In-Game Update: Thanksgiving 2016 (The Most Dangerous Game)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As I predicted yesterday, the Thanksgiving mini update has arrived!

ned_hunt_for_turkeys_active_1 200px-Tapped_Out_Turkey

Note: If you have not yet downloaded the Halloween Removal Update from the App Store (which arrived yesterday), you will need to do that before you can see the Thanksgiving event…

Things get started in Springfield with some Auto-Dialogue from Brockman followed by a series of tasks (6s) to get things going.  Task order is Homer; Cletus (and Homer); Flanders, Cletus & Apu…this will then kick things off for you.

I‘ll be back with more in a bit…BUT you will be awarded a bunch of tress for free to set the stage for the Hunt, after you’ve completed the initial series of 6s tasks…. (It does not appear that you’ll need to place these to move on.)


More details below…

Event Ends November 30th.  Which likely means we’ll see Christmas December 1st…of course they can still wait till the following week as well. Just my speculation…

So as I mentioned above you’ll need to complete a series of 6 second tasks in order to get the event started.  But once started you’ll launch the event questline, and the new items in the store.

This event is laid out like the previous mini events we’ve seen over the last year + (Most recently Springfield Games and the 2016 Season Premiere Tie-In).  Where you follow a series of tasks to unlock prizes.  The prizes could be items, they could be cahracters or they could just be animated tasks for existing characters.  We’ll cover the rundown of how you unlock each prize in the Turbo Tappin’ Post.  First, let’s get started with the new items that appear in the store…

Let’s start with the new items in the store…

tree09Maple Tree- $675

tree08Willow Tree- $4,500

ancientpond_menuAncient Ornamental Pond- $2,500

huntingsupplies_menuunlock_grantconnor Springfield Hunting Supplies- 135 Donuts.  Comes with Grant Connor, and will help you earn pelts (the material need to unlock the prizes) faster.  Yes, a should I Buy is coming…

improvisedsnare_menuImprovised Snare- 60 Donuts. Offers a 2.5% bonus on all cash and XP.  Also produces pelts. And yes, a Should I Buy is coming…

ico_tmdg_foresterbundleAlso, as mentioned above, you’ll get a tree bundle (25 Trees, including 1 Willow and 1 Maple Tree) for free before you trigger the Most Dangerous Game Questline.

Returning Items at a Discount..well a rebate

bearcave_menuBear Cave- 100 Donuts, with a 50 donut Rebate.  So Net 50 Donuts. Offers a .75% bonus on all cash and XP Should I Buy (Not actually covered in snow. The file image I have is from last Christmas, showing the snow)

Hot_SpringsHot Springs- 45 Donuts, with a 15 Donut Rebate. So Net 30 Donuts. Offers a 2.25% bonus on all cash and XP. Should I Buy

fevercabin_transimageFever Cabin- 30 Donuts, with a 10 Donut Rebate.  So Net 20 Donuts.  Offers a .25% bonus on all cash and XP. Should I Buy

Tapped_Out_Springfield_FallsSpringfield Falls- 90 Donuts, with a 30 Donut Rebate.  So Net 60 Donuts.  Should I Buy

wildwestfilmset_menu charactersets_buckmccoyWild West Film Set & Buck McCoy- 150 Donuts, with a 50 Donut Rebate.  So net 100 Donuts. Should I Buy (And yes, 100 donuts for character/building combo is usually a buy in my book) This will not appear until AFTER you’ve completed The Most Dangerous Game Pt. 2, Buck McCoy returns to the store.  You can purchase him to help with the indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat earning.  

So before you ask….

Yes, it does appear that there will be Black Friday Deals.  Black Friday starts Friday November 25th (the day after the US Thanksgiving).  It also appears that there will be a special new item offered for Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving in the US, so Monday November 28th.  Which means you can review the offerings for both days BEFORE this event ends.  Which will allow you to make a premium decision on the new items…without worrying you’ll miss something.

Now let’s talk about the prizes…. (and again I’ll have the breakdown on how to get each one in the Turbo Tappin’ post, which will be up later today)

ico_priz_themostdangerousgame_campingtent_lgCamping Tent- Awarded at 60 indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat

crappyrv_menuCrappy RV- Awarded at 90 indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat

wildlifesanctuary_transimageWildlife Sanctuary- 190 indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat

ico_priz_themostdangerousgame_bbqpig_lgBBQ Pig- 120 indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat


At this point you’ll unlock the two mystery animations.  I won’t reveal them yet.  But I’ll let you know how many indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat are needed for each…

Animation- 230 indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat

Animation- 250 indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat

How do I earn indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat?


Much like every other mini event you’ll earn the indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat (event currency) by completing character tasks via the prizetrack/questline. (the key characters are Homer, Apu, Lisa, Moe, Flanders & Cletus.  Some others will join and leave, but those are the main ones to be sure and keep free)  However with this event, once you’ve completed the Most Dangerous Game Pt. 2 you’ll also be able to earn indicator_themostdangerousgame_coonskinhat by tapping Wild Animals you may find in Springfield..

snakestriped_tappedsnake_image_4 bunny04_tap_image_8 200px-Tapped_Out_Turkey

And that’s it my friends!  Once you’ve completed the questline, as has been the theme with various other events, there will be a little game to play where you can earn Cash, XP or the chance for Pharmaceuticals (for SH) up to 3 times/day.  I’ll cover that in the Turbo Tappin’ post. For now you’ve got all of the details you’ll need to move through the event.

Remember the event ends on November 30th (2 weeks).

What are your thoughts on the Thanksgiving/Hunting event?  Thoughts on the prizes?  Plans to create a hunting ground?  Or a camp ground?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

173 responses to “In-Game Update: Thanksgiving 2016 (The Most Dangerous Game)

  1. Where is the animation scenes whe you complete 5 and 6 most dangerous animals

  2. I finally tapped the beast today! I want a permanent turkey for my town 🙂

  3. This event went a bit too fast. Finished it off this morning. Now my question is.. how often does Bigclaw show up for tapping. I know it says 3 times a day but, was just wondering what the timeline was for tapping on him.
    Part two to the BIgclaw question is. It says Money, XP, and Pharmaceuticals. Is that after the 3 times or after each time you tap on him. After I had tapped on him 3 times and no money, XP, or pharmaceuticals. This would lead me to believe that you have to do the 3 rounds a day and then get the money, XP, and pharmaceuticals.

  4. Today I get the animal sanctuary and I planned to place it in the mountain between Springfield and SH but at today the area is locked I heard that there was a glitch in the past that made it possible is it possible also now or is it fixed?

  5. After finishing “The Most Dangerous Game Pt. 4”, I got the option to buy the Pet Mutant Plant for 45 donuts with a 45 rebate. There was a little text between Homer and Sideshow Bob. Quest was Vegetables Bite.

  6. I really like the 3 hour cadence of this event, it fits my schedule so much better than 4 hour.

  7. What is the spawn rate for Wild Animals? Is there a bank? There were no wild animals in my town when I woke up this morning.

    • Max is 20, no bank. Says rate is 540, which is 9 minutes.

      • Makes sense: 1 every 9 minutes means 20 take 3 hrs (20×9=180), to perfectly line up with what has quickly become the standard mini-event cycle.

        Came here specifically to find this out, and as always you have all the info! Thanks, Alissa! (and all who contribute to running this awesome site.) Now I can better figure out if I need to stagger characters toward the end of each quest part or not, in order to not lose any extra pelts. I really wish EA would allow carry-over between quest parts, that always bugs me with these mini-events.

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      Thanks for adding this question.
      My OTHER question (hopefully it hasn’t been provided) is Big Claws
      How often does he show up?

  8. I think (and hope) the trees will be permament. Why: you can sell em like the other regular trees, while you can’t sell dead tree or spooky tree from THOH

  9. Agh! I can’t believe I spent 150 donuts on him when he first came out!

  10. The ancient ornamental pound can be placed only once per city, or we may do the multiple buy, because I have it from the previous Thoh 2015 (awarded for free) and I see no options to buy a second or more

  11. After mine said it added all the tress to my inventory, I went to look and only showed 1 Maple tree and 1 Willow tree. Is that how it’s supposed to be? I don’t remember the number of other trees I had in there beforehand. I’m a little confused. We’re there other kinds of trees added to it other than the Maple, Willow, and Pine?

  12. Are the trees available permanently or just during the event?

  13. We’ve come a long way from Sacagawea Lisa and Puritan Flanders (lol) ….. 😉

  14. Someone stole my burrito™

    I want a green snake!

  15. How many pelts does one get if one purchases the Improvised Snare

  16. Ummm, nothing to do with the neighbors?

  17. Wildlife sanctuary as a prize – excellent!
    Depending on the size, it should go great with Springfield National Park. Hope Roosevelt gets a task in this event!

  18. Interesting event. I was hoping they’d remove that annoying sleep thing with the removal of Halloween though. :-/

    • I was hoping for that also 🙁

    • I was hoping too. Just messing my favorite feature of the game Ride Monorail. Wrote to EA but no reply. Hope more can write in and let them take notice. I suggested them to include as a setting to turn on or off.

      • Try setting your phone screen time out for a longer period. I set mine to 10 minutes and TSTO stays “on” for that long now. An option in the game would be nice but EA moves very slow, I am still waiting for a fix for the monorail tunnels to SH as I can’t move my entire monorail…… actually everything by one square. I have live chatted with them multiple times on that issue.

        • On the iPhone at least, you can set auto lock to Never. Then the display stays on and you never get booted out of the game. I do this when trying to get extra time after an event ends and suspect a forced update is looming, which nowadays seems to be by the next day… You can’t leave the game, of course. So if you insist on actually being in contact with the outside world via phone calls, texts, and e-mail — well, too bad for you!

          The Never option also was helpful when I was following a cat around with the video camera open and ready to start, trying to figure out how she was escaping the allegedly cat-proofed yard and to provide evidence for the cat-proofer so he could redesign the fencing. She was so quick that I could miss it if I had to get the video camera going again from a dark locked screen.

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