Where Did THAT Come From-New God, God Statue, & Cult Flying Saucer

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


In this post I will be going over the Origin of The Cult Flying Saucer, New God Mr. Burns, and the New God StatueWhy are they in our games? What does it have to do with this Holiday Event? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

The New God Burns was the 4th Personal Prize you could earn just by playing in the 2016 Xmas Holiday Event. During his Questline, you’re directed to build the New God Statue.



The Cult Flying Saucer was the 6th Personal Prize.



Let’s take a closer look at when they appeared.
Season 9, Episode 13: The Joy of Sect

Homer and Bart are making their way through the airport to “Welcome” home the losing team. Along the way they are greeted by the usual “Pamphlet Posse” of people handing out flyers to join them. One of them is a group called the Movementarians… where his new life awaits on their distant planet, Blisstonia. They hand him their pamphlet and let him know about their Free Resort Weekend… for Free… this Weekend… it’s Free… This … Weekend. It’s Free, right?

Homer ends up going to this Resort with the Movementarians, though he has planned that it will be on HIS terms to avoid them at all costs. He’d rather go Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Fishing!! They are persistent and ask Homer to come and meet their Leader and watch a FREE MOVIE!! WOOHOO!! Homer can’t turn that down. He sits through the old school video about the magical spaceship, behind the doors of the forbidden barn, that they are fueling to take them all away to Blisstonia. One by one people do try to leave, but are immediately Spotlighted and end up sitting back down. SIX HOURS LATER… I would say they are all thoroughly brainwashed.


The 2 Movementarians that have come this far with Homer since handing him the pamphlet at the airport, are now doing all in their power to sway Homer to join them. Nothing seems to make any impact. Homer just… well… is Homer. They FINALLY hook him with a Batmanesque Chant. He happily hands over their life savings, their house, and commits to millions of hours of labor. The Simpsons are now Movementarians. Nothing like harvesting lima beans to make your lives better. While harvesting, the Forbidden Barn doors open and out comes the … Leader?  He drives past, barely holding out a gloved hand to wave, and drives off… dusting and tossing mud on people as he passes.

Mr. Burns reads about this “Leader” and wants in on the game. Nothing like Tax Exempt status for a Bajillionaire. Mr. Burns has a plan. He wants part of this “cult” thing. Mr. Burns is going to form his own religion. Now for a symbol, which Smithers tells Mr. Burns to leave to him. Nothing screams WORSHIP ME like a Christmas Tree with a Star on top and the letter B on it.

With a huge theatrical introduction at the Nuclear Power Plant, hundreds look to have gathered to see what Mr. Burns is up to. Helicopters pass overhead as the tarps covering the Statues drop. They reveal what looks to be like a very juiced up Mr. Burns.


Smithers then introduces everyone to their New God… Mr. Burns. Looks like he got really juiced up and really shiny for the appearance.


To bad for him the “outfit” was short lived as some sparks from the word “GOD” dropped into his God Beard, started it on fire, and ended up causing his suit to melt down on to him.


Smithers attempts to help put him out, but after he flares back up again… Mr. Burns ends up rolling off the balcony and to the ground below. Oopsies. I guess they can try it again tomorrow.

Meanwhile back at the Movementarians, Homer is begging Marge to “Mass” Marry him with the rest of the cult. Bart seems to be excelling at his schoolwork, or it could be due to all the answers are… the Leader. Lisa snaps as she just can’t deal with all these wrong answers… until Krabappel points out she won’t get good grades if she doesn’t play along. Even poor lil Maggie has Cult Barney singing her brainwashing songs. Marge however seems to be the ONLY Simpson that is not turned yet. She attempts to leave… everyone is free to leave… as long as they make it past the barbwire fence, minefield, vicious dogs, crocodile river, and A MAGICAL BOUNCING BUBBLE???!! Marge actually makes it out. She goes straight to Reverend Lovejoy and begs him to help.

Lovejoy, Willie, and Marge head back to the Movementarians and kidnap back the Simpson family. Willie is in charge of deprogramming them, in Ned’s Basement of all places. The Movementarians in the meantime have set out to get them back. They unleash the lawyers to go find them. Brockman broadcasts that the Leader encourages others to use violence, though he don’t condone it, to get the Simpsons back.

Marge does break through to the kids… all it took was some toys, or in this case the appearance of Hover Bikes. A lil bit of fishing line and rented bikes go a long way. Now to break Homer, but instead of breaking him Willies seems to be wanting to join him. It seems like hope may be lost, but Ned pulls out the Big Guns… BEER!! Beeeeer BEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!

But alas… the Lawyers break in and snatch Homer up, then drag him back to the Movementarium Compound. They think they have won, but it seems that teeny tiny lil drop of Beer on Homer’s tongue was enough to make him realize it was all a lie. He wants them to see what’s been REALLY hiding in the Forbidden Barn. There is nothing, they’ve taken all the money so they can build… a SPACESHIP!!!


According to the Big Voice coming from inside… thanks to Homer and his lack of faith, he has now ruined man kinds chance for salvation. D’OH!! The Spaceship starts to take off and hovers over the group of Movementarians as it slowly flies away…


and promptly starts falling to pieces.


All that’s left now is a guy who’s image was all over as the “Leader” peddling a flying contraption, with bags of many attached all over, making “spooky” noises for the Saucer by blowing on a comb covered with paper. He crash lands next door on Cletus’ Dirt Farm. I don’t think Cletus and his Shotgun are gonna let the Leader keep those sacks of Cash.


There you have it, a crazy episode of the Simpsons and now 3 more items are added into our games.

How are you on the Personal Prizes collection? Unlocked any of these items yet? If so, thoughts on them? What happened to the Leader, he didn’t end up in the Possum Stew too did he? Now I wanna go watch Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind for some reason, how bout you? Let us know.


14 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From-New God, God Statue, & Cult Flying Saucer

  1. I put the flying saucer with the Knowledgeum. Its so garishly purple and carttonish that it could only fit with that building.

  2. So was the Leader in this episode, the Parson character that we unlock at the end of this act?

  3. I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t include The Leader. I guess its not surprising since he’s only on screen for less than 30 seconds.

  4. New God Burns and his “put on a show” task is my new favorite thing in the game. I just keep him doing that over and over again. I hope act 2 doesn’t require him because I don’t want to stop LOL

  5. The Joy of Sect I think is a pun on a classic book title with drawings about the various positions of you know what

  6. The leader is good, the leader is great, we surrender our will as of this date.

  7. B flat/C/A flat/Lower Octave A flat/E flat.

  8. The magical bouncing bubble is in reference to the cult TV series of The Prisioner.

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