Something Sciency Is Looming…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in to let you know there IS an update in the files. (no it’s NOT available for download yet…so don’t start screaming “I Don’t see It!”)  So we are getting an update today.

And I suggest keeping your main characters (you know the ones from below Level 20) free…it’s just good practice.

So to when?  Well it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

As to what?  Well let’s just say a lot of your speculation about this image:

new Event FB Teaser 8-14

Is accurate….

Let the fun begin!  Remember this will be an APP STORE update (and will likely hit iOS first)…so keep checking those stores for the download.

Oh and also remember…I know there are other sites out there that post images/spoilers of what’s to come.  But please don’t post those images or details in the comments.  We’ll try to remain as spoiler free as possible.  Thanks!

Thoughts on the upcoming event? Excited about the possibilities?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


174 responses to “Something Sciency Is Looming…

  1. my (android 5.1) device isn’t compatible w/ this version

  2. Yea! It’s live. So how do we get the other two transporters? It says go to storage, but they are not there and I can’t see where to buy them.

  3. David Billington

    OMG…. it’s like watching paint dry…. wish they’d hurry up. It’s that bad I’m watching Manchester City

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