Podcast of a Wookiee: Episode 2

Well hello there friends!

So… if you hadn’t noticed, I’ announced last week that I started a podcast. Alissa has been an amazing supporter of this endeavor by yours truly and in her usual benevolent fashion, is allowing me to remind readers here of episodes as they come out. Since weekends tend to be slow for posts (as we enjoy the time with our friends and families), we’ll post these on Saturdays just as a reminder. I know a bunch of people like when I ramble and this format allows for that to the extreme.

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That’s right… the resident walking carpet has a weekly podcast where I can ramble about Star Wars, The Simpsons, TSTO, comics, sci-fi, movies, TV, and whatever geeky things normally got kids like me teased by other blockhead kids. Well who’s laughing now? Me… and now it’s on a podcast. It’s such a great time in the world to be a Geek and I figured it couldn’t hurt to add my voice to the cacophony of people talking about the world of geekdom. While not an amalgamation of geek news or headlines, my goal is just to offer a bit of topical free funny for like-minded people. As I know there are lots of geeks here I figured I’d share this for anyone interested.

Episode 2 (why did I not name it Attack of the Wookiee Clones or something?) can be found over at http://www.laughitupfuzzball.net/. The podcast also has an RSS feed that can be accessed (and subscribed to) on iTunes, GooglePlay, and other pocast apps that pull from those sources. I know Podcast Addict (you’d think we created that name) is a stable Android one.

This episode is about 55 minutes. The goal is weekly rambles at or under an hour in length. This one covers all manner of geek stuff including some initial thoughts on the 2016 TSTO SciFi Event, 2016 superhero movies, the Rogue One trailer, a rant about halloween costumes, and more. The whole recap is here. Well, I hope some of you enjoy this. I’ll stop babbling and let you get back to your lives and all the other amazing Simpsons stuff we have here.

Sooooo… check it out, subscribe, comment, do the awesome things y’all do. If you have ideas or suggestions, my ears are always open albeit fuzzy and stubborn lol. Think of this post as a way to comment on the episode or add suggestions or ideas for future rambings too. You can also reach me by social media:

Twitter (@wookieeriot)
Instagram (@wookieeriot) – fair warning this is just funny Star Wars pics and not updated often
At the website (www.laughitupfuzzball.net)
Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/laughitupfuzzballpodcast)

Until next time (and yes, I will definitely be doing origin posts that come out next week for this event), thanks for being you and keep laughing. Charlie Chaplin said it well, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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20 responses to “Podcast of a Wookiee: Episode 2

  1. Can you post a link to the Google play as I couldn’t find it when I searched “Laugh it up Fuzzball” is it because podcasts are not available in the UK for Google Play yet? REALLY want to download the podcasts for when I go away and don’t have internet

  2. Downloaded the 2 episodes and listened to them over the weekend. Easy to listen to and the enthusiasm for all things geek was to the fore. Although worried about the self-confessed lack of structure/chance of rambling, the sections were pretty clear and defined and so worrying over nothing (I felt). I will admit that I’m not as geeky and not up to date on my superheroes but still enjoyed the chat/talk/monologue. Any constructive criticism…tricky one. Personally, all of the podcasts I download are not done by just one person and more conversational. I did zone out a couple of times in the 2nd one as I’m probably used to more than one voice – perhaps the odd future episode with a guest? Difficult at the moment as you’re finding your feet and so need to get comfortable with what you’re doing. The only other suggestion was if you were considering going back to talk about old movies, comics, TV? Lots of films out at the moment that warrant the attention but in a lull, maybe talk about your love of the older stuff. you touched on it with the X-Men franchise but would be interesting to hear you talk about those in more detail. Cheers for putting the podcast together,

    • Thanks for the feedback. I definitely plan on going back to older stuff. Episode 3 will have a bit which I’m recording sometime today. As for guests. I’m hoping to have one every month or so but I’m trying to find my feet as you said. I think they’re somewhere below my belly lol. Thanks again.

    • Hopefully you got a chance to listen to Episode 3… I dished on some older stuff I love.

  3. Another great podcast Wookie … it was raining so I couldn’t sit in the garden and listen this time, maybe next week.

    So after you discussed favourite Superheroes I thought I would share mine.

    My favourite Marvel character is Jean Grey/Phoenix … she is amazing and I would love to have her powers. Deciding my favourite DC character was a bit harder, as I am not as familiar with those characters so I will go with Wonder Woman, she was the best thing about Batman vs Superman and I am really looking forward to her standalone film.

    • Thanks FF! Glad you enjoyed it and here’s hoping for some sunny weather for Episode 3. Phoeniz is really great. Did you see X-Men Apocalypse? Jean Grey was one of my favorite parts of that movie but Famke Janssen (despite X3) was my fave Jean.

      • Yes I did see X-Men Apocalypse and loved Sophie Turner as Jean (I may be a bit biased though as I am a huge GOT fan) but yes Famke Janssen is great in the earlier films.

  4. Sounds like you’re having fun, long live nerds and geeks and what not. I love Star Wars AND Star Trek….some say blasphemous, what say you?

    • Star Wars will always be first and foremost in my heart but I appreciate the Trek too. Actually have a guest episode planned where we’re gonna talk some Trek I think.

  5. Love it Wookie!
    Love the Family Guy reference of the title and love the Simpsons corner ofc
    Keep it up fuzzball
    Any improvements? Not really, more Simpsons!!! LOL

  6. Can I access it through podcasts?

  7. I’m glad Wookiee has found his Voice and isn’t shy about it, but some people worry, that this might make him to busy to comment on Throwbacks and such :p

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