Is Al Jean an Alien from the Future?? The answer will make you Gaga!

I’m not one to mince words. The Super Bowl did NOT turn out the way I had hoped it would. It has been one of those years. Almost none of my “hopes and dreams” have gone the way I had hoped or dreamed this past few months (at least the Cubs won the World Series!).  But this Super Bowl put the icing on the cake. What was a “sure thing” at halftime, turned into the biggest turn-around-come-from-behind-victory in Super Bowl history.   And not the way I was hoping.

The only good thing, is that the Ugh-boot-skinny-jeans-wearing (some would add cheater) Tom Brady is being asked to retire now by his super-model wife. One can hope.

BUT…in the midst of this debacle, was one of the most amazing half-time shows ever.  It was insanely entertaining, with Lady Gaga starting off by singing “God Bless America” from the top of the stadium, and then jumping off into mid-air in with a harness…suspended from cables…to finally land on the stage below, where she KILLED it. 

It was amazing…and eerily familiar.

No…I’ve never done that. I look silly in spandex and sparkles. But as amazing as it was, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had seen it before…


I’d seen this bit (sans the sparkly shooting bra) on THE SIMPSONS!!!

Al-stradamus (as I now call Al Jean, the primary show-runner for the The Simpsons) had done it again!!!

The picture below is from the Simpson’s episode, “The Simpsons entitled Lisa Goes Gaga from 2012” (S23E22).


From the WIKI- The episode was written by Tim Long and directed by Matthew Schofield. Gaga guest-starred in the episode, portraying an animated version of herself. A fan of the show, she was brought on by showrunner Al Jean, who wrote a script after James L. Brooks saw an interview of her on 60 Minutes. The design team conceived eighteen outfits to complement Gaga’s eccentric persona, which satirized several of her outfits including her meat dress. Recording sessions for “Lisa Goes Gaga” took place in Los Angeles, California over four days in August 2011.

There is only ONE NAME that matters here…not Gaga, not James L Brooks…but Al Jean. He has been acting as primary show runner (after a stutter/stop in the early years) since season 10…and has been responsible for shows that have prognosticated the discovery of the Higgs Boson (S10 E2 ‘The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace’). the economic meltdown of Greece (S23 E10 ‘Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson’), The outbreak of Ebola in America (S9 E3 ‘Lisa’s Sax’), Siegfried and Roy being attacked by tigers (S5 E10 ‘$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)’, and yes…the election of Donald Trump as President (S11 E17 ‘Bart To The Future’).

Now…these would be some alarming coincidences (it seems that the plural of coincidence should be coincidi….but I digress) in anybody’s lifetime. But, it appears that for Al Jean, every few years, he does his best to show the world that time and space are not linear, and the future is now, and then, but also at the same time.

Oh. Wait. That is the secret plot of “Arrival.”But you get what I am working at here…right?

I think Al Jean is an alien.  I think that when he removes his “people mask,” there is something else lurking there.


Or not.

Whatever the case, you have to admit that it is pretty damn spooky… and that the BEST part of the Super Bowl was Gaga.

The world is so whacky right now…it’s nice to know we have an alien working for our best interests. I think. 

What do you think?  Is it Al Jean? Or some underling working in the mail room that is slipping him these story ideas?  Let us know…

And as an added bonus…here’s the show!


46 responses to “Is Al Jean an Alien from the Future?? The answer will make you Gaga!

  1. So I stumbled on your blog by searching “alien”. I didn’t expect to see Lady Gaga, Aliens, Higgs Boson and a hatred of Tom Brady all in one post! haha. LOVED it! I posted a semi-anti-TB post last week if you’re bored and could use a laugh via mutual Tom Brady hatred.

    -Marie Lover of Aliens and Higgs Boson and Hater of Tom Brady

  2. Bart’s chalboard gag from this week’s episode: “If we’re so good at predicting, How come my dad bet on Atlanta?” Hilarious!

  3. In a pre-game interview aired on Super Bowl Sunday, Gaga mentioned that she had dreamed of playing the halftime show since she was a kid, and she knew exactly what she wanted to do since then. I’d be willing to bet she told the Simpsons writers about it and they incorporated it into the episode. If not, then the episode definitely gave her the idea!

  4. Oh my gosh!! Al Jean and Chris Ledesma tweeted about this post.
    You must be so proud ❤

  5. Go Pats! When people either don’t understand or are jealous of unqualified success and talent, they figure there MUST be something fishy going on… NO one can be that good. Right? Well… yes they can. And they don’t need to cheat to do so (by the way, no “deflated” footballs and STILL world champs).
    On the subject at hand, Gaga is truly a master showperson with a sensibilty that was absolutely made for a stage as big as the Super Bowl. Whatever you may think of her music, politics or appearance (shame on the body shamers who trolled her afterward), the woman knows how to put on a show. And some extra kudos to the production team who manage to pull off a show with such amazing stunts, staging, sound, lights and efx in 10 MINUTES and then make it all go away again like it never happened. Having been in the biz for 15 years before the road took its toll, I truly tip my hat to the unsung heros of this (and every) performance.
    Lastly, I think the precient nature of the show is due largely to the fact that it is written and produced by some very smart, very observant folks who are able to extrapolate what they see and hear and make it into an interesting and entertaining show. Sprinkle in just the right amount of whimsy and absurdity and voila – you have the BEST. SHOW. EVER. And a window on the future???

    • Great post! I’ll even forgive the silly sycophantic Patriot talk (the also got busted for stealing plays with spies in the stands). But the rest? Agree 100%

  6. Well, duh! You can’t spell alien without Al 😜

  7. You lost me at “Cubs” comment. Some of us here are actually Indians fans.

  8. Puppy Bowl (on a certain ‘Animal’ channel), complete w/ owl onlookers, kitten cheerleaders, and the occasional hedge-hog, is STILL the best halftime show around. : )

  9. I love Lady Gaga.

  10. I’m definitely giving more credit to Gaga than Jean on this one.

    The Super Bowl hired Gaga to do their halftime show… but I doubt it was them who pitched her swinging through the air. She’s renown for her creativity and originality… so I would imagine they asked her what she thought she would do. And she flashed back to the Simpsons episode and brought up the idea herself.

    Not to downplay the prescience of Al Jean by any means (hello President Trump)… but I lean towards him and the writers as more inspiring the idea than predicting it.

  11. Well … Stuff like this is probably down to Gaga getting inspiration from her episode. Not much to it.
    And I read a REALLY interesting and geeky book called “Maths and The Simpsons” (or something similar) and loved it. It explained some really detailed maths references that are used in the show and the Higgs Boson prediction has it’s own chapter.
    Al Jean and many more Simpsons writers have very high degrees and stuff in Mathematics and further Mathematics and are stupid clever!… But decided to create a cartoon show and boy I’m glad they took that decision but it’s great to see them combine their love of maths into so many of their episodes.

  12. I think the Superbowl was amazing. Magnificent display best one I have shown. Go Pats.😀😆😄😃😈😜

    • Ergh….

    • I’m a Cowboys fan (and a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies to boot) living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I thought that it was a great Super Bowl too.

      Then again, I would have been happy for the Falcons or Tom Brady (more so than for the rest of the Patriots).

      I certainly would have preferred the Cowboys though. Next year, friends. Next year.

      Hopefully, The Simpsons will make a Dallas Cowboys episode where Dak Prescott wins the MVP of Super Bowls 52-55. 😉

  13. Boo!

  14. I had no idea it was Al Jean who was responsible for these prescient episodes. There is something unique and definitely alien going on behind those glasses. He has a special kind of understanding about the state of affairs in this world over the past 30+ years. Where is comes from I won’t even venture a guess.

    As far as Tom Brady be careful what you wish for. I read somewhere he has his eye on national politics after football. Ugh.

  15. Josephine Kick@$$

    My 2 cents… I’ve never liked anything Lady Gaga did, (other than she has a great voice & had the right songwriters), or her stance on numerous things (refuse to go there), but I have a brand new respect for her. Her performance was flipping awesome!!! She performed the best Super Bowl halftime show that I’ve ever seen (and I’m old & have loved *most* sports since conception 😂). One reason why I’m now a fan of hers (not saying I’ve never sang one of her tunes in the shower), is because her performance was, (once again for anyone thinking I’m repeating myself), flipping awesome, and the fact that she did what she was supposed to do and did NOT take advantage of the *job she was PAID to do*, by using it as a platform to voice her own opinions (which yes, everyone has the right to have). (Did you love that run-on sentence, or what?). The average Joe would be fired for voicing their opinions about such controversial subjects to the general public while doing the job they are being paid to do. I know I’d be reprimanded for doing what some singer/actor/commentator, etc, has done in the last (for s&g’s), say oh about 6 months. (Again, not going there). Anywho, enough with my opinion, I’ll just say she’s off my naughty list😂😂😂

    *the above may not necessarily express the views of the owners of this website. (for the humor impaired, that was an attempt to make the reader at least chuckle).

    Long (extremely long), story short, yes I agree with Patric. It was a flipping awesome performance 😊

    For the grammar police, I know my response was all over the place & have no problem being corrected😂 For anyone else who is so butt-hurt but still read this whole thing, I will read any responses made, just know I won’t go back to grade school level by responding argumentatively😘

    (You started this Patric😝)

    Have a great Saturday everyone (or Sunday depending on your place on this crazy planet) 😀😀😀😀

    Dang, almost forgot, I need Wookiee’s mailing address, I want to send him a Coyotes tee so he doesn’t have to wear that Kings one😂😂😂 Wish me luck all, this is my first night back to the arena since re-injuring my back, at least I only have 3 stair steps to go up & down to our seats😀😀😀 (can you tell I’m excited?) 😂😂😂 You goin’ down Penguins, granmamaDar will be in da house 😜😜😜

    • LOL! Too funny!
      There were some subtle politics in her performance…mostly song choices. But, it was refreshing to just see some entertainment value for the sake of entertainment!

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I noticed the song choices, but to me they seemed like she was showing her patriotism more than anything, & she wasn’t being disrespectful. Major kudos to her for that 😊 Wait a minute… I think she was playing favorites & wanted NE to win, & not the Falcons 😂😂😂

    • nice post josephine although i would like to point out that contrary to popular belief halftime performers are not paid and they do it for publicity only. now of course you could argue that the publicity may gain them more revenue and i would agree. oh and btw the Pens will repeat this year. GO PENS!

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        MOST.AWESOME.GAME.EVER 😁 I was in pain the whole time, have a sore throat from cheering & yelling, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!! It’s all good though, I watch hockey before anything else when I’m at home no matter who is playing❤️️🏒❤️️ There are teams I root for if they are playing a team I don’t particularly care for (ahem Wookster 😂). Tonight was awesome, but next Saturday they play the Sharks. I’m so looking forward to going, I love watching the Sharks play (Thornton is a great player). I actually like Pittsburgh, not just because they hold the Stanley, but they are fun to watch 😊 I think they’re going to have a tough time with the Caps when it comes down to the Cup though, (another of my favs to watch…) heck, Blues, Senators, Wild (a must since my better half played in the CnHL in the 70’s & is from Duluth), Avalanche, Canadiens… it’s hockey, it’s all good 😊 Something I found a little cool was one of the games I was watching the other day, it was the 3rd per., with 3.3 left in reg, & the team that was behind scored to tie the game… 3-3 😳 Coincidence or gov’t conspiracy? 😆

        Have to tell you a totally corny joke my man always tells… Did you hear about the hockey game at the leper colony?… … … there was a face-off in the corner. 🙄😜

    • Gaga writes all of her own songs, another reason to admire her talent!

  16. I believe it’s called “predictive programming”…

  17. Why does no one consider that maybe Gaga actually saw some of the episode (of course she did, it had her in it) and thought “One day, I’m going to make that kind of entrance in a show!”
    Sometimes the simplest answers are the right ones…not the most fun, maybe, but a lot more likely.

  18. Such a good post!! I agree with it all.
    Al Jean must be an alien. It’s creepy!! 😁
    And ps. Gaga was definitely the best part of the Superbowl!

  19. I can neither confirm nor deny that the Stonecutters are behind it all.

  20. I think Lady Gaga was involved in that episode and then now, she proposed this entrance in the Superbowl to the team. Nothing to do with prediction

  21. Gaga was basic. Beyonce was ten million times better.

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