussion that’s no bad thing. And I’m happy to say your Throwback Thursday’s have seen me dust of my series 1 (yes we say series over here) box-set. So consider your job well done.

      • Thanks Russian Tigger. This is very true. It was VERY VERY VERY VERY hard to give someone access to Family Guy. It took lots n lots of emails, disclosure agreements, etc etc etc to do so. But you’re right in the reason, I didn’t want to abandon the readers that I knew still needed a voice for them and a site to find DEEPER details than the game house offered to them. I cried and stressed over it all so much… still do, but in the end and after much discussion between the Addicts, access was allowed on a limited basis.

        If WordPress gave us the option to JUST set up someone to moderate comments or JUST write a post… that would be fantastic. Sadly WordPress isn’t like that. All or none, so like Alissa said, the trust to have in someone to grant full site access is not taken lightly. Especially because we are very protective of the Addicts name and the reputation we have worked ourselved practically to death and built for ourselves. I have seen other site hijacked by the wrong people being given access.

        Short story long, if WordPress gave us more simplistic, individual item ONLY access, and ability to NOT lose names off of posts… decision would be simple. But WordPress chose complicated instead. Lol.

        • YEAH!!!!!!!! BUNNY COMMENTED in one of my posts 🙂 (think this might be a first, definitely first for my throwbacks)

          Sure it had nothing to do with the post itself, but it still counts :p

  11. I was thrilled to get the Babysitter Bandit in our games this past year. When I started making the Bracket Battle two years ago, she was near the top of my One Hit Wonders conference.

    I don’t really fancy anything else from this episode. I do like the idea of the Pickled Egg Jar. Though I see it as being more of an event currency/mini-event currency that brings Larry and Sam into our games.

    • Yes the Babysitter Bandit was must have for my town as well. (thank you EA)

      I like your idea with the Pickled Egg Jar 🙂 or maybe we can get a Pink Apron Moe skin with a P.E.J. Visual task? 😀

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