Where Did THAT Come From: Sgt. Skinner

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


Sgt. Skinner was dropped into our silly lil games as the last Personal Prize for Act One of the Sci-Fi Event 2016.

In this post I will be going over the Origin of Sgt. SkinnerWhy is he in our games? Why does he have the name of our infamous Principal? What does he have to do with all things Geeky? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Season 9, Episode 2: The Principal and the Pauper

It is Seymour’s 20th year at the school and Chalmers has decided to have a surprise Tribute for him. Lisa has volunteered in class to do a report on Seymour’s life for the Tribute.

The night of the Tribute, Agnes tells Seymour that they will NOT be doing their usual Silhouette Night. Instead she is all dressed up and wants to go out. She pulls up to Springfield Elementary, where of course the signage outside pretty much gives away the surprise.

Sgt Skinner 1

The night is full of the kids talking about Skinner’s heroism in the Vietnam War, how he escaped being a POW to return to Springfield and become the best Principal, songs sang by the kids in honor of him, just an entire night all about Seymour Skinner. As all the festivities are going on inside, a car happens by outside with a stranger intrigued by the Tribute going on.

As Seymour is blowing out the celebratory candles and making his thank you speech, a man comes into the gym and yells out that he is NOT Skinner. Everyone is taken back and in shock as Principal “Skinner” admits that man is correct. The Stranger is in fact the REAL Seymour Skinner.

Sgt Skinner 2

Back in the Principals office, we find out that the REAL Seymour Skinner was the Principal’s Sergeant during Vietnam War and the Principal assumed Skinner had been killed in action on a scouting trip. Sgt Skinner in fact had been captured and was in a Secret POW camp for 5 years before being sold to China for slave labor. Since 1977 he has been making Sneakers. The U.N. had just shut the factory down a week ago and he was finally shipped home.

So… just what is the name of the guy that has been posing as Seymour all this time? Armin Tamzarian is his actual name. An Orphan from Capitol City. He was nothing more than a street punk causing chaos. He soon found himself in front of a Judge who gave him options… Jail, Army, or apologize to the Judge and the Old Lady he stole the purse from. He chose Army, though quickly regretted it when he found out a War was going on.

Sgt Skinner 3

During the War, he was given a life lesson by his Sergeant. Sgt Skinner, who spoke fondly of the place he came from, Springfield. Of his dreams to return back and become the Elementary School Principal. Armin became fond of him over time and looked up to Sgt Skinner as the big brother he never had. He gave him hope. Shortly after, during a mission, Sgt Skinner went missing and was presumed dead. Armin was saddened and felt like his life lost all meaning again.

Sgt Skinner 4

Armin felt it was his duty to return to Springfield and deliver the grim news to Sgt. Skinner’s mother in person. In Springfield, he was greeted at the door by a confused Agnes that assumed it was her son standing in front of her. Armin made the decision to become Skinner at that moment instead of breaking her heart. For the next 26 years he worked to live out the dream of his idol Sgt Skinner, to live the life he thought Skinner would want. Sgt Skinner seems to be forgiving and understanding of what Armin did.

Sgt Skinner 5

Agnes however does not seem to want to deal with any of this. She wants nothing to do with either one. She has NO son!

Sgt Skinner 6

All around town, Armin is finding that people are not so accepting of what he did to Skinner. Saying they call only think of him as a fraud and nothing more. Armin decides to resign as Principal so the REAL Seymour Skinner can finally take on the job he always dreamed of during the War.

Armin also decides to move out of Agnes’ home and leave town for good. He goes to Ms. Krabappel’s place to let her know. She begs him to stay, she doesn’t care what he’s done… but his mind is made up. He goes to the storage unit that’s held his real possessions for all these years, puts on his leather jacket, hops on his bike, and rides back to Capitol City yelling “UP YOURS” at the kids as he goes.

Sgt Skinner 7

Sgt Skinner tries to adapt to the role of Springfield Elementary but he is not too happy that none of the kids know or perform the Pledge of Allegiance anymore. Armin meanwhile is taking on odd jobs in Capitol City, like a sign walker for a Topless Nudes location. Sgt Skinner is also not making Agnes very happy. He comes home late (after 7pm)… from a Bar! He refuses to sit for silhouette night. Then he promptly tells Agnes he is going to take her car for the night. She is not happy at all.

Sgt Skinner 8

The Simpsons, Agnes, Edna, Grampa, and even Jasper all jump into the Simpsons car and head to Capitol City. They do not like the actual Skinner and want the old Skinner back. Armin refuses to leave. He was born no good and will stay there and be no good. Agnes however was not going to have it. She yells at him, just like a Mother would, and demands he march his butt down to the car and go back to Springfield with them all. He obeys her, as well as the rest of the gang.

Everyone meets up at Springfield Elementary where Homer announces that Armin is going to take back his role as Principal and stay there in town to be the guy they knew him to be. Sgt Skinner reminds them that HE is the REAL Skinner, a War Hero, and deserves respect. So they tie him to a train car and ship him out of town. Complete with a farewell party and a band playing as the train takes him away. Once he is gone, Judge Snyder confirms on Armin the name of Seymour Skinner… as well as his past, present, future, and Mother. Everything will go back to what it was before all of this… and no one will every mention it again… under penalty of torture.

Sgt Skinner 9

There you have it, an impostor that took over the life of (he thought) his dead Sergeant was outed, moved on, but then brought back to Springfield… all while the REAL Sgt Seymour Skinner had a short but quick reunion with his Mother and old life… just to have it all taken away again. Poor Guy.

What do you think of the episode? Did you remember it? Did you remember Seymour’s real name? What do you think of Sgt Skinner? Have him yet in your game? Remember seeing him again in further episodes? Let us know.


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  1. I did not get him nor did I ever think I was going to get him. Also I don’t have Maggie. 🙁

  2. I’m getting some currency from his questline but I don’t think enough to warrant paying 75 hard earned donuts. Not voiced. The questline isn’t anything spectacular. In the end, it’s just another character to put on tasks. For anything more than 30 donuts, it’s a pretty solid pass, especially as a freemium player.

    Not sure if anyone else would agree, but I think it’d be better to put those donuts toward one of the buildings that earns currency throughout the event or a character/building combo. Plus visit 30 friends every day and save your daily challenges until they pay currency. Sarge isn’t worth that much at ALL.

  3. In hindsight, this episode don’t deserves the hate it gets. It’s at worst just mediocre (and only for the time it came out).

  4. Act 2 is online and i would have to pay only 75 donuts for Sgt Skinner. worth it? does he have a job for event currency?

    • Not worth it imo…but gather some more thoughts from the community

    • I spent money on quickening rock star maggie task that earned 66 event currency. Spent about 50 some odd donuts. Only reason I did is because I happen to really enjoy this episode and the character. I have been upset that it was so hard to earn event currency this time around. The tipping factor in me purchasing Rock Star Maggie was to help finish event but I was still short. I could have played more I suppose but I feel EA is responding to criticisms that the event are too easy and made this one much harder.

  5. How great is this character? I am a little more than 4000 dark matter away with about 6 hrs left. If I dont get it, is it bonut worthy? Opinions needed.

  6. Hi
    I want to obtain this new character but I was out on holiday for about one week so now at the end of the Act I am only near the end of the 4th prize. Do you think that this character will come back sooner or later? So I can buy it also via premium value.

  7. I’m surprised there’s so much hate for this episode. Honestly I thought there were a ton of great lines in it;

    “It’s kind of a funny story, really. After five years in a secret P.O.W. camp, I was sold to China for slave labour. And since ’77 I’ve been making sneakers at gunpoint in a sweatshop in Boo-Haun.”
    “That’s not a funny story.”
    “Well, I guess you had to be there.”

    “Hello, Edna. I know we had dinner plans tonight, but instead I’m leaving town forever.”
    “(something along the lines of “that doesn’t matter to me”)”
    “That’s the kind of talk that makes me want to marry you…but instead I’m leaving town forever.”

    “Nod suggestively.”

    “Our class is making refreshments for Skinner’s party, these are in honour of his Army days.”
    “Well, that explains the flags, but what about the dog food?”
    “My theory is…Skinner likes dog food”

    So if we’ve got both Principal Skinner AND Sgt. Skinner, does that mean that there’s a chance to get Snowball V (or Snowball II if the current Snowball is Snowball V)? 😛

    • Heh heh, those were good, but they didn’t redeem the rest of it. And really, there was so much cruelty towards Sgt. Skinner, the whole thing just made me really uncomfortable. That’s one of the main reasons why I don’t like “Homer’s Enemy.”

    • I’m fortunate enough to have found like the only living person who has never watched The Simpsons, and I converted him into playing the game and now he wants me to show him all Simpsons episodes. Yesterday I played him this and Lisa The Skeptic. He laughed more at this episode.

      ‘Nuff said. It’s a classic.

  8. I am genuinely surprised that Tapped Out referenced Armin Tamzarian. Armin’s name was taken from a taxi driver, who was shocked to find out his name had been borrowed for the show. It was only pure luck that he was a fan of the Simpson’s and didn’t sue. He could take EA on for repeating it…

  9. Michael Carvajal

    The episode that ruined The Simpsons continuity-wise.

  10. I completely forgot about this episode and that the current principal is an imposter. Thanks for the recap.

  11. Did not know there was so much hate for this episode. I personally love it. Ok it’s full of plot holes, but The Simpsons is full of plot holes. Please tell me what is so bad about this episode.

    • I felt that the premise was pointless and absurd. Plenty of other episodes have poked fun at the “everything resets to normal after the episode ends” thing, and did it well. This one had nothing new to contribute or to say, and was a completely unnecessary (and, IMO, unfunny) “Screw You” to the viewers. I completely get the premise and the purpose, but they just fell flat.

      Additionally, putting so much of the spotlight on Agnes just made me want to puke. She’s so poisonous and nasty that I can only tolerate her in small doses, and they really showcased what a horrible, despicable, abusive old hag she is. A little bit of it, I can laugh at, but not when it’s thrown into such sharp relief.

  12. What’s really amazing is that Armin was willing to come back to that awful mother… Mrs. Crabapple should have hopped on the back of his motorcycle and they both should have rode off into the sunset forever! In the game, I keep Mrs. Crabapple and Skinner/Armin as far away from the school and his mother as possible. He rides his horse on patrol or birdwatches a lot, and she has been gambling at the Woodstock casino since the casino event…. I keep mom cleaning up the town with a broom.

    I probably won’t get Sergeant Skinner in the limited time left for Act One even though I’ve been playing regularly. Wonder if robot spawning had slowed down for a while, that’s happened before and meant that I couldn’t reach the last prize. Spawns seem heavier now at least. Usually it’s not that hard. Guess that means my Skinner is safe from discovery.

  13. I want to slap you all. Under the prize track, it strictly says “From ‘Principal and the Pauper’ (S9EP02)”.

  14. Hate this episode.

  15. Funny that the fake Skinner could easily get out of everything by just saying sorry and it weird if did say sorry everything will be different by just saying one word

  16. Worst. Episode. Ever.

  17. Armin's Frozen Peas

    I always really loved this episode, and never understood the hate it got for such a bold plot. The ending explicitly lampshades the total lack of continuity in Springfield, and is funny. Why is this really great ep beyond the pale when its totally OK that Bart has been 10 years old for over a quarter-century?

  18. Funny (or not really actually), I was JUST about to/am currently watching that episode in honour of getting the character 😛

  19. Stupid, stupid episode. The writer’s only defense is “you guys didn’t get the joke! See, this episode is about people like you who don’t want anything to change!”

    Only, that joke had been made many times before, by cleverer writers. Harry Shearer should have flat-out refused to voice it, and if the others had backed him up, we never would have gotten that steaming river of effluvia.

  20. If we’re going to jump the shark, bring on the Fonz. Where’s motorcycle driving Armen Tanzarian? …still waiting…

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