Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E6 Dead Putting Society

Hello TSTO Addicts/participants,

Looking at all the directions I can go with this (the start of this post), I see a few obstacles.. Do I talk about feuding neighbors like the Hatfields and McCoys? Or go on a different angle, like about golf or minigolf history? Or just Focus on the training and being in the zone regarding the goal ahead?…. I think I’m just going to close my eyes and see what happens. Lets just hit it.

“Dead Putting Society”
Bart and Todd are not Putt-putting for the fun of it. Homer and Ned put them into this (w)HOLE-situation.


“FORE!”  (No not the 4th) November 15th 1990, the 6th episode of Season 2, the 19th episode of The Simpsons.


Maude, Sir Putts-A-Lot’s Merrie Olde Fun Centre. Also although they appeared in older episodes, this is the first episode with Rod and Todd together. Also the Springfield public library (Which doesn’t look like the one in our game).

There are also items that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe. OH THE POSSIBILITIES:

Possible Skins: Human (classic/living) Maude, Golf outfit Todd, Nightcap Ned, Night-cream Helen, Rain-suit Lisa, Dress wearing (grass cutting) Homer and Ned.


Possible Events: mini-golf mini-event (if not for a Tap Ball reboot), Zen (training) mini-event. Since there was a couple of Nighttime Skin ideas how about a Night (curfew) event?

Possible Decorations: (various decorative courses that didn’t come with Sir Putts-A-Lots) I mostly want The Grim (spin) Reaper, Itchy and Scratchy course, and the final hole “The Great Emancipator” (Lincoln and his automated Legs).


Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game Don’t Mention It: Library people, billiard hall people, golf tournament employees, announcers, and spectators.

some Highlights:


Some other things to think about:

We learn in this episode that the Simpsons and the Flanders have been neighbors for 8 years. Bart’s bedroom in the beginning of the episode was in the front of the house (where Marge and Homers room should be) but later his room was directly across from Todd Flanders’ room (at the back/ where is supposed to be). Ned has a large bird house and at the end of the episode it’s not there. Ned’s Speed-dial has “Reverend work”, “Reverend home”, “Recycling center”, and “Book Mobile”, why does Ned need to speed dial the Recycling Center (or is that another place Reverend Lovejoy goes)? Ned has a model train set (I wonder if this was a gift from Reverend Lovejoy). Ned’s green sweater in one shot lost it’s sleeves (turning into a sweater vest). Krusty is seen at the billiard hall without his makeup (he still had a flesh colored face, then). Skinner and Mrs. K. are seen together watching the match (are they an item, or is it a mutual friendship or just a coincidence?). The Sunday dresses, I have never seen on Marge nor Maude.

Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite moment? Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like? Ever do the Potato science “experiment”? Ever argue with a neighbor? Ever read Tao – Te Ching? Ever been part of a strange wager (did you win or lose?)? Do you have any mini-golf memories? Do you like Crabgrass? Can you imagine a world without miniature golf? Sound off in the comments and have a mini-journey back to your current space/time and avoid the windmill blades. :p



16 responses to “Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E6 Dead Putting Society

  1. I look forward to this series every week and you never fail to make me smile Tot. Strong work as always.

  2. Three dresses for Marge in this episode (not to mention her nightie) and I have not seen one of them in 26 years (this was season two)!! She does wear prison orange a few times (EA you listening – I got my robots so a prison theme should be next). We could also use a Krustyland expansion as well as (ducks under desk to avoid tomatoes) Springfield Heights!

  3. Who’s Charlene?

  4. Offtoppic question.
    I have almost got president Lisa.
    Now my daily task is tap 30 robots during sci-fighter game.
    If I complete this task but not claim the prize wil the event currancy carry over to act 3?

  5. I’d watch this episode a lot more if the stupid DVDs had a stupid “play all” button.

  6. Off Topic: Does anyone know what episode shows Marge as a method actor?

  7. Good throwback! It’s been a while…
    Can I ask an unrelated question? I stopped doing the character tasks for this event, I.e. future Bart, because i see that I have enough space thingies to get all the prizes. Im Hoping that the rewards and quests will carry over to act 3. Does anyone know if it’s worthwhile to save them?

  8. Good episode
    On a unrelated note try sent Apu on his 2 hour task
    Does anyone know why

  9. My favourite part of this episode was the Cockney commentary during the mini golf tournament.

    Mini-golf is one of my favourite activities. I get very mathematical, calculating angles, vectors, slopes, and speed. But isn’t that the best part of any recreational activity?

    • You’d love it here then Safi …We host both the World Mini Golf and World Crazy Golf Championship every year! 🙂

      Great post as always Totbox ♡

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