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Where Did THAT Come From- Grant Connor, Camping Tent, & Wildlife Sanctuary

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

campingtent_menuunlock_grantconnor wildlifesanctuary_transimage

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Thanksgiving 2016 Prize Breakdown: Wildlife Sanctuary and BBQ Pig

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Turkey Hunting season in Springfield!  Gather the masses to track down the elusive Bigclaw!

This event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of The Most Dangerous Game you’ll have to earn indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

Let’s take a look at the details of the third and fourth prizes.  What they do and how you unlock them..

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Episode Recap: “Havana Wild Weekend” (S28:E7)

Wookiee taking a break from schoolwork again to keep up with episode recaps. I know I haven’t been around a ton but at a minimum, my goal is to keep these current. Who says a walking carpet can’t balance research papers and watching TV. Obviously not this fuzzball. SOmehow I’m still up to date. One of the features we like to have on this site is recaps of new Simpsons episodes for all our friends who can’t watch them immediately or like our silly reviews of them. I love when there are new episodes of the Best. Show. Ever. on TV and it’s my privilege to not only watch new episodes, which I would do with or without this awesome site, but then break them down for all of you. It’s also nice to have a break from research papers and historiography essays plus all the reading and brain-sucking tedium.  I stuck to the stream of consciousness format for this. Basically I watch the episode once for my enjoyment and then a couple more times slowly to catch as much as I can while jotting down notes. Even better this episode included a TSTO tie-in so I’m super curious about it. Without further ado… here’s my thoughts on Season 28, Episode 7 “Havana Wild Weekend.”

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