Destination Springfield – Calendar Act III


Well, here we are…in the final act of what some are saying is the BEST UPDATE (of the year).  I get it. It has been fun…and I think that seeing the world outside of our Springfield’s.

The fact is, it has been pretty darn EAsy to get everything in the first two acts, and from what I’m seeing in the numbers, Act III isn’t going to be any different. Bonuts?  That is another story…but I guess we’ll have to see…right?

Let’s take a look at the numbers!

As per usual, if you want to see a LARGER version of the calendar(s) just click the graphics.


And once again…for those of you who prefer the linear/simplistic version…here is the chart, ALONG WITH THE DAYS OF THE WEEK (yep…I listen to requests).


As has become the norm…if you log in every 4 hours a few times a day…you’re gonna get it all.

Have fun!  Be careful of overeating at the Sumo Training center…and if you take a trip with Norbert…be sure to buckle your seat belt (he has belt extenders if you need one!)

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  1. FYI, if you send 4 Springfielders on a flight, then send the fifth Springfielder on a task (whatever length) you’ll get 5 new Springfielders to send on flights. As tickets refresh every 15 min (give or take) you can send way more folks on flights within 4 hours and get more pins/sky credits. If you happen to be behind on this act, this is a way to catch up!

  2. I thought I had fallen behind this act, but it looks like I’m not in terrible shape after all. I mean, I’m not ahead, but at least I have a shot.

  3. I don’t think there’s a link for this calendar on the world event page with all the related posts. Thanks for the calendars, always good to know if you’re on track

  4. I squealed with delight ,When I earned the monkeys 🙂 They’re so darn cute !!!! Running around my Springfield 🙂

  5. Raymond Hernandez

    For the vicious monkeys the 1st mission for steal refreshments what building is required it takes me to the inventory and I has so many possible buildings I’m not certain on which one is needed.

  6. Some days I’m only able to log in twice due to really long work hours. I missed the final prizes in both act 1 and act 2 as well as the globe from act 1 (which I really wanted for some dumb reason!). I think it’s great that most people aren’t having issues winning the prizes though! Well last chance in act 3 and I’m already behind by 2000 it seems…. sad face lol

  7. Did anyone else buy and then lose the Rio-des-anero hotel. I bought it, placed it then the next time I loved
    In, it was gone and I mean gone as in not even in my inventory. The same thing happened to Krusty’s daughter. Could this be a glitch?!

  8. Ok, so is the pink angel lady a character you can get? I don’t see her for sale or anywhere else.

  9. 4 hours (9:30 pm local) and I’ll have the vicious monkeys.
    Another day of this sort of effort, and I can relax.

  10. In New Zealand (at least the non-Mordor parts) the new Act opened at 9pm on Friday night. Was that the same for anyone else? I thought we generally all started at the same time in our respective timezones (that is, everyone started at “their” 6am or whatever) but wonder if that has changed. If some people get a full first day but others don’t then perhaps the calendar could go back to starting a day after the start of the event to recognise that? If we all started at 9pm on “our” Fridays then I would argue the same for this event anyway because you can’t earn a full days pins in three hours.

  11. This is the best event in my opinion…..and one that can be repeated given the number of countries the Simpsons have visited #moreincommon

  12. Are the monkeys a full character with tasks or an npc?

  13. Mr. Patric, the above linear/simplistic version of the calendar is the BEST event-act calendar I have EVER seen on ANY TSTO blog (and no, I don’t mean that because of Xoxchitla but I guess we all know now who’s your favorite between Ronaldo & Xoxchitla lolzzz)

    Can I make one teeny-tine suggestion to your future linear calendars?? For dates, you currently use the m/dd/yyyy format …… Can you change it to dd/mm/yyyy format in future?? Thank you

  14. The first prize (Painted Homes 2, 5, & 8) is really just Painted Home 2. I’m disappointed. Now I’ll have an odd blue house instead of an equal number of each colour/style. This upsets my latent OCD tendencies.

  15. I come to this site to read about tsto. Not about a veiled mentioned on what’s going on in the US. I’ve lived in Oregon – you can kill yourself but can’t pump your own gas – twice. I’m tired of politics, be it liberal or conservative. Thankfully EA has become a pretty predicatable site where I can do this on my own.

    • Ugh totally missed that in his post this morning….I’m sorry. And I 100% agree, not needed here. My sincere apologies.

    • I personally found his “veiled” comment to be chuckle-worthy & it was very relevant to this TSTO event, so I’m a bit sad that Alissa removed it, but glad that I saw/read it before it was removed

    • Actually, you can pump your own gas in certain rural parts of Oregon now.

      And the “you can kill yourself” isn’t as simple as that. Physicians and others are involved, certain criteria has to be met, etc.

      • I guess the better thing to say is…New Jersey the state where you can’t pump your own gas or the gas station attendant will threaten to call the cops on you. Even if they move slower than molasses in January

      • Step out of the car 🚗 in Ashland/ Medford to stretch your legs after driving for 4 hours and the attendant will come rushing out yelling ” No! No!”

  16. Thank you!
    I’m loving this event, possibly my favorite ever!

  17. “if you log in every 4 hours a few times a day…you’re gonna get it all”

    “few” is vague. I think if someone logs on 3 times a day they’re gonna cut it close.

  18. This has been a fun event. I wish that there was better crafting items available though. How many Shinto Shrines, trees, taxis and street soccer courts do we need? I’m disappointed that some of the buildings are little more than decorations.

    In most events, I really appreciate the option to craft buildings that will earn $ and XP — and then I use all of my remaining crafting funds to buy as many as I can.

  19. I love this, I ‘ am from Brazil and that’s funny to see, things of my country in this game. Hey Patric this cartoon is based on this pearson–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9aW5zZXQ7aD00MjA7cT04NTt3PTYzMA–/ and that’s a children program 😀

  20. Thank you. Always helpful to have a graphic representation to help wrap my mind around it.
    Speaking of wrapping, I’m glad you like her outfit, it wraps her well. But if it wrapped any “weller”, she’d truly out-fit her outfit.

  21. Easy breezy

  22. Painted home (2,5,8)? Should we expect to see other painted homes released in the store?

  23. ThatOneWeirdTapper

    Thanks for the calendar, they’re really helpful to keep on track! 😀 Does anyone know when we’re getting the Plane Bot or Carnival Float? Are they just going to release an item every day at 08.00 GMT like previous acts? Really don’t like it if thats the case..

  24. I am so so so so happy! I`m from Brazil, I love the two episodes that visit us and I loooooove everything available that’s brazilian in this event. I almost feel like investing in some donuts so I can have Ronaldo. Also, I`m a translator and I`m loving all the names. Cant wait for the turbo tapping post to find out what some of our “typical” stuff is called in english (such as our beloved botecos <3)

    BTW: The restaurant with the tree is real, amazing and suuper fancy! If anyone is curious about that, it`s called Figueira Rubaiyat.

  25. Thanks for the calender, love being able to keep a track of where I’m supposed to be when. Though it’s actually the 24th February today…

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