Pin Pals Coming to an End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a friendly reminder that the Pin Pals mini event is set to leave our games tomorrow morning.  So finish up that prize track.  Make sure you grab everything you’re looking at from the stores (including Jacques and the Pin Pals), because come tomorrow morning it’ll be gone.

Remember, once the timer runs out you’ll no longer be able to purchase the items or complete the prize track.  You won’t be able to delay the timer on this one, since it was part of an in-game update not an app store update.  So be sure to get everything you want and finish the prize track (Pin Pals questline) BEFORE tomorrow morning, otherwise you’ll miss out.

Need a reminder about what was included in the store for this event?  Check out the rundown post here.  In addition to the rundown post you can find our Should I Buy coverage of the premium items here.

So what’s next?  Well if EA continues to follow their pattern of updates, we should expect to see a major (app store update required) event this week at some point.  OR (as I’ve theorized) we may see some kind of Spring Cleaning sale this week to get us into next week (and then a major event will hit).    In reality, no one (except EA) knows what’s going to happen next and when it’ll happen.  So for now let’s all just sit back, relax and wait to see what happens…

Oh and don’t forget to work on those Bowling designs for our Springfield Showoff this weekend

What were your thoughts on the Pin Pals mini event?  Ready for what’s next? What do you think we’ll see next? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


37 responses to “Pin Pals Coming to an End…

  1. We have a five day “Forgotten Anniversary” event thay just hit!


  2. Spring cleaning would be nice, even if the last sales were a bit disappointing.

    So EA, can I have:
    Manjula + building: 160 donuts – 30 back (=130 donuts)
    Princess Kashmir + building: 175 donuts – 35 back (=140 donuts)
    Dr. Nick: 90 donuts – 20 back (=70 donuts)

    Thank you! 😉


    • MydadlookslikeFlanders

      Good choices IMO. I would like Frank Grime’s “Forgotten Grave” to be 160 donuts with 60 back (=100 donuts) “The Yes Guy” to be 100 donuts with 25 back (=75 donuts) and Jimbo to be 120 donuts with 30 back (=90 donuts) That would be rad


  3. so this can only be completed by buying the burns/moe pinpal set??


  4. I’m glad its finally come to the end


  5. I noticed that in a show off submission that someone had balloons with 300 printed on them. Were those available at some point?


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