Where Did THAT Come From – Pin Stand, Pin Collector Lisa, Fatov, and Pins

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

pinstand lisa_pincollector_play_sax_for_pins_image_3 unlock_fatov_1TSTO Pin Collection 

Wowza… the Springfield Games hit our towns and its one interesting event fusing different things. Anything but more Tap Ball, right? Basically this event is a parody of the Olympics without paying any money to the IOC because the desginers did their own thing. This round of origins will go over the Pin Stand (3rd Event Prize), Pin Collector Lisa, Fatov, and the pins. You can find lots of gameplay info about all this in this post from Alissa. But what do they have to do with the Best. Show. Ever. and where did they appear? We head to “Boy Meets Curl” (S21:E12) to find them.

Marge and Homer discover a love of curling courtesy of a movie date night at the Aztec Theater gone wrong and a stop by Skates ‘N’ Such Ice Rink. Marge convinces Homer to go in for a sport that encourages hand holding. Inside, the rink has been taken over by Springfieldianites practicing curling do no skating for them but it’s all for the good as Marge and Homer became enthralled with the activity.

Skates 'N' Such Ice Rink Curling Simpsons

It’s perfect really with bowling for Homer and sweeping for Marge.

Marge & Homer Simpson Curling

After mixed curling is announced as a demonstration event at the Canadian Olympics, Marge and Homer’s team heads to the Olympic trials. The curling trials are held right next to the International Curly Trials… fun. At the trials, Lisa runs into a young girl with lots of pins on her hat.

Monsieur Wee Wee & Chillbert Pin Simpsons

After being given Chillbert, one of the four Winter Games mascots, for free, Lisa thinks he looks lonely and heads to the Olympic Pins kiosk. These pins probably look familiar to items in a post that Alissa did. “Buy us. Buy us with money.”

Olympic Pins Simpsons

Too bad the little girl was actually a very short male actor name Monsieur Wee Wee. Lisa quickly becomes quite hooked on collecting the pins. I guess it’s lucky for Marge and Homer and unlucky for Lisa’s new addiction that Team Springfield makes it to the Olympics in Vancouver, Canada’s warmest city. Lisa plans on heading to “the Olympic pin center to fill in a few small gaps in her collection.

Olympic Pins Collecting Lisa Simpsons

Lisa has her eye on the 1924 mascot from the games in Chamonix, Ennui, himself. She must really want it since she trades her pearls for it, a gift from Marge for reading at a 12th grade level.

Lisa Simpson 1924 Olympics in Chamonix Mascot Ennui Pin

Bart finds his sister bussing on the streets for her new addiction. She’s not usually this interesting lol. I agree, wearing a dress made completely of Olympic pins might indicate an unhealthy obsession.

Lisa Simpson Olympic Pin Addiction

Bart shows his sister some soft hate ( a better version of tough love) and helps her kick the pin addiction. He’s learned a lot from watching Homer. Problem is they know need to get back Lisa’s pearls. “Without them I’m just a big Maggie.” Bart cuts out Homer’s face from his driver’s license, flips it upside down and adds eyes to the chin and claims it is a rare very first pin of the mascot from the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. “His name is Fatov. He represents the Russian spirit of sloth and alcoholism.”

Fatov Simpsons

The pin guy, who I think of as Canadian Raphael, daydreams about owning this rare and exclusive pin.

Russian Ice Skating Fatov Simpsons

The pin guy falls for the ploy and Bart gets Lisa’s pearls back. USA wins the demonstration gold and we get a fun little scene of Homer and Fatov dancing to classical music at the end.

Homer dancing with Fatov Simpsons

So there you go friends. The origin for new stuff in the game all from a fun episode about curling which may or may not be a real sport. I must admit I actually watch this event during the Winter Olympics. Did you know the truth about Fatov? Have you earned all three of these yet? Enjoy curling? Ever collected pins? I know a few Disney nuts who probably should watch this episode as a warning. You think this is all a subtle shout out to a certain site with Addicts in the name? Sound off in the comments and happy pin collecting.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

41 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Pin Stand, Pin Collector Lisa, Fatov, and Pins

  1. Has anyone experienced collecting the ribbons and playing for pins over & over & over again? It keeps stating I have to collect like 40 something ribbons but when I’m done, I have to do it all over again!

  2. Wow, I’ve never seen that episode. I thought Fatov was a dancing potato. 😂😛

    • Me too – love the explanation of where he came from (I missed that episode too). Now that I know what Fatov is, I cannot un-see it and I keep seeing Homer’s upside down half-head 😉

  3. I love Fatov. He reminds me of a Homestar Runner character. And his little dance is just too cute in the game!

  4. Will there be a SIB on lugash gym and the flags?

    I’ve not seen this episode but I’m interested in seeing it, I love the episodes that create things out of homers face, like mr sparkle lol

  5. And here I was thinking Fatov was a fortune cookie with legs.

  6. Someone stole my burrito™

    I really like the pin stand. LOL. I’m weird. It goes great with the other stands. I like Lisa’s pin charterer voices too, the chicken bok bok thing ( sounds like profanity, haha ). I even like Fatov. All of the other decorations, Go Carts, tire flame, etc. are going into storage. They are just too weird. I used to use almost everything, now I think I have more in storage than out. 🙁

  7. So many comments from people who haven’t seen this episode.

    It was so hyped up in Canada. We had TV and Radio ads, contests, news stories on the upcoming episode, etc.

  8. What do we get when we tap in our neighbours towns? Is it still worthwhile bothering to visit neighbours?
    When will we be able to buy something substantial with our ingame
    cash? Not much point collecting it if we cannot use it for purchases.
    I really would like to buy some more land at least with it.

    r in game

    • At the moment, just cash and XP.

    • If you max out your friend points(collect all the friend prizes) you can randomly receive donuts when you visit your friends. I have 100 friends and I get at sometimes one or two donuts a day but yesterday I got 3! It’s still a good incentive for freemium players.

      • that’s encouraging… I’m at 100 friends, just removed about 15 that stopped playing during/after superheroes, but now another 2 have stopped. I only started playing in June and thought getting FP was cumbersome because criminals wouldn’t spawn right away. Now that it’s back to ‘normal’ (i’m assuming), I can complete all 98+ friends in <20 minutes on BlueStacks (compared to 40 when I needed to find 3x criminals).

        Feel free to add me if you want to dump someone: 0nygnyy (it's a zero)

  9. I’m not the only one who thinks Homestar Runner when they see Fatov, right?

  10. Whenever there’s a new Where Did That Come From, and I haven’t seen the episode, I try to make time to watch it. I need to see this one now.
    I think Fatov and Mr Sparkle should get together sometime.

  11. Looking at the Pin pic we see pins that are not in the game – Snowflakes, Mapleleaf, weightlifter, Palm Tree (since it has sunglasses, I want to call it the cool and Calm Tree).

    Why not these pins in our game and why a Frenchguy Pin instead?

    • There’s a lot of potential for this whole pin-collecting thing.

    • I added info and an image to the post about that particular pin. Considering it is the one she traded her pearls for, it makes sense to me why it was included.

      • Good fix Wookiee, thanks for commenting about the addition, I would have missed it otherwise 🙂

        Oddly that’s the only pin I’m missing (never traded bottle caps in)

  12. Bit meh about the event but much love for pin collector Lisa and fatov

  13. This event is fun. I had never seen the episode. then, last night on FXx, I was watching The Simpsons and Lo’ and B’hold, it was THIS episode. I whipped out my phone and logged in. I still think it was aliens…. 😉

  14. So does that mean Homer’s nose is Fatov’s…

    On a nicer note, you hear Canadian Raphael say “Fatov” when you tap him.

  15. Off topic, but I’m very disappointed that I spent 75 donuts on the mystery gym locker and was rewarded Tennis Marge, only to find out she does not pay out premium. They have a lot of nerve charging 75 donuts for a non-premium-earning skin

    • Well, that’s the risk.

      • Well then the game should be clearer on the risk, rather than simply claiming it has “a minimum 85 donut value”.

        • But that’s the mnimum cost of anything on offer. There’s a long-established history of things being made available for donuts after they had been free in an event, *without* upgrading them to premium status.

          • That’s an arbitrary cost they assigned to mislead customers. I understand you may not have an issue with it, but it’s poor practice for a company like EA

  16. is the flag bundle a single purchase or can you buy multiple?

  17. I’ve never seen this episode either, which is why I had no clue what Fatov was. That makes sense! LOL (I still think it looks like something out of Riley’s diaper with legs.)

  18. I love the WTFDTFCF posts 😀

    (Read that as you will) …Fatov is a great example of how they can make NPCs work for us!

  19. Fatov is just a spy, scouting out Earth’s defenses for an invasion by the Vindaloovian Empire!!!

  20. Fun fact, the first time I saw Maggie without her pacifier (the show was at its 18th season and I was actively trying to catch on from the first), I thought she looked like a small version Lisa ^^

  21. I’ve never seen this episode before, will have to watch it sometime.

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