Destination Springfield – Calendar Act III


Well, here we are…in the final act of what some are saying is the BEST UPDATE (of the year).  I get it. It has been fun…and I think that seeing the world outside of our Springfield’s.

The fact is, it has been pretty darn EAsy to get everything in the first two acts, and from what I’m seeing in the numbers, Act III isn’t going to be any different. Bonuts?  That is another story…but I guess we’ll have to see…right?

Let’s take a look at the numbers!

As per usual, if you want to see a LARGER version of the calendar(s) just click the graphics.


And once again…for those of you who prefer the linear/simplistic version…here is the chart, ALONG WITH THE DAYS OF THE WEEK (yep…I listen to requests).


As has become the norm…if you log in every 4 hours a few times a day…you’re gonna get it all.

Have fun!  Be careful of overeating at the Sumo Training center…and if you take a trip with Norbert…be sure to buckle your seat belt (he has belt extenders if you need one!)


56 responses to “Destination Springfield – Calendar Act III

  1. FYI, if you send 4 Springfielders on a flight, then send the fifth Springfielder on a task (whatever length) you’ll get 5 new Springfielders to send on flights. As tickets refresh every 15 min (give or take) you can send way more folks on flights within 4 hours and get more pins/sky credits. If you happen to be behind on this act, this is a way to catch up!


  2. I thought I had fallen behind this act, but it looks like I’m not in terrible shape after all. I mean, I’m not ahead, but at least I have a shot.


  3. I don’t think there’s a link for this calendar on the world event page with all the related posts. Thanks for the calendars, always good to know if you’re on track


  4. I squealed with delight ,When I earned the monkeys 🙂 They’re so darn cute !!!! Running around my Springfield 🙂


  5. Raymond Hernandez

    For the vicious monkeys the 1st mission for steal refreshments what building is required it takes me to the inventory and I has so many possible buildings I’m not certain on which one is needed.


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