Secret Agent Dossiers: C.I.A. Prize Track Tasks 1-9

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well this morning the C.I.A. invaded our microwaves Springfields as a new series of Dossiers have unlocked this morning!  9 days of Dossiers lead to an all new mystery prize.

A quick reminder of what happens in the Situation Room can be found here, but let’s get into the new details for the C.I.A. Dossiers.  Including each days task and what prize you’re working towards!

So when you log into your Springfield this morning AND you’ve cleared tasks at the HQ you’ll see this message popup:

If you’re not seeing that message popup or the Situation Room change over…clear tasks at the HQ.  If you have no tasks to clear there send someone on a task there and when it’s finished clear it.  In two games it didn’t popup for me UNTIL I cleared the tasks at the HQ.

So what are the tasks for the next 9 Dossiers:

Dossier # Task Character Needed
1 Coerce Drunken Confessions Moe
Fake His Way Into a Celebrity Function Krusty
Make Moonshine Detonators Cletus
2 Act Gentrified To Infiltrate Apu
Swallow Secret and Not Secret Info Homer
3 Be So Boring Nobody Notices Him Skinner
Bully His Way Into a Function Moe
4 Illegally Access Webcams Krusty
Crack a 1 Digit Code Homer
Trasmit Codes Over the PA Skinner
5 Use Dirt as Camoflage Cletus
Work Hard to Fit In Marge
6 Hide Codes In Burgers Krusty
Sit on Important Enemy Stuff Homer
7 Track Gossip Trends Marge
Change an Enemy Expiration Date Apu
8 Shoplift Enemy Information Apu
Whittle Coded Secrets Cletus
9 Give Enemies Paper Cuts Skinner
Use Hair Dyes as Invisible Ink Marge

Complete 9 Dossiers and you’ll unlock the Mystery Prize…

So what is it?

Grind House Assassin…what appears to be…a Non Playable Character (NPC) for Springfield… (sorry guys I know how disappointed you were when I told you G.H.O.S.T was an NPC…this looks like it’s another one)

Once we’ve hit day 9 we’ll have a full post up explaining the prize and details (similar to what we did with the Screamapillar and G.H.O.S.T.)

Oh and if you haven’t completed the first or second set of Dossiers (the EPA track) you can still complete those now.  BUT you’ll have to complete those before you can move onto the G.H.O.S.T prize track…

OH and a Pro Tip because the C.I.A. prize track pays out Intel when you’ve completed that days task:

And because we know you can build up Dossiers to complete multiple ones at once…if you’ve already completed the Act 2Prize track you may want to hold off on completing the C.I.A. daily Dossiers until Act 2 hits.  This way you get a nice head start on the Act 2 currency…this gave me a nice jump start on Act 2 when I did it with the G.H.O.S.T prize track. 

But only do this if you’ve already unlocked Wayne Slater….

And fair warning…if you decide to hold off on completing the Dossiers until Act 3 starts (which is next Tuesday the 25th) it will prevent the characters that have active Dossier tasks from completing tasks at the HQ.  So you may want to complete a few Dossiers and then save a few for the start of Act 3, if you’re looking for Bonuts.  But if you don’t care about Bonuts (since they’re so easy to get these days), go ahead and save them.

So that’s it my friends, the details for the next 9 Dossiers in the C.I.A. prize track!

What are your thoughts on the C.I.A. enemy?  A fan of this part of the event? Annoyed that it’s yet another NPC?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

72 responses to “Secret Agent Dossiers: C.I.A. Prize Track Tasks 1-9

  1. I can’t find her in my town at all…

  2. It is annoying when the prize turns out to be an NPC, but it is downright maddening when they supposedly award you the prize but you don’t even see it in your town. If they are going to shortchange us with just an NPC, can’t EA at least zoom in on it when it is placed & show us a quick animation of whatever it does around town? Too much to ask, maybe? I’ll have to take the game’s word that she is somewhere in my Springfield. I never saw her & can’t locate her. Very annoying.

    • First-world problems, I know, but… this. It would have been nice to get some in-game dialogue that makes it explicit (e.g. Homer: “Who’s this? Another NPC? Whoop-de-doo.”).

  3. I didn’t even get those quests. And I have everything from acts 1 to 3 finished already. Or is it not out yet?

    • how did you manage to get everything in Act 3 when it only started? Or are you talking only about the questline for the acts?
      Dossier are daily… only one Dossier every 24 hours.

    • Should have included.. Act 3 Dossier haven’t started yet. April 26th will be the last one for Act 2 #9 with Skinner and Marge.

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