Where Did THAT Come From- Film Maker Lisa

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


In this post I will be going over the Origin of Film Maker LisaWhy is she in our games? Where did she come from? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Filmmaker Lisa was Unlocked in Act 1 of the Halloween 2016 Event during Mad Monsters: Fury Road Pt. 2.


Just and FYI, this information is more from Lisa’s debut as a Film Maker and that origin vs her in the actual outfit we see in the game. 

Season 19, Episode 18: Lisa’s from Any Given Sundance

While being forced to “enjoy” tailgating for countless hours, Lisa is becoming very annoyed. Marge tells here there are many things a girl can do to join in on the fun, like wash Giant Foam Fingers. Lisa decides instead she will use this time to make her school video project. She believes she has really captured some amazing things and realizes, she MUST be a born Film Maker.


Back at school she shows the video project to her Art Teacher, and is told it gets a 3 out of 5. Knowing Lisa, this will NOT be an accepted grade so she does what Lisa does… and promptly goes to the Principal to Tattle Tell. Skinner does seem to side with Lisa on this one. He tells her he loves the film. It has everything it needs, including Milhouse. It seems Seymore is a closet Screenplay writer and lover of film making too. He suggests Lisa makes a documentary about her family. He even gives her the key to the A.V. cage.

Enter Lisa the Documentary Film Maker. She begins to record every moment of the Simpson Family’s life she possibly can. Marge folding laundry, Bart snuggling or beating up his stuffed animals, even Maggie fighting for her toys with the Family Pets.


Chalmers seems to be upset that Seymore is allowing creativity in the school, but he actually is quite happy about the entire situation. He wants Lisa to enter into Sundance Film Festival. The Film Festival held at the beginning of every year in Park City, Utah. The entire school joins in to make Lisa’s Documentary about her family epic. The band adds music and the bullies even add Foley sound effects of course by beating up someone.

Meanwhile at Sundance, they are desperately trying to find a truly independent film submission in the multiple stacks they already have. As the description of who Lisa is as a person is read… the committee gasps in shock. TOO much gasping shocks though at that altitude can be dangerous… which it ends up being as apparently the continued gasping kills them all off but one (Robert Redford? Don’t look like him or sound like him to me. Lol)… who promptly accepts Lisa’s film into the Festival.


At Sundance, Lisa and her family finally get a chance to see Lisa’s work on the big screen. The audience seems to love it, but her family seems quite upset and hurt by it. It seems she edited it to make them all look like a horrible family. (Though, I think it represented them pretty accurately.) She tried to blame the editing process… which she apparently did herself.


Lisa feels awful. Everyone is staring at her Family as they walk around Park City. Calling them awful and Monsters. They leave to go back to the condo without Lisa. As she is wallowing in her own guilt Jim Jarmusch offers some advice. He takes her to find the answers… in movies of course. She watches Nelson’s life story and realizes that maybe her family isn’t so bad. Also that all it takes it the next “big thing” and her film is quickly forgotten about anyway.




There you have it, a background of Lisa’s film making debut to go along with the lil Film Maker Lisa we now have in our silly lil games.

Did you unlock her? What do you think of her? Did you remember this episode? Remember any other episodes where Lisa was the Film Maker? Let us know.


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  1. “Where Did THAT Come From?”

    *Doesn’t say where it came from*

    Just teasing 😛

  2. Thanksgiving update is live.

  3. I wish they emphasised the Lisa movie making theme a lot more with maybe a film set, a film studio, some film set lights (premium) and maybe some sound guys, producers NPCs with the Radioactive Man director

    • I agree; I feel like the story in the main questline was very disjointed, and perhaps if they also played up the Lisa as Filmmaker angle, it might have made more sense, or at least a more cohesive story.

      Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy this event, because I absolutely did! I just…I dunno, it seemed like the storyline was rather weak & not important to the event’s gameplay, kwim?

      But anyway…bring on Thanksgiving! 😀 I started the day after Christmas last year & I’ve seen Turkey Day-related items in neighboring towns that I covet! Fingers crossed the things I like come back to the store…

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