Main Event Contest Reminder

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a friendly reminder, we’re nearing the end of January and you know what that means?  Last chances to get your entries in to win some FREE donuts!   And who doesn’t want more donuts?  Especially when they’re free!

Your entries for the Main Event Contest must be submitted by next Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 by 11:59pm (US East Coast Time).  So you’ve got a week to finish up those entries and email them over to us (

For complete details about the Main Event Contest check out this post

So polish up those ideas and send em on over!  We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with for the next event in TSTO!

Tapped_Out_Community_Prize_Donuts Tapped_Out_Community_Prize_Donuts Tapped_Out_Community_Prize_Donuts

24 responses to “Main Event Contest Reminder

  1. I was wondering if you got my event idea? 😀 Emails have been playing up lately so please let me know if you haven’t so I can send it another way

  2. How many submissions so far? 📝
    I have decided to do a full major event – yep, bad idea but half way through so can’t ditch it now – so do I have to include build time, dimensions etc for EVERY item? Especially decorations and stuff. Will icnkdue details for prizes and characters though 😃
    Really looking forward to hearing everyone’s ideas. Just read through all of the Top 10 level contest winners and they were AMAZING 👏

  3. I have no intention to enter the contest, but I must say that I’d like to see an event based on the Do What You Feel Festival from “Bart’s Inner Child”.

  4. Hi mods! I emailed you my suggestion this morning. Extra apologies for the typos!

  5. Any hints as to what is coming up next? Iam ready for something new to get started. Would love prizes for visiting neighbours towns. Gives us more purpose to do so. Would love to do more in
    Krustyland as well. Iam bored waiting for something new to

  6. Is it just me or was anyone else expecting something to hit today? …

  7. I don’t have an idea for a main event, but I really wish there was a way we could play past events that we missed. I stupidly played anonymously before and lost my entire game, and now that I have a real account I would love to go back to old events and earn back the cool stuff I lost. Like if we could buy an even package with donuts or something, and play through the event to earn the prizes (minus the neighbor and community things since that wouldn’t work). Think this is something they’d ever do? Thanks for this blog! I love reading it!

  8. Sent mine in about a week ago, oh the anticipation! Wish I could do another, ideas are still bubbling

  9. Hi,just needed to ask a question.a friend of mine has just joined a group on Facebook & was given 10,000 doughnuts this legit?it concerned me that she has been tricked into something dodgy.

    • It is not legit. Anytime someone, other than EA, wants to go into your game and give you “free donuts” they’re not free. It’s a hack.

      Only EA can go into your game and give you free donuts. Otherwise it’s a hack and violates EA’s ToS. Odds are if your friend now has a problem with her game and she tries to contact EA’s customer service they won’t assist with the issues because of the violation of the ToS agreement.

  10. Hate to get off subject. Some in app update for The game, logged me off won’t except password. Anyone else having this problem??

    • Happens from time to time. You have to go through the “forgot password” process and it should let you through. Very annoying.

      • I called EA they said my password expired, that is why. It was just weird it happened at the in game update. I thought it was another glitch. I had to add a question in my account for security, too. I back in business. 😊 I’m wondering what the update was. Maybe a mini event for later today?

  11. I have so many ideas, I just can’t seem to find the time to work them out in detail. At the moment I am happy if I manage to open the game once a day.
    Way back I started to work on a summer holiday event – mostly beach and Squidport related stuff; and I also have some ideas for a “let’s go to the mall” event, it just doesn’t fit your criteria yet. Maybe I will be done if you repeat this contest next year 😉

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