In-Game Update: Time Traveling? Forgotten Anniversary?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well we’ve got ourselves a very little (and I mean very little) in-game update.  A little dialogue will appear and it’ll be followed by 1 free items and several premium items in the store.

While it’s not a yard sale…it is a short 1 week update (ends May 30th) to get us (likely) to the next major event…

Here are the details….

When you first start up your game you’ll see a flash in Springfield (above), followed by the following dialgoue…

The Time Traveler’s Wife Pt. 2 (I have no idea what happened to part 1)

Homer: Hey look!  There’s a new fat, bald loser in town.  What’s your name, you obvious idiot?
Future Homer: I’m you, Homer, from the future!  I come with a warning of utmost importance!
Homer: Alright, pal, keep my pants on.  What’s the ruckus?  And why the orange skin?
Future Homer: Never mind that.  You will soon forget your anniversary, but it is imperative that you not travel back in time to fix it.
Homer: Why not just warn me to remember my anniversary?
Future Homer: Yeah, that makes way more sense!  Man, I used to be SMART.
Homer: I’ll make an anniversary gift for Marge.  That way, it’s free. All it costs is my time, which is completely worthless.
Build Homer’s Workbench- Free.

Homer: I will not rest until I’ve made the most amazing, heart-warming gift an anniversary has ever seen. Man, planning to make something is hard work. I think I’ll take a rest.

And that will be followed by the popup showing you new items in the store…

Here’s what’s available…

New item:

Heavenly Hills Mall- 60 Donuts. Comes with two additional wings…
 West Wing  East Wing

Returning (with rebates)

Mansion of Solid Gold- 250 Donuts, Rebate 125  Donuts, NET 125 Donuts

Statue of Burns- 50 Donuts, Rebate 30 Donuts, Net 20 Donuts (2.25% bonus, GREAT buy)

Krusty’s Mansion- 115 Donuts, Rebate 25 Donuts, Net 90 Donuts

One Week Wonder Films- 100 Donuts, Rebate 30 Donuts, Net 70 Donuts.

And that’s all there is to this little event update my friends…

Update Ends May 30th

There is another date in the files for May 29th, as an “Almost End” date.  This could unlock another part of the questline (also shown in the files), so we’ll have to wait and see what happens Monday.

For now this is just a little sale…

And honestly, I think this is a prelude into our next event (which will likely hit May 30th or 31st).  I do think we’ll see the Time Traveling Toaster for the next event (as evident by the Work Bench)…but again, we’ll have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on this update?  Any items you’re excited to see come back at a discount?  Thoughts on the Mall?  How about the idea of a time traveling toaster event? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

134 responses to “In-Game Update: Time Traveling? Forgotten Anniversary?

  1. This event deals with time travel therefore I predict a number of past items from other events will be offered. New event items I expect but not a lot in the way other things. At any rate I guess we will see hopefully tonight.

  2. In the crane machine I won a Knight teddy bear called Sir something-or-other and it said it had been added to my inventory. But it’s not there. Anyone else have this?

  3. Laurie Crawford

    I have an A game and a B. I got Homer’s workshop in the lower level game, but not in the premium one. Not in storage, not buyable.

  4. Timmy O'Toole

    I think the follow up will be part 1. since it is foreshadowing Homer time traveling. Future Homer already went thru part 1 so he was part 2 when he met present Homer.

    Update: This morning Homer said “I think I am forgetting something.” The event should start soon. I am guessing/hoping the toaster is coming.

  5. Maybe we’ll see “The United Federation of Homers Throughout History” from the time-traveling THOH episode.

  6. Perhaps the time-travel event would bring back some of the future-related items from last year’s sci-fi event, like Mooch Bart, President Lisa, and Rockstar Maggie. This is also a good opportunity to bring notable younger versions of characters, like teenage Homer from “The Way We Was”.

    • I’d like to see the Clash Of Clones characters i’ve not had an opportunity to buy since starting the game.
      Some of very few characters not in my 247 deep roster.

  7. Well, it is time travel after all. We’ll see part 1 of the quest in the future.

  8. well ive put this on the ea forum i stored the workbench of homer and its not in my inventory……ive done all the stuff and will wait until tomorrow just to say do not store the workshop…..

  9. Why am I not seeing the burns statue?

  10. TY for telling us there’s no part 1 as I was wondering if I’d been playing in some missing time, fugue state 😮🤔😅

  11. I also want it to rain donuts.

  12. Hope we get the Delorean and the flying train and hoverboard

  13. Kayla, I know the wise guy will make the lights flash. It is the 12 hour job, but you need to get him next to the bad dream house before you start the job. Best way is to temporarily store and then place the movie plex next to the bad dream house and then start the wise guy 12 hour task.

    • They recently added 8 hour jobs to Bart, Comic Book Guy, maybe a couple other Simpsons, to “Sleep at the Bad Dream House”, so you don’t need to do complicated building shuffles to get Wise Guy there anymore (unless you want to).

    • Other characters have had their “Sleep in the Bad Dream House” tasks re-instated, such as Lisa, Willie, and others. I don’t know who-all has it.

  14. I am not a fan of buildings with separate add on pieces… at all! Nor am I a fan of non earning buildings, unless they perhaps have 1 or more character tasks attached to it. Though I would only use it if it was animated.
    Made my Heights goal, got all the Heights prizes, but all those buildings are in storage. Wish I could sell them & a heck of a lot of other stuff clogging up my storage as well! Do love upgradeable buildings that you can toggle through the different levels to chose the one you like. But UGH! Not the ones with pieces.

    Would LOVE it if they would open up more land up there though, as what I want to do with the Heights is move all the mansions, fancy castles, elite private schools & high end stores up there.

    Wish I could store all the coffee, yoga mat, furniture etc. stuff too (until they unlock more land that I will need it for) as I am done building. Well except for the donut costing ones which I have no interest in regardless of the % bonuses.

    Speaking of animated buildings… when I first started playing back in, I think it was Halloween 2012 (or 2011? ~ Ghosts) The 1st thing I ever spent real money to buy was the bad dream house coz it was so cool all flashing and awesome! Then the event ended… and 😕 😣 😭 D’OH! So boring and nothing and irritating to find the donuts didn’t buy what I thought I was buying. I hope they can create some PERMANENT character tasks for it this Halloween that will get it flashing again. Or at the least flash when neighbors tap it! It’s too cumbersome trying to get the dude to actually go there. Plus I like him too “Do jobs”. (Sorry, forgot his name.)

    • I believe there are characters with an 8 hour task at the Bad Dream House now; all my characters are on tasks, but I think most of the core Simpson family and Comic Book Guy have that task.

    • “Would LOVE it if they would open up more land up there though, as what I want to do with the Heights is move all the mansions, fancy castles, elite private schools & high end stores up there. ” – I am planning that as well! So far I just moved them there, but since I want to do a seperate monorail loop (with mall-o-rail station) there, and there are just so many new things, that I want incorporate onto my springfield, that i dont have time to focus on heights…

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