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5 Things For Which I Am Thankful…That DIDN’T Happen!


There is something about being a pragmatist, along with just a smidge of crankiness and pessimism that keeps life interesting, when summing up a list of a “things for which I am thankful.”

It has been written that “When you are a pessimist and bad things happen, you live the events twice…once when you worry about them, and again when they happen.” I don’t know who said this…but they were likely hit by a bus while tapping this into their Facebook status.

However, this is one of the key arguments that people use from the “Why Worry Be Happy” school of thought, while pointing out the futility of spending time and energy on worrying.  I choose to think that you get a double “reward” for your efforts.

So, when we come to a holiday like Thanksgiving, when we are tasked to come up with a list of things for which we are thankful, I think it is entirely within the spirit of the day to be thankful for a short list of things for which I am thankful, because they DIDN’T happen!!

Let’s take a look…

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Simpsons 600 Marathon..Starts Tomorrow!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looking for something fun to gorge yourself on tomorrow without all the sleepy side effects of turkey?


Check out the Simpsons 600 Marathon on FXX!  For 13 days straight, starting tomorrow (Thanksgiving) at noon FXX will air 600 episodes of The Simpsons!!

Yes that’s right my friends, starting tomorrow something amazing will be on TV Every. Single. Second. for the next THIRTEEN Days!! Woohoo!  Finally an excuse to bond with your couch!

So tune in and check it out!  The Simpsons 600 Marathon..the perfect excuse to ignore your family, sit on the couch, binge watch and tap! 😉

And if you want to relive some of the fun ways seasons 1 and 2 can inspire TSTO updates, check out Totbox’s Throwback Thursday posts.

Will you be watching?!  



Upcoming TSTO Black Friday Weekend Deals (Nov 25th-28th)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So tomorrow, November 24th, is Thanksgiving here in the US.  But it’s the next day, November 25th, that will have many Tappers grateful!

On Friday (November 25th) TSTO will launch their traditional Black Friday rebate specials! Where every hour starting from 3am ET (8am GMT) another item will appear in the shops to purchase for a rebated donut price!

Now you know our typical site policy is to not post spoilers, but from time to time we will if/when we feel there is a specific need or good reasoning behind it. (we usually don’t because EA can, has and will change their minds about what might go live vs. what’s in the files).

HOWEVER…in this case, since many of you want to know what may be appearing as part of these rebate offerings (since many of you have been talking about it for months), so that you can prepare your dounts…I felt in this case it’s appropriate to post a list a couple of days in advance so you guys can get a feel for what’ll be offered and how many donuts you’ll need.

So here’s a quick breakdown of what will be offered and when…

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!  (although none of it is new content…just returning content) 

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