Where Did THAT Come From – Mobile Dome, Simpson Hover Car & Homer’s Dream House

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


By Hawking’s chair and wowza! The 2016 TSTO SciFi Event has just begun and already there’s so much to wow a fuzzball. Stephen Hawking, black holes, multidimensional visitors, and lots of sciencey futuristic stuff to figure out where to put in our games. I’m loving this like a nerd in a space rock candy store but I know a lot of this new stuff might have you wondering just where the heck it all comes from. Well no fears inter-quantum dimensional guys and gals, that’s where this walking carpet earns his bread and butter (seriously, that’s all I’m paid in lol). For this dimension of origin stories, we’ll be looking at:

Mobile-Dome – Level 9 craftable
Simpson Hover Car – 3rd Act One Prize for 12,000 dark matter
Homer’s Dream House – Level 18 craftable

Robots, interdimensional travellers, science, different existential Springfields… you can’t make this stuff up and it’s all in our silly little game. No surprise a lot of this goodness comes our way from non-canon (which apparently now means multidimensional episodes about potential futures for our favorite yellow denizens of Springfield. Before I get rambling about all the thoughts this brings to my noggin, I’ll just say for this dimension of origin stories, we’ll be looking at “Future-Drama” (S16:E15). Once we’re passed the fact that this isn’t the Futurama cross-over episode (well… there’s one thing) we can set off to find some schtuff.

Frink invents a machine that can look into the future (eight years!) using the science of astrology. Bart and Lisa are teenagers and Marge and Homer are separated. You gotta watch it just for roid rage Milhouse who somehow finally landed dates with Lisa.

Future Roid Rage Milhouse Simpsons

The first glimpse of the future includes visuals of the Mobile Dome. Basically a giant spacecraft garbage truck. I laugh watching it collect trash and fly off into the sky only to land right next door for the next collection.

Mobile Dome Garbage Truck Future Simpsons

Anyhoo… in the “future”, Marge left Homer when he blew all their money on an underwater house. We first see it when Bart goes to ask his dad for advice about women. It’s pretty clear Homer is clueless but nevermind that, fish are stealing his lawn furniture. Now his annoying neighbors are stupid flounders lol.

Future Homer Underwater Dream House Simpsons

Bart and Homer go to find new lady friends after the requisite 3 hour decompression. They hit the town in Homer’s hover car. It doesn’t drive very well because Homer bought the first prototype. Oh impulsive Homer… how I love thee.

Future Homer hover car Simpsons

It’s here that we see Bart and Homer go through a quantum tunnel (basically a way to flash through solid objects) and acquire one Bender Bending Rodriguez in their town. Bender is ready to be best friends with the duo but Homer just calls him a loser and tosses him out of the car.

Bender Bending Rodriguez Future-drama episode Simpsons

All of Springfield is super futuristic but Moe’s looks like the normal dump we’re used to.

Moe's Tavern in the future Simpsons

Lots of goodness including a couple more shots of Homer’s dream house all jazzed up and misspelt for a high school graduation party and Homer and Marge reuiniting under the see romantically lit by jellyfish.

Future Homer Underwater Dream House graduation party jellyfish Simpsons

It’s also worth mentioning that Bart uses the hovercar to keep Lisa from settling for Milhouse.

Bart and Lisa hover car don't settle for Milhouse future Simpsons

The moral of the story… noone’s gay for Moleman. What do you think of the prize and craftable? Do you like the “future” episodes? Hoping for a miracle that brings Bender into TSTO? Sound off in the comments and here’s hoping none of us are sucked into an event horizon while playing this event. Quantum tunnels sound dangerous.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

18 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Mobile Dome, Simpson Hover Car & Homer’s Dream House

  1. I was literally watching this episode and ‘Don’t fear the roofer’ yesterday about the same time this was posted, talk about coincidence. I love the future episodes. There is also a lot more potential characters in this episode for another future event like Jenda, possibly Bender, Uniclams, spider Moe, Smithers’ girlfriend and even Lenny’s super pet. Oh and from DFTR Ray Magini, Knockers, senile santa’s little helper, Builders’ Barn and Titania. (we got hawking so why not Ray?!)

  2. I think I found the perfect place to put The Homer. Right next to Homers Dream House. Just seems to fit nicely next to each other, with The Homer’s bubble windshield and the Dream House’s round design. 🙂

  3. Just remembered this episode contains one of my all time Donald Fagen ( of Steely Dan fame) music tracks played while Bart and Homer are driving in the hovercar, they couldn’t have chose a better track to use. perfect episode matched with a perfect tune.🎤🎤🎤

  4. Omg Wookie I want the exact same thing..


    I laughed seeing Bender talk after getting the KwikEmart.. Only to be yelled at Groening. Rarely i read the texts in this game. But for Bender.. Of course!

    I want The Prof.. Zoidberg and Bender. (Cough cough Xmas gift.. Cough cough..)

    • YES!!! I commented the same on another thread. Groening threatens to sue himself because Bender isn’t licensed for this game. The real joke is that Bender IS LICENSED for TSTO, or he wouldn’t have made an appearance in this Event. I think we may see a crossover in the future…

  5. So how many donuts would it be for a three-eyed Whale? :p

  6. Future-Drama HAS to be a favourite episode. Kind off weirs how Homers Dream House isn’t underwater but if it was, how would they do it?

    Rewatching the episode just makes me want Bender more and more in the game! Imagine tapping him and “Bite my shiny metal ass” blares out *sighs*
    I wouldn’t even mind a cameo,like Lyle Lanley, if they aren’t going to do anything.

  7. I just watched this episode the other day. I enjoyed it. I’m not fan of future Simpsons but I like this one.
    I put my mobile dome way out in the woods. Someone mentioned here it is based on ET’s spaceship. It’s sort of alluded to just before the door opens on the dome in the episode.
    It would be cool if we could sit homers dream home out in the water.
    I also would like a Roid rage Millhouse skin.

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