Pin Pals Coming to an End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a friendly reminder that the Pin Pals mini event is set to leave our games tomorrow morning.  So finish up that prize track.  Make sure you grab everything you’re looking at from the stores (including Jacques and the Pin Pals), because come tomorrow morning it’ll be gone.

Remember, once the timer runs out you’ll no longer be able to purchase the items or complete the prize track.  You won’t be able to delay the timer on this one, since it was part of an in-game update not an app store update.  So be sure to get everything you want and finish the prize track (Pin Pals questline) BEFORE tomorrow morning, otherwise you’ll miss out.

Need a reminder about what was included in the store for this event?  Check out the rundown post here.  In addition to the rundown post you can find our Should I Buy coverage of the premium items here.

So what’s next?  Well if EA continues to follow their pattern of updates, we should expect to see a major (app store update required) event this week at some point.  OR (as I’ve theorized) we may see some kind of Spring Cleaning sale this week to get us into next week (and then a major event will hit).    In reality, no one (except EA) knows what’s going to happen next and when it’ll happen.  So for now let’s all just sit back, relax and wait to see what happens…

Oh and don’t forget to work on those Bowling designs for our Springfield Showoff this weekend

What were your thoughts on the Pin Pals mini event?  Ready for what’s next? What do you think we’ll see next? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

37 responses to “Pin Pals Coming to an End…

  1. We have a five day “Forgotten Anniversary” event thay just hit!

  2. Spring cleaning would be nice, even if the last sales were a bit disappointing.

    So EA, can I have:
    Manjula + building: 160 donuts – 30 back (=130 donuts)
    Princess Kashmir + building: 175 donuts – 35 back (=140 donuts)
    Dr. Nick: 90 donuts – 20 back (=70 donuts)

    Thank you! 😉

    • MydadlookslikeFlanders

      Good choices IMO. I would like Frank Grime’s “Forgotten Grave” to be 160 donuts with 60 back (=100 donuts) “The Yes Guy” to be 100 donuts with 25 back (=75 donuts) and Jimbo to be 120 donuts with 30 back (=90 donuts) That would be rad

  3. so this can only be completed by buying the burns/moe pinpal set??

  4. I’m glad its finally come to the end

  5. I noticed that in a show off submission that someone had balloons with 300 printed on them. Were those available at some point?

  6. I managed to clear all of my active quests during the downtime. Had a ton from all the new characters.
    Picked up the Nick’s Bowling Shop bundle today. I discovered a funny message if you’ve only placed one of the shops and you try to teleport. It says “If you want to keep your insides INSIDE, you’ll need to place the other Teleporter from Storage!”

  7. Talon8770 // rick

    After the event ends will we still be able to get the invisible quest prizes (The perfect game balloons) I forgot about them and the quest is 20 hours each.

  8. I forgot all about the spring cleaning sales last year and then I looked back at what was offered. I now know why I forgot about them wow they were weak. If we do get some sales hopefully there are one or two good items. Either way I’m looking forward to what they have in store for us next.

  9. I still can’t find my bowling trophy. I wasn’t even sure that I completed the Pin Pals event — but I have no outstanding tasks.

  10. Note to self: avoid putting major characters on 24 hour tasks. Updates always hit in the middle of them!

  11. i would love to see another Stone Cutters event. That would be cool. I stared playing this game during the Stone cutter event three years ago. I always wished I had been further along in the game to be able to take full advantage of the event.

  12. Come on Rock and Roll camp………🎸🎷🎺🎹🎶🎶🎶

  13. Y’know, they really should’ve given Otto his hand-drawn, pre-Burns Pin Pals shirt.

  14. Can we please just have a Springfield U event? We already got the college nerds why not just add in the buildings.

  15. Josephine Kick@$$

    I liked the event and love the content 😀 I’m hoping EA holds off another week for anything major 🙏🙏🙏

  16. It’s been over for ages. I finished it in like two days. 🙂

  17. Will be interesting to see what the next event or maybe nonevent brings.

  18. I really like the drone scan. I can build up enough garbage at the dump that I don’t have to send nearly as many characters to collect it each week to earn monorail donuts.

  19. I’ve been slowly buying 1 square of land per day to make new room for the next event. I’m trying to keep a balance between KEM farming cash and land expansion cash. I usually only buy land space when needed. It seems the further away from the ocean the price goes up for land tiles. I use free land tokens on the really expensive land tiles. I did purchase all of the discounted items like Rolling Rock to boost my KEM payouts. Personally I think we’ll get another mini event and in June EA will do something large to eat up our tapping time during that month.

  20. Hope new event starts tomorrow – since finishing PP awhile ago, things been getting boringg

  21. I liked this mini. Good items, and creating a bowling area (especially once you shared the “rooftop” idea) was fun. Down to 5 donuts, though, so not sure if I’ll be able to enjoy a spring cleaning. :-p I’m hoping the next event doesn’t have anything I want to spend sprinkles on. I need time to build back up!

  22. I’m really hoping for a good break between events. I need to do a major redesign of my Springfield, and I’m planning on doing it this next weekend. It’s a long weekend, and I’ll have the time.

    • Why can’t you redesign during an event? I’m almost constantly tinkering with my town after I’m done setting tasks, no matter what the tasks are.

    • For me, this weekend is the long weekend ( Today is Victoria Day), and I moved over my Destination Springfield stuff over. That way, the mountains (Sugarloaf and Fuji are a part of my 3rd mountain range).

    • Speaking of redesign, anyone know if there is a good way to make sure you pull all your items that have a bonus on them out of inventory?

  23. Not sure if this will hold true for this event, but: at the end of the previous mini-events, the game let you finish the part of the quest already started even after the event officially ended. So if you have started Pin Pals part 5 before the end, it should be possible to finish later. Just a glimmer of hope for people who are not quite there yet 🙂

  24. It was a good mini event that continue with the heights by getting near 700 million real estate points (only above 300 million to go), let me start completing quest lines from the Secret Agents event and I am still going through pin pal Homer’s quest since I finished the event this weekend. This was the first mini event that I did not spend donuts on anything because I mainly re-designed sections of my town by moving my Squidport more further away from the mountains and by making a design around the Gas and Grub next to Dentz from the last event. The claw machine prizes are ok but I wish there was a premium prize that has a bonus percentage (like the bench with the blue jacket) with it that could be won other than sir love-a-lot which is premium but does not have a bonus. I also hope that EA releases something small for the week before the next 5-6 week major event.

  25. Hope the mini games stay claw and spy that would be awesome

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