Showoff 2nd Reminder: Sci-Fi/Future (EXTENDED)

Due to popular request…i’ve decided to EXTEND the deadline for Springfield Showoff.  Now we’ll run the Showoff on September 24th…so several days after Act 3 ends.  Hopefully this gives the rest of you enough time to finish your town designs…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time…calling all Springfield designs of Futuristic Proportions!  We’re getting ready to do the next Springfield Showoff featuring your Sci-Fi/Future inspired designs!  So prep those towns…because we want to see what you’ve done with your Springfield!

Now that we’re winding down Act 2 of the Sci-Fi event , it’s time to showoff your towns.  So send us your Sci-Fi inspired deigns and we’ll be putting up the Showoff post, featuring your designs, on SATURDAY September 24th…so you’ve got over a week left to prep your towns.  Take your time and design as you see fit! 🙂


So grab some screenshots of your town, or finish up those designs…just make sure to send your submissions in by about 8pm EDT Friday September 23rd. Can’t wait to see what YOU have come up with.

You can send your designs in two ways…either post a link to the image in the comments on this post (or this post from last week) or you can email them to us at  We won’t be pulling images from anywhere else, so please if you want to be featured either submit in the comments below or email your images to us.

Note: PLEASE try to limit your submissions to only 1-2 of your favorite screenshots.  We like to try and let everyone showoff their town but it becomes difficult when some of you are sending in 7-10 images.  Pick your favorite areas and send them in (or if you stitch photos together, that works too).  We’ll try our best to get EVERYONE in, but please understand that sometimes we miss a photo or two.  If we miss you one week, we’ll try really hard to make sure we get you in the next week.  You’re always welcome to showoff your town, at any time, on our Flickr page.  We know a lot of you have awesome towns that you want to show off, but please try to stick with this week’s theme.  Remember, this isn’t a contest.  There’s nothing to win.  It’s just a fun way to showoff your town and get some design inspiration from your fellow Addicts.  🙂   

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images  in the Comments below or email us your screenshots at We can’t wait to see YOUR designs! (Need help with images, just ask.) 

20 responses to “Showoff 2nd Reminder: Sci-Fi/Future (EXTENDED)

  1. Woo Hoo! It’s finally Showoff Day 😀

  2. Woo Hoo! It’s finally Showoff Day 😀

  3. any way to bump this thread to the top of the front page? i completely forgot about this, with so many other posts since…..

  4. Here is my contribution for the Show-Off. My 3D-printer and Black hole are in my industrial area. I cropped it in the corner. My Film Area in the top isn’t quit finished.
    And during Homers Trips he saw a bunch of Chronos watching a Sci-Fi Movie in my outdoor theater. Thought it be nice to show you that too.

  5. Here’s my image. I put the ‘space’ area with portals in the bottom right of the map, and ‘Springfield of Tomorrow’ above it. The monorail station is SH items. The inset is of a separate area for Frink’s Lab, where the printer and robots made more sense.

  6. i was wondering if when using the microsoft publisher application to stitch the screenshots together, there was a way to make the photos or cursor rather less laggy when pulling them in and laying them ontop one another. Its almost as if my laptop cant handle the app or managing 100 photos on the same window. Also, how to get rid of all the border icons in the photos. They are messing up the lay outs or im just not doing it right. thanks to anyone who can help, i just read bunny’s stitching post and starting to learn how to stitch so i can enter in the springfield showoff . 🙂

    • You can enter showoff without stitching.

      As far as using publisher, I honestly don’t know the best way to answer that one for you..i know it takes a bunch of trial and error

      • Okay I’ll just send a couple pics of my fave parts. I downloaded an app that lowers the resolution and let’s me zoom out just a little bit farther. As for the the publisher, I’ll just keep plugging away till I can get it one day. Lol 🙂 thanks Alissa!

  7. Kind of off-topic (I seem to do that a lot), but I hope they make Big Band Stu a costume in a later update!

  8. I, uh, might need another extension. Just a few weeks…or a month or two. Ok, 6 months, tops. But that’s it, by then I’ll be ready…better make it a year…😉

  9. Thanks Alissa for the extension!

    I usually design my towns after the showoff so I can copy and incorporate ideas from other towns into mine!

    Currently I have no inspiration and I don’t know what to do with all these huge buildings I’ve crafted!

  10. FINALLY you wait til the event is over! 😜😎👍

  11. In my best Alicia Keys voice……ehem…. This farm is on fiyaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. I would love to show-off my Springfield, except currently it is completely consumed in flames and that fire department we got a short time ago – completely useless. They have not put out a single fire, they are all probably too busy drinking at Mo’s. When the fire are extinguished and the damage repaired, I will gladly put my Springfield on display.

  13. Thanks Alissa for extending the date to the 24th, it will give me more time and thought to collecting the last few items then finish designing my Springfield of Tomorrow. I think we might get an episode tie in next week as its the season premiere the day after the deadline and we haven’t had a tie in since March so about 6 months. I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped make this site what it is today and an extra thank you to the moderators and the tapping community who helps make my tapping experience more fun and enjoyable with all the tips and tricks to getting through the events that is happening in our game.

  14. Thank you for the extension! Hoping to be able to work on this over the weekend. 🙂

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