Is Al Jean an Alien from the Future?? The answer will make you Gaga!

I’m not one to mince words. The Super Bowl did NOT turn out the way I had hoped it would. It has been one of those years. Almost none of my “hopes and dreams” have gone the way I had hoped or dreamed this past few months (at least the Cubs won the World Series!).  But this Super Bowl put the icing on the cake. What was a “sure thing” at halftime, turned into the biggest turn-around-come-from-behind-victory in Super Bowl history.   And not the way I was hoping.

The only good thing, is that the Ugh-boot-skinny-jeans-wearing (some would add cheater) Tom Brady is being asked to retire now by his super-model wife. One can hope.

BUT…in the midst of this debacle, was one of the most amazing half-time shows ever.  It was insanely entertaining, with Lady Gaga starting off by singing “God Bless America” from the top of the stadium, and then jumping off into mid-air in with a harness…suspended from cables…to finally land on the stage below, where she KILLED it. 

It was amazing…and eerily familiar.

No…I’ve never done that. I look silly in spandex and sparkles. But as amazing as it was, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had seen it before…


I’d seen this bit (sans the sparkly shooting bra) on THE SIMPSONS!!!

Al-stradamus (as I now call Al Jean, the primary show-runner for the The Simpsons) had done it again!!!

The picture below is from the Simpson’s episode, “The Simpsons entitled Lisa Goes Gaga from 2012” (S23E22).


From the WIKI- The episode was written by Tim Long and directed by Matthew Schofield. Gaga guest-starred in the episode, portraying an animated version of herself. A fan of the show, she was brought on by showrunner Al Jean, who wrote a script after James L. Brooks saw an interview of her on 60 Minutes. The design team conceived eighteen outfits to complement Gaga’s eccentric persona, which satirized several of her outfits including her meat dress. Recording sessions for “Lisa Goes Gaga” took place in Los Angeles, California over four days in August 2011.

There is only ONE NAME that matters here…not Gaga, not James L Brooks…but Al Jean. He has been acting as primary show runner (after a stutter/stop in the early years) since season 10…and has been responsible for shows that have prognosticated the discovery of the Higgs Boson (S10 E2 ‘The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace’). the economic meltdown of Greece (S23 E10 ‘Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson’), The outbreak of Ebola in America (S9 E3 ‘Lisa’s Sax’), Siegfried and Roy being attacked by tigers (S5 E10 ‘$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)’, and yes…the election of Donald Trump as President (S11 E17 ‘Bart To The Future’).

Now…these would be some alarming coincidences (it seems that the plural of coincidence should be coincidi….but I digress) in anybody’s lifetime. But, it appears that for Al Jean, every few years, he does his best to show the world that time and space are not linear, and the future is now, and then, but also at the same time.

Oh. Wait. That is the secret plot of “Arrival.”But you get what I am working at here…right?

I think Al Jean is an alien.  I think that when he removes his “people mask,” there is something else lurking there.


Or not.

Whatever the case, you have to admit that it is pretty damn spooky… and that the BEST part of the Super Bowl was Gaga.

The world is so whacky right now…it’s nice to know we have an alien working for our best interests. I think. 

What do you think?  Is it Al Jean? Or some underling working in the mail room that is slipping him these story ideas?  Let us know…

And as an added bonus…here’s the show!



46 responses to “Is Al Jean an Alien from the Future?? The answer will make you Gaga!

  1. So I stumbled on your blog by searching “alien”. I didn’t expect to see Lady Gaga, Aliens, Higgs Boson and a hatred of Tom Brady all in one post! haha. LOVED it! I posted a semi-anti-TB post last week if you’re bored and could use a laugh via mutual Tom Brady hatred.

    -Marie Lover of Aliens and Higgs Boson and Hater of Tom Brady


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