Rommelwood Academy Prize Breakdown: The Eliminator and Conquer the Eliminator Task

Note: Many of you are reporting the St. Patrick’s Day items left the store early according to your in-game timers.  While, this post indicates the items leave the store on March 21st (today), it is EXTREMELY important for your games to provide players with accurate information.  Including on the game timers.  The best thing I can tell you to do is contact EA.  Let them know the timers were incorrect.  Hopefully that will cause them to fix the problem.
While we try to always let you know the end dates for items, you shouldn’t have to rely on a website (that’s not run by EA) to tell you when something leaves the stores.  That’s why there are timers in the games.  So it’s really important that EA fixes this issue. 

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So I’m doing something a little different this time around.  While I’ll still cover, in detail, all of the prizes I’m going to start with the last two prizes, the Eliminator and Lisa’s task there.  Why?  Well because many of you are getting to the final prize and you want to know what to expect.  Rather than force you to wait while I cover everything before it, I figured it’ be better to cover the last one (or two) first.

This event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the Left, Right, Left questline you’ll have to earn  via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

Let’s take a look at the details of the fifth and sixth prizes.  What it does and how you unlock them..

The fifth prize you’ll unlock is The Eliminator..

Here are some more details behind it…

How You Unlock It: Left, Right, Left Pt. 5….
Make Lisa Complete Rifle Training- 3hrs, Earns 20 , 35xp
Collect Class Coins- x450

Size: 4×12
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Obedience +5
Build Time: Instant
Earns: n/a until you complete the event
Task: AFTER you complete Pt. 6 of this questline you’ll unlock a task for Lisa there.  See details below…

The sixth (and final) prize you’ll unlock is Lisa’s Task to Conquer The Eliminator..

Here are some more details behind it…

How You Unlock It: Left, Right, Left Pt. 6….
Make Martin Serve Double Detention- 3hrs, Earns 10 , 35xp
Collect Class Coins- x480

This is a fantastic animated task for Lisa on The Eliminator.
Task Length: 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp.

So once you’ve unlocked this task you’ll complete the Rommelwood Academy prize track questline…

So what’s next?  Well, like a few mini events before it, you can earn bonus prizes!

How do you do that?

Well, each time you send Lisa to Conquer the Eliminator you’ll earn a prize when the task is complete…

So basically send Lisa to Conquer the Eliminator and every 12hrs you’ll win 1 of 4 prizes!

So, what can you win?  Well honestly none of the prizes are terribly exciting, but still something nonetheless.  Here’s a look:

 Training Dummy

 5 Chain Link Fences

 Bomb Shelter

Mini Nuclear Warhead

So out of that list, the “best” prize (because it offers a bonus %) is the Mini Nuclear Warhead.  Of course that’s also the hardest prize to get. While it seems the Training Dummy is the most common prize.  (at least for me)

And that completes the details of the last two Rommelwood Academy prizes! Including what happens when it’s all over…

(remember I’m doing this a little different this time, so I’ll be back later to cover prizes 1-4)

What are your thoughts on the Eliminator and/or Lisa’s task there? Have you finished the prize track?  If not how close are you to finishing?  (remember there’s still a week left, so there’s no rush if you’re not close)  Where have you placed the Eliminator in your Springfield?  Have you earned any prizes from Lisa’s task?  Which ones?   Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

81 responses to “Rommelwood Academy Prize Breakdown: The Eliminator and Conquer the Eliminator Task

  1. It’s pronounced Nucular!

  2. I called EA to report the St patty stuff being gone this afternoon like Alissa suggested for us to do the support rep had no clue about what I was talking about but said would pass along to developers also mentioned the continuous getting logged out and having to log back in to get into game this she said they are aware of and are working on it just logged into my game without having to sign in and the St Patties stuff was back with the timer back at 2days left
    I am not waiting and taking a chance on missing out on the duff deal again ….. Instantly purchased….. Ohhhhhhh yeah the Duff man is in my game

  3. Hi, does anyone know the odds of getting the mini nuke (e.g. 1/4 or 1/100)? Thanks 🙂

    • I wish I knew, but my first two prizes were the mini nuke. I really hope it is 1/100 because I just broke odds of 1/100,000 to do that 😀

      • 1/10,000 lol. The dreaded decimal place strikes again! I find my Lisa is often busy and I don’t want to dedicate her to a 12 hour task if the nuke drop rate is so low. I’ve built up a good amount of Kang/kodos topiaries from the rocket ship but that I don’t mind because it doesn’t require any characters.

        Also, I keep all my buildings for tasks together. Maggie’s playdough factory, recycling center items, whatever the most current even is (in this case the spy James Bond buildings. More convenience than Apu can provide.

  4. Argh! Just contacted EA to add my name to those who were saving up to buy the St Patrick’s Day items but now they are gone. Hope EA does the right thing and brings they back.

  5. wow.. a chance to get another bomb shelter woo-hoo!!!

    • It is a shame that when you nuke your town the bomb shelters also get put away. They should survive.

  6. I see that one of the prizes from the eliminator is the mini nuke. Is it still possible to win that prize from the rocket shuttle? I have been sending that stupid rocket into space daily since the deep space homer mini event and I still have not won a single mini nuke. I know the odds are very slim, but I have won multiple Kang and Kodos topiary as well as countless hail ant signs and debris. I figure I would have at least earned one by now. Anyone else still have yet to win one?

    • It took me a year to collect one mini nuke from rocket launch… already have two training​ dummies from eliminator, not going to start holding my breath just yet on the warhead. The silver lining is that now the odds have increased with two ways to get one, so maybe in 6 months I’ll have another ☺☺

    • I’ve been playing constantly since that event and have managed to get 3 Mini-Nukes. Also don’t forget that there are sometimes Donuts in the debris so put it out in your Springfield and get Homer and Lisa to clean it up.

      • I tap every day, multiple times a day. I’ve been tapping like that since Halloween 2013. What can I say, I’m an addict. However, I must digress, it is somewhat frustrating to hear you have earned that many mini nukes when I have yet to get one. But hey, that’s the way it goes. Congrats on your success!

  7. Was the rocket from a mini event like this ? Not in my game but iv’e only been playing for about 10 – 11 months.

  8. I really don’t get how I’m so far behind on this. I have Greta, Leopold and the plane. I’ve been playing pretty consistently and I only just unlocked The Eliminator. Oh well, lots of time to spare.

  9. The task earns really well, since you get a nice price for selling off the training dummies plus the payoff.

  10. So if my count is right we are now up to four infinitely repeatable tasks/games that have at least a small chance to reward premium prizes / donuts (rocket, chili, find maggie, eliminator). Or am I forgetting others? There is also the monorail (donuts), Akira (bonsai — premium but no bonus), the robot black-hole (returns non-premium prizes), and the submarine (extra tiles, but otherwise non-premium prizes)…

    The nice thing is that if you have Lisa on the task and need her for something else you can (presumably — haven’t tested) store the eliminator to free her up. That means she can basically stay there when she isn’t actively needed elsewhere. It seemed like you can also initiate the task from the item, so you don’t need to find her each time.

    • It’s interesting to read them all put together like that!
      Does the chilli game earn any % increase prizes?
      And how does Akira earn bonsai trees?

      • His 12-hour task is sequential, and after 3 or so he earns a Bonsai.

      • The only %-earning item from the chili game is the elder god, but they’re fairly rare. I play twice a day, just about every day, and I think I’ve gotten maybe two of them. Mostly, it’s pumpkin patches and Stonecutters walls, with the occasional sugar cane patch (I think….come to think of it, I haven’t seen one of those in a while …).

    • I was just hoping that someone would make a list like this. Thanks!

      As far as other “specialty” things, I think you almost got them all. The rest of the non-regular gameplay (anything not tapping buildings and send people on jobs) would be:

      Premium Prizes/Donut Potential:
      1. Rocket
      2. Chili
      3. Find Maggie
      4. Eliminator
      5. Monorail
      6. Sideshow You in Krustyland
      7. Daily Prizes
      8. Cleaning Debris
      9. Tapping Friends

      Interactive Non-Premium Prizes/Cash:
      1. Kwik-E-Mart Scratch-R
      2. Dog Races (sort of)
      3. Go-Kart Races (sort of)
      4. Black Hole Robot Invasion

      Non-interactive Buildings that must be given missions
      1. Cletus’s Farm
      2. Channel 6
      3. Drive in Theater
      4. KBBL Radio

      Then there are things like the Open Air Stage, Springfield Heights, the Bounce House, the Fire Department, etc. as well, but these all require characters, so I don’t count them as “extra”.

  11. I’ve done it 5 times, so far. Training dummy, chain link fences X3, and the mini nuke-woohoo! I’ll sell back what I can for extra cash and keep going for the bonus. I mostly use 12h tasks anyway, so this is perfect. Except when Lisa is needed for an event, she’ll be conquering the eliminator in perpetuity.

  12. I got a Gill deal! Still have two hrs left on eliminator task but have not received final price yet! Does that prize come after the eliminator task?

  13. Okay, I unlocked the task like always but that makes me wonder, what happen to the people who don’t? Who unlocks the character but not the task? It stays blanked forever?

  14. I read that some people have won the Military Tank from sending Lisa to The Eliminator. If I had that happen to me I’d be really happy.

    • I think you are hearing an urban myth starting…I’ve only read people say “they heard someone won”…not “I actually won”…I’ll believe it when I hear the latter.

      • I agree. It does sound unlikely to win that. I rarely get some good items from the Insanity Peppers and The Rocket Ship. Sometimes I get a Kang or Kodos
        decoration or the Mutant Alien from an older Haloween event that gives out bonus %.

      • I dunno, might not be a myth.
        I’ve already won a 5 day cruise to Mazatlan 🛳⛱.

  15. Will the eliminator task end with the event or be a permanent task?

  16. I really hope EA does the right thing and brings the St Patricks stuff back. Like others, my timer said two days and i have been saving for Duffman.I was planning on getting him today and just got enough donuts to buy him.

  17. I just got Lisa on the eliminator
    To get bonus prizes ……..12. Hour tastes
    It was not bad at all

  18. I’m giving the Eliminator until the end of this week to bring me a nuke (something the rocket still hasn’t been able to accomplish for me) and then I think Lisa’s going back to doing the balance beam overnight. I feel bad making her hang on that rope there all night, but I must say that, the overall animation (with her going up the ladder, across the rope, doing the main animation thing, and then coming back down at the end) is wonderfully intricate and well done!

    • Good luck – I’ve been doing the rocket launch over, and over, and OVER again and have 2 of those to show for it – guessing the odds aren’t much better with this. I will probably keep Lisa at it, at least until the next event she’s needed in hits.

      • Lol! I’ve been doing the Rocket launch every 12 hours since we got it and I have never won a nuke

        • I got one nuke, but quite a few topiaries.

        • You know what the definition of insanity is…this must be the rocket version…

          • I would agree, if it weren’t for the fact that I keep reading about other people who’ve gotten it (some more than once). If it weren’t for those people’s posts, I probably would have given up long ago (although I have gotten a few topiaries, which have a small bonus % attached to them…).

      • Two? *sigh* That rocket must readily just hate me, then. Just got another [expletive deleted] Hail Ants sign a short while ago. 🙁

  19. Anyone check the Gil Deal. 190 doughnuts for a character skin for Mr.Burns and Grandpa and a statue and treasure chest decoration seems not worth it. I don’t know if there’s a % bonus for the items.

  20. I am having the same problem and have been stuck in the same place for two days now. Any ideas on how to fix this glitch?!?!?!?

  21. Anyone else notice the St. Patrick’s Day deals left the store 2 says early? I’ve been saving up donuts for the Lady Duff deal, and it looks like the Flying Hellfish offer overwrote it. Argh!

  22. alex - aabcampos2

    yesterday my game said I still have 2 days ultil St. Patrick content was removed. But I can´t see any st. Patrick content anymore…. 🙁

    • The end date was this morning. Not sure why your timer was off, but it was counting down to today in my game

      • My end date said 2 days, also. Notice you can’t even purchase Duffman at regular price right now…that usually only happens when the character is flagged for a special deal/bundle offering.

        I was planning to purchase him after I got my railyard donuts today… >:/

      • My timer said in 2 days and so did everyone elses that I asked 😁.
        It made sense for it to leave because I can see why EA would want the stuff to leave as the other thing comes in but it’s not fair for them to cut it off like this. I got everything I wanted but many others didn’t

      • alex - aabcampos2

        The timer was correct when st. Patrick Starts. It was showing that ends today. But March 17th Update change it, adding 2 days.

    • Mine also said that. I am glad I had already grabbed what I wanted or I would have been very annoyed.

    • Thank heavens for this site.
      I thought that my addiction to drinking Sterno had finally caught up with me. I could have sworn I had more days left.
      Oh, the humanity.
      Oh, the leprechaunity.
      (And, conspiracy theorists, why is it that all of us were unaware and only one individual knew the truth? Hmmmm?)

  23. Hellfish deal is live!

  24. Hellfish deal just hit stores!

  25. It would be nice to be able play the game it is stuck in download mode will not delet etc. I tried to reset no luck.

  26. one random shoe

    due to the hellfish deal, has anyone else had the st patrick’s day deal disappear a day early too?

  27. Just had the 1st prize today, training dummy, can use some of them to add to my training camp, thanks Alissa, good post, pity the tank wasn’t a prize, Gil’s deals also hit me today, 190 donuts, great deal but lacking in donuts just now, would have liked the army costumes for burns and grampa

  28. Hi not sure if this is the right place…do you know about an error in the game. I am on the “Left, Right, Left Pt 5″ and I can not send the children to do their job. I am receiving error message like ” Greta Wolfcastle’s job location for job Stuff Decoys with Potatoes is currently not available.” This is happening for all the children’s task. Do you know what the issue is?

    • Try and place the Academy in your storage. Do something else like visit Krusty Land or a neighbor’s town. Try and return to your town and place the Academy again. Do you own Greta? If so try and put her building in storage then place it again. This works for me sometimes when I can’t progress through an event. I hope it works for you if not contact EA. The Gil Deal glitched a lot of people’s games.

    • Did you get the barracks and have you placed it? Her task takes place there, so the barracks has to be placed in town to complete her job.

    • Devara, I finally figured out the problem. I had the Rommelwood Barracks in storage. Once I brought the Barracks back into the game, the jobs became active! Duh!

  29. With any other character this would be something to keep doing, but Lisa is needed for almost everything else – Monorail, SH, and probably also upcoming events. I don’t think this will see much use, and I already send the rocket out every 12h to try for the mini-nuke. Have done this almost continually since we got it, and got the nuke once. The odds are not in our favour, I think.

    • I agree. Locking a main character into an ongoing 12 hour task (although I love the animation) seems like something that most people will have difficulty keeping up.

    • Lucky you….send out my rocket out every day and have yet to get a nuke 😪

  30. 3 training dummies and 1 chain link fence. I don’t think I’ll use this too much. It’s a cool animation but not worth keeping Lisa occupied in the slim hope that I’ll get the nuke. 12 hours is too long.

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