Pin Pals Easter Egg: Perfect Game Balloon

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with some quick info about a special Perfect Game Easter Egg hidden within the Pin Pals Event.

You may have seen some players talking about it in the comments, so let’s break down exactly what it is and how you unlock it.


So, once you’ve completed the main prize track and unlocked all of the Pin Pals prizes you’ll have the opportunity to unlock the bonus hidden Easter Eggs within the event…the 300 Perfect Game Balloon!

Here’s how you unlock it:

You send Homer, Apu and/or Moe (can be all at once, can be at separate times) on their 20hr Go Bowling Task. (Update: Pin Pal Burns can earn one too…just takes 2 tries to get it)

Once they’ve completed the task you’ll see one of the following popups appear:

And with each one you’ll earn the 300 Perfect Game Balloon…

How many can you earn?

1 each for Homer, Moe and Apu.  So 3 total Balloons.

What Is it?

Just a balloon decoration.  When you tap on it it deflates and sinks to the ground…and then refills and floats back up.

And here are some quick details on the balloons:

Size: 1×1
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
Earns: Nothing, nada, zero, zip, zilch. No income, no bonus % (at least not yet…maybe in the future, who knows)
Where Can I Place It?:  grass|pavement|beach|boardwalk|pier|dirt
Audio: When you tap it you’ll hear this…

And that’s it my friends!  The quick details and how-to on the Perfect Game Balloon Easter Egg!

Did you know about this Easter Egg prior to the post?  Have you earned the balloons? Where have you placed them?  Thoughts on EA doing this kind of Easter Egg in the game?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

47 responses to “Pin Pals Easter Egg: Perfect Game Balloon

  1. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    Hey Georgie… Wanna a balloon? THEY ALL FLOAT!!!!!

  2. I am now on my 5th 20 hour task for Burns.. still no 300 balloon.

    • Assuming you bought the skins, send all four on the 20 hour task to see which one you were missing.

      • I am missing Burns. and I have the skin otherwise I wouldn’t be able to send him on that task.
        It took me two times to get Apu’s balloon. I also had sent all 4 for the first 3 times. then Burns on his own for two times. I have 3 of the 4 balloons.

  3. I had the 300 game balloons (Homer, Burns, Apu and Moe) but then I stored them briefly…and can’t find them! Please don’t tell me they’re gone forever, where are they?

  4. My Mr. Burns and Moe doesnt have a 20hour task?? Do they need to have the skins?!

  5. “How many can you earn? 1 each for Homer, Moe and Apu. So 3 total Balloons.” Needs to be updated to 4 and Mr. Burns.

  6. But Maggie got one too!!

    • How is that possible when Maggie and her alternate skins don’t have a 20hr task.
      Only Homer, Moe, Apu, and Burns (if you have the Burns, and Moe skins)
      Maggie doesn’t have a bowling skin.

  7. Thanks for the post. Received one of these was surprised how small it is. Put it by the bowling lanes.

  8. This is a great week addition

  9. For some reason, this made me really want all the skins. I don’t understand why. I don’t need four balloons. I won’t use the skin for Burns because his UBO skin has one of my favorite tasks in the game. 100 donuts is too much for a Moe skin and two balloons. 😒

    • I feel your pain. I just stored my favorite UBO to send Burns on the 20 hour task after buying the skins too, that are too expensive for what they are. But at least I bowled a bunch in the past and have several 300 games under my belt. Perhaps we both need a doctor for therapy and can start the conversation with, “Ya, but at least I got a balloon”…

  10. Jeannette Kohler

    Not sure what I did wrong but I completed the quest and didn’t get the balloons? 😩

    • It’s just the Go Bowling 20hr task, not associated with a questline. In Mr. Burns’ case it doesn’t payout immediately, took 2 tries.

      • I don’t think there is a guarantee that one will get a 300 balloon when sending Burns, Homer, Apu, and Moe on the 20hr task. I had sent all of them (4) and only received 2 balloons, and yes, They were all in their Pin Pals bowling shirts as that is the only way one can get the 20hr task.
        I have sent Burns and Apu back on another 20hr go bowling task and will have to wait 20hrs to see if I get anything for them
        So I am thinking it’s a shot in the dark for getting the 300 balloon.

      • Update.. it took me two rounds for Apu to get a balloon and now I am on round 3 for Burns. So I am assuming that it’s all random and could take more rounds to get the balloons for each character.

  11. Sweet! Love EAster eggs, and had no idea about this one. Thanks TSTO Addicts!

  12. Thank you for the info 🙂 was wondering what people were talking about in the comments lol

  13. I (gasp) looked at other sites to try and find this but went hungry – thanks for the post have to get them all!!!

  14. Earned the balloons today having sent everyone to task yesterday. They are miniscule😂. I was so excited, then quickly deflated once I got it. I just expected them to be comparable to the Valentines or Halloween ones. I know Alissa has detailed the size, but it’s maths so I just skipped over it😂. Oh well gratis is gratis…..💜X

  15. Indiana P.R. Underwood

    I’d like to earn all three and place them outside of Burns’ mansion, like, as a birthday balloon. Hahah

  16. Burns can get one, too. It didn’t work for me the first time, I don’t know whether it takes twice for him or if you need to wait for Homer to finish first, but it did give me a fourth balloon for Burns on his second go. The message was something about bribery.

  17. Son of a…Homer’s on his 24-task for his Pin Pals skin, so I guess I know what he’ll be doing when he’s done!

  18. Josephine Kick@$$

    What if you finished the quest days ago? Is it still possible to get the balloons?

  19. Does it work for regular Homer or does it have to be Pin Pal Homer? Regular Homer’s 20hr bowling job pays a lot more than Pin Pal Homer’s 20hr bowling job.

    • Honestly, I haven’t tried it with regular Homer…

      • I sent regular Homer on the 20hr to the Pin Pal Lanes, so I guess I will find out.
        In order for Apu to get it you have to have the Pin Pal Skin and the same for Moe otherwise the 20hr tast is not available.I would then think Burns would be the same situation. I will know after their 20hrs are up.

    • michaelbyr755

      It will not work! They have to have their bowling attire

  20. I’m going to put this at Stonecutters & Republican HQ 😆😆😆 any of you guys ever hear of the Council of 300?

  21. Ive found a glitch were if you go out of the game and come back in u get 2 prizes. This has worked for me everytime and it helps bexause im totaling 4 bowling shoes per time. I dont know if it works for other prizes though

  22. I did not know about the balloons before coming here. Moe is busy at the Railyard, so I sent Apu. I’m working through Homer’s quest line, so it’s doubtful I’ll send him on a task that long. I do love balloons, though, so we’ll see.

  23. …What was THAT about?

  24. I sent Apu yesterday when I read about this in the comments… now Homer finished his 24h task and is on the way to bowling alley 😀 I suppose you have to own Pin-Pal-Moe to get the 3rd balloon? I’m at 107 donuts currently, all reserved for Jaques 😉

  25. Thank you, I didn’t knew about that. I need to send my characters on these tasks and fast.

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