Homer the Heretic Prize Breakdown: Sunday Morning Homer & the Penny Fountain

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Sunday Morning in Springfield! Gather up those religions because Homer wants to sample them all! Like a religious smorgasbord…as long as Homer can still have the bacon!

This event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the Homer the Heretic questline you’ll have to earn ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

Let’s take a look at the details of these first prize (and the hidden prize that unlocks with it).  What they do and how you unlock them..


The first prize you’ll unlock is the Sunday Morning Homer..


Here are some more details behind it…

How You Unlock It: Homer the Heretic Pt. 1….
Make Apu Teach Homer About Karma- 4hrs, Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Make Homer Learn About Reincarnation- 4hrs, Earns 10 ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Collect 100 Karma ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg
Here’s who you can send (task length 4hrs each):
Brother Faith- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Crazy Cat Lady- Earns 20ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Homer- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Apu- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Moe- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg,  35xp
Bart- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp
Kirk- Earns 10ico_cur_homertheheretic_luckypenny_lg, 35xp

Once completed you’ll automatically unlock Sunday Morning Homer, a costume for Homer:


And he’s part of the Homer the Heretic Character Collection:


Once in your Springfield Sunday Morning Homer will come with a set of tasks, although his two visual tasks will not unlock yet.  (you’ll unlock those further in the prize track)  He won’t come with a questline, as he’s part of the main Homer the Heretic questline.  Here’s a look at his complete task list:

Sunday Morning Homer’s Permanent Tasks:


Task Length  Earns Location
Drink a Six-Pack 1hr $70, 17xp Simpson House
Drink at Moe’s Brewing Co. 4hrs $175, 45xp Moe’s Brewing Co.
Greet Animal Friends 4hrs $175,45xp Outside/Visual
Visit the Vast Waistband 7hrs $250,60xp The Vast Waistband
Buy Gluttony Supplies 8hrs $275, 70xp Kwik-E-Mart
Dance in his Underwear 12hrs $420, 100xp Outside/Visual
Wallow in Filth 24hrs $600, 150xp Zesty’s

Again his two visual tasks (Greet Animal Friends & Dance in his Underwear) won’t be unlocked yet, as you’ll have to unlock them via the prize track.

And those are the details for Sunday Morning Homer!  A fun skin from a classic episode!

Also unlocked with Sunday Morning Homer is the Penny Fountain…


You’ll unlock the Fountain as part of the Homer the Heretic questline, Part 1.  The fountain will help you progress with the event, as it will payout Karma.


When you tap on it you’ll see an interesting payout message..


The fountain pays out 1 Karma (Penny) every 5 minutes.  And it’ll max out at 60 Karma. Or every 5hrs.

The interesting thing with this fountain is you can either go into your game every 5 hours to clear all 60 Karma OR you can check into your game as frequently as every 5 minutes to clear it out.  The choice is yours.  (so say you go into your game every 4hrs to reset tasks, you can still clear the fountain based on what’s built up over those 4hrs.  Make sense?)

Here are some basic facts about the fountain…

Size: 5×5
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Vanity +200
Earns Once the Event is Over: It’ll continue to earn income even after the event is over.  At that point it’ll earn $200 every 5hrs.

Update: I forgot to add the Mr. Burns has a hilarious 1hr task here…to Fall in the Fountain..


And that completes the details of the first Homer the Heretic Prize!

What are your thoughts on the prizes?  Safe to assume you’ve unlocked him by now?  Where have you placed the Penny Fountain in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “Homer the Heretic Prize Breakdown: Sunday Morning Homer & the Penny Fountain

  1. I missed that event, so my Sunday Morning Homer will never be able to do his visible tasks, right?

  2. It’s great you can collect from the penny fountain at any time, I hope they expand this to other things.

    • Now that it’s become a cash producer, the mechanism is rather annoying. It puts out the same icon, but it may or may not collect with the other items depending on it’s progress. If it doesn’t then its a bunch more taps to clear it.

  3. ThatOneWeirdTapper

    Was there some mini event I missed? I don’t seem to have Moes Brewing Co? Thanks 🙂

  4. There is finally a task a Zesty’s even though its for Homer, it gives me a reason to buy it now and I hope EA adds more tasks here for other characters in the future.

  5. After completing the requirements to get the “homer dance in his underwear” prize I had the same problem as with the earlier Homer animation: the prize was not awarded. You have to completely quit tsto and restart and then the dialog will pop up and the prize will be rewarded. For iOS users: double-click the home button, select tsto from the list and swipe up to completely quit it.

    • Orrrrr you could go to your “Friends menu” and back to your town. Awards are rewarded and new dialogues will start. This helped me out in the past few days!

  6. Was Paris Texan a limited time character? If not, how do I get her? It shows her as being one of the five non-premium characters that earns karma in Pt. 4.

  7. My burns is currently mounting mt money, but it shows him at the penny fountain as well. Weird glitch?

  8. Help please! I have been unable to complete my daily task for 2 days now. I go into Krustyland and play Sideshow You but i dont get credit for it. Any tips for someone who lives for the daily task? Thank you.

  9. EA, you have done an amazing job with animations recently and I am so happy!! The fountain animation, Sunday Homer’s animations, Brother Faith’s animations AND the Winter 2016, like it or hate it, event had some of the best and cleverly designed animations ever.
    Anyone else agree?

  10. When does Hyman unlock for me to buy him?

  11. Watch your pennies/check your Karma! It appears the total resets to zero when you win a prize so any pennies over the required amount are forfeited. You could possibly lose 60.

  12. I enjoy these mini events but it’s a shame that the collected items don’t carry over to the next prize if you have more than the necessary amount. It always resets to zero.

  13. Sunday Morning Homer dancing in his chonies, talking to his animal friends – that’s a quality lol worthy start to 2017 😅

    Penny Fountain – (thanks for the freebie EA) renders the Faux Toll Booth unnecessary to purchase (in my opinion) and that 1 Hour Mr. Burns task made my evening (shouldn’t Smithers be there to fish Burns out of the Penny Fountain and dry him off?) 👍

    • I agree. 4hrs for 60 pennies or 20 pennies… I think it’s a no brainer for that one. Plus I get to save donuts… but I was already up in the air about buying it. I see it as having no real purpose.

    • I got the toll booth because I had a great place to put it. I have made a “1%-er gated community” with some mansions, the country club, billionaire haven etc. I used the concierge bldg from the Casino event as a guard house with a gate. Now I’ve replaced the gate with the toll booth so that you’ll have to pay to get access to the area. Typical 1%-er b.s. and it reflects IMO the way the über rich are represented in the game anyways… 😎

  14. SailorAlphaCentauri

    I wanted to put my fountain behind the church, but I couldn’t see it. It’s currently in Springfield Heights in a (rare) empty space.

  15. I’ve heard of throwing pennies *into* fountains, but this is the first time I’ve seen pennies coming *out* of a fountain, lol!

  16. Mr Burns has a one hour task Fall in the Fountain. Animated.

  17. At one point I saw Mr. Burns caught in the penny fountain. He was spurting out the top on one side, then the other side, then repeat. The tower part of the fountain would shake just before he came out each time.

    I don’t see this anymore; I’m guessing I have to clear the fountain after every penny accumulates, but I’ve gotten 4 so far, and nothing yet…

  18. I wish
    Eating his moon waffles was a task

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