Reminder on the TSTO Addicts Shirts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a reminder about the Addicts Shirts!  I promise I won’t annoy you with constant reminders on this, BUT these are LIMITED TIME and there’s only FIVE DAYS left to get yours!

So many of you have stepped up and purchased yours, which is awesome! But I know the post has long since been buried by loads of Sci-Fi related posts…so I wanted to post another reminder just in case some of you missed it!

Remember this are unique to us and every shirt sold directly benefits this site.   So now you can support for your favorite site AND look stylin’ while doing it!

We’ve got a few styles to choose from….

American Apparel (Crew Neck) Tee in Black


Or Blue


American Apparel Fitted Women’s Fitted Tee in Black


Or Blue


These babies are Limited Edition and only available for purchase for the next FIVE Days!! So you’ll want to pick one of these up before they’re gone!

Go here to get the shirts, and again remember they’re Limited Edition so grab yours before they’re gone (they’ll be gone on September 26th)!

Thanks guys! 🙂

24 responses to “Reminder on the TSTO Addicts Shirts!

  1. This comment is gonna be kind of irrelevant, really. But 2 cents from the peanut gallery….

    I know “addicts” is the brand name and the website and all but if you dropped the “s” off the end and it just said “Tapped Out Addict” I think that would be really cool. Identifies the person individually as an addict and the logo and font and such would still make it identifiable to people in the know.

    • Taz…we are a community of addicts…not just one addict. Maybe if we were a rock band…

      • I know I know. Community.

        Though, if we were a rock band we’d have to cut the sleeves off the shirts and dye our hair and get all kinds of earrings.

        And groupies. Definitely groupies.

  2. Hey y’all, told my husband how awesome I thought this blog was, and you were selling shirts. Today he surprised me. It’s my birthday, and he bought me an addicts shirt! Can’t wait for it to arrive. Glad we were able to support you!

  3. Done! Well worth it given everything you guys do. Plus maybe I’ll meet some local addicts and we can have our addict meetings in person lol.

  4. So excited to see these!!! I ordered TWO shirts.. one for me and one for my MIL… who is an absolute TSTO addict… yes she is retired and is in her 60s and she LOVES her Homer! I have to look things up on this blog for her whenever she has issues. (“Can you check that blog thing?”- LOL) Can’t wait to give this to her for Xmas!!

  5. Would proudly wear the black one….

  6. Got one 👍👍

  7. I’m so getting one—best of luck guys & hope to see the tiny addict in one too!! She must be a lot bigger now than your profile pic shows, so cute!

  8. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Great modeling folks.
    Interesting though,
    Wookie shaved?
    Bunny is wearing contacts?
    And Alissa, you changed your hair style?
    And Patric must be wielding the camera and holding Riley.

  9. Honestly… I don’t really need another shirt I don’t frequently wear. However, I love the site and all your work on it (including ole Patrick). I skimmed the menu, but I don’t see a direct donate option. It’s great that the shirts help the site, but is there a “bypass the middleman option” to donate directly?

    • Unfortunately not. We don’t accept donations…this is just one of those side things we were doing because everyone gets something

      • Well… it look like I’m getting a shirt then. Lol. Thank you all for what you do and the 2 cents on the game!

        • lol I appreciate it 🙂 Although if you really don’t want it please don’t get it just for us…

          • No need to post this to the site… but too late! 🙂 I don’t really need the shirt, but I hope it helps keep you, the fam, and lastly, the site, going. From a dad with a 6 year old girl and 11 year old boy, enjoy the younger years when you can!

    • I was hoping to snag one of these, but my oven broke this week and I don’t get paid until after these go off sale. If you want a way to donate without a t-shirt, I could let you borrow my mailing address. 🙂

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