Sci-Fi Event Has Arrived! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the jocks have left, bring on the nerds!  It’s time for the Sci-Fi Event!  EA teased it a few days ago and now it’s here!  So buckle up, hunker down, and get out your app store to download the Sci-Fi Event!

2016-08-16 15.31.31

Right now this is live on iOS, Android and Kindle users you know the drill…

Remember this is a APP STORE update.  So you’ve got to go into your Google Play, Apple App or Kindle Store to see it.  If you don’t see it appear on the “update list” try searching for Tapped Out and see if an update is available.  If you STILL don’t see it, try hard closing the store and restarting your device.

2016-08-16 15.30.09

Also remember, a few weeks ago we let you know that TSTO was no longer going to be compatible on older devices. So if you’re having issues getting the download to work, or seeing compatibility issues, that could be why.  Check out this post for more details.

This will AUTO START for you with some dialogue from Fink and Homer (Lisa too), and you’ll be tasked with building the PolyVac (Free).  You’ll then need Homer free for a 6s Task, followed by another 6s task & another 6s task.  This will start a little more dialogue and eventually the main event stuff will kick in.

Back with more as I play through it… 🙂

So lots of twists and turns with this one guys.  As always the BEST way to figure something out is to play through it.  And remember, we’ll have full posts breaking down the ins, outs, ups, downs and what the heck am I doing wrongs as we move through the event.  For now let’s quickly talk about the basics.

Act 1 Ends August 30th 7:00 GMT (3am EDT)

Event Ends September 20th

We’ll start with that’s in the store…

LOTS of premium offerings.  Here’s a look at what’s available..


hedgefence00_holo_menuHolo-Large Hedge- $1500

hedgefence01_holo_menuHolo-Small Hedge- $500


blackhole_menuBlack Hole- 10 Donuts (will not appear unless you already have the Super Collider)

soulextractioninstitute_menu roboburns_victory_pose_image_7 charactersets_doggysmithersSoul Extraction Institute- 100 Dounts. Earns $200, 22xp.  Comes with Roboburns and Doggie Smithers.

giantrobot_menuGiant Robot- 75 Donuts. Earns 3% Bonus on all cash and XP

ico_stor_single_springfieldoftomorrowSpringfield of Tomorrow Sign- 35 Donuts. Earns 1% Bonus on all cash and XP.

ico_stor_scifi_robotsalvagelicenseRobot Salvage License- 90 Donuts.  Doubles rewards from neighbor Actions (tapping Robots).  Does not unlock in store until you’ve unlocked friend actions, see below.

Freebies You’ll Get Via the Questline

menu_scifi_polyvac_notificationPolyVac- Free, instant Build.  Unlocks via part 1 of the main Act 1 Questline

stephenhawking_victory_pose_image_24Stephen Hawking- Character unlocks for free during Part 1 of the Act 1 Questline.

3dprinter_menu3D Printer- Free with part 1 of the Build Me A Solid questline. (it’s MASSIVE..9×11).  This is where crafting is based out of.



As the normal trend, this event is broken up into Acts.  3 total Acts.  For Act 1 you’ll need to collect Dark Matter…

Here are the breakdowns…

skyberdinesystems_menuSkyberdine Systems- 1600ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg

futureduffsign_menuFuture Duff Sign- 6,500ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg

ico_priz_scifi_simpsonshovercar_lgSimpson’s Hover Car- 12,000ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg

ico_priz_scifi_holotheater_lgHolo-Theater- 18,000 ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg

ico_priz_scifi_sergeantskinner_lgSgt. Skinner- 24,000 ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg

How Do I Earn Dark Matter?

You can earn it by tapping Robots

unlock_robotEach Robot tapped yields 1 ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg.

Here’s a reader tip from Echo006 in the comments on how to collect Robots Faster:

Hey Alissa!

I have found an easy and quick way to find all the robots roaming around your town!

1. Open the 3D Printer Crafting Screen
2. Click the button to level up with robot parts.
3. If you don’t have enough, click “Go to” and you will be sent the closest robot for you to tap!

Hope this helps, please share it in the post so people find out about it early so they aren’t frantically searching for robots in their overcrowded towns!😀

And here’s a little video I quickly did demo’ing Echo’s comment, for those who are still confused:

ROBOT SPAWN RATE: Robots Spawn at a rate of 1/3 minutes.  You can have a max of 30 in your town at once, with a bank of 50.

Tasks at the PolyVac.  Various other Homers can perform tasks there, as well as Frank Grimes.  Earns 33 ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg for the Homers (each) and 66 ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg for Frank (if you have him.  He is premium).

Questline Completions.  You’ll earn 25 ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg for every part of the main questline you complete.

Friend Actions.  Once unlocked you’ll earn 2 ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg for every Robot you tap in a friend’s town. (unless you have the Salvage Card, in which case you’ll earn 4ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg.  Friend actions will not unlock until you’ve completed Dark Matters Part 7.

Various questline tasks.  Various tasks in the questline will have a reward of ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg attached to them.  For Example, in What’s the Matter Pt. 2, both Ned and Hawking can earn ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg instead of cash for their tasks.

SciFighter Minigame.  Tap as many Robots as you can in 20 seconds and earn ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg as the payout.

Neighbor Actions

You can Tap Robots in Neighbors towns


This unlocks after Dark Matters Part 7. Via Across the Multiverse.  And From what I saw Other Springfield Does Not Have Robots to Tap.

You’ll earn 2 ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg for every Robot Tapped in a Friend’s town.  They are hard to see…so look closely.  Your neighbor DOES NOT have to be at this point in the questline for you to see them in their town.

If you purchase the Salvage License, it’ll earn you 4 ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg for every Robot Tapped in a Friend’s Town.  Salvage License will appear in your store after you’ve completed the Across the Multiverse Questline.

New Land!


A new strip of land was added to the far right of our games.  It’ll run from the mountain range down.  (opposite end of the ocean)



So the 3D Printer controls crafting.  You’ve got to move through the questline to unlock it, fortunately it unlocks fairly early on.

Similar to the Casino Event you’ve got to unlock Levels to unlock more items to craft.

Crafting Currency for Act 1 indicator_scifi_robotparts

I’ve got to fully play around with crafting to fully breakdown the ins and outs of demoing and what Future Bucks do.  Also to breakdown the level requirements. As you’ve guessed, i’ll have a full breakdown post on this…But for now here’s a breakdown of what you can craft at Level 1:

Holo Tulips- 40 indicator_scifi_robotparts

futurestreetlamp_menuFuture Street Lamp- 100 indicator_scifi_robotparts

vacationtovenusbillboard_menuVacation to Venus Sign- 180 indicator_scifi_robotparts

Those three are the only three currently unlocked, at Level 1.

SciFighter Mini Game


This is a fun little game to play, and a great way to earn more Dark Matter.  Every 4hrs your PolyVac will reset and you can play this mini game.  You’ll have to protect the PolyVac from the incoming robots.

So tap as many as you can in 20 seconds to save it.

As you may have guessed…we’ll have a full breakdown on this game in another post.  But that’s enough to get you going for now.

Oh and these guys ico_cur_scifi2016_flashbulb_lg are Flash Blubs.  You can earn 1/ day via the Power Plant, you’ll get 5 to start via the questline, and you can buy a pack in the store for donuts.

ico_scifi_flashbulb_pack 5 Flashes– 15 Donuts

Flashes will kill all of the robots in the area, during the mini game only, when used.  A handy tool if you can’t keep up with the incoming Robots.


New Feature

There’s now a “Get Help” Button in our games to directly connect you with EA, should you need help in your game. Just find the Get Help icon (in your Store Menu is the easiest place to find it) and tap it:

2016-08-16 17.01.07

And no, this won’t call 9-1-1 for you.  So if you’re in an actual emergency….don’t use this feature 😉

This will bring up the EA Help Screen:

2016-08-16 17.01.41

And if you hit Contact Us it’ll give you more options for getting in touch with EA:

2016-08-16 17.01.51

Neat little feature, so now you don’t have to navigate their website to contact them.   🙂

And that’s it my friends..the full rundown on Act 1 of the Sci-Fi Event!

And before you ask here’s a list of what’s coming…

-Walkthrough Act 1, Turbo Tappin’ Version
-Calendar Act 1
-Should I Buys on all the premium content, even the Robot Card
-Crafting Breakdown
-PolyVac Game Breakdown
-And Much, Much More!

Sit tight, enjoy the game…and we’ll get back to you with more information once we’ve got it ready! 🙂

What are your thoughts on the Sci-Fi Event?  Excited to have Stephen Hawking in the game? How about the robot battles?  Excited for some futuristic content?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

597 responses to “Sci-Fi Event Has Arrived! (Updated and Complete)

  1. I placed the Soul Extraction Building but did not receive my Roboburns and Smithers doggy, what should I do?

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    Ummmm, is anyone else’s town (for the most part) have many common buildings on fire? I closed the app, reopened, but they’re still on fire. It definitely does not look like a normal layering/funny mistake in graphics. It’s all KEM, generic houses, SF elem, police station, Simpson’s, Flanders, Wiggums, Van Houtens, Skinner’s houses… & Burns Mansion. Am I missing something, or is this a sign? (cue spooky music) 😳😳😳

  3. I will actually play my neighbour, and I I know I will definitely win because I love games

  4. I’ve got a LOT of “future money” but can’t find snyting to but with them ??

  5. Hey is there anyway to find out what characters can earn event currency? Your posts on the events rock! However, it would be hella cool if you could find out which characters will be able to earn event currency thruought the event and post a list! I have premium and freemium characters in storage that I don’t always bust out, and it would be good to know if I have any in storage that should be in the field earning their keep!:)~


  6. half the time I log in, there are no robots to tap, or only about 5. Other times there are tons. I don’t get it.

  7. This event is to “controlled” in how much you can make in a day. Not everyone can play every 4 hours on the dot. So with that being said I’m giving up and will not be playing until event has passed. It’s to bad tho… I’m A real sci-fi fan…

    • Agree totally, being a kindle user, I always get to start missions late, also means that I do not have independent WiFi so once out the house I kerred and seeing as Camelot refuses point blank to pick my Euromillions numbers, I have this annoying thing known as work that I must do, so I can pay the leccy n internet bills, so I can carry on playing……. :~p

    • I like the game but am frustrated. I will be within a 1000 and not get Skinner. I log in constantly and have not had any robots in my town even first thing in the morning after not playing for 8 hours or so

  8. So what are the future dollars for? Cant do anything with them

  9. Hei. It takes very long time to get prices in the first act. How to make dark matters faster? I’m in Level 110.

    • You should earn roughly 1800 dark matter/day. the best ways to do that are clear your town every 4hrs (play the SciFighter Game) and send the Homers on their tasks at the PolyVac. Beyond that visit your neighbors each day. There’s not quick method. Just consistent 4hr playing works with this one.

  10. How do I spend my future bucks??

  11. My power plant isn’t producing anything and my frank doesn’t have any event quest…… 🙁

  12. Will you guys be adding the dialogues too? I hate it when I accidently click too fast and miss something. 🙁

    • Usually we do it at the very end of the event, so we don’t ruin anything for those who like to read as they tap. Then we just do 1 long post with the main dialogue and one with the premium dialogue.

  13. Hi, anyone have problems with the Daily Challenges, ‘Use flash during Sci Fighter’? Have used the flash several times and it works, but it does not register with the daily challenge and have gone through the daily challenge to complete the task. I have yet to find a cube/anomaly. Sheesh.

  14. Aww the KEM glitch has been fixed🙁

  15. I bought Grimey and i was annoyed i didn’t get his original quest… He just went straight into sci-fi tasks…

  16. Well, I managed to buy 2050 KEMs for $220. Got an extra 340 donuts with them. Then I find out I get to sell them back for $3600. Wish my stock market purchases turned out as well. So, since my XP Collider still has 14 hours left, I guess I will buy $14 million worth of KEM and get another 170 donuts. Tap, tap, tap

  17. When you change Homer skins some fun dialogue happens 🙂

  18. How do you find the cube/anomaly? Is it in every town? Or is there only one a day? Is it usually located at a certain spot? My daily task is also to tap the anomaly but I’ve been to many towns and haven’t located it yet

    • It’s not in every town and it’s rare. For once, be sure to pay attention upon entering a neighbor’s Springfield. One of three things will happen: If the friend is participating in the event, you will be centered on the PolyVac. If there is an anomaly/cube, you will then be dragged to it. If the neighbor isn’t participating (or isn’t that far along in the quest), you will be centered somewhere other than the PolyVac.

      So the short answer is to pay attention when entering: if there is a cube, you will be dragged to it. If you don’t pay attention, you might assume the friend isn’t playing this event because the cube can blend in or be hidden behind buildings.

  19. Does the smithers and burns robot format earn the event currency? And they aren’t just outfits correct?

  20. Today’s daily challenge is to “tap the anomaly” which takes you to neighbouring springfields. But I don’t know what I’m looking for. Can anyone help me?

  21. I am certainly no spawning robots at the suggested rate. Have only tapped about a dozen, have used the do it thing, this is first thing in the morning, game having been closed for 8 hours+ :/

    • did you play the scifighter game?

      • does playing the scifighter game wipe out every robot in town?
        sure looks like that in my town. better collect every robot and then play the game.

        • Can someone confirm this as I am getting so few robots. Do I need to make sure I tap them all before playing the game?

          • No because when you start the game it kills all of them in your town…which is why you usually get a bunch of matter prior to starting the game.

          • Yes, I did, been reading up today, am back with the program…..brain deafness tends to happen to me when I go to work for a 3 hour shift, which becomes 7 hours, then drifts into 9….
            I kinda miss this info sometimes simply coz, well if Moleman asked me to guide him, it would be the blind leading the blind 🙂

  22. Add me on Kalebis107. i am a Daily user Looking for friends.

  23. NEIGHBOUR VISITS – It’s bound to get asked soon enough, as it does with every event, so I’ve decided to try and pre-empt the deluge: I can 100% confirm that you can still receive random donuts from neighbour visits as well as event currency. I received 2 yesterday whilst tapping robots😎….💜X

    • Add me on Kalebis107. I am a daily user looking for friends.

      • KALEBIS- Thanks for the add request but I’m not looking for any neighbours at the moment. I’m actually trying to reduce the number I have. Ideally I’d only like 50 excellent dependable ones but I have way in excess of that. If you post your request on the add friends page you’ll get loads, easily. Happy tapping…💜X

  24. Every time I start the SciFighter mini game, I notice that all the random robots walking around my town are destroyed before the countdown begins. And when the mini game is finished, there are no robots in my town anymore until more start to spawn again.
    Should I have tapped all the roaming robots first to gain the crafting currency, and then start the mini game? Or does the mini game save time and collect all the roaming robots currency for me so I don’t have to find and tap them?

  25. Does the robot Burns and Smithers have jobs? If so 100 donuts ain’t bad!!!

  26. I’m hoping this event may bring back some old sci-fi themed items to our game store temporarily. I need the Fink mobile and his robot dog. I won’t hold my breath, but it would be nice if they came back.

  27. I have a problem with Robots Spawn Rate. You guys mentioned that it spawns of 1/3 minutes. With a max of 30 in your town at once, and a bank of 50. It looks like my robots only spawns when I’m playing the game, not when I’m not playing; ie. when I’m asleep. When I played this morning, I expected to have the max 50 robots but only found 1 robot. Does anyone have the same problem?

    • They come rapidly after you “wake up” the game. Tap that first one, and wait a few minutes with your game open. They will start congregating near the place you first cleared. Be patient. Tapping around your town just moves the “robot target.”

      • Thanks for your quick reply!
        I somehow could only find 1 robot when I woke up this morning. I expected to have 50 robots walking around when I logged in after 8 hours of not playing. Turns out that I had to finish a certain quest before getting the “50 robots in the bank” to start..

  28. I can’t find my free flashlights!!!!! Help!!! Ayúdame!

  29. Just noticed all potential land to buy has no garbage on it… Is it just me? I usually get a couple pieces of debris with each purchase… But nothing… Land is garbage free in my Springfield.. Only garbage is from spaceship

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