Sci-Fi Event Act 2 Is Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that Act 2 of the Sci-Fi Event Ends TOMORROW September 13th at 0700 GMT (3am ET).

Once Act2 is over you will no longer be able to earn Act 2 Prizes for free.  So get everything you can before it’s all gone!

Crafting will STILL be available in Act 3.  As will the Robot Parts you’ve accumulated and the Future Bucks. And if you’re still confused about what future bucks do, please read this post.

For a rundown on everything that was included with Act 2 check out our rundown post here.

Be ready for Act 3 to start bright and early at 0700 GMT (3am ET) tomorrow morning  (September 13th)…. bse_scifi_threepanel

49 responses to “Sci-Fi Event Act 2 Is Nearing the End…

  1. You haven’t even completed act two yet this is stupid why don’t they give you more time or let you go back and get the others I can’t login in every day play a Work I’ve had enough of this game now

    • Every Event has been like this. It’s not a new concept for this game. Every single event is laid out the same way. This was was, yes, more difficult to achieve the prizes. But every, single, event is like this.

  2. Just played the first Sci-Fighter Battle for Act 3. What a cluster! I havnt lost a Sci-Fighter this whole event, until now. The “instructions” EA provides are ambiguous, at best… 🙁

  3. Bring on act 3, I’ve been waiting the whole of act 2 lol

  4. My game won’t load. I just get the spinny donut.

  5. I was more ahead of schedule than I thought. I got one set of bonuts, I didn’t expect that. Happy surprise. 🙂

  6. I really do hope this event ends as soon as possible. No need for a third act. As with the western, the superheroes 2 and now the sci-fi event… there ist something awrong.
    Too much stuff that is poorly designed. I’m a graphic artist and it doesn’t look in any way cool nice or fitting. Dimensions are totally off… the Buildings are just incredibly boring… and the new characters look like they are drawn by a trainee. Don’t know what fun should be generated out of these.
    Oh yeah.. a rocker Lisa that looks like a 80s Pseudo Rocker wirh Hair Spikes.
    Buildings that only can be seen if you scroll multiple times… slowing down your Neighbour Visits…
    I liked the Story at First. .. but then it went totally wrong. Please EA… do something in between. No “Epic” Events… but more nice things…

  7. The last 4 days have been madness racking up enough Chronons to get President Lisa and now Im on about 28800 and hopefully in 1.5 hours I should be able to get it all sorted and finally get her. Il keep her quest until act 3 though

  8. Hi I have a daily challenge that pays 1100 chronons. If i do not claim it will it change to the new act 3 currency tomorrow? Thanks!

  9. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Took a peek and Act Three doesn’t excite me. Hope the rumors of the Gil Deals will be true.
    One good thing, as short as it is, Bunny may not be deluged with requests.

  10. Heh, funny how they don’t tell you what the parts-to-future-bucks conversion rate is: It’s 10:1.

    Over the last few days I’ve been grinding Heights currency, not to stockpile towards future updates, but to fill out my storage so they won’t show up in the character menu cycle. Totally worth it.

  11. Love the episode image you used in this post, Alissa! I also might need to study that one more closely, since I’m thinking the arrangement of the buildings in the background could provide inspiration about what to do with them in my own town!

    • I believe that’s from the 3-panel store menu. That arrangement is nice because it includes Big Digi Ben and more of the craftables, whereas the splashscreen doesn’t.

  12. Hey guys, has anything been said about the self-reliant house? I’ve done a quick search of the site and can’t find anything. Is it worth the 35 donuts? X

  13. I was freaking out thinking I would get the last prize. I am so happy I unlocked Lisa yesterday!
    I am honestly, taking it easy today. The last 4 – 5 days have been madness for me trying to log in every 4 hours, to make up for lost time.
    And I’m half way there to Homer’s Dream House!
    I really like this event. I am loving all the new content! and the Future Bucks is really making it possible for me to create a future town.

  14. So happy I was able to get every prize and a few donuts. I’m still working my way to enough robot parts to buy homers dream house, but that’s it. Trying to decide what to spend all my future bucks on now. I don’t know if I should go heavy on buildings or decorations.

  15. Homer house should finish building in an hour. Pres. Lisa’s done with her quest line. Just got another round of bonuts. Feels like time for act 3 to me!

  16. Btw – that’s a great pic to go with your post Alissa! It shows almost everything; robots, buildings, cars, doggy Smithers, etc. RachelS

  17. Despite playing several times daily, no appreciably less than I did in Act 1, I’m still 3600 chronons from unlocking President Lisa. This would be the first freemium content I’d miss out on since I started playing, and it’s making me anxious.

  18. I’m rather disappointed in this event. Not because of the content, I love it, but because of a glitch my game has been suffering that’s holding me back majorly. At least once a day I get one of the “downloading updates” screens, and just before the update finishes the game jumps to the install screen and makes me redownload EVERYTHING. the other day, this happened about 5 times in an afternoon. Thus far EA Help hasn’t been too helpful. I’m likely going to miss President Lisa due to this.

    • Hate to say this…but it sounds like a device issue. You are perhaps reaching your memory limits and your device is stumbling to keep the update info organized? Just a guess… But clear some memory if you can. And reinstall a fresh version.

      • I just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy s7 last week, and I have had this issue twice. So far, it seems to happen only when I try to open the app from the lock screen. Sometimes the app will just refuse to open (blank screen instead of splash page). At first, I thought this was a device quirk or a need for a fresh installation of the app (and it may indeed be that). Having read that someone else is having the same issue, though, I’m wondering if it might be a bug after all.

        • The new phones handle apps differently. I hope TSTO has nothing to do with the Exploding Samsungs!!

          Do check the recall notice for yours…just in case.

          • Actually, if you think about it, it would be easy to argue that TSTO at least has an indirect causal relationship, since it eats away at battery life so aggressively; it’s routinely at the tippy top of my battery usage listing, with a wide percentage margin between it and the next app down the list. (iPhone 6)

            That exploding battery issue is one scary problem, though. Note that the issue affects the Galaxy Note 7, specifically… so while it’s always better to double-check, Sam is probably okay, since he said he has an S7. You can find details on Ars Technica, for those who might be concerned:

      • Hello Patric, I (and my friends) have had this problem previously with the game telling me that I don’t “have enough space to install” an update. I have enough space to install the game a whole other time completely, and it still wont let me “update”. I found that having around 1GB free is what the game wants, even for a 4mb update. It seems the game is counting the total size and not just the update size, when trying to install. Just my thoughts.

        • Delete your current game…(make sure you know your EA origin account info), and do a fresh reinstall. It will take a while…but should get rid of any of the “half updates” that are lingering. If not…I’m afraid it is a conflict with your hardware after the latest changes.

          • (Oops, sorry…posted my reply before I saw yours…I read comments via email, so I don’t always see the email with someone else’s response before I’ve already submitted mine. OTOH, I think sometimes duplicates can be helpful, because one person’s explanation might be clearer to the OP than someone else’s. But, feel free to delete my mostly duplicative response, if you’d like, Patric.)

        • Yes, I agree. I’ve also found that, besides having to delete extra photos and other space hogs from my device, out sometimes hero to just completely uninstall and reinstall TSTO, because it gets rid of a lot of the game’s own old cached stuff and stuff like that (not to get too technical, lol! 😉 ).

          • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

            My Tapped Out is currently taking up over 1GB. How much space is yours using?
            OTOH, I frequently delete and reinstall Google and GoogleEarth as my settings file indicates that they slowly creep up with the space they use.

            Never done an uninstall reinstall of TSTO. Almost afraid to – especially during an Event.

            • As long as you have an account (and anyone who’s playing without one is really making a big mistake, IMHO, and running a lot of risk), there’s really nothing to be afraid of about doing an uninstall/reinstall. I’ve done it several times and others have done it dozens and dozens of times. The biggest downside to doing that is that you need a good connection to do the download (which is big, as you know) and then it takes a while to install after the download finishes. I don’t remember exactly how long the whole thing took me last time, but, maybe, 15-20 minutes? (Anyone should feel free to correct me on that…)

  19. Unlocked Lisa last night. Happy to have made it, this act started of as a bit glitchy but still managed to get her 🙂

  20. I unlocked President Lisa on Saturday evening and I’m going for my 2nd round of bonuts. Quick question, are you going to do another poll on who got President Lisa like with Sgt Skinner? I had some premiums to help me get to her but I didn’t participate or know about the 2 day glitch at the start of the act until it was over, one of those days I didn’t have any internet and the other I didn’t visit my neighbours (I only visit 3-4 times a week). I also want to try and show-off my Springfield of Tomorrow because this would be my first and I’m still redesigning it. I am also finding it much harder to get robot parts than future bucks to craft the last few buildings, any tips would be helpful. Oh and good luck to anyone who is still trying to get to Lisa or another round of bonuts.

  21. Today, I will finally earn the last 9 donuts to buy Frink bundle, I hope this doesn’t run away from me like Maggie rocker

  22. Since I was on vacation during act 2, I was struggling to collect enough Chronons for President Lisa. This morning, EA was kind enough to grant a 1,100 Chronons task in the daily tasks, so I’ll get her with some 12 hours to spare. Phew, close one….

    And yes, it is a great event. I had almost retired from TSTO, but this event brought me back.

    • I got that same task this morning. I wonder if anyone else did. Perhaps EA’s sort of helping us along? I finished with Lisa a couple days ago & have already gotten a few rounds of bonuts. Nice! I finished the first part with a few days to spare also, but didn’t get many bonuts & I was a bit bummed. I don’t know if I’m getting more parts during this second act, so more bonuts or what. I like it though! 😎 RachelS

  23. What’s up that you are up so early? I hope Riley is not sick.

    • Nope this post was written and scheduled last night… 😉

      • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

        I asked Wookie the same question once, when “he” posted at 3:00am West Coast time.
        The answer was – blame it on Alissa who scheduled his comments to be posted ‘automatically’ at that time of day.
        In short, she ‘dumps’ on us. 🤔

        • I think we all rely on the “post timer” to actually allow us to have lives. As in…more than 110 countries awake at the same time, all looking for new info and comments. There is no “optimal time” to do any of it. But, I know for a fact that Wookie sleeps on “Vampire time,” and Alissa and I are early risers. So…we seem to cover it pretty well…in a relatively timely manner.

          Riley. That is another story. We all drop whatever we are doing when Riley tells us to. How can you say “no” to her?

  24. About 2000 robot parts from the last crafting item. Great event.

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