About Those Schematics…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So I wanted to take a minute to discuss something on everyone’s mind, the 1 major gripe y’all seem to be having with this event…

The darn crafting currency and it’s (lack of) drop rate!

So it’s super slow going collecting those schematics for Act 1 & naturally that leads to panic among many of you..  So let’s all take a step back, a deep breath & do a little investigating to see just what’s going on…

So first before I get into anything, I want to say…as infuriating as it may be…the schematics are dropping as intended.  There’s no glitch.  This is how they’re coded.

Also, remember today is day 4 of 42.  Still a whole lot of event left to go….

For Act 1 they’re coded to drop from the Men in Tan Suits (or MIT as Pat likes to call them) 10% of the time.  2  from the ones that drop.

So for every 100 MIT you tap you’ll have Schematics drop from 10 of them.  Or 20 .  This is roughly the amount of MIT you’ll see/day with regular 4hr interval tapping.  So really you’re looking at about 20 /day…for Act 1.

Infuriatingly slow, but that’s how it’s intended.

So why is it so slow for Act 1?

Reader Monkseal summed this up nicely in the comments yesterday:

“Looking at the crafting levels I’m working on the assumption there will be a big increase in droprate of blue doodads in each new act. The items in the first four levels require fairly low numbers of doodads to make, then the next four have medium amounts, then the next four high amounts. I can see having all of the “low ticket” items within two weeks, so it feels at the moment like we’re “supposed” to be working at a rate of about four levels per act.

(Of course now they’ll change the rates tomorrow and say it was a glitch…)”

While I’m not EA, and can’t really say for sure what they’re attempting to do…this is exactly my line of thinking.

It appears to me that EA is doing their best to get everyone to slow down with this event.  They’re purposely making it difficult to achieve everything in Act 1 because they want you to continue tapping regularly through Acts 2 and 3.

Aside from the slow start to Act 1, there’s some coding in the files that indicates this as well.  As of right now, while the MIT Schematic drop rate remains at 10% for Acts 2 and 3 the payout increases for each act.
-For Act 2 they’ll drop 6 , roughly 60/day.
-For Act 3 they’ll drop 12 , roughly 120/day.

In addition the  payout via the prize track increases for each act.
-For Act 1 the 5th prize in the prize track is 200 
-For Act 2 the 5th prize in the prize track is 600 
-For Act 3 the 5th prize in the prize track is 1200 

So what am I trying to say?

I know it sucks right now, but it’ll get better as the event moves along.  So relax, there are still 38 days left in the event.  You don’t need to finish the crafting track tomorrow.  EA has laid it out so it will intentionally move slow.  You’ve got to build up the crafting currency.

I strongly recommend just letting the schematics build up.  Don’t craft anything yet.  Just let them build up for a while and then craft towards the end of the event.  The crafting items aren’t going anywhere, they’ll be hanging around for the whole event.  So just let your schematic bank build up for awhile…and don’t stress! 🙂

What are your thoughts on the schematics?  Make sense now that you know it’s designed to progress as the event moves along? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

161 responses to “About Those Schematics…

  1. ACT 1 NOT COMPLETE . MISSED LAST 2 PRIZES. TAPPED EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! They make these things way to difficult. How much time do I possibly need to put on this game

  2. Had a small update today, finished the 9 Dossiers challenge, and earned the 200 Schematics level.
    MiT seem to be paying out more. I never really tap them before to notice payouts, just use the scan to clear. But i tapped between 8 and 12 and most seemed to pay out the blue schematics.

    Again maybe it was just the few I tapped and got lucky. I ran the scan right after, but didn’t pay attention to the pay out. Sitting at 330 schematics now and feel rich.

  3. FYI everyone: I think EA changed the schematic payout. I just downloaded a small in-app update and when I got into the game, I got 1 schematic from almost every MIT that I tapped.

  4. The event started out seeming potentially fun, but has become quite boring. Some people have lives to live, and only are able to play the game once or twice a day. This event isn’t likely doable for them, and since it has become quite boring, they will likely just stop bothering.
    I admit I have the time to do it, but am on the verge of mostly ignoring it. It is just too slow and redundant at this point.
    I am just hiding away characters for 4 hours at a time when they could be doing other much more interesting tasks…

  5. Hi, I’m a newbie to this game, and this is first event of this kind to me, so I want to ask (probably a stupid) question: When you buy something for schematics, the spend amount is added to the upgrade progress. So you can level up by buying things in Hidden Research Facility. However there is also an option to use schematics directly to level up (the green button next to the progress bar). If I use them this way, are they lost, or will they remain in the bank? I just want to be sure if it’s OK to buy everything, or I should use the green button to save schematics for the castle 🙂

  6. Daily task – collect 40 schematics. I cleared the mibs 4 times today and did the scan and only got 36. Shouldn’t a daily task be able to be done in a day?

  7. A sign of things to come? The craftable manhole covers (once you level up to 3) can be placed on roads and cobblestones, not just grass and pavement. Could this mean that more items will actually be able to use the roads in the future (like cars for instance)?

  8. Castlebuilder151

    I decided to pass on this daily task too,as I couldn’t see the end within my lifetime! I now have to complete10 intel collection jobs. It’s for donuts tho.

  9. I don’t have a problem with the drop rate as it’s a long event besides the 5th Act one prize is 200 schematics.

  10. I don’t care that it’s slow but don’t make it an impossible daily task. Quite infuriating.

  11. Infuriating slow is an understatement and why does the mystery boxed not give better stuff? I’m so sick of news vans, I could buy, if I actually wanted them or minnow ponds, which I could just buy, if I wanted them. Why can’t you put the cars on the roads? And the mystery boxes for events why do they have to be grouped with the possibility of something that has nothing to do with event why can’t they all be cool I don’t know if I wanna take the chance but am a freemium player and don’t think I can make the donuts to actually get what I want since the prices are too high. I know you all have no control but had to vent to someone.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Venting is good, especially when there are many who can agree with a lot of what you said 😊

  12. I’ve only managed to get 130 blueprints since I’ve started on day one. I can’t even get to level 2 yet!! This is way different….

    • In previous events we ended up with alot of excess crafting currency or alot of craftables that we really didn’t want and they ended up in storage. I’m fine with the progress the way it is.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I’ll be honest & say I’ve spent no less than 25 donuts on items just to level up & collect more of the items I’m going to want more of for later designing. I still believe there is a problem with the drop of them.

  13. Lynne Phillips

    How often are the men in tan supposed to appear I haven’t had any in two days.

    • If you play the mini game at the surveillance post then all the men in tan are collected too.

  14. crafting currency and it’s (lack of) drop rate OR don’t sweat it over crafting currency 😅👌

    IF this is an issue leading into Act 2? I expect enough Tappers to loudly complain to EA (an EA will cave in – they’ve done it before) 👍

  15. Problem with this post in particular and perhaps with how the programers see this event is the math. Math – statistics and probability doesn’t work quite as neatly as you described in your post above. When something has a 10% chance of awarding an item it doesn’t mean one of every 10, it means Every instance you engage may result in a prize 10% of the time. Actually counted my taps earlier and out of 30 men in tan suits got schematics once. That’s a grand two schematics for clearing my town; it’s this type of outcomes that has me at a grand 110 schematics after 5 days of tapping close to every four hours – this despite resetting my daily task to reward schematics twice (30 schematics each).

    All in all that’s adding up to 10 schematics a day from doing the drone and tapping the men in tan, in 42 days that would’ve a paltry amount not even enough to get to level 4. I wish I could share your enthusiasm for EAs benevolence but really the evidence points to a simply busted system this time around.

    Am I upset? A little. Is it the end of the world? Hardly. It is still a game with many other aspects to the event, its just a shame this portion is busted and folks are advocating for giving EA a pass.

    • It’s not a matter of giving EA a pass, it’s knowing, from experience, that EA almost always did what’s necessary to make it come out right for faithful (every 4 hours at least 3 to 4 hours a day) tappers.

      It’s still early in the event…trust that EA will make adjustments along the way to make everything end up alright. That’s what’s happened with pretty much every event that looked “undoable” at the beginning.

      • Fair comment but I think this time most tappers would agree that EA is going to have to make one hell of an adjustment to bring us up to speed with the crafting.
        6 days in & I’m not even half way through level 2 ?

        • Oh, it’s tough right now…no question! I think the main thing that’s helping me is that I have all(?) of the characters who can earn event currency. I can see that this event would be especially tough for newer players or players who are strictly freemium and don’t farm (or who don’t have a decent enough bonus multiplier to make farming lucrative).

          I haven’t quite reached level 3 myself yet, but I’m pretty close.

          • I am looking forward to collecting the extra 200 blue stuff from the prize track, that will help but you are correct, many players will struggle, especially early on.
            I like the event itself though & hope tappers will persevere.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Trust me Alex, they are not getting a pass from me on this. I’m just trying to have a little patience & see if the situation improves 😊

  16. Do I actually have to tap the men or do they clear with the drone scan game??

  17. With the drone strike, is there a way to control where it scans? Because it just feels to me that the camera just goes all around randomly, including to sections where there are no spies/soilders. But is it actually random or have I not figured out how to control it?

  18. I wasn’t annoyed…until my daily task for today: 40 schematics for 1000 intel. Sigh. Did the drone mini-game this morning, got 5 schematics. And from the men in tan? 4.

    Just did some MIT tapping…now up to 15. It’s going to be a long daily task… 🙂

    • I also had the same task today of 40 schematics for 1000 Intel, (impossible) I just changed the task as its 21.00hrs GMT and I was still at only 15, task changed to complete Intel collection jobs 5 for 1000 Intel far better.

      • I did manage to finish mine that night. It just took a lot longer than it should have for a daily task. I was afraid if I canceled it, I’d get one of the SH tasks hahaha

        Next time, I might give canceling it a go.

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