From the Mouths of Addicts: Future TSTO Events

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post comes to us from one of our frequent commenters, Robobot!

Robobot asked if he could write another post for us, so I said sure..come up with your own idea, give us your opinions on and and we’ll see what happens!  Well he came up with a list of his ideas for future Events in TSTO! 

Love em or hate em, Events seem to be popup rapid fire these days…and everyone has their own opinion about them.  And here’s Robobot’s thoughts about what the future could bring for Events in TSTO…

Enjoy it my friends!  And don’t forget to give us your take in the comments below 🙂 -Alissa 


Hey Tappers! I’m back on Addicts again, writing a post telling you, my ideas for Events. (So take out Your Notepads EA)

So My First Idea for a Event is a Wizarding/ Magical Mini Event. The Free Skins would be a Angelica Button Skin for Lisa and a Headmaster Greystash Skin for Homer.

download (3)


The Premium Character would be a Character Building Combo, that would Cost 110 Donuts. It would include the Bookachinos Book Store, and T.R. Francis.

250px-Bookaccino's 250px-Angelica_Button_and_the_Mystery_of_Secrets

Maybe, They could also add a Lord Montymort Skin for Burns, A Slithers Skin for Smithers, a Wizkid Skin for Bart, and A Reoffering of the Frog Prince,Wizard Martin, and Wizard Marge. (I would also love to have Kid Harry Potter as a Character)


Angelica Button Lisa, Wizkid Bart , and Kid Harry Potter  would be in the Wizkid Collection, T.R Francis would be in the More Business Owners Collection, or in the More Oddballs Collection, or in a new “Authors” Collection. The Event Currency would be Wizkid Wands. I even made up Unlock Messages for The Characters.

Angelica Button Lisa: I’m like a Girl Harry Potter!
Greystash Homer: I tried to shave, it just grew back.
T.R. Francis: My writers say the next book is the best yet!
Wizkid Bart: My Enchanted Dog ate my homework.
Kid Harry Potter: I keep telling you, it’s Brimstone!
Lord Montymort: My Enchanted Shin!
Slithers: Montymorts got more Wicked Witchery than Stevie Nicks!

Possible Buildings and Decorations Include:

The Springwarts School Of Magicry (Building)
The Hourglass of Sandy Dune (Decoration)
Lord Montymort’s Lair (Building)
The Dragon King’s Trundle Bed (Decoration)

My Next Idea for a Event is a Summer Camp Event, involving Kid Versions of Existing Characters, like, Kid Homer. (Note, all Kid Versions of existing Characters are their own character)

Kid Homer, Kid Marge, Kid Ned, Kid Burns, Kid Barney, Kid Lenny and Carl, Kid Moe, Kid Wiggum, Kid Comic Book Guy, Kid Frink, Kid Helen Lovejoy, Kid Fat Tony, and Teen Patty and Selma would be available as their own Character. (Caused by Time Anomaly, caused by Homer/Gerald blowing up the town.)

PhotoGrid_1465647039884 PhotoGrid_1465647786003 PhotoGrid_1465648575756

Unlock Messages:

Kid Homer: I’ll look like What?!
Kid Marge: My Voice runs in the Family.
Kid Barney: I wonder what Mom’s Beer tastes like…
Kid Ned: I’m Prune Tracy!
Kid Mr. Burns: Bobo!
Kid Moe: At least I can’t get any uglier…
Kid Frink: Cloaking Device, Activate!
Kid CBG: Could This School be any more elementary?
Kid Wiggum: Let’s Play Cops and Robbers! I’m The Cop, no, the Robber.
Kid Lenny: Carl’s my Best Friend!
Kid Carl: Lenny’s cool I guess.
Teen Patty: I’m Pessimistic beyond My years.
Teen Selma: Why are these Fire Sticks so addicting?
Kid Fat Tony: My Clients want only the Wackiest Tobaccy.
Kid Helen Lovejoy: I swear mom’s gossip magazines were just, open!

Possible Buildings and Decorations Include:

Camp See-A-Tree : (Building)
Camp Land-A-Man (Building)
Camp Flab-Away (Building)
Camp Cabins (Buildings)
Rebate On Kamp Krusty and Kamp Bart
Frink’s “Space Rocket” (Decoration, Character combo with Kid Frink.
The Swimming Creek (Decoration)
Fat Tony’s Tobaccy Patch (Decoration, Comes with Kid Fat Tony)
Wiggum’s “Police” Bike (TSTO exclusive, Decoration, comes with Kid Wiggum)
Camp See-A-Tree Boat (Decoration)

My Next Idea, isn’t really a event, it’s more of a Gil Deal/Summer Sale, it involves Gil Selling a Upgradable Version of The Simpsons Swimming Pool, and The Gil Deal would be released in the Summer.


The Simpsons would all have Premium Animated Swimming Jobs there, and the Pool would cost 160 Donuts.


Also, A Pool Mobile Decoration would be available for 50 Donuts, and would have a Animated job for Otto, and a Bonus.

So those are my ideas for Events. Do you have any event ideas? Do you like my ideas? Eagerly awaiting the next event? Sound Off in the comments below!


Thanks again Robobot for providing us your take on future events!  As always we love hearing from you guys…so if you have an opinion or take on something going on in the game (or something that should be going on in the game), please send it along to us…

100 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: Future TSTO Events

  1. We need Bart, on his skateboard, jumping the Springfield Gorge. We’ve got Lance Murdock.

  2. I would really like to see a Film Festival or a Music Festival themed event.

  3. I propose an event where the main Simpsons characters are not even used (except occasionally in the text to complain how they aren’t the focus of this event)
    The actual parts of it could be increadibly loose so long as they don’t involve the major characters.
    Let’s see what we can do with some of the super heroes, the hippy, and Princess Penolope. Maybe get that weird rabbit into the mix too

  4. I love love love the idea for a Wizarding/ Magical Mini Event! Especially with the new book coming out! I really hope EA is listening 🙂

  5. Bring Futurama characters to Springfield!!!

  6. I doubt this will ever be a future event but, it would be cool have all the characters be turned into animals from the Halloween Special, “The Island of Dr. Hibbert.” Since we already have animals who can have tasks like; The Coyote. Or just CPU’s like; The Raven and others. Plus a new skin for Dr. Hibbert.

  7. Final idea following my yard sale suggestion. A “summer of love” (or any season) event based on the episode There’s Something About Marrying but of course could feature other marriage/love story episodes. I imagine there’s enough characters, quests and prizes that could be created from it.

  8. A “Homer at the Bat”/softball event with Griffey, Strawberry, Clemens, Mattingly, etc. We could earn or buy the whole team. 👍

  9. I’d love to see a Flaming Moe’s event pretty much a rockstar event 😀

  10. Whatever the new event is, (I’m reading some great ideas here), we definitely need:
    More land expansion
    More ocean expansion
    Some love for Krustyland!!

  11. There are some great event ideas here! Some of my favourites mentioned are: airport, fishing, mystery, college, summer camp, and the pool.

    I’d like to see a cops and robbers/crime-spree type event with the police force overworked (babysitter bandit, Sarah Wiggum, fit fat Tony, Jeremy Jailbird) and needing to expand their recruitment efforts to include [gasp] women (cop Marge and Gloria Jailbird). I can totally see Wiggum choosing to outsource instead (springfield security team with skins for Homer, Carl, and Lenny) and get creative (Brenda/Betty/whatever her name is police robot, K-9 unit police dog granted tasks). Judge Harm could even make an appearance and the superheroes/Terwillegar prisons could return. But my most-wished-for updates are permanent – updates for Squidport, Krustyland, and SH.

    Squidport could give us more ocean space (I want two more columns!), a ship-wreck (glass bottom boat Athena), garbage island, lobster traps, a wrecked crate of hot pants, the naval base, a carousel, single pier tiles to connect to the beach, some more shops/restaurants for Squidport, and the ability to move the yacht club and ornate pier east of the mountains. We could also have the return (even if limited-time) of the yellow submersible, three-eyed sushi, and the USS Clancy. And I’d love it if the Squidport NPCs earned ‘tips’ like the Spuckler children do.

    Krustyland could use some love. More attractions and decos would be great, but most of this could be accomplished with items already in the game. CoC castles could be added to the Krustland menu, and the Barbarian, banners, and nerds from this event would fit perfectly as a Krustyland addition. Add the limited-time rides as permanent fixtures, give us water tiles here, and, by far the biggest change, program a Krustyland ticket payout option for event buildings. Imagine being able to place Death Mountain in Krustyland, the reindeer food truck and the Fortress of Lonlitude, Homer’s House of Cards or the old mine from the wild west event. The Victorian UFO and the Drive-in Theatre. Give us the freedom to have our event items (buildings, decos, and characters!) cross over freely to Krustyland. Imagine having outdoor tasks in Krustyland – a rampaging mutant, laughing Rigellians, sun-bathing superheroes, they could all be performed there as easily as Springfield. And what about our regular characters. Rod and Todd might like to visit, or Ralph, or Kearney. Let all of the youngsters, parents, and event characters visit. And let us see them! Wiggle-puppy, sugar-eating, frog-hackysack, jig-dancing, and self-bullying are all actions suited to a theme-park. Free Krustyland!

    As for SH, there’s A LOT of land there, just waiting for us. Imagine the city-planning that could take place if SH was the same width as Springfield proper. Give us another tunnel (or two), add an art gallery or museum (didn’t Marge have a nude painting phase?), bring back the golf course, double the REV prizes (a Burns manor gate, an ‘ethnic names bear right’ sign, another celeb like Kyle Darren (the aging SH90210 star), Number 1 (not all of us have him), a pink Chanel suit for Marge), add an upgradeable guest house or salon. And add a character (or, better yet, two) with a regular job (1- to 24- hours) for each SH currency. There are 30 levels of characters that have been ignored here; let us use them for a more traditional currency accumulation.

    Well, that turned out to be a few more ideas than I intended to share, but there’s so much still to add to the game :). Like a zoo event, a sun-blocker, a dome … with 20+ years of ideas the real dilemma is, what first?

  12. OMG WIZARDING/HP EVENT YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS! I would LOVE that! BTW: Hufflepuff in da house!!

  13. Love the pool idea. They could include elements from the episode “Bart of Darkness”

  14. elSchopenhauer

    Well i’d like any event that adds more ocean tiles. Or a where you build a springfield airport! that would be great too!

  15. I got one of my friends to start playing Tapped Out a few weeks ago, and honestly today I was just looking through my Springfield and hers and I felt bad. When I first started what kept me going was the enticement of the Mystery Box prize every Friday. Without that I wouldnt have so many things in my town like Lard Lads or Otto and his bus. I could have never afforded Otto on my own with the donut salary I earned. Now my friend, I dont think she even knows she can buy a Mystery Box for 6 donuts and I dont know if I should tell her because their prizes seem really kame nowadays. I just got Chalmers car and another Itchy & Scratchy billboard last times I tried. If they still gave epic prizes it might be worth spending donuts on but the payouts seem lower. She has nothing but events to rely on to help her grow her springfield askde from levels.

    Oh Mystery Box you were so good to me, I wish everyone else could have used you to help them in the beginning too.

    • I started a second town the other day just for fun and I got 99 donuts really early on. I was shocked. It made you buy the mystery box and gave 30 donuts and by the dialog it seemed like that was pretty standard for that first time. I remember being so excited when I finally saved enough to buy squeaky voiced teen and the Aztec theater. So even though there are changes it looks like they make up for it a bit with the amount of donuts you’re given. I think I’m at like level 4 too. Not far in.

    • Before all the unique items are won the prizes are still sweet – BHL, SVT, Kearney, tire fire, and lemon tree are all unique mystery box prizes. Lard Lad, news van, bill board, car, klav klash stand, and pond are all non-unique items. They’re worth buying until all the unique items are owned, and after that they should still average out to the cheapest (though arguably the boringest) multiplier boost.

    • Depending on your luck, despite the lack of epic prizes as you put it, the Mystery Box is still worth it in terms of donut to XP ratio.

      A good donut to XP ratio is 20:1. Many such items are regularly available in the store including Chalk Outlines (20 for 1%), Shiva Statue (40 for 2%), News Van (40 for 2%), Roadster (40 for 2%), Police Car (40 for 2%), Burns Limo (40 for 2%), Century Flower (40 for 2%), Old Gray Mare (40 for 2%), White Picket Fences (5 for 0.25%), etc.

      There is one better item available in the store at a 15:1 ratio, the Jet Engine Bike (30 for 2%).

      Occasionally limited time items come that are even better, like the Inanimate Carbon Rod at 10.9:1 (30 for 2.75%).

      However, depending on your luck, you might do even better with the Mystery Box.

      After recently leveling up from the 400’s to the 600’s and earning over 200 donuts in the process, I decided to raise my XP% via the Mystery Box at someones suggestion. I bought 40 Mystery Boxes and was significantly impressed by my luck.

      Here are my stats:

      First ten Mystery Boxes for 60 donuts yielded two 10 donut rewards, 1 News Van (2%), and 1 Billboard (1%). This round yielded 3% for 40 net donuts, a great 13.3:1 ratio (better than the Jet Engine Bike).

      Second ten Mystery Boxes for 60 donuts was my worst round and yielded just one 10 donut reward, 1 News Van (2%), and 1 Billboard (1%). This round yielded 3% for 50 net donuts, a very good 16.7:1 ratio (not as good as the Jet Engine Bike). My net yield after 20 Mystery Boxes was 6% for 90 donuts, a 15:1 ratio (same as the Jet Engine Bike).

      Third ten Mystery Boxes for 60 donuts yielded just one 10 donut reward, 1 News Van (2%), and 2 Billboards (2%). This round yielded 4% for 50 net donuts, an excellent 12.5:1 ratio (better than the Jet Engine Bike). My net yield after 30 Mystery Boxes was 10% for 140 donuts, a 14:1 ratio (better than the Jet Engine Bike).

      My fourth and final for the time being ten Mystery Boxes for 60 donuts was my best round and yielded one 10 donut reward, one 30 donut reward, 2 News Vans (4%), and 1 Billboard (1%). This round yielded 5% for 20 net donuts, a phenomenal 4:1 ratio (better than anything by far). My net yield after 40 Mystery Boxes was now 15% for 160 donuts, a 10.6:1 ratio (much better than the Jet Engine Bike and even slightly better than the Inanimate Carbon Rod).

      With 15% for 160 donuts, my bonus XP percentage is creeping towards 200%. To earn 15% via the Jet Engine Bike would have cost me 225 donuts, in comparison to the 160 the Mystery Box took.

      The only downsides are luck has to be on your side and you get very little variety (Billboards and News Vans). While you can sell most of the other items you get, you can’t sell Lard Lad’s yet. I now have 10 of them in my Inventory storage.

      I am currently in the process of leveling up again since this past Friday until next weekend. I currently turn on my XP collider on Friday evening for ten days, and focus on leveling up for 10 days. I then take 4 days to relax (which is when I spend the donuts I earned). And then repeat the two week cycle the Friday evening following my four relax days. During these ten days my XP collider is on until next weekend, hopefully I’ll level up another 100+ levels and then during my next set of relax days, I will purchase some more Mystery Boxes.

      • That’s all well and good throwing out statistics on how much donuts you earn and how you spend 100’s of donuts on mystery boxes every week but not everyone can just throw away donuts like that. I only have 100 or so myself and it’s impossible to use the KEM method when I only make 50k a while buying white houses is nearly impossible and my xp multiplier is only 40% lol

        • 50k a day*

        • Takes time. Today is my third year anniversary playing. I obviously couldn’t do this the first couple years. With time, everything gets easier.

          • Yeah I know, I’ve been playing on and off for a few years and I did buy a ton of white houses before the inflation but stupidly sold them without realising they had been gone up in price. Big mistake lol

        • Jozhster: its not throwing out donuts…there is a random element to it but on average I promise you it is the best deal in the game.

          I’ve been gathering data to analyze just how random it is, but to give you an idea of what a good deal it is consider this: Buying the jet engines you can buy a one percent gain for 15 donuts. Buying the mystery boxes gives you a one percent gain for 8.2 donuts on average.

          Yes it is frustrating when you get the car or pond or another darned khav for your hard earned donuts, but you also get the 30 donut payoff or the 2% vans or 1% boards.

          I’ve been gathering data through july because I thought there was a change in probabilities so let me spew some numbers here. I’ve bought 198 mystery boxes in july. My net cost for them was 618 donuts (because of the 10 and 30 donut prizes). For those 618 donuts I’ve gotten an additional 76% bonus meaning I paid 8.13 donuts/% over this month.

          I haven’t yet found my old dataset from the end of last year, but that test gave me an 8.3 donut/% payoff (so my thought that they substantially changed the payoff algorithm is almost certainly nonsense). But this is still the best way to increase your bonus % in the game over the long term.

          • I wasn’t saying its a waste of donuts to buy mystery boxes, I was saying that it’s hard even getting a steady income of donuts coming in just so you can do that.

          • oh i definately agree about that. After being freemium for a long time I started giving EA money (about $100 over a year) and I’d say 80% of those donuts went to the mystery boxes to get my bonus up. This is a long-haul strategy to be sure and not an easy path.

            For a couple of years i’ve had to forgo the neat items and have instead aquired a fleet of news vans and a million itchy and scratchy bulletin boards (along with a field of Lard Lads that will go into storage as soon as I need the space once again). But now that I have them, it is much easier to earn the donuts and get the toys I’ve craved all this time.

          • What % is your bonus? Mine is currently 55%. What percentage is good enough to start earning donuts via the KEM or rat truck method?

    • I have two games going. My recent “B” game still has the original daily challenges with the Mystery Box on day 5. I haven’t built The Big Box when instructed to do so and probably won’t. My “B” game is there to assist me with events.

  16. I’d like to see an “Island of Dr. Hibberts” event. Or what was the title of the episode where all Simpsons characters looked like animals?

  17. I do not see a possible reality where they don’t do an Olympics event soon.

    • The App store blurb references “a random set of summer sports” so I’d expect we’ll see an Olympics event (or mini-event) drop sometime this week. My vote’s for Friday to coincide with the opening ceremonies.

  18. Odd thing, little Lisa’s recycling plant just dropped 450 “blueprints” something is coming up… either that or I missed something.

  19. – krustyland 2: the mall. Mall stores mall currency like trays cinnabuns. All kinds of shops and squeaky voice teen jobs. Should be a separate area
    – future simpsons. Jenda etc
    – college. Nerds, lousy dean. Marges professor from the 90s
    – futurama tie in. Mega event

  20. I like your camp event idea with child skins of the adult characters.

    I’d like to see a music event with Homer’s quartet, Lisa’s recent cabaret stint and of course Bleeding Gums Murphy. And outdoor stages.

  21. Since levels are nill, they need to make Krustyland avail for all kind of like how they brought back monorail. Then start working on making minigames and events that could focus on the theme park aspects because I have almost all there is to offer for that area but can barely fill up the available land. I hope they let us bring more items from Springfield over such as the various castles.

  22. I have two event ideas.

    One idea is a Simpson family gender-swap event. Here are the gender-inverted Homer, Marge, Bart and Maggie briefly seen at the end of Treehouse of Horror XIV:

    For Lisa, let’s bring in her Jake Boyman guise from Boys Just Want to Have Sums:

    My other event idea would be perfect for a 30th anniversary celebration of the Simpsons origins as Tracey Ullman Show filler: a loose adaptation of the pictue retake scene of Homerazzi, except instead of all of their family photos, only their 1987 photos would need to be retaken, thus giving the game the opportunity to bring us Tracey Ullman Show skins for the Simpsons.

  23. Go back to sleep, I am

  24. moecyslack905

    Cool ideas Robobot! I hope EA makes them happen 😃

  25. BraveElfgirl1994

    Monorail vs Trains

    Could be a little event or at least some good dialoge with it.

    I have taken down my monorail stations and all the track pieces. They have been stored away for awhile now. What I would prefer is a train going through my town.

  26. Mini-Event. Olympics. Shelbyville vs. Springfield. Shelbyville Dopplegangers, key Shelbyville buildings. Reissue the Stadium pieces so I can build awesome stadiums. So regret not stocking up before. Want a baseball, football and soccer stadium section part of town.

  27. I think next event will hit next week and will be Olympics themed. I second the “let’s make events last <30 days" I would love a Harry Potter type of event 😀

  28. If we store buildings from the Heights does our $ total of Real Estate decrease?
    Also, it would be great to be able to either sell or just delete some stuff from storage.

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