Turbo Tappin’ Pin Pals Premium Questline: Jacques

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well time to live life in the fast lane because we’ve got ourselves a Pin Pals Bowling Mini Event in Springfield!  That’s right our pocket-sized Springfield’s have gone to the gutter….the bowling gutter that is…as we set em up to knock em down with this Bowling event!

As with all updates these days, we’ve got ourselves a couple of new premium characters to roam the streets of Springfield.  And like all premium characters, the Pin Pal themed ones come with their own questline to work our way through.  This questline is separate from the main questline (which unlocks the prizes).  These premium questlines are just something fun to work your way through to introduce the character to Springfield.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the turbo tappin’ version of the premium questline for Jacques…Marge’s fake French bowling instructor….

La Proposale Pt. 1
Jacques starts

Make Jacques Meet Marge for Brunch- 2hrs, Earns $286, 67xp (Requires Marge)

La Proposale Pt. 2
Jacques starts

Make Jacques Take Selma to See French Theatre- 12hrs, Earns $1,020, 250xp (Requires Selma)

La Proposale Pt. 3
Jacques starts

Make Jacques Propose to Selma- 8hrs, Earns $840, 210xp (Requires Selma)

La Proposale Pt. 4
Selma starts

Make Selma Flirt with Moleman- 16hrs, Earns $1,250, 325xp (requires Moleman if you have him)
Make Jacques Practice His Tango- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

La Proposale Pt. 5
Marge starts

Make Selma Break Up with Jacques- 24hrs, Earns $2,000, 250xp (Require Jacques)

And there you have it, the full Turbo Tappin’ version of Jacques questline…

Have you purchased Jacques? What are your thoughts on his questline?  How about the storyline with Selma?  Were you a little surprised at where it took you? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

7 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Pin Pals Premium Questline: Jacques

  1. Just got Jacques!
    Too bad he wasn’t available to help somehow with the last event, since he is a bowler!

  2. I wish Jacques was a voiced character. “Throw the ball Marge”.

  3. I’ve bought Jacques, but now the song 🎼”Frère Jacques dormez vous” is milling around in my head!

  4. BurningBlaze360

    Maybe that was the ‘Quickly Wedding’? But I’m just waiting for the Kristy Event To Come (How about Absolutely Krust? Or Munchy The Klown, a costume for Barney?)

  5. I’m saving up for Jacques

    • 144 donuts so far, 3 or 4 more to come in half an hour … nearly done Frère Jaques 😀 BTW moleman … on my whish list … 60 D’s are quickly done, I’ll reserve the questline for later 😉 Selma Bouvier & Hans Maulwurf (moleman’s name in german :D) a nice coupling …

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