Thanks for Listening EA…Chronons Payout Changes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Yesterday a patch hit our games that fixed a couple of glitches but did something much more important.  It’s now easier to get Chronons in our games for Act 2!

In case you missed it, or haven’t noticed..after yesterday’s in-game update Chronons now pay out in tons when you play the Mini-Game.  I just did a round where I only cleared 29 robots and earned over 200 Chronons for it!

This is HUGE to help those who can only get into their games 3 or 4 times a day!

And we have to give credit where credit is due….

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Since none of us have a problem piling on EA when things are messed up, we should take the time to thank them for making something right.

In my Math Post I made no excuses for EA.  The original payout for Chronons was crazy.  Act 2 would be difficult to complete for anyone who didn’t spend 5 times/day in their game.

Luckily for us, EA was paying attention (and you guys always think i’m joking when I saw they’re watching…)

So EA, thanks for listening to us and making it easier to earn the Act 2 prizes without spending every waking second in our games.  We appreciate you keeping this game fun, and not stressful!

So just make sure you log into your game at least 3 or 4 times a day to clear everything and you should be on track with the Calendar.

What are your thoughts on the increased Chronons payouts?  Having an easier time staying on track with the Calendar now?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


146 responses to “Thanks for Listening EA…Chronons Payout Changes

  1. hi, the quest in 3D Printer ‘Do me a solid pt4’ – use future bucks to get items? How do you get items with future bucks? All i can use is robot parts to get items?

  2. Yes the revised payout helps! I had dengue fever 2 weeks ago or at start of act 2 which means I did not log on to play for 4 days due to extreme nausea. When I started playing again and logged on 4 to 5 times a day, I could catch up and now I could be possibly get the last prize of i timed it right! Thanks for feedback to EA and of course EA for listening after a horrid act 1!

    • Sorry you were sick, but glad you’re feeling better! Where do you live that you got dengue fever? I don’t think that’s very common in the U.S., so I’m guessing maybe you’re from another country? (I love all of the international participation on this site!)

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Good to hear you’re feeling better 😊

  3. I’m bummed I missed out on Act 1 items. Any chance we can have an opportunity to buy the items missed near the close of the game?

  4. My robots have stopped accruing after clearing via the SciFi game. This has happened to me on 3 occasions now. Just gone into my game 30mins away from next SciFi game and only 1 robot in my town. I’ve logged an issue with EA but not heard back yet. Any advice? anyone else affected?

  5. They also finally fixed the glitch where the track paid out 2,500,000 instead of 250,000. I made a few dirty dollars on that one 🙂

    • What a shame, I assumed that was intentional. allowed me to catch up on some land purchasing. Its not like one won every day (although I did get two in a row, my only two wins)

    • Im not really happy about that one, maybe they should leave the money but lower the odds (even tho i didnt win a single time). Now with my luck and 5k bet i dont find it worth it even to bet on favorite and im ignoring the gokarts.

  6. Im really glad they changed this payout. I was very afraid of not getting President Lisa (I can only tap a couple of times a day due to my work schedule), and I didn’t have any neighbors with Digi Ben, so no glitch for me. Since the update, and it being the weekend, I’ve now earned a bunch of chronons, and got the Astro House a few minutes ago. I’m ahead of schedule instead of struggling. So, thanks for paying attention, EA. I really like this event, and want mostly everything. Now I’m pretty sure I can get it.😊👍

  7. My game crashed after 20 seconds so I contacted EA. They helped me really quick and now I can play my game. I couldn’t play for 3 days. Do you think I can get all the prizes?

  8. Am I the only one who thinks that the Future Simpsons house should have been a skin for the regular Simpson home? Also, who else is annoyed by that section of fence that is so oddly out of place and doesn’t even connect to any other section of fence? If we complain enough could we convince EA to switch to a skin rather than a separate home we need to find a “home” for in our ever expanding Springfields🤓

    • Oh my god not being able to line the fence up is so frustrating. I’m hiding the gap with a “glitch” tree from the stupid bundle I bought thinking they always looked glitchy. They don’t and I’m salty. I am glad they adjusted things. I have every premium player and building possible for this event including Ben which I think was a waste so far. I play maybe 5 times a day and still was wondering how I would get through all the prize tracks. I’m pretty sure I’m good now as I’ll have the quicki mart tomorrow morning. Maybe I should check the calender though lol

  9. I play thrice every day, still haven’t even got future Bart yet. I have been playing since the start of tapped out and this update is by far the worst

    • If you play 3 times a day and do everything you’re supposed to you should have mooch Bart and more already. Something else isn’t right

      • My chronon count got stuck for a day or two… Mini games, etc would not add to the count. It didn’t get unstuck until I went to a neighbor Springfield and tapped a few robots. I’m way behind this act, but at least they’re tallying again.

  10. Where is everyone at in Act 2? I was able to earn everything from Act 1; however, it seems like Act 2 is just more difficult.

    I play every four hours (and tap on robots in 100 friends’ towns daily); however, I still haven’t earned the Astro-House yet. I also haven’t unlocked the Teleporter Billboard either.

    It just seems like Act 2 is taking a bit longer. I just wonder if I am where I should be with this level of effort.

    Thoughts? Advice?

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      Buy the Ladybot?
      She has a quest and then earns alongside Alternate Hermans at twice the rate (66 instead of 33).

    • Do you have Frank Grimes? I don’t have Ladybot but Grimes has a task at the Poly-Vac that pays out double.

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